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Created on : Friday, February 03, 2006, 04:17:21 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

(Original Air Date: 02/07/06) Follow Dr. Phil inside an incredible family drama. Sixteen-year-old Amanda has been missing for over four months. Her parents, Paul and Linda, say she ran away with her boyfriend, George, and what they call his "Gypsy family." Dr. Phil puts his own investigator on the case in a hunt that stretches across 10 state lines. See Amanda’s tearful reunion with her mother, but then learn why their sweet moments together soon turn sour. Dr. Phil hears the teen's emotional confession about where she's been, and where she hopes to go next. Plus, the family erupts in a conflict so explosive, authorities have to be called to their hotel. What sets Amanda off? Dr. Phil puts some tough questions to George, and Amanda's family makes a heart-wrenching decision about their daughter's future. Can Amanda's life be set straight? Talk about the show here.


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February 7, 2006, 12:34 pm CST

What a Baby!

Good Grief! When that girl threw a tantrum in the hotel I had a flashback to the days when I would babysit for the world's most obnoxious two year old girl. Nothing aggravates me more than high school age kids acting like two year olds. The girl just ran away from home due in part to her boyfriends influence, of course her parents wouldn't want her talking to him! That girl just made on of the biggest violations of her parents trust a kid could possibly make. That infant doesn't deserve anything from them at this point other than all privleges revoked and the firmest of discipline
February 7, 2006, 12:36 pm CST

My niece is missing

On Sunday, Feb 5, 2006 my 14 year old niece left her home in Lincoln, NE to go for a walk around 9a.m.  She has not been seen since.  We have no leads on the case.  If there is anything that you can help me with in finding her.  Please contact me. 

Deanna Goble 

February 7, 2006, 12:38 pm CST

02/07 The Hunt for Amanda

Quote From: aquaheart

                I feel that when Amanda's parents took her phone away, that that was the best choice.  I feel that if you run away from your parents, don't talk to them, and don't respect their opinions, you get your freedoms taken away from you.   The daughter JUST RAN AWAY!!!!!! And won't talk to them.  OF COURSE they are going to take her phone away.   Any responsible parent would.  Would you rather have your daughter run away again, and find out they made plans on the phone?  I think not.  So they are being extra cautious in making sure their daughter is safe. 

             She made the choice to run away and not say where she was, and now she suffers the consequences.  Tough luck hun. 

             Now what I don't understand is why the boyfriend doesn't come to her house.  People who love each other will do anything to be with each other.  Why can she only go to his house?  The parents barely know the boyfriend, and Amanda expects them to let her sleep at his house.  Are you crazy??? She is constantly on the phone with him, and has no other life but him.  The parents need to take action, whip that girl into shape and force her to do some things.  I feel the parents are being to easy on her, and she is being spoiled.   Scream at the girl!!  They need to tell her that THEY are the parents, and SHE needs to respect them.  I feel that if the parents don't help the girl now, and let her do what she wants, she's going to have a life focused on her bofyriend.  She'll have no hobbies, no education, and basically no purpose in life.  

                             Another thing I dont understand is how is she getting the money, and why isn't the boyfriend in school?  Obviously, something fishy is going on, and I agree with the parents decision to be suspicious.    

Honey, it's too late for Amanda's parents to tell her that they are the parents and she needs to respect them.  As far as everybody screaming at each other, well, just look at where that's gotten them, please?  These are people who have not parented their daughter properly.  As long as she was a compliant child, their bad parenting didn't manifest itself.  Once she started to grow up and have thoughts and feelings of her own, TOO LATE!  Happy children who come from homes where they feel like they are valued, respected, and loved even in tough times do not run away.  In this case, Amanda's parents waited until way too late to assert their parental authority and THEY need to be sent away to a "Copper Canyon" for adults so they can learn how to be better parents once Amanda comes home.
February 7, 2006, 12:41 pm CST

What Amanda Needs

I can't believe the behaviour of this teen.  I think she was missing a good spankings while growing up.  She has no boundaries or respect for her parents.  I think is better if since she is a minor to put her in foster care or something and not deal with it.  I am discussted with her childish attitude.  Once she turns 18 let her run to her looser boyfriend and ruin her life.  Everyone has a choice to make.   
February 7, 2006, 12:43 pm CST

Terrible Teens

I have a granddaughter who's 16 and I watch her fluctuating moods from child to grownup .It goes with the territory. The people who took Amanda on the run are not innocent . They had to have known that what they were doing was wrong.  Is there a law in the States that can charge the people who are assisting her? I feel really sorry for the parents.  This kid is completely out of control and she desperately needs someone to straighten her out. I was married at seventeen and I wish someone had been there stop me. It was a horrible,sadistic, nasty time I had for the next 14 years. I wish someone could explain to this kid that the 'honeymoon   period' wears off and when it does,reality sets in and it isn't fun any longer. THe parent(s?) of that boyfriend needs to get a rude awaking .AS soon as the heat is on, they 'don't know nuttin''  Real class act
February 7, 2006, 12:46 pm CST


Quote From: auntbanana

On Sunday, Feb 5, 2006 my 14 year old niece left her home in Lincoln, NE to go for a walk around 9a.m.  She has not been seen since.  We have no leads on the case.  If there is anything that you can help me with in finding her.  Please contact me. 

Deanna Goble 

 Sorry to hear this....   My prayers are with you and the family at this time, I hope she will be home and safe soon..
February 7, 2006, 12:50 pm CST

i was that kid.....

                                               This girl is definitely going to run away again. I understand the parents point of view also but believe they could have gone about in a better way...This is only going to make this girl who was already defiant to begin with, even more distant and hateful of her parents than before. She is going to turn 18, remember how they grabbed and pulled on her, and all of this on television, imagine what happens when no one's around...This had to be humiliating which will cause her to withdraw even more. Parents forget sometime that their children are not pieces of property but separate human beings with different points of view who deserve respect also. " Jerk her by her tail and tie it in a knot"  I believe I read someone write...obviously these tactic's the parents have tried have not worked, thats why she ran in the first place. Why do the parents keep blaming the boyfriend? I think they need to take a good look at themselves too.  As for the Gypsy issue, I cannot speak for all Gypsies, just for myself.  I am Spaniard and come from a long line of Gypsies, I inherited the gift of learning the tarot but that is all. I am not a thief or con- woman, I don't even do it for profit.  There are Con's everywhere of every race and background. They need to stop blaming the Gypsies for the daughters behavior and figure out why she left home from them....The Gypsies are guilty of harboring a minor but the there is was obvious dysfunction before that.
February 7, 2006, 12:54 pm CST


What Amanda is to immature to realize is that her parents are hearing her.  They just don't agree with what she's saying.   

February 7, 2006, 12:54 pm CST

Amanda's parents & Dr Phil missed it

I LOVE Dr. Phil, but I really think he missed the mark today.  Amanda's parents NOW (2 years after the fact) decide that the boyfriend is the root of all evil??? NO.  Amanda & her parents had problems before the boyfriend came along.  I was VERY disappointed to hear her mom talk about how she "only gets like that" after talking to him.  When you follow your teenage daughter into the bathroom to take a phone, you have a problem.  Was she going to jump out of the bathroom ceiling vent??? 


I really think that instead of trying to control their daughter (who is almost an adult) they need to figure out where they went wrong long ago.  You can't wait until your child is 16 and then try to parent them...or get mad when they would prefer to be in the home of someone else.  That should say something.  It wasn't just her and the boyfriend...she was happier with HIS family. 

February 7, 2006, 12:54 pm CST

Oh good GOD!

Quote From: auntbanana

On Sunday, Feb 5, 2006 my 14 year old niece left her home in Lincoln, NE to go for a walk around 9a.m.  She has not been seen since.  We have no leads on the case.  If there is anything that you can help me with in finding her.  Please contact me. 

Deanna Goble 

My heart goes out to you! That has to be the worst nightnmare. The not knowing alone would be enough to knock tghe parents for a loop. Is there anyting about her you can share? This seems to be a good place to put the word out because people from all over are here. I wish you lots of luck!!!!
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