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Created on : Wednesday, December 28, 2005, 12:05:16 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

(Original Air Date 01/04/06) Have you ever stepped on the scale and thought, "That number can't be right"? You don’t have to wait until the new year to resolve to lose weight or eat healthy. Kristine stopped making excuses for her weight and lost over 100 pounds, thanks to Dr. Phil's words of wisdom. See what Dr. Phil has in store for her. Then, Nicole is only 25 but morbidly obese. After a wake-up call from her family, friends, and Dr. Phil, will she find the courage and motivation to get healthy? And, is it possible to reach your weight loss goal and still be miserable? See one woman's shocking reality. Through the stories of these three women, losing weight becomes an emotional as well as a physical journey. Share your weight loss stories and challenges here.


Find out what happened on the show.

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January 4, 2006, 1:58 pm CST

Thank You Dr Phil For Todays Inspiring Show : )





I  have been waiting and watching for another one of your weight loss shows. As always it was an eye opening show and a reminder that I need to get real about my weight.  A group of us ladies on your message boards have started our own " Booty Camp "  and there we share what's working or not working in our own weight loss program. I know for sure they were watching this show today and I just want to take this time to say it's you and your inspiring guests that motivate us to never give up ...... AND WE WON'T : ) 



We all need and want to see more weight loss shows Dr Phil, so  Please  keep them coming : ) 

January 4, 2006, 2:02 pm CST

01/04 Unforgettable Weight Stories

Quote From: reese_witt

i can understand the "need" to being your worst enemy when trying to get a healthier life style, i have lost over 100 pounds, and yet seem determined to ruin it all, when someone compliments me on my loss, i head right for the kitchen.  why?  don't know.  i look forward to reading any thing that can help me find that "why?
I know feel as if you don't deserve to look normal.  I know this because I had the exact same feeling when I was losing weight. You CANNOT let your own thoughts sabotage your progress.  Remember that losing weight is about changing the way your mind thinks so your body can change to match.  Losing weight is all about willpower, ambition, and thinking that you deserve better!
January 4, 2006, 2:06 pm CST

Resolved to lose 100 pounds

I'm 55 years old, weigh 324 pounds. I have emphysema, and it's hard to get around.  


I suffer from lifelong depression, and am anticipating the end of my marriage.  


I'm resolved to lose 100+ pounds. It's very difficult since I rarely leave my apartment due to depression and anxiety. I gave up working a year ago, due to the emotional problems. 



I really want to lose the weight, naturally, through exercise and a change of eating habits. But it's almost impossible to do it alone. 


I'm currently trying to get Social Security Disability, and the process is not going well.  


I'd like to lose the weight, and get my head together so I could go back into the Outside World, and become a happy and productive person.  


I'd also like to salvage my marriage if there was any hope. But again I can't do that alone, or with my current resources. 

January 4, 2006, 2:07 pm CST

I relate to Nicole

I truly relate to how Nicole feels.  I am also very heavy and am now preparing to have gastric bypass surgery in a couple of months.  My best friends are also very thin and can do anything they want.  I didn't realize how heavy I had gotten, until my family and I went to an amusement park last summer and I was asked to leave a ride because the safety bar would not go down all the way.  I was humiliated and embaressed.  I will be praying for Nicoles success and my own.
January 4, 2006, 2:11 pm CST

Frustrated and fat

I just watched the show and I have to say that I am afraid to lose weight for the same reason as the last guest. I currently weigh 229 lbs and I am only 5' 2''. I'm disgusted with how I look yet I'm terrified to lose the weight because of the way I would look after the weight loss. I have the Ultimate weight loss book but only read a few chapters because it got too real. I started changing the way I buy groceries so that my family and I eat healthy, natural foods but then we hit a very bad financial crisis. (But that's another show!) I could no longer afford the more expensive whole grain bread, or the organic fruits and veggies, etc... so I feel like a failure. I'm 38 and I don't want to be fat when I'm forty, I've been fat for the last 13-14 years and I feel I'm waisting my life. I too can not go on rides with my children, I don't have the energy to do fun things with them.
January 4, 2006, 2:13 pm CST

01/04 Unforgettable Weight Stories

Let's see if I can post some pictures using the image tag.  Before and after!


January 4, 2006, 2:14 pm CST

Thank you

Thank you Dr. Phil, 

I can't say thankyou enough for bringing the story of the women who lost 162 pounds but still hates her body.  5 years ago I had gastric bypass surgery and lost over 150 pounds.  But to this day I still hate myself.  I found myself over eating and have gained back 30 pounds becuase I figure why not I hate my body anyway.  I can't look in the mirroe, I can't look at myself with out clothes.  I have been to the plastic surgeons, but like many don't have the money to pay for the surgeries and insurence does not cover it.  I struggle each day to feel better about myself. 

January 4, 2006, 2:14 pm CST

today's show

i need some of the same help that the larger women from todays show need. i weigh 320 give or take and it feels like such a huge battle to win for me to get to my "ideal" weight i have to lose almost 200 lbs and i always feel so defeated just thinking about it. 2 weeks ago i started watching more closely what i eat drinking water instead of pop, i have cut going to fast food place completly over the last 2 weeks and when i step on the scale today i had gained 4 lbs. now i know that it won't happen over night i don't expect quick results but to have gained weight when i am trying was so deflating. all i really want is to lose a few pounds get the ball rolling.  

it is so bad now that outside of taking my children to their activities i try and stay at home. i want my life back. how do i get started.  


thank you for listening  



January 4, 2006, 2:15 pm CST

Try deep water jogging

Quote From: stryker12

I was on a diet and exercise program when I was inured at work.  I have been on restrictions for almost a year now and started gaining weight again.  The problem is that the inury is to my foot, from my ankle down.  I can not get clearance to do anything other than sedentary activities.  Anyone have any ideas on exercise?
 I used to teach a class at the local YMCA called Deep Water Jogging. Most Y's have it currently available. All of the exercise is done in the deep end of the pool wearing a buoyancy belt, therefore there is no impact on any of your joints etc. Excellent for all ages and ability levels, also for people rehabbing injuries as well as  those who suffer from joint problems such as arthritis. Of course you should check with you dorctor first, but this might be a viable option for you. Good luck!
January 4, 2006, 2:17 pm CST

01/04 Unforgettable Weight Stories

Quote From: luvlapband

Dear Nicole, 

     Sixteen months ago, I was where you are right now. I had battled my weight all of my life. I was always the fat kid, never chosen to be on teams and I've also had those horrible nights out with friends where they we're asked to dance and I was left sitting alone. I could never shop in regular stores and the clothes that did fit me had big huge ugly flowers and prints on them.  

Food was my best friend, food comforted me, food never let me down, food fixed all of my woes. Food understood me and never questioned me.  

I will say that there are people who are overweight and can stand to lose some weight, BUT.....there are people in this world who are addicted to food. And being one of them I speak form personal experience when I say that just changing lifestyle, agreeing to exercise and seeing a therapist doesn't work for the long haul.   

Nicole, you seriously need to re-evaluate your life. YOU and YOU alone need to decide if the food is worth your life. If it is, then fine.....continue eating like you do now and live your life until you die. Unfortunately it may well be that that time comes incrediably soon for you.  

If you truly are tired of this addiction, then find yourself a therapist to help you get to the bottom of when, why and how food became such an important part of your life....and then, you truly do need to consider having weight-loss surgery to further arm you with assistance in getting your addiction under control.  For food addicts, a book, or a program or some "life" changes simply will NOT do it. Most food addicts need medical intervention.  

Currently there are two procedures out that could help you. Gastic Bypass OR Gastric Lap-Band. Neither are without risks but none the less they are the safest weight loss surgeries available to date.  

Sixteen months ago I underwent Gastric Lap-Band surgery. The surgery was the absolute easiest part of it. Since having my surgery,  I have had therapy, and I'm learning daily to view food in a different way. I'm learning to redirect my attention when I'm hurt, stressed, sad, upset, lonely. Having the Lap-Band gives me that extra edge that I need by keeping me from overeating, binging, stuffing myself with food, while I learn to think differently about food.  

I've lost 83 pounds in sixteen months and I've gained muscle weight. I workout 5 to 7 days a week and I eat only when I'm hungry. I can go to the gym and do a powerful workout to match any fit person. I'm 40 years old. I'm almost able to pass the running part of a military fitness test for a person of my age. Sixteen months ago I couldn't walk a half flight of stairs without thinking I'de drop dead of heart failure before reaching the top. I still have 35 pounds to lose and for the first time in my life......I have NO DOUBT that I can and will do it. My lapband will help me not only to do it, but to maintain my weight loss once I reach goal. This surgery absolutely saved my life and gave me FREEDOM that I've craved for a very long time.  

 I strongly urge you to take control of your life, investigate surgery, get a therapist and do this for yourself. It isn't easy.....despite what people think. Having weight loss surgery is NOT the easy way out. In fact it's the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. People who have never battled an addiction have NO IDEA what they are talking about. Food Addiction is a very real condition and addressing it soley with a "how to" book, a trainer, and a little therapy simply will NOT help the person addicted to food.  

Don't give up....take a stand for yourself, research the surgeries and do what you must do to save your life. Your family and friends I'm sure mean well.....however they are NOT in a position to help you with this. The only one who can is YOU, a surgeon and a therapist who specializes in eating disorders.  

Obese people who are ADDICTED to food are treated so terribly by most everyone in this country. And just as a book and a few changes in lifestyle will not help one who is battling anorexia or bulemia.....a book and a promise to stay on track will not help a person addicted to eating massive amounts of food. The fits, the crying, the getting angry when your not given part of the addiction.  And while "changing your lifestyle" is required, with a person addicted to food changing of lifestyle isn't enough. Medical, surgical intervention is NEEDED when dealing with a patient who needs to lose a massive amount of weight 

I wish you all the best.... 



I have to disagree with you.  Medical and surgerical intervention is never 'needed' and I am living proof of it.  Unless the person has an actual thyroid problem then they can mentally take themselves under control and change.
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