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Created on : Wednesday, December 28, 2005, 12:05:16 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

(Original Air Date 01/04/06) Have you ever stepped on the scale and thought, "That number can't be right"? You don’t have to wait until the new year to resolve to lose weight or eat healthy. Kristine stopped making excuses for her weight and lost over 100 pounds, thanks to Dr. Phil's words of wisdom. See what Dr. Phil has in store for her. Then, Nicole is only 25 but morbidly obese. After a wake-up call from her family, friends, and Dr. Phil, will she find the courage and motivation to get healthy? And, is it possible to reach your weight loss goal and still be miserable? See one woman's shocking reality. Through the stories of these three women, losing weight becomes an emotional as well as a physical journey. Share your weight loss stories and challenges here.


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January 4, 2006, 1:31 pm CST


I just wanted to say that today's show got me motivated.  my husband and I just recently got a memebership at a health club and have been making excuses to go.   

While seeing the show, I realized why wait till we go to the health club, I got out my workout equipment and started excercising during the rest of the show.   

I hope this a start of a new healthy habbit. 



January 4, 2006, 1:37 pm CST

A little worried...

I am a fifteen year old girl that has lost 50 pounds. I remember about a month before summer holidays were about to start, and i had almost completed grade nine, i got on a scale. It read 205 pounds, and i am almost 5'6. I remember how bad i felt, and i was shy to begin with. The way I looked affected how a interacted with others. Although i don't eat for comfort, i eat for the taste, and just when i am bored. If i am feeling upset or depressed about something, i stop eatting. It feels replusive to eat if i am depressed. I have to say I am happy with that i have accomplished so far, i am at 155 pounds now. I feel more confident all around, and i believe i am a much more mentally strong person. My goal is 130 pounds, It feels so close yet so far away. When i watched Dr. Phil today, the last story about the girl who lost all that weight and her skin was all saggy, even though she did lose a much large sum of weight. I am worried about that now, i am not informed about what happens to skin when you lose weight. Does it depend on your body structure? Age? Ammount of weight you have lost? Or anything in peticular?
January 4, 2006, 1:37 pm CST

Nicole, you are an answer to my prayers

Thank you first of all for your courage. I feel as though I am living your exact story and it brought a glimmer of hope to my life when I saw you on todays show. I am 23 and 405 lbs currently and truley feel that no one could possibly know how this feels. Seeing you on the show so humble and open made me feel truley inspired to get control of my life. I realized how lucky I am to have friends that stand by me and I hope that you will know that you have one more out there some where, praying for you and begining her own journey by your side. I am challenging my self to stick with this the same as you. so thank you. You are beautiful and don't ever forget that!
January 4, 2006, 1:37 pm CST


My name is Natasha and I need support. I want to lose at least 30-40 lbs. I feel unhappy about my self because my boyfriend has lost 60 lbs. and I want to show him that I can do it to. 

January 4, 2006, 1:38 pm CST


Quote From: indycheri

I had gastric vertical banded stapling 3 1/2 years ago.  Since then I have lost nearly 100 lbs and I look terrible.  Todays show just made me so angry at Dr. Phil because I understand just how that woman felt about looking awful and not enjoying the new body.  I am 55 years old and I have had a tummy tuck, just the lower tummy, but I have so much more loose skin.  My upper thighs have twice the excess skin hanging than she did.  I also cannot wear coats, blouses, or any type of tops that do not stretch due to the size of my arms.  Todays guest had loose skin hanging...mine is not only loose but very large.   


I feel the same way about my body as todays guest.  I feel uglier now than when I was heavy.  I even have sagging skin in my vaginal area which makes me feel extremely non sexy.  I feel so ugly and I'm so out of proportion.  I look fairly nice in a bathing suit from the armpits down to the crotch, anything above and below that look completely out of character.  


Because of my hanging flesh, I will not wear shorts, short sleeved shirts, I do not do much of the things I enjoy because of how I look.  I feel that Dr. Phil cannot possibly understand the disgust I, and all others with my circumstances, feel about our bodies.  It inhibits my sex life and even after 32 years of marriage, I still feel that every time my husband looks at me, he see's nothing but ripply skin hanging. 


Insurance companies should pay for excess skin removal.  It's all part of getting healthy, physically and mentally.   

Why should insurance companies pay for that when I can't even get my insurance company to pay for gastric bypass or the drugs my "diet doctor" prescribes?  I don't care how much a person weighs or what other medical conditions have been caused by the obesity, my insurance company flat out states that they do not pay for ANY weight loss or management treatments.
January 4, 2006, 1:51 pm CST

Self motivation

 I'm going to try again for millionth time to go on a diet an lose this excessive weight that I have been caring ALL my life but I know I have a self destruction coming and its that I can't keep the self motivation to do this.  I wish I could because I know I will I would be a much happier and healthier person.
January 4, 2006, 1:55 pm CST


Just thought I would introduce myself.  My name is Shawn and two and a half years ago I weighed 520 lbs.  After hating myself for 20 some odd years, I finally woke up to the fact that I was worth changing.  After a hard struggle against my weight and addiction to food, I now weight a slim 200 lbs and a soon to be member of the United States Navy.  In fact, I am going to bootcamp this April!  I went from wearing size 62 pants to now wearing a size 34!  I still can't believe it!

Only regret I have to loosing the weight is the bad loose skin problem.  Seriously, you cannot loose 320 lbs. at the age of 26 and not look like a deflated balloon.  However, I am happy that I no longer have to turn sideways to walk through a normal door or fear dying in my sleep from a heart attack.

I just wanted to encourage everyone here to STICK STICK STICK to those resolutions to loose weight, because you'll feel better both mentally and physically if you do.  I have come out of this struggle against my body with a healthier outlook on life and an ambition for serving my country that I never would have thought I could possess a few years ago.  It's amazing how losing weight can change your life in all aspects.  I tried to get on Dr. Phil to help with people loosing weight, but I can never seem to get anyone to e-mail me back.  I'd love to help share my story so others can be motivated to shed the pounds too. ^_^

I would post some here, but I don't see a way to upload them. :)
January 4, 2006, 1:55 pm CST

How did Dr.Phil do that?


I think it's wonderful how Dr.Phil took the picture of the obese woman and showed her what she'd look like after they worked together. Does anyone know of any programs that can "thinnify" the body like that, I need to loose 100+ pounds too and I just thought that was the coolest thing. Any ideas? 

January 4, 2006, 1:56 pm CST

This is to NICOLE

Dear Nicole, 

     Sixteen months ago, I was where you are right now. I had battled my weight all of my life. I was always the fat kid, never chosen to be on teams and I've also had those horrible nights out with friends where they we're asked to dance and I was left sitting alone. I could never shop in regular stores and the clothes that did fit me had big huge ugly flowers and prints on them.  

Food was my best friend, food comforted me, food never let me down, food fixed all of my woes. Food understood me and never questioned me.  

I will say that there are people who are overweight and can stand to lose some weight, BUT.....there are people in this world who are addicted to food. And being one of them I speak form personal experience when I say that just changing lifestyle, agreeing to exercise and seeing a therapist doesn't work for the long haul.   

Nicole, you seriously need to re-evaluate your life. YOU and YOU alone need to decide if the food is worth your life. If it is, then fine.....continue eating like you do now and live your life until you die. Unfortunately it may well be that that time comes incrediably soon for you.  

If you truly are tired of this addiction, then find yourself a therapist to help you get to the bottom of when, why and how food became such an important part of your life....and then, you truly do need to consider having weight-loss surgery to further arm you with assistance in getting your addiction under control.  For food addicts, a book, or a program or some "life" changes simply will NOT do it. Most food addicts need medical intervention.  

Currently there are two procedures out that could help you. Gastic Bypass OR Gastric Lap-Band. Neither are without risks but none the less they are the safest weight loss surgeries available to date.  

Sixteen months ago I underwent Gastric Lap-Band surgery. The surgery was the absolute easiest part of it. Since having my surgery,  I have had therapy, and I'm learning daily to view food in a different way. I'm learning to redirect my attention when I'm hurt, stressed, sad, upset, lonely. Having the Lap-Band gives me that extra edge that I need by keeping me from overeating, binging, stuffing myself with food, while I learn to think differently about food.  

I've lost 83 pounds in sixteen months and I've gained muscle weight. I workout 5 to 7 days a week and I eat only when I'm hungry. I can go to the gym and do a powerful workout to match any fit person. I'm 40 years old. I'm almost able to pass the running part of a military fitness test for a person of my age. Sixteen months ago I couldn't walk a half flight of stairs without thinking I'de drop dead of heart failure before reaching the top. I still have 35 pounds to lose and for the first time in my life......I have NO DOUBT that I can and will do it. My lapband will help me not only to do it, but to maintain my weight loss once I reach goal. This surgery absolutely saved my life and gave me FREEDOM that I've craved for a very long time.  

 I strongly urge you to take control of your life, investigate surgery, get a therapist and do this for yourself. It isn't easy.....despite what people think. Having weight loss surgery is NOT the easy way out. In fact it's the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. People who have never battled an addiction have NO IDEA what they are talking about. Food Addiction is a very real condition and addressing it soley with a "how to" book, a trainer, and a little therapy simply will NOT help the person addicted to food.  

Don't give up....take a stand for yourself, research the surgeries and do what you must do to save your life. Your family and friends I'm sure mean well.....however they are NOT in a position to help you with this. The only one who can is YOU, a surgeon and a therapist who specializes in eating disorders.  

Obese people who are ADDICTED to food are treated so terribly by most everyone in this country. And just as a book and a few changes in lifestyle will not help one who is battling anorexia or bulemia.....a book and a promise to stay on track will not help a person addicted to eating massive amounts of food. The fits, the crying, the getting angry when your not given part of the addiction.  And while "changing your lifestyle" is required, with a person addicted to food changing of lifestyle isn't enough. Medical, surgical intervention is NEEDED when dealing with a patient who needs to lose a massive amount of weight 

I wish you all the best.... 



January 4, 2006, 1:58 pm CST

My biggest fear

I have been trying to lose weight for as long as I can remember - Last summer I was at my highest weight of 330 pounds - My blood pressure was uncontrollable and I am now on three different HBP medications (plus one for Diabetes, two for my arthritis, one for headaches, one for depression and one for sleeping) - I have an eight year boy and a twenty-one year daughter, my son is skinny, but my daughter is over two hundred pounds.  Last year we moved to NY and my daughter wanted to start eating better, so I have been trying also.  I have lost about 30 pounds, but I can feel my flab starting to droop and I am in fear of what the results will be if I lose anymore.  Just as the girl on Dr. Phil today. I feel I need to lose the weight, not only for my health, but I am becoming a recluse, because I have trouble walking, shopping, and I do not fit well in any booth in any restaurant.  I am just uncormfortable in the real world. But what will I do with hanging skin?  Won't that be just as embarrasing as what I am walking around with today? 

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