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Created on : Friday, January 20, 2006, 03:03:18 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

Dr. Phil's guests scream, punch, fight and even eat — all while they're sleeping. They suffer from nightmares, sleep terrors and other disorders that are destroying their lives. Scott's sleepwalking and sleep terrors have gotten so dangerous that he has attempted to smother his wife, Heather, with a pillow, has walked outside shirtless in freezing weather, and has even kicked Heather in the stomach when she was pregnant. Heather is not only concerned for her safety, but also for the safety of their two small kids. Then, Nathalie has been plagued by the same gruesome nightmare for 20 years, and worries that she's losing her sanity. What's behind these recurring dreams? Plus, Angela has been eating in her sleep for the past 15 years. She wakes up to find chocolate on her clothes, food wrappers in her bed — even tuna casserole on her fingers! Dr. Phil has advice for putting these sleep disorders to bed.  Join the discussion.


Find out what happened on the show.


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January 24, 2006, 2:32 pm CST

This is to all those with nightmares or terrifying experiences at night: I've been through it all. The bottom line is that it's a spiritual problem. Life is about good and evil. Nightmares and terror at night is caused by demons. Don't be afraid. God is m

January 24, 2006, 2:39 pm CST


I didn't see all of Nathalie's piece but what I did see leads me to think she cold use the services of a psychic? Maybe there is a spirit who is trying to communicate with her?  No, I am not crazy, but I do believe in spirits and in those who have not made it to the "other side".  It's sure worth investigating as I really don't see a MEDICAL reason for having the exact nightmare every night.
January 24, 2006, 2:41 pm CST

night terrors in my two children....

I am a mother of two, and my son who is 6, has been suffering from night terrors for about 7 months now. He started out getting up at night and running through the house screaming at the top of his lungs. He looked scared out of his mind. He wouldn't reconize that I was there. All I could do was try and assure him everything would be ok (even though I was more scared than anything). He was having them every night about an hour after going to sleep. He has tried to climb through the t.v., the couch, and he even kept on saying he wanted it. Whatever "it" was? One night he even was trying to dig the floor with his hands, and he said he wanted his mommy. That scared the heck out of me. He never remembers what has happened. His eyes are not completely open, but they are squinched together. And as soon as he finally comes to, he seems ok. He also apologizes a lot. I tell him he has done nothing wrong. He still has them sometimes. Not nearly as often or as bad. Now my daughter who just turned 2 has been waking up in the night, several times, screaming like something is hurting her, and she doesn't want anyone to touch her, and at the same time she acts like she wants you to hold her. She does it for about 15-20 minutes and then goes right back to sleep. I hope she isn't getting them too !?!
January 24, 2006, 2:42 pm CST

It's all from demons. Pray and get your spiritual life in order.

Quote From: dlynn_pa

I am very excited to see this show.  I have had nightmares for a long time.  Seems that I don't have good dreams!  They are all so scary too!  I dream about aliens a lot, people hurting me, I can never find my daughter in my dreams, rabid dogs, ice and snow... They are all so vivid too... I can remember most of my dreams to the detail....
January 24, 2006, 2:46 pm CST

Mom, make God your rock. All fear comes from demons. Pray and say "I rebuke all the demons of fear and bad dreams in the name of Jesus Christ." Try it. What have you got to lose? Have a crucifix in the room. Good luck.

Quote From: mommyfreak

i know how all the guest feel.  i have the same nightmares that some of the guest have. i'm a mother and my fears are that my mental state will hurt my son.  he is only 8months old. my dream is that a little girl with no face looking at herself die. people tell her you are not worth anything we never want you we should have let you go.  you should be sorry about being alive and breathing for even walking.  my husband is the rock that keeps me together.  i hope that this don't pass these dreams to my son. what do you think? 




                                                                            a crazy mom 

January 24, 2006, 2:51 pm CST

Thank You So Much!

Thank you so much for doing this show. 


I've been a sleepwalker since I was eight (I'm now 31).  I've eaten.  I've woken up roommates with doing ridiculous tasks.  My most humilating episode involved calling my boyfriend's house and speaking to his dad.  I've spoken to doctors.  I've spoken to pschologists.  I've tried sleep medications.   My ex-husband used to yell at me about it, telling me to just tell myself to stop (note the word "ex").  I've researched. And, there's not a lot of info. out there. 


In the past six months I've been able to make some improvements by managing my condition through stress reduction, a change in my job, a change in my self-talk and identifying and reducing triggers.  Since most of my sleepwalking usually involves the same scenario (most recently -- making sure all the bills are paid -- but the trick is that in my dream, they are bills that I don't even have) I am able to "talk back" to them before I go to sleep.  I was intrigued by talk about the music therapy.  Thank you for posting that link, I think I will check that out, too. 


The best part of today's show was to hear the Dr.'s talk about the fact that there are very few people who really understand the conditions and are equipped to really handle it.  That is so comforting because the only thing more maddening than the episodes is the lack of information out there.  At least they recognized it on the show.   


The next step for me was going to be a sleep clinic.  They didn't talk a lot about that on the show.  If what I'm doing seems to be working, should I even worry about it?  


I know that my condition is more severe right before my period and so I do have concerns about it being affected by hormones (and if I should expect it to get worse during pregnancy).  What are the hormones that are of concern?  Are there any specific tests that I should as my doctor for? 


Can you please post a list of questions to ask of doctors?  Or, tests to be run? 



January 24, 2006, 2:53 pm CST

In the bible, we are forbidden to contact the dead. It is a demon. When we die we are all judged. We do not hang around the earth. Demons are prevalent today and even impersonate real people. Don't fall for a psychic, who get knowledge from the devil, the

Quote From: pichick712

I didn't see all of Nathalie's piece but what I did see leads me to think she cold use the services of a psychic? Maybe there is a spirit who is trying to communicate with her?  No, I am not crazy, but I do believe in spirits and in those who have not made it to the "other side".  It's sure worth investigating as I really don't see a MEDICAL reason for having the exact nightmare every night.
January 24, 2006, 3:16 pm CST

daughter experiences sleepwalking/eating disorder

My daughter has experienced a sleepwalking/eating disorder that was mentioned today, & she has had difficulty with this for 10+ yrs.  She's 26 yrs. old, overweight by 50+ lbs., & I'm concerned for her.  Since she doesn't have med. insurance, I'm not sure what is available to her to help her.  Any suggestions?
January 24, 2006, 3:50 pm CST

Scott's & Nathalie's dream problems are psychic in nature

   Scott triggered his psychic abilities when his father was in the gulf War.  His sleep hours were his father's waking hours, and Scott acted as an 'angel' for his father, sort of, in his dreams.   

   Scott, now, is likely doing the same thing in his dreams , but in a more general nature, helping some of the soldiers in Iraq now.      A kind of angel helper. 

   Many, including celebraties, had similar experiences-dreams on 9/11, as it was happening, myself included. 

   Some of us 'work' in our dreams.  It is an ability like math, or music.   Nothing weird, nor bad.  Just another talent.   What he is connecting with is 'of good',  God, and in cooperation with his higher self, his soul.  It is unsettling, but not to be feared.   

   Scott should see if news stories are matching up with his dreams.    


  Nathalie is also connecting with a spirit.  I don't know if  her house is old, or sits on property that was built on before.   

  It is possible that this is a spirit of a deceased relative, who only wants someone to know what happened to her.  It could also be that the spirit child's death was unsolved.  she could be trying to lead Nathalie to solving it, and in doing so, freeing the spirit. 

   Again, this is not to be feared.  Nathalie , in her dream, must ask what happened to the child spirit.   What Nathalie chooses to do , find the answers the spirit needs, or not, is up to her.   This spirit believes Nathalie can find the answer, or she wouldn't be communicating with her. 

Nathalie needs to tell the spirit that it is dead, and tell it to go into the light to meet her relatives. 

it may not be willing to leave until the truth of her death is exposed. 

   Again, I have had an experience like this, with two long deceased child spirits from my ancestry.    After years of wondering what the heaviness was that I felt so often, I solved it .  At that moment, I knew it had been them all that time, trying to get me to find the truth and reveal it.  

The air in my home was immediately lighter, brighter.  A feeling of exhaustion was gone.  My mood immediately lifted.       


  Both of these people are helping guardian angels.  It's angel helper duty.   It's a special kind of job.   Sometimes it scary.  Sometimes a relief, and satisfying.    It leaves you exhausted when you wake up.    Scott should try to have a conversation with the angel who calls  him to 'dream work', and tell it what limits he needs to put on this 'dream work', what is wearing him out, and what is getting to him emotionally.  I know this sounds strange. 

   It does work.  Whether it is real communication with an angel, or simply programming his sub conscious, it works. 


  To the posters with children who are experiencing this , they need to talk about it, and know the parents believe them.    These are probably past life memories, maybe of the moment of a death in a previous life.    The younger the child, including toddlers, the closer they are to the soul part of their consciousness.    The line is blurred.     

   You may be able to take their descriptions, and match them up with a historical event or time.  they may have had talents, knowledge from these past lives that, if talked about could become great gifts in this life. 

  Let them express it, and understand they are telling you that life is more than just this reality, and this time.   Let them know that in this life, they don't have to be afraid of what happened in the past, that you will protect them.    It may become nothing more than a vague memory, no longer to be feared, or it may be completely forgotten as they get older.    

  Know that this is common.  It is normal.   Encourage them to talk about it, not fear it.  And, when they stop talking about it, let it go. 


  I've studied this many years.   I've had many experiences, and have found others with the exact, precise, same experiences, right down to details not even the news had for months , or years. 

I hope some of this post will help. 



January 24, 2006, 3:52 pm CST


  I was hit by a car while i was crossing the street the driver ran right threw a stop sign, this triggered my sleep walking up. I also suffer from P.D.S.D, major depression, thoughts of sucide, panic attackes, chronic pain and I am also a diabetic. I live alone at this time. I see my family doctor, my psychotherapist, my psychologist a social workerplus I have a visiting home healt aide and a nurse that comes to my home. We all are looking for a TREATMENT CENTER that I can go into now Reason when I sleep walk i cut myself waking up to blood all over the place on I will wake up while am doing the cutting.(Ihave received so many stitches that I Lost count plus I am getting very weak from the blood lost) No treatment center will take me reason that when I am awake I do not want to harm myself or others this is why no treatment center will take me. 

Ther is a power greater then us, cause one morning my aide came alot earlier then normal and she found me laying on the sofa and blood all over me and all over the place I woke up in the hospital after I had major surgery on my left arm I received stitches inside and outside on my arm Since I am a diabetic I am not out of the woods yet the Doctor told me that I could lose my Left Arm. The treating doctor and all my doctor got together to get me in a treatment NO LUCK. The day that i came home from the hospital I looked on THE DR. PHIL web site and saw a topic about sleeping disorders so I talked to my doctors and they told me to e-mail the show and I did about 5 minutes later i receive a phone call the person that CALLED was a staff member from the Dr. Phil show, we talked for awhile and I also gave this person all the info on how to concact all of my doctors and other people who are caring for me well this staff member told me that he would get back to me never happen so another door closed on us. Then the same night I was watching his show  it was about a person that were hearing voices  Dr. Phil had on as a guest this was her second time Dr Phil sent her to a treatment center. I looked again on Dr Phil,s web site and it listed a few treatment center so i started calling, I tought that I found one that was willing to help me. Well that door closed for the help That I needed. I OR MY DOCTOR CAN NOT GET THE HELP THAT I NEED REASON IS TREATMENT CENTERS  WILL NOT TAKE ME CAUSE WHEN I AM AWAKE I DO NOT WANT TO HARM MYSELF OR OHTER. My doctors and I are getting very frustrating trying to get me into a treatment center. WE ARE ALL AFFAID THAT I MIGHT CUT THE MAJOR VEIN AND I WILL NOT BE LUCKY LIKE I WAS THE LAST TIME! I really do not want to go to my grave earlier than I have to! 

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