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Created on : Friday, February 03, 2006, 04:20:48 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

On the outside, they seem like an all-American family, but behind closed doors is a household spinning out of control. Dr. Phil follows up with Bridgette, a self-proclaimed shopaholic, and her husband, Michael, who is a rageaholic.  Bridgette's excessive spending was covering up a much darker problem. She reveals a secret she has been hiding for 30 years: self-mutilation. Dr. Phil reveals that her son, David, cuts himself as well. And that's not all! Tempers flare as the children reveal that they are addicted to porn, and say it’s a habit that started when they were children. Will this family in crisis be able to pick up the pieces and move forward? Talk about the show here.


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February 9, 2006, 12:18 pm CST

what is with this lady?

she needs to except help that is being offered to her and her family....or michael needs to divorce her and move on ....i feel sorry for the kids ...they really don't seem to be getting the love they need from either parent.....lady wake up don't be cutting yourself and setting a bad example for your son.....get some thearpy and medicine ....your kids seem like they are gonna get to the point where they don't want anything to do with you.....dr phil smack some sense into her please...... 

February 9, 2006, 12:24 pm CST

I see both sides...

I can see where Bridget and Michael are coming from.  I grew up with a dad that was exactly like Michael, maybe even worse. It's extremely hard to deal with and completely brings your spirits down. My dad would go out every night while my mom would sit at home by herself and eat herself sick. Bridget is just like my mom except her addiction is shopping. I think the whole entire family needs some serious therapy. Michael needs to learn how to communicate with the family instead of yelling all the time. And Bridget needs to learn how to deal with it all without giving into her addiction. I think they can make it but it's going to take a long time and a lot of hard work. Goodluck to them.

And I wish Carol would talk more. I'd love to know her side of things.
February 9, 2006, 12:27 pm CST


   As a mother of 3 young children,.it scares me that my kids may go to school with children who have parents like this. What they are allowing their children to do, and basically helping them to do it, is unbeleivable to me. Deal with your problems, yes, but don't let your problems effect you kids. WAKE UP you're parents, not friends to these (or any) kids. 


February 9, 2006, 12:28 pm CST

This family needs to live in the real world!

Quote From: cinjer

This family just has too much time on their hands.  And they have chosen to fill it the way they have. It may do them some good to go and help less fortunate people.

I agree with your quote, about this family needing to do good work by helping others.  Maybe, the husband and wife should be on the show where they switch familys for awhile.  In the real world, no one real sensible person spends thousands of dollars on one shopping spree, just to get back at their spouse.  Most hard working people don't have that kind of money. The family should thank God , that they are priviledged.  They all should visit homeless shelters before they spend another dime. It is very evident, that they have all abused their wealth. They need to work on what money can't buy like love, respect, honesty and communication.  Believe me, whenever the money quits flowing in, you won't live through it, without it 


February 9, 2006, 12:29 pm CST

Well said

Quote From: kelspeeder

This family has been on 3 times that I know about.  I think it is time for Dr Phil to give them the boot.  It seems they are taking advantage of this woman.  First shopping, now porn for her kids and cutting, next what will it be?  Dr Phil, please move on to those that really need and WANT your help!  Micheal get a divorce from this woman who is dragging you and your kids down! 

     Had enough T.V. time, don't you think??
February 9, 2006, 12:29 pm CST

Half anf half agree

Quote From: emersoam

It seems that most of the messages posted are hostile towards the wife.  She is really under attack.  Certainly, she is not an innocent victim in this relationship; however, she has emotionally justifiable reasons for acting as she did.  When someone is neglected and abused, it is natural for that person to lash back.  She is hurting emotionally and unfullfilled, so she looks for ways to feel better about her situation (i.e.--shopping or pulling away from her husband).  She is trying to hurt him back, in ways she can.   


Also no one has mentioned the husband's behavior towards his wife and children.  Sure, he works hard and makes the money, but he also treats his family terribly.   

I think they have talked about the fathers attitude. But I can see that the wife is sick she needs a lot of help. The children need a lot of help. They, I feel, are in denial of what is important in life. Probably because they were never properly shown, and that's sad. I was raised in an abusive home (mentally and physically). The wife should go to some kind of camp where she can find herself without being around her family, because she has unfortunately done all the wrong things. The Dad needs anger management, he is definitely smart enough to figure things out. He's not sick in the head, he's just angry and needs to figure that out for himself and do some heavy apologizing to his children, and his wife. Being there for all of them is his role. The wife is pretty bad off and needs the most help in my opinion.
February 9, 2006, 12:33 pm CST

Something I had in common with bridgette

Quote From: dimondoll

I work with teenagers in a church setting and have just recently started helping a young lady with an abusive history.  she has revealed to me that she is a cutter.  i have brief blocks of time ot pour into her life.  what are some of the key elements to share with her regarding overcoming the cutting? please give me some ideas so that i may help her.  her family life stinks, but she does have a family which makes access to her even more complicated.
I used to cut myself and my upper left arm is still heavy with the scars from it. One feeling that I had that I believe attributed to it that Bridgette also has is that feeling of immense lonlieness. Like no one cares and you have no one to go to. And by no one to go to I don't nobody walks up to you and says "Hey, you look deppressed, what's wrong." When I say I had no one to go to I mean there was no one that I would have felt comfortable talking to or wanted to talk to even if they wanted me to. Don't assume that this girl will pour all her feelings out to you right away just because you are 'there'. In addition to being lonley I was very angry, especially at my parents. I was depressed and the thought of suicide was on my mind all the time. In a way, cutting myself was sort of like another way of expressing my anger and sadness. I couldn't talk to people about what I was feeling so I think deep down I thought that if I put what I was feeling into something people could see then maybe they would listen. My advice, just let the girl talk, don't try to question, probe, or advise her too much. She has so much pent up anger and frustration that she has been releasing with cutting herself and, for now, she probably just needs some place to put all those feelings. Another thing you must understand is that  there is a bond between cutters and their blades. I always used the same knife to cut myself and freaked out when I couldn't find it. Although it has been over a year since I stopped cutting myself. I still have the knife under my carpet. I am glad that you are helping this girl and I am sorry it is hard to get access to her. Perhaps you can talk on the phone with her.
February 9, 2006, 12:42 pm CST

02/09 Family Secrets, Family Lies

Quote From: themommie

I'm sorry but my first instinct reading this screams someone trying or currently in a relationship with the husband.  Who are you, a mistress perhaps? 

No I'm not the mistress - but he needs one.
February 9, 2006, 12:44 pm CST

Are people really like that?

It just seems to me that it's becoming a "Cool" thing to be messed up. But whatever happend to the old fashioned way of things in a family? I grew up in a normal, 2 parent home. I am a rarity in this world. I am now a new mom (well, she's 16mon) but...I would NEVER in my life allow porn to be seen by my children we don't even have it in our home!! I even pick the shows she sees! I want and will be a strict mother. Not heavy but still strict with fun involved. Sex has so much baggage when it comes to porn why put it on children who can't process the information they are watching. That's just plain bad parenting!!
February 9, 2006, 12:45 pm CST

02/09 Family Secrets, Family Lies

I am this woman, lost, lonely, etc., and I am glad that Dr Phil can help her and the family. There is no hope for me because there is nobody to help. It is good to know that someone can be brought out of their personal hell. I am crying for her, and also for me. Just help her because I understand her pain.
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