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Created on : Friday, January 06, 2006, 01:48:12 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

Charlie, a self-described racist, struggled with the fact that his daughter was going to have a biracial baby. His insensitive, hate-based thinking tore apart his family. After speaking with Dr. Phil, he agreed to spend some time learning about African-American culture. How did he do when Dr. Phil set him up to live with a black family for two days? And, Dave grew up believing he was white, but found out the family secret when he was 26 - that he was actually biracial. In an effort to heal the pain of being deceived his whole childhood, Dave went public with his story, with disastrous consequences. How can he heal and move on? Plus, Cene is biracial and says her mother accuses her of acting "too white." Should Cene have to choose a race? Share your thoughts.

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January 8, 2006, 6:16 pm CST

Come on already

I still cannot believe we live in this day and age with discrimination.  It is petty.  If someone falls in love with someone of a different race, so what?  Who is it hurting?  Are they killing anyone?  People should grow up and respect others.  Besides, the color of someone's skin is only that, a color.  It does not describe how they treat someone or how good of a person they are. 
January 9, 2006, 5:41 pm CST

01/12 Racism Follow-up



               I have been in a biracial marriage for 24 years,  we met when we were 13 years old.  We are now 45 years old.  We have two  boys that are 24 and 21.  My children are well ajusted to being biracial.  My family and my husbands family get along fine, they have never had to feel like they stood out from anyone else.  Yes, I'm sure they have had to deal with racism in their lives but, we all do sometime or another.  We live in a town of about 20,000, everyone knows everyone.  I would like to hear of more biracial family's that have a success story.  

January 9, 2006, 8:05 pm CST

another success story right here

Quote From: hawkzwife



               I have been in a biracial marriage for 24 years,  we met when we were 13 years old.  We are now 45 years old.  We have two  boys that are 24 and 21.  My children are well ajusted to being biracial.  My family and my husbands family get along fine, they have never had to feel like they stood out from anyone else.  Yes, I'm sure they have had to deal with racism in their lives but, we all do sometime or another.  We live in a town of about 20,000, everyone knows everyone.  I would like to hear of more biracial family's that have a success story.  

My father is Hispanic and my mother is white.  When my mother and father were dating my mom's mother did not approve at all.  Infact, she didn't want them to get married.  But my mother knew that she loved my father and didn't care what her own mother thought.  Sure, there were tough times they went through, but they made it.  And when I was younger I had some people who were racist against myself.  Hispanic girls would ask me if I was for sure Hispanic and white people would ask me what I was.  Of course I learned to respond with," I am me, no one else."  I dealt with it and was uncomfortable for awhile because I didn't really  know who I was.  It wasn't until I learned more about my heritage that I realized that I was infact lucky to have such a unique background.  My parents turned out okay, they have been married for 25 years and have a son and two daughters and three grandchildren (two of which are mine).  They never gave us grief about who our mates are.  Color does not matter to my family. All my parents care about is that we are happy and healthy, not the color of our mates or their grandchildren.  So yes, I think my family was successful.  Like I said before, color is only that, a color.  Glad to hear your family is doing good also.
January 10, 2006, 1:13 pm CST

been there

I am white and married to a mexican.  I was on the Dr. Phil show 2 years ago.  I was disowned by my uncle for marrying my husband.  We will be married 10 years in Feb.  We have 2 wonderful children.  Our son looks like me, our daughter like my husband.  We have expressed to them how lucky they are to have 2 cultures to come from.  They have not had problems so far.  I honestly believe as they grow older it will not be a big deal.  In my son's 2nd grade class, out of 22 children, about half are biracial.  Let's face it, the problem stems from "labeling" biracial.  They are human just like any one else,  but now my children have advantages that I alone did not have or that my husband alone did not have.  It is what's inside that counts, not the color of our skin!!! 


January 10, 2006, 6:03 pm CST

bit of this and bit of that

 I am 1/4 aboriginal (grandfather was Great Cheif Sitting Bull), little bit of english, irish and ukrainian.  My husband is Irish and scottish.  We both have dark hair and hazel eyes.  We have 2 daughters, both with bright big blue eyes.  One daughter has light brown hair and the other strawberry blonde.  No, not the mail man, lol, my father is blonde blue eyed and my husband's mother is the same. 

My eldest is six and in first grade.  She is one of two white appearing children in her class.  She is extremely pale in skin tone with freckles across her nose.  My daughter doesn't even see color in her class.  Though she is a minority herself with her native roots or from the flip side appearing to be one of the only two white kids in her class, she has no idea that her friends are, for the most part, asian and east indian.  I really like that.  All she knows is about their cultures from the relationships that she has formed.  She's learned about the differences in languages as well.  I love this atmosphere and the beauty in it~ seeing no colour at all.  Isn't that great?  It is!

Children are born into this world with the best innocence and it is we adults that have the responsiblitiy not to poison it. 
January 10, 2006, 6:58 pm CST

would like a little input

i am 21 years old and i have a 1 years old son that is mixed woth black and white.  i the mother is white.  i live in alabama which is known or said to be on of the most racist states.   i love my son and i also love his father but i am worried that biracial children have it hard growing up, to even filing out paperwork when they get old enough.   So is it really that hard for a biracial child?  i think ithe hardest will be for a black/white child and i say this because my aunt is married to a spanish man and so her sons are spanish/white, but yet my grandparents(her parents) disowned me because my child is black.  do i care?  no.  my child is the most precious thing ever.  but like i said i would like  different viewpoints on this subject.
January 11, 2006, 5:23 pm CST

Hello all

Hello everyone, 


I too am in a biracial relationship. I'm american he's mexican. You should see the looks we get. People always seem to stereotype you know?! Although sometimes when people make comments I don't stop them with the first one, I let them keep going until they've bad mouthed Mexicans until there's nothing left to say, then I chime in and say. Yeah I know what you mean, but my husband is MEXICAN. I tell you what, once I say that they feel about 1 inch tall.  


See when I was growing up I was raised to never judge someone by the color of their skin. My mother taught me that. She had so many diverse friends and accepted everyone. My father grew up in the city and was beat up on a daily basis by the black kids at his school, therefore he doesn't care much for black people. However, since that has happened, since my brother and I were born and he realized that we accepted everyone equally, he's changed his ways. He now sees people for people. Not a color. Which makes me very proud, because it's hard to change the thinking of a head strong italian.  


It very much angers me though when people can be so cruel and hateful and not even try to get to know a person and just make assumptions and judgements at first glance. I guess we all do that at one time or another, not even the color of the skin but in the way people dress or behave. But in my humble opinion, racism will get you nowhere.  

January 11, 2006, 6:00 pm CST

We are one family.

From there base in the ancestral homeland of Africa,early Blood type O hunter-gatherers wandered throughout Africa and into Europe and Asia in search of new supplies of larger game. As they Encountered Changing environmental conditions, they Began to develop modern Racial Characteristics. 


Tc  John  

January 11, 2006, 6:36 pm CST

Still confused

I totally agree with your guest that does not want to define herself as being from one race or another.
I'm  Mexican  and  I  went to the American School in Mexico City, a true bilingual and bicultural school.  Many nationalities, races, and creeds have been always represented in the school and one thing no one cared about was about which race one belonged to.  We read and studied about Native Americans and Afro Americans through the mid 50's and 60's.  Race was part of the curricula but not an issue. 
I have always been amazed the importance race is given to in the U.S. as a means of defining people.  I think that by the 21st century people's identity should not be defined by race, if that is kept on there is no way to end racial discrimination.  And yes, we have discrimination in Mexico, but it is not defined by race.  We all have to be proud of our heritage, but not defined by race.  If you could meet me I would be defined as Caucasian, but by being Mexican I know I must have Indian blood, and I'm proud of it, but that in no way defines me.
I just wish that one day people would stop defining each other by which race they belong.
January 12, 2006, 5:16 am CST

Marxist "thought" stronger than ever

It still amazes me when I see and hear so many people who don't realize the sort of world we are living in today.

We are still bleating on and whining about supposed "racism"? The father on the show has every right to be angry and furious with his daughter and it has nothing to do with hating other people. Maybe he's angry that his daughter just threw away her heritage and culture thereby effectively discontinuing one "branch" of his family. Perhaps he's also upset over the fact that his daughter's selfish behaviour just robbed a child of its identity. It is neither Black or White and one can't be both.  Listen to the story of the man who just found out he's "biracial." Children such as this are often forced to choose a "side" and they still aren't fully accepted. Why bring a child into such suffering?

So here is a man who is branded a racist, because he wants to preserve his culture and heritage. He wants his family to look like he does! God forbid he desire a perfectly natural thing like that! How hateful of him to be angry with his daughter, who just threw away how many thousands of years of evolution? Even though the father and the daughter are ordinary people, they still have the blood of the people who built the modern world. White people should remember that. We have a fantastic heritage and we shouldn't throw it away on the sick fad of multiculturalism.

I fully expect to be called a "racist" here. It doesn't matter because it's nothing more than an attack word for people who have no argument? Why? Because the word can't be defined. It's too general. What may be a "racist" thought, word or action to one person...may not be "racist" at all to another person. So have at it.

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