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Created on : Friday, January 06, 2006, 01:48:12 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

Charlie, a self-described racist, struggled with the fact that his daughter was going to have a biracial baby. His insensitive, hate-based thinking tore apart his family. After speaking with Dr. Phil, he agreed to spend some time learning about African-American culture. How did he do when Dr. Phil set him up to live with a black family for two days? And, Dave grew up believing he was white, but found out the family secret when he was 26 - that he was actually biracial. In an effort to heal the pain of being deceived his whole childhood, Dave went public with his story, with disastrous consequences. How can he heal and move on? Plus, Cene is biracial and says her mother accuses her of acting "too white." Should Cene have to choose a race? Share your thoughts.

Find out what happened on the show.


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June 13, 2006, 9:25 am CDT

In holland there is much racisme too

Hi, I come from the Netherlands. here is much racisme too. It is going very bad. I am white. I was going to the wrong site. I became allmost a racist. Because there are to much foreigners. Holland is very full with people. And there are more and more foreigners. Most are from Morocco and Turky.   

I am not a full racist. There are many bad foreigners.Who get trouble here. The are not integrate. I have no problem with the foreigners who are integrate. But those who aren't make it bad for the good foreigners. That's why much dutch people don't want to talk or do something with foreigners. 80% of the criminality become by foreigners. It cost the land much money. Our country need that money for other things.   


In the show, Charlie want to adapt. i think that is really good!  

Because there is not only the with people that racist, black people racist too, it is a circle.  

That is what is happening here in Holland to. And it is going very bad.  

That's why I allmost became a racist. Because there are many differents. Religie is the most hinderring item. But we all must adapt.  

October 29, 2006, 12:23 pm CST

01/12 Racism Experiment

Quote From: rudeyjudy

Just watched the show on my DVR.  I’ve read 15 of the 20 pages of messages and cannot restrain myself from my keyboard any longer!  




Did it occur to anyone else that Cene’s mother is very light skinned (not 100% “black”) ???   




Did I miss the part where Dr. Phil says:  “We contacted the baby’s father but he declined to be on the show”???  It seemed odd to me that George Wallace is the honorary Godfather.  Perhaps he should be the honorary Father.  I look forward to the show where Charlie spends a day with the biological father.   




I must be a conservative – I got married to have my baby. 




Black slaves helped to build the “modern” world 200 years ago – but what have free blacks done for themselves in their own third world countries such as Africa, Haiti, and the Caribbean “sugar” islands?  For that matter, what have they done for themselves in America???  My impression is that most are unpatriotic, unmotivated, and our weakest link.  I don’t think America should bend over backwards for this subversive 12.2% of the population.  It seems African Americans are losing ground as a subculture in America with 2004 Census figures at 12.2% and the peaceful, hard-working Hispanic/Latinos at 14.2%.  I foresee that one day, Hispanic/Latinos will be considered “white” Americans, just as the Irish, Italian, Jewish, and German people are today, due to the bad behaviors and choices made by some blacks. 




Thank you for telling me how I should think.  However, statistics tell me that blacks live very different lives than whites.  It is absurd to say, “We are all the same” because we have the same blood types.  This is not a figment of my imagination – for every good example you could cite here, I could cite a hundred very different examples.  I could share my hundreds of personal experiences, but that would take too long and bore you.  In a nutshell, my parents believed in desegregation until they experienced it firsthand as my junior high school began busing.  That’s when we moved.  As an adult, I was very proud of myself for being open-minded and accepting the beauty of other cultures.  I am educated and well traveled.  It is becoming more and more difficult to be open-minded when I see what happened after Hurricane Katrina.  Instead of thinking, “What can I do to help,” those who refused to get on the mandatory evacuation buses were thinking, “What can I steal.”  It also bothers me when blacks rally behind a criminal who is apprehended by all white cops.  But then, whom do they really have to be proud of in their own neighborhoods?   




I have been trying for years to de-justify what I have learned about African Americans, but the statistics I uncover only strengthen my suspicions.  If you would like to point me to some credible sources in an attempt to change my beliefs, I will whole-heartedly research your suggestions.  Otherwise, would you like some cheese with that? 




Thank you for answering a question that has been on my mind for many, many years.  I have always wanted to know why racists hated blacks more than other races.  In your message, you stated that  "It seems African Americans are losing ground as a subculture in America with 2004 Census figures at 12.2% and the PEACEFUL, hard-working Hispanic/Latinos at 14.2%.  I foresee that one day, Hispanic/Latinos will be considered “white” Americans, just as the Irish, Italian, Jewish, and German people are today, due to the bad behaviors and choices made by some blacks."   Does this mean that because Blacks fought for their rights they were not "peaceful?"  Or that you felt tha the other races you mentioned blended in and did what YOU wanted them to do, acted the way YOU wanted them to act, thus making them more peaceful?  Now since the illegal immigrants (which mostly means Mexicans) surge is out, does that mean that the Mexicans can't be good American citizens.  But also remember - whites don't own America.  Native Americans are called "Native" for a reason.  Also, a lot of the races you mentioned were BORN here - they did not come here for charity or to make a better living.  They and their ancestors were here surely long before you were.  And if you study your history, many of them are so mixed, their original culture is not known.  That is why most of judged by the color of their skin, which is IGNORANT!  Many are proud of their mixed heritage.
October 29, 2006, 12:48 pm CST

Look at the timing

Quote From: pat1345

 I thought the same thing!
Alabama's George Wallace was not nationally known until the late 50s/60s.  The George Wallace on Dr. Phil's show was probably already born.  So, his parent may not have ever heard of him.
June 19, 2007, 1:10 pm CDT

01/12 Racism Experiment

In looking at the messages Im getting really upset because I am kind of stuck in between two worlds. My parents were born in Indian and I was born here in Canada. Growing up with both cultures I found myself moving mostly toward the Canadian culture and away from the East Indian one. I am 22 right now and I know very little of the language, barely eat any of the food, and dont follow any of the traditions. My parents are now pushing me to find someone who is East Indian so I can think about marriage. The thought of this scares me so much. I have been dating someone who is white (dutch actually) and we just click. I care about him and we became very close, I have been too afraid to tell my parents. I have began to a few times, at just the idea of it my dad stopped speaking with me and my mom began to cry. Its very disrespectful to not do what your parents want in that culture. Im so so upset because I hope maybe one day to have a future with this boy but I know that I will be disowned. I couldnt imagine life without my parents, I love them dearly and dont want to hurt them. Yet at the same time I love my boyfriend and he makes me happy. I still havent told my parents yet about him, but I know that in the end I need to do what makes me happy and if that means a future with someone of a different culture, thats what I am going to do. The stress this is putting on me is aweful...  It would be just so wonderful if we could live in a world were there was no judgement about color or culture or race.

February 14, 2008, 8:46 am CST

01/12 Racism Experiment

Quote From: bryanac625

Let's abandoned your daughter at the time when she needed you most; when she became pregnant, advocated her murdering your own grandchild because you didn't like the color of that grandchild's skin, disowned your daughter because she has a relationship with a "nice guy" who happens to be black...and you say you do not dislike blacks?   I think the correct description for your attitude toward blacks is you HATE blacks.  It doesn't matter to you if the man your daughter is with treats her poorly or well.  All that matters is that he isn't black.  You more than anyone would know the cruel and racist things children say to other children at school.  These children are taught to say these cruel things by people in their lives who think like you, just as I am sure you were influenced as a child by someone else's hatred.  You are not a bad person, but you are a sick person and in need of a big dose of patience, tolerance, kindness and love.  I will pray for God to touch your mind and bring the healing to your family it so desperately needs. 

It's funny that I chose now to reply to this idiotic statement of yours.  Let me tell you where this boyfriend of my daughters got her. 


 Arrested  for carrying his drugs

 He is now in prison for the next 18 years


I DO NOT HATE BLACKS!  I simply do not believe that black and white should not mix That is it! the child is now a year old and I still can not except this.  It's very sad, because it is not his fault, the parents are ignorant.  You have to know my daughter to understand how rebellious she is, she does things because she knows it bothers me  She likes the "SHOCK FACTOR"  She will flat out tell me that she hates white people, funny thing her daughter is white, how sad for her.   And yes I do know the cruel things children say, and my daughter brought a child into this wold to be subject to that cruelty.  And I was never influenced by any kind of hatred, and I am not now nor have I ever been what you call a "SICK PERSON" because I don't believe that blacks and whites should mix.

March 3, 2009, 7:43 pm CST

biracial nightmare

Quote From: dterenzi

Does it make me a bad person when I can not except the fact that my 24 yr old daughter is living with a black man?  My Daughter and Granddaughter are living with a black man.  Do I object to this? ABSOLUTELY with out a doubt.  I do not dis like blacks I just don't believe that whites and blacks should mix.  A year ago my daughter was living with me and became pregnant by a black guy, needless to say she had to move out, I made it clear that there would be no way that I would ever except that child as my grand child, My daughter terminated the pregnancy, and the black guy was out of the picture, he actually wanted the pregnancy terminated but wanted me to pay for it, I refused, it wasn't my problem.  My daughter has since moved on and now is living with another black guy.  My family and I have pretty much cut her out of our lives, she can come visit but the guy is not allowed to come to our home, And they are not included in any family functions, She chose to spend Christmas with him instead of her family.  He may be a nice guy, but I just can not except the fact that he is black and that they have some sort of a relationship whatever that may be.    The worst thought that crosses my mind is the fact that my granddaughter could end up calling this man DAD,  the fear is that kids are cruel and what will happen when she goes to school and the other kids discover that she calls a black guy DAD?    I just don't know... I have told my husband over and over again that I feel guilty for the way that I feel, but I just can not get past it. 

My eighteen year old daughter has been living with a black man for three mounths now and my husband her father is totally mortified by this it seems as though it is going to drain the life out of him. i too am against the relationship .  i love my daughter, love my husband and don't know what to do . we have two other children and the day to day stress is very bad and is affecting them also. I was taught that this is a sin to be with a black man. we live in alabama where this is still looked down on and i am afraidmy daughter does not know what she is getting into. I would welcome any advice on how to handle this

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