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Created on : Wednesday, December 28, 2005, 12:06:14 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

Do you believe that walking under a ladder or someone giving you the "evil eye" can give you bad luck? Dr. Phil's guests say that curses and evil spirits are wreaking havoc in their lives. Sarah is convinced that she's hexed. For the last five years, she has been plagued with what she calls the "Tuesday Curse." Watch what happens when Dr. Phil's producers follow her around on her "unlucky" day. Then, George is convinced he is reaping the negative effects of a curse put on his family years ago in Mexico. He has even put his wedding plans on hold because he fears the curse will cause him to divorce! Plus, David worries that his wife, Holly, may be possessed because she has had the same nightmare for the past seven years, and she has been talking in a man’s voice, speaking in a foreign tongue and barking like a dog. What's behind her fearsome dreams? And, a woman claims an exorcism, performed by her father 26 years ago, put demons inside of her.  Share your thoughts.


Find out what happened on the show.


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February 6, 2006, 2:16 am CST


I signed up and wanted to post a specific response to a poster here regarding her elder sisters treatment of her.  I clicked reply to post but it didn't happen so I am sorry for the vagueness.  The traits mentioned could very well be reflective of a personality disorder, you may find research on borderline personality disorder useful.  However ppl with this diagnosis are not to be demonised as the diagnosis is considered a normal response to an abnormal situation, as are all personality disorders..

Ok, to the show which I have not seen but have read about on this site.

I have a dear friend who was repeatedly exposed to 'deliverance' as a child.  There is no doubt that the treatment she endured, which sounds very similar to the lady on the show, is outright child abuse.  It has severely affected her in many ways and she is only now coming to terms with it's affects in her 30's.  To this day her mother denies that it is partly or wholly the cause of her psychological problems when quite clearly it was a huge factor. Her mother was the instigator of the treatment.

I also know someone  who has been diagnosed with DID (previously known as MPD) since the age of 16, she is now in her 30's and still denies that it could be a fitting diagnosis.  She was subjected to such horrors as a child that it just doesn't bear thinking about.  I can only understand that the splitting of her personality was a coping mechanism and the only way she could deal with this issue.  This again is a normal reponse to an abnormal situation. 

She is only stable when on mental health drugs and is only then able to look at this as a possible issue.  It makes me very sad that she is seemingly in the same place now as she was 3 years ago when I initially met her online.

Let me be clear, I am not suggesting that the lady on the show has DID or is mentally ill.  What I am suggesting is that blatant child abuse of this nature can cause ongoing intense mental health issues.

Dr Phil was in my opinion treading a very fine line regarding this issue and necessarily so. 

Why is it that those with religious beliefs of this nature feel it is ok to demonise those with health problems and seemingly disregard current research about various health issues.  Could not a combination of psychotherapy and spiritual guidance be appropriate as Dr Phil suggested?

I myself have experience of the nighttime hynogogic hellucinations and they are terrifying, primarily they happen when I am under stress, it is not a constant occurance.  Were I to buy into the theory that this was caused by 'demons' my mental health could suffer extroardinarily.  This is dualism to it's extreme.  I also had night terrors as a child.  Had those night terrors been deemed to be demonic of nature I sincerely doubt I would have lived to be my current age and mentally healthy as I am now.
February 6, 2006, 8:51 am CST

01/05 "Am I Cursed?"

Quote From: dlynn_pa

I will keep you posted!  Thanks...
It's not working.  Things actually are getting worse!  Maybe I need an exorcism!  Why oh why oh why!!!!!!!! 
February 9, 2006, 7:14 am CST

To shawbehan

I recently saw a documentary that may interest you.  I love science and had to check this out.  Wow, was it insightful!!!!  If you are interested, WHAT THE #$*! DO WE KNOW?! a quantum fable, is so great.  Please check it out!!!! 
February 17, 2006, 2:53 pm CST

Bad luck but I am not cursed!

Quote From: dlynn_pa

It's not working.  Things actually are getting worse!  Maybe I need an exorcism!  Why oh why oh why!!!!!!!! 

My situation is the exact opposite.  My husband of 24 years gave me divorce papers a week after the terrorist attack and told me I had one week to sign them.  He said he needed to go find himself.  My questions was "Where the heck have you been??"  He married his friend's wife a week after our divorce was final.  I had a bad car accident and shattered my knee.  Had to have surgery.  I had compressed disks, the doctor wanted to put a plate in my neck.  I worked my way up from very bad health to where I am today.  My son was shot 5 times and almost killed in a home invasion.  We are facing that trial, hopefully soon!  I had a roofer botch a roof job in the summer of 2004 and destroyed my home.  In appreciation for selecting his company, he put a mechanics lien on my home and threatened to forclose!  I am now in the biggest legal battle of my life!  I've had hurricane after hurricane hit my area, I am barely scraping by...  Family, friends, and coworkers who know the whole story just shake their heads and pity my life!  The ONLY one who isn't pitying her life is me!  Because of that, I generally don't tell people anything anymore because of the way they look and act toward me! 


These are the highlights...  There actually is a whole lot more!  My point is this, you can see I have endured enough to bring the strongest person down but I continue to trudge on.  Part of it is determination and stamina.  All of it is my faith in God.  I try to explain this to people but they think I just lead a sad and pathetic life!   


Dr. Phil, why is it everyone feels sorry for me EXCEPT me??  I've already quit telling people what goes on in my life because of THEIR attitudes, not mine! 

March 24, 2006, 7:17 am CST

Fighting Ones Demons

(this episode aired quite recently here in sweden) 


I could really relate to Holly, who had been dreaming about fighting evil. When I met my fiancé a few years ago he was also dreaming the same kind of dreams. I knew he had sleepingproblems and nightmares, so I took it upon myself to sit by his side through out the night, almost every night, in case he would wake up and scared and alone. 

Suddenly he started talking to me in his sleep. He talked and I answered. He sounded different than usual, deeper and more serious, calm. He talked to me about drugs, about cutting himself, he said that it was good for him to cut himself and to take drugs and that he would never quit. The strange thing about it was that he spoke of himself as if he spoke of somebody else, he refered to himself as "he" or "William" instead of "I". 

This happened more and more, and he started giving me cluse on where he had hidden his drugs, and where he had cut himself. For example he allways wore a sweatband with a red star on, and once he told me in his sleep: "he's keeping secrets, look for a secret under the red star". I looked inside his bag that also had a big red star on it, then I found little cuts on his wrist under the sweatband. 


I comfronted Billy about this and he told me he had had nightmares about himself and about all his bad sides, old bad habbits and bad attitude he had had before he met me, and that his "old self" was trying to "win him back" in his dreams. He was scared to know that I had spoken to him, which he didn't know at all and wasen't part of his dreams. 


After this comfrontation the dreams stopped, only to return a few months later. 

This time Billy's "old self" would start to tell me other things, like "Billy doesn't need you, he only needs me", "I'm trying to help Billy, you will only destroy him" and I would ofcause argument against him and tell him he was wrong and to leave Billy alone. At this point I had accepted Billy's "old self" as a different person, independant of Billy, that I could speak to separatly. 

We'd usually argument fiercly back and forth untill he'd shut up. As soon as he stopped talking to me Billy started tossing and turning, crying and screaming and I'd have to wake him up. 

At one point Billy's old self thretened to kill Billy. 


Billy also told me he could experience this other side of him when he was awake, like a voice that told him to do bad things such as cut himself or think bad thoughts about other people including me. I knew this other side had a very strong power over Billy even when he was awake and in his sleep he's allways threaten to tell Billy to kill himself. He'd really push me and say "you know I can do it, he lisstens to me more than he lisstens to you". 


My "battles" with Billy's other side heatened, as did out argumentation. I refused to give up and when I diden't he'd "attack" Billy and cause him to cry, toss and turn. When he did that I'd hold Billy close and try to get throught o him, tell him to fight and not to give up. 

Billy often told me about a girl in his dreams that would try to protect him (this was me, but in the shape of a girl he used to know, a girl who had killed herself because of him several years ago). 


Billy finally won the fight. I got through to him and told him to lissten to me, not to "him". That's when Billy started talking in his sleep again, but this time I could clearly tell it was my Billy because he sounded normal now. He told "himself" to go away and never come back, and repeated that over and over as he tossed and turned as if he were in great pain. 

Then he finally snapped out of it, but proceded to ask "have you come to forgive me" (I didn't know this girl and how would I know if she would have forgiven him?) I told him "maybe I have. I love you, Billy" and then I woke him up. 


When he was finally awake he smiled a true smile for the first time in a long while and said "something wonderfull happened tonight" 



Is this something similar to what Holly experienced or what was really going on with Billy during this period of time!?! 

June 11, 2006, 11:17 am CDT

Let me explain

Quote From: heather175

I think countrycrow let her emotions take hold of her response and it came out a little over bearing but she does have a point. I am a Christian myself and very proud & secure in my love and faith in Christ.  I will admit I have never read a pagan book or looked to any other god or goddess for anything. I can say that it hasn't been until the last couple of years that my true understanding and faith has grown. My walk with God is stronger now through what I have read in the Bible and from what I have experienced through church.  

Because I have not read a thing about paganism (Frankly it scares the daylights out of me) I can't argue a thing about what is written in any pagan book What I can argue is what is written in the Bible. Revelation 1:8 "I am the Alpha and the Omega" says the Lord God, "who is, and who was, and who is yet to come, the Almighty"  

My point is... If God is the Alpha (the beginning, no other before) then wouldn't that mean that Christianity was first? Because Christians believe in God and the word of the Holy Bible. It also states in the Bible that God created the world in 7 days. That would be Genesis 1- 1:31. That would be all about on how on the first day God said "Let there be Light" and Shazam! There was Light. And It continues on with creation of the earth and everything on it. On the seventh day however God rested and declared that the Sabbath day. Hence is where us Christians get that & spend that day in church. My next point to be was .... If God created the earth and everything in it, wouldn't that make Christianity the first religion as well? So I am pretty confident that paganism is NOT the first religion "don't forget that!" 

I want to also say that Satan believes in God as well. He was after all an angel of God. He thought that he could do it better however and so now we live daily with the ramifications of his huge ego. 

CountryCow would not be doing her/his part as a Chrisitan if she/he was not spreading the word of the gospel. It is her dutie to share the word of the Bible. As a Christian I am sure that she/he pray's for others to find their way to Christ before it is to late for them. I will apologize for CountryCow or any other Christian, including myself, if anything has ever been said to turn you away from God because that is not what is wanted for you. I know the Bible can put some people off because there are things written that are very difficult to understand but maybe try reading other Christian books. The "Left Behind" series is absolutly phennominal at the way it explains the Bible. Like your asking others to look into your beliefs and give it a chance, I am asking the same of you. Give Christianity a chance and maybe you will understand the passion of it. 

God bless! 


P.S. CountryCow We all judge...We all fall short of the "Glory of God" 

My point is... If God is the Alpha (the beginning, no other before) then wouldn't that mean that Christianity was first? 


You should really read up on your history.  Paganism existed thousands of years before Christianty.  Christians persecuted Pagans in an attempt to convert.  Christians took Pagan temples and turned them into churches.  Look around.  Everything is Pagan.  The days of the week, the months of the year, the planet, the seasons, the celebrations in those seasons. 


Because I have not read a thing about paganism (Frankly it scares the daylights out of me) I can't argue a thing about what is written in any pagan book. 


Why does it scare you?  Is it because the church tells you to be scared?  Christianity has Pagan roots. 



On the seventh day however God rested and declared that the Sabbath day. Hence is where us Christians get that & spend that day in church. 


This would be your "SUNday" wouldn't it?  Funny how the word SUN representing the God is in the spelling.  Christians did this in an effort to convert Pagans. 


Like your asking others to look into your beliefs and give it a chance, I am asking the same of you. Give Christianity a chance and maybe you will understand the passion of it.  


I have read into Christianity.  If you would have read my earlier postings you have seen that I did go to church when I was younger.  I was asking for her to give my beleifs a chance because she wasn't.  She wasn't listening. 



So maybe before you write something you really don't know that much about you should really do some research.  I am not trying to sound rude, I just like for people to understand more about my religion.  I listen to them, why can't they listen to me? 

July 18, 2006, 11:24 pm CDT

My scariest moment and my most spiritual moment.

Firstly I want to say that I have always had a very strong spiritual belief, a connection to god that didn't need the confusion of the church just an amazing understanding that their is something greater than me. But as any normal person when horrible things happen you start to wonder is there really something else or are we just here there's no heaven and no hell just here.  

Then when I was in my mid 20's married with 2 children my 2 girlfriends and I sat in a room away from all the guys who were watching football, we weren't drinking and we don't do drugs and none of us have any mental problems(just to be clear) we were reading each others tarot cards which wasn't a rare thing for me I loved them but always respected them and knew how to use them properly, we were having fun and the night was coming to an end we packed up and sat around talking about our kids and our lives having a good old girlie chat, when my girlfriend took off her watch, she handed it to me to have a look, this girlfriend had been acting strangely for a little while not in the your crazy type way but more in the sudden times of aggression but it always just seemed to be at me and no one else and I had thought for awhile that perhaps she was upset with me because her husband and I were close friends also, so I had been very careful to be sensitive about this but the agression continued, however up until this point in the night we had been having a lovely night. Well I was touching her watch and said to her did you get this watch from your mum was it handed down to you as it was handed down to her by her mother and she snapped at me NO, but by this time I had a very strong feeling that I was right and pressed her by saying no not the band that has been replaced just the face of the watch, again she snapped NO at me, still I felt I was right and said are you really sure , as these words left my mouth I heard one of my girlfriends scream my other girlfriends name and as she did I looked up at the girlfriend I had been talking to when I saw a black angular face with horns come straight at me from her eyes, it felt like it hit me fair in the face, I let out a scream so terrifying that the men came racing in to see what was wrong, I was so upset that I was crying and shaking, it took me the rest of the night to calm down I was so scared to be alone that my girlfriend stayed with me all night (husband not so sympathetic), the next day I said to my girlfriend who yelled my other girlfriends name at her why she had done that, and she told me that while I had my head down looking at the watch my other girlfriend was staring straight at me and then her eyes rolled back and that is when she yelled her name and I looked up, my girlfriend also said she didn't see the black face from the front but from the side, didn't know it was a face but knew something had come from my other girlfriends eyes and at me. The Girlfriend that the face had come from was understandbly just as upset and confused, she said she didn't know what had happened but that she just felt this massive amount of anger towards me. The watch had been handed down from her grandmother, to her mother and then to her. That day I drew a picture of the face I had seen and showed my husband who by this stage is thinking you are bloody crazy, and I don't mind telling you had my other girlfriend not been in the room with me I would be thinking the same thing myself.  

Two months later I was in bed when I had another very strange occurnace I don't know if I was asleep or if it actually happend but my daughter came to my room put her face right up close to mine and said "Mummy is this the face of Evil". I woke the next morning very upset told my husband who asked our daughter did you come to our room last night and talk to mummy and she said Yes I did, but I can't remember what I said.  

The following fortnight was September 11 I am oust to getting up the kids watch cartoons for a little while then we usually head to my friends house for a play date or vice versa, but on this date I woke up and felt very strange I walked out to the lounge room turned on the television to see exactly then the second plane hit the tower, I knew straight away something was wrong, I then like most people sat there most of the day with tears rolling down my face. But what happened next changed my life my husband who had never really believed a word of my mumbo jumbo as he calls it came to me white as a ghost with that days paper, and he said to me sweety you need to see this on the front page of the newspaper was a picture of the twin towers burning they had highlighted a face (the same face I had drawn and seen ) and next to this face was the headline "Is this the Face of Evil". In that instance I knew that A) If there was evil (Devil)than their had to be good(God) and that my thoughts that for horrible things to happen that their could be no good but affirmed to be that what on earth did God have to do with this he had no hand in this madness and pure evil, and that just as God can create miracles so can the Devil create Evil. My love for my God is so strong now that nothing and no comment can change the fact that I now have no reason to doubt my faith. Some people may read this and think what a whack job and I have told this story to many friends who have asked me what is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you and they look at me like I am not all there but that is ok, I don't need them to confirm for me what I already know and that I don't need to guess anymore, I know what I saw and heard. My girlfriends and I ofter talk about the events of that night, my male friends who were in the house that night believe me 100% and say no one would scream that kind of scream unless it were true. 

Thanks for listening. 


April 17, 2007, 10:55 pm CDT


Quote From: deafmom45

 I agreed about your prayer request before bedtime 

It will helps alot.  Most important say in Lord s prayer and say forgive your sins then rest to be blessing till in the morning see what happens. 

Thanks for blessing and sorry didnt get back to you as sooner it s been while I havent been back here..

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