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Topic : 01/26 Shopping Intervention: The Aftermath

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Created on : Friday, January 20, 2006, 03:12:25 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

You've heard the saying "When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping." But what happens when you're $80,000 in debt and still spending $7,000 a week? When Michael and Bridgette were last on the show, her shopping was an addiction that was destroying their family. Dr. Phil discovered that her excessive spending was just a symptom of a serious problem. Bridgette confessed that she was in a loveless, sexless marriage with a rage-a-holic whose anger affected the entire family. Can Michael get his rage under control and stop passing his anger onto their three children? And can this family in crisis be saved? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.


Find out what happened on the show.


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June 19, 2006, 10:02 pm CDT

Wake up call

I know this particular subject is somewhat passed, but it was the first time for me here in Australia. I couldn't help but draw parallels to the way I treat one of my kids occassionally, maybe a lot of the time lately. I couldn't understand where my anger was coming from. I am a firefighter and have had a really bad time of it in the last five years. I thought that my work was coming home with me and it was a means of venting fustration. Watching this show made me realise that my anger might be coming from a different place. My eldest son is struggling with his education and is immature for his age. He is such a great kid but my frustration gets the better of me I think, because all I want for him is success. Even thou the show has opened my eyes, it will take some work to change the way I have become. I feel the writing is on the wall for me and I don't want to be in the same position as Michael. I am wondering how the family is getting on now after their counselling sessions. Thank you Dr Phil, I hope this subject has been a wake up call to others.   

February 2, 2009, 12:50 pm CST

Thank you

Quote From: dlynn_pa

I want to bring up a case to you.  Please read (the whold thing not just parts) and then tell me if you still think a woman wouldn't lie for her own advantage.  This sickened me considering 9 people's lives were destroyed by one woman's liesDenise Monk, Howard Fuson, and Christine (no last name mentioned), were accused of sexual abuse by Howard's ex wife. 



Christine, the 3 girl's babysitter was aquitted of all charges but her life has been ruined hopefully not beyond repair.  She is now homeless, can't get a job because of the trial, and her children have abandoned her.  This happened 9 years ago!



Denise and Howard are serving life terms in prison for sexual assault.  Life terms for something they didn't do!  All because of mommy!!!!!!



This was on the Montel Williams' show today! 



Today's show explores what happens when one false allegation involving child abuse devastates a multitude of lives. We’ll meet Melissa, Amy, and Vanessa - three sisters who claim their mother forced them to accuse their father, his girlfriend, and their babysitter of rape. Now, nine years after their father and his girlfriend have served prison time, the sisters are fighting to get the convictions overturned. The sisters allege that their mother and her boyfriend were the ones who physically abused them while forcing them to memorize lines to use against their father. Lorin Zaner, a successful criminal and juvenile defense attorney, and one of the nation’s leading defense attorneys of false child abuse allegations, has decided to take the girls’ case pro-bono. He will work with them to help them to understand their father’s case and make sure they aren’t charged with perjury. While the future is looking better for the girls, Christine, the accused babysitter, says even though she wasn’t convicted, her life has been ruined. We’ll also meet Christine’s daughter, Dana, who’ll share how this false accusation has changed their lives.  











In 1996, in the state of Ohio, Denise Monk and Howard Fuson were wrongly convicted of raping Howard's daughters.  The false testimony of fourteen-year-old Melissa, eleven-year-old Amy and nine-year-old Vanessa, sent Howard and Denise, to prison for life.  The girls recanted their testimony .  Based on the recantations of the girls, both Howard and Denise, filed a Motion for New Trial.  On February 13, 2003, an evidentiary hearing was held.  The same judge who presided over Howard and Denise's trials, refused to grant a new trial.  




In 2005, the girls sought the help of Montel Williams.  Melissa, Amy and Vanessa, took two different polygraph examinations by two different polygraphists in different states.  In each of six examinations, the girls were being truthful when they said they had been forced to lie about their father Howard and Denise Monk.  Denise and Howard voluntarily took polygraph examinations.  The exams proved what they had been asserting all along;  that they are innocent. Melissa, Amy and Vanessa appeared on the Montel Show to ask America for support.  Please, help them by clicking on  Contact Us .



Tell me again how a woman wouldn't lie to be spiteful or how a woman can't abuse.  Please tell me!!!!!  This woman made her children drink dish soap and pepper sauce if they disagreed with her that they weren't abused!  The whole time they were being abused by mom's boyfriend and mom didn't want to hear about it.  All she wanted was to get back at dad and she didn't care how she did it.  You know, while these poor people are suffering, she got away with it scott free.  Why you ask?  You tell me. 



This is almost something my finace and I went through, all because of a jealous psychopath of a woman.  Substitute the boyfriend for a grandmother and the sexual abuse for physical abuse and you got us!  Thank God none of us went to jail, but he hasn't seen his children who he raised for a year and a half!  He will probably never see them again, well at least until they are 18!    
Thank you, for your caring. Today while doing research on Howard Fuson and Denise Monk I came across this blog. I want to thank you for believing that after such horrible allegations people can truly be Innocent of theses horrible crimes. I am Christine Purdy. Howard, Denise and I's lives where turned upside down then stomped on and still being done. But we are adults, try hard to keep our heads up and take one day at a time. The really sad crimes here are the children that have been hurt by all of this.
Thank you
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