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Created on : Friday, January 13, 2006, 02:16:30 pm
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They’re newlyweds, married only a short time, and already they're headed for divorce court. First, Michelle says she's not the only woman in her marriage. Her husband, Matthew, has many female friends whom she has never met. Should he give them up or did she make a promise she can't keep? Then, when Marlon and Shamika first appeared on the show, they were eight months newly wed and were on the verge of becoming newly divorced because of their constant fighting. Did they put Dr. Phil's advice to work and have things changed? Share your thoughts.

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January 19, 2008, 4:43 pm CST

close to home

Quote From: atlswan

The Michelle/Matthew situation reminded me a lot of the situation with the couple last week in which the husband had female friends and the wife was uncomfortable. At least in that situation,  the wife had met the female friends and knew who they were. That makes a tremendous difference.  


I have to wonder if Matthew would feel the same if the shoe were on the other foot, if Michelle had male friends he had never met and that she "dropped in" to visit when she was in the neighborhood. I wonder if he would be so accepting it. I doubt it. 


The excuses that  these female "friends" all didn't come to his wedding for some reason or another, and "are too busy" to meet Michelle just smells bad to me. If these women are "just friends" then they would want to meet Michelle and get to know her. She's his wife and a big part of his life.  


I think it also said a lot that Matthew said he feels like he can talk to these "friends" about things he can't talk to Michelle about. That's when you turn to your wife and share your intimate thoughts. Those are the things that bind you together as a couple. Sharing that kind of intimacy with a female "friend" just isn't fair to your spouse.  


Hopefully, Matthew will introduce Michelle to these women and they can get through this. That would go a long way to making Michelle feel less insecure.  

Michelle and matthew sounds like me and my ex. That's the reason why we're x's because he talks to these women more than he use to talk to me. Or if we did talk everyday it ended in an arguement that he starts. He'll bring up someting i did or said 5 months or 2 years ago and then it gets into a full blown fight.  He claims that they call him for brotherly advice but how the hell do I know that? I've never met them or once and he 's never asked for me to be around them. (I think) he was ashamed of me. Or he just didn't want me getting close to them for fear I may reveal the true him.
And then he won't be able have a romantic relationship with them if the opprotunity arises. But In oct.07 while he was helping a female friend. Our daughter tried to cut herself. I couldn't get in touch with him to discuss the situation and my daughters tell me that he put this lady up in a hotel and is now going to his house to wash her clothes and is free and willing to pop up at his house whenever she feels like it. Isn't it *%^&## up. So I totally understand what michelle is going through and I feel for her. I don't care if we knew what we were getting into It's the fact of the matter that we feel disrepected when our b/f-husband doesn't take our feelings into consideration. And when I worked at a center working with kids and all the staff members had each others cell numbers just in case we were out on a field trip and needed to get in touch with one another, my ex drilled me for months until I deleted 1 of the men that worked with us, before he would stop yelling at me about it. But he can have 5 or 6  women calling him everyday and I'm suppose to SHUT MY MOUTH AND DEAL WITH IT. I DON'T THINK SO!!  *&%$ THAT.
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