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Created on : Friday, January 13, 2006, 02:25:30 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

Dr. Phil revisits some of his most amazing stories of the season. First, Tim and Anne Marie were desperate to save their mother, Sylvia, who was constantly talking to the voices in her head. After 10 weeks of treatment, see the inspirational turn Sylvia has taken. What will she say when she meets Dr. Phil face to face? Then, just over a month ago, two women told Dr. Phil how they fell victim to alleged con man and bigamist Ed Hicks. See how their story helped another woman and brought Hicks into police custody. Plus, 18-year-old Natalee Holloway disappeared last May during a senior class trip to the island of Aruba. Dr. Phil is joined by Natalee’s mother, Beth, her lawyer, and a consultant to the Aruban government who defends the work of the investigators. Have there been new revelations since the last time Beth appeared on the show? Could rescuers be on the brink of finding the missing teen? Talk about the show here.


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January 19, 2006, 12:26 pm CST

We "Strange Americans"

Quote From: cheeker

You Arubans are so fearful of your own government you are left in the dark when it comes to social issues and you don't questions what you're told.

I've been to other places beside the United States and I can tell you that mnay, many other people in the world are simply living in fear. This fear is so great that it obstructs the truth. They need to be emancipated.

I'm trying to understand what holding a criminal who broke our laws from Holland has anything to do with a young woman being kidnapped and likely murdered on a school trip to the Caribbean.  Forgive me if I don't see the similarity.  As for why we're so livid with the Aruban government, I'll explain. 

1.  It should not be so hard for this small island to figure out what happened to this young pretty white woman who would stick out like a sore thumb. 

2.  The Caribbean as a whole is largely impoverished.  Their economy is based on tourism of which the majority is American. 

3.  "Strange" as you say, Americans are not interested in visiting a country that is not willing to get to the bottom of this case or to communicate all of its details to America. 

Now, regarding our country:  Europeans seem to find a great deal of pleasure in bashing Americans and declaring us imbeciles.  Perhaps its because we have a history of which we can be proud.  Perhaps its because our not-so-distant relatives sacrificed their very lives so that we may live freely and enjoy the democracy that we have.  I'm not sure how many Americans have tried illegal means to live in Holland this year or any European country.  I can bet every dollar in my 401K that such a number would not hold a candle to the number of your citizens trying to become a "strange American."  Our constitution is respected by our government and civilians alike.  It has been emulated by countless nations and regarded as an ideal government.   

Lastly, if your daughter came to NYC and a thuggish American or group thereof kidnapped  her, forced her into prostitution, killed her, or any other great number of awful things, my elected president (past, present or future) would not shrug it off or say, "What else can I do?"   When you patronize our country legally, and out of leisure, surely, we owe you the assurance that your child will not be "lost" without explanation.  I'm horrified that you would find this "strange."  Would you not scream from every mountain peak not to visit the USA?  When we go to Aruba, a nation that would suffer greatly without us, and we don't return, our nation will scream until it has answers.  If yours would not, perhaps your country is the "strange" one and I wouldn't let your children travel if I were you. 

January 19, 2006, 12:45 pm CST

01/19 Follow-ups

Quote From: my_2angels

If Natalee was as drunk as the boys claimed she was, then there could be a charge of sexual misconduct. It depends on the law in Aruba. In America, if a girl/woman, in a alcohol induced haze, has sex with a man who is NOT under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and who knows that she is, in fact, incapable of making the choice with a clear head, then (in some states) it is considered either rape or sexual misconduct.
I dare to say, that's most sexual contacts on any given Saturday night....Are they all considered to be rape or sexual misconduct? You must be dreaming!
January 19, 2006, 1:02 pm CST

01/19 Follow-ups

Quote From: marnitgirl

Dear Dr. Phil, 

1st of all let me say I love your show and your tell it like it is additude, I am a tell like it is person myself.  We need to stick together!! I watched the show today, and am disturbed by the man representing Aruba tourism.  He needs to fired!!  His facial expression was almost a grin, sitting across from this poor woman who still has no answers about her daughter disapperance.  I was outraged. He gave her no answers.  Who cares about Holland law or aruba law.  There is someone missing and thats all that matters. Forget the rest.   

My daughter is 13 and attends a charter school. They recently took a trip to Hawaii, my daughter did not go for the simple fact of what is going on in Aruba!  I could not let her go because I was afraid the same thing might happen to her.  You cant trust anyone anymore!!  There is another trip planned for Boston, She is going on that one but only because I am going with her!!  My heart goes out to that poor lady who has no closure. I dont know how she keeps going. I have 2 children and if anything happened to either one of them I couldnt go on. Its a terrrible thing!  Someone has answers, and the 3 boys should be held until the answers are found!! 

He mentioned Dutch (not Holland) law and Aruban law because the Netherlands and Aruba are sovereign nations. They are NOT ruled by the US and it's laws but by it's own laws. Get used to it! That has nothing to do with whether there is a missing person (not girl, but adult...NH was 18 when she went missing) or not....simple international rules and regulations!
January 19, 2006, 1:04 pm CST

01/19 Follow-ups

Quote From: djbubble

Have any of the government officials looked into the possibility that Natalie was kidnapped and "trafficked" to another country, i.e. sold into prostitution? I saw a special on the TV show Independent Lens about trafficking girls and also the movie on Lifetime about the subject...according to the shows, it is much more common than we think... 


I haven't read anything about this possibility in any of the reports. Has anyone?  

You obviously missed Phil's last show about Natalee. GOOD FOR YOU!!!
January 19, 2006, 1:06 pm CST

boycot aruba

Dr. Phil, can you do something about people boycotting Aruba?  Maybe if Dr. Phil call the Reggis and Kelly show they would take a trip to Aruba off the trip possibilities.  It makes me angry every time I watched the show and see that as vacations site so I quit watching.   Do something Dr. Phil, I support you suggestion. 

January 19, 2006, 1:06 pm CST

01/19 Follow-ups

If Aruba was serious about finding out what really happened to Natalie, why does Aruba send a paid consultant to the tourism board?  Why not send a member from the justice department or from the prosecutor's office?  All this guy came off as was being there to get people to THINK Aruba was doing something and it is all right to come back and spend your money on Aruba. 


January 19, 2006, 1:06 pm CST

i was in aruba 7/12/05

Quote From: my_2angels

If Natalee was as drunk as the boys claimed she was, then there could be a charge of sexual misconduct. It depends on the law in Aruba. In America, if a girl/woman, in a alcohol induced haze, has sex with a man who is NOT under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and who knows that she is, in fact, incapable of making the choice with a clear head, then (in some states) it is considered either rape or sexual misconduct.
Dr.Phil, Just a heads up!!! i was on my honeymoon in aruba and yes the natalie halloway case was big but hush, hush to tourists (supposely) my husband and i went on a snorkel cruise and when i asked the bar tender if he knew about this his answer was OH YES SHE WAS ON MY BOAT two days prior to her disappearing she was wasted.. the drinking age in aruba is 16 also we went to carlos and charlies where she was last seen someone at that bar was asking if we wanted ecstasy the 'sex Drug" so lets see two places my husband and i went she was seen drunk beyond belief they had to help her off the boat. Carlos and charlies is a drunk,drug haven. our belief was after leaving aruba was she got drunk was slipped ecstasy ? and the rest is history but what made me scratch my head was when i asked if the crew was questioned they said never that just seemed bazaar. Furthermore who would ever let thier young daughter go to the netherlands that was the first mistake. I tell you whole heartedly i know more from going for 8 days than the authorities investigated in months. I hope they find her but if she was by the light house i think she is gone.
January 19, 2006, 1:08 pm CST

01/19 Follow-ups


If I wasn't angry before, I am now.  I can't believe Mr. Cohen has the audacity to act as if he is to hold no accountability for statements that he made.  Clearly the investigation should move forward and the only goal here is to find Natalee.  I just hope that Cohen's isn't as wishy washy and irresponsible as he seems to be.  My best to the family. 

January 19, 2006, 1:09 pm CST


its interesting at the many responses about aruba and what has happened to this family and the girl... 

but i don't think that many people think about what if this was your family and your child...many people not from america believe that we overindulge and over dermatise things...but to be quiet honest everything is brought to the lime light because we are a big nation and a powerful one... 

america is not in fault at how the investigation was handled...aruba has not done the best from the begining...stories hiden...lies told and truths hidden the fact of the matter is this girl alive or dead needs to be returned to her family.... 

aruba needs to stop hidding and sending unimportant people to handle jobs tha need to be done by higher executives... 

aruba's government may not be to blame for what has happened but they are to blame for the responses from america and the responses from the family of the victim... 

one country so worried about there tourist industry they certanitly do a terrible job of protecting there tourists and helping in a situation that could really damage there lively hood. 

January 19, 2006, 1:12 pm CST

Boycott Aruba!


Beautiful Sunny Weather
Friendly People
Ease of Communication
 World-Class Hotels
 White Sand Beaches/Watersports
 Fabulous Cuisine
 Fun Land Activities
Easy Customs & Clearance
Modern Airport
Caribbean Port of Call 



                                                             and the best thing about Aruba.....................   RAPISTS & MURDERERS RECEIVE A "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD!"     Take a good look at this beautiful young girl! She is your daughter, your sister, your granddaughter! She belongs to all of us, she is an American and America wants her back! NATALEE HOLLOWAY   I personally will not rest until Beth and Dave get the answers they so desperately need and deserve. I am asking that each and every one of you copy and paste this post and send it thru email to everyone you know and ask them to do the same. The family of Natalee needs all the support they can get and it will only take you a minute to do this!       BOYCOTT ARUBA!      
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