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Created on : Friday, January 06, 2006, 01:41:19 pm
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(Original Air Date: 01/09/06) If you’re getting a divorce, or even considering one, and you have kids, don't miss this show! Dr. Phil talks to parents who are embroiled in bitter custody battles, leaving their innocent children caught in the crossfire. Scott is tired of fighting with his ex-wife, Tiffany, over visitation of their two sons. The bickering has gotten so bad that Tiffany claims Scott spit on her during a recent encounter. Can they learn to respect each other for the sake of their kids? Plus, Angela says her ex-husband, Chris's violent past and brushes with the law have her so scared that she refuses to let him near their 7-year-old daughter. Does a man with Chris’s past deserve a second chance to be a father? Share your thoughts.


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October 4, 2007, 9:42 am CDT

From Friend to Foe - overnight!

Quote From: pandas

Robbie Sue,  


I completely agree with you, it works both ways, the mom (biological), stepmom and ex .  When you do argue about anything or want to be picky, its the children that get hurt in the crossfire.  As you said you made the new stepmom you friend, just as I did with the biological mom.  When people fight, who can the kids trust?  One is calling the other names, no one comes in to stop all the name calling.  Remember kids hear everything.  The children have to come first in anything.  I also had no children of my own.  So I guess you could say you and I are on the same page. 




I am both a biological and a step mom! 14 years ago I met my husband, he was never married before however did have a 1 year old daughter. As our relationship progressed, I made a point of seeking out the mother of his child and invited her to lunch! I wanted her to meet the person that was going to be spending a lot of time with her daughter. I had also done the same with the new lady in my ex's life. Long story short we became very good friends! We spent the next 10 years doing things together even when it didn't involve her daughter! Truely everyone was happy... until... we bought a new house! It was overnight that things changed! She wouldn't be around when we dropped off her daughter, and she cancelled herself from events and activities we had already planned... after several attempts to find out what was wrong we just let it be... until the now 14 year old daughter started going to school counselors and asking advice on how to be able to come live with her dad and I. We sat down with mom and tried to work something out... that went over like a lead balloon! Finally at daughters request we hired councel and after much drama, fighting, police etc... he was awarded custody. She gets every other weekend and Tuesday overnight on the off weekend. We thought things would calm down but they just continue to get worse. No matter what we ask for as far as trading weekends to accommodate her holiday schedule or even a dentists name she must change it some way not matter what, or point out that a good parent would know the dentists name etc... just so she always has the last word. This is such a waste of energy and emotions! Do we just let it go and muddle through the next 3 years... and "let her win and get everything her way" or do we try to get it settled?
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