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Created on : Thursday, December 15, 2005, 05:23:32 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

Gwen started life with the odds against her. Her father died tragically in a fire the day she was born, and doctors told her mother that because of a life-threatening illness, Gwen probably wouldn't live past the age of 7. For years she struggled with her illness and, just when all hope appeared to be lost, everything changed. Find out why her family believes they have received two miracles this year and what Dr. Phil has planned to make this holiday the best ever for her. Then, David suffers from hemophilia and feels excruciating pain every day. He hasn't been able to work and says the worst part is knowing he is a burden to his family. See Dr. Phil's life-changing surprise for David and his family. Plus, Kathy defied her verbally abusive husband to appear on Dr. Phil recently and determined that she needed out of her relationship. Follow her journey since then and see why she believes her miracle -- is Dr. Phil! Talk about the show here.


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December 20, 2005, 1:33 pm CST

offended sister

Quote From: polarburg

Dr. Phil does his viewers a huge disservice by promoting the kooky and wrong-headed view that people's lives are improved or saved by "miracles." True, some people benefit from pure luck -- when random events happen to fall in their favor. But for Dr. Phil and his guests to suggest that supernatural powers are at play gives viewers false hopes. The cemeteries are full of people who left the living praying for some sort of a miracle. It's better to trust in yourself, and to try your best to make the right decisions about your life, than to waste time and energy hoping for a supernatural event that will never come.
    I think your comment was very insensitive. The show is not just for entertainment and for anyone to come along and make comments like yours. The people on the show like my sister Gwen and our family are real and our experiences are real and I think you should remember that when you reduce her life to mere luck. Weather or not you belive in miracles from God, you cannot deny that she is a medical miracle. The doctors themselves said they don't know how she was alive with the lungs she had.  You don't have to belive in miracles from a higher power, but please do belive that Gwen survived for more than luck: it was her determination and strength and stubborness to live, along with everything my wonderful mother did for her and all the incredible doctors, and that person who died and happened to be a match for her. 
December 20, 2005, 2:05 pm CST

SEGWAY for the Hemopheliac

How about a SEGWAY for the guy who got the van with the lift chair? 

I'll bet they would donate one if asked. 

December 20, 2005, 2:19 pm CST


Ok you little grinchies out there, how could ANYone have watched that and not found some inspiration? They should have had a disclaimer :Kleenex required!!!! :>) Remember the Grinch movie where he hears them singing and thinks " maybe X-mas could be more? Maybe X-mas doesn't come from a store? " And then his heart grew much bigger that day. I am glad I watched because I was starting to get so stressed. I almost got banned from a small Sunday nursing home service. Only 10 residents attend and alsmost all sleep thru the talk in this small living room area. Well the guy told us people in China and India were't going to be saved because you can only be saved with Jesus. A Jewish lady (independent living and awake) said"What about buddists? " Nope, he said only Jesus can save you. There is ONLY ONE WAY. I wanted to keep my mouth shut which I definitely should have in hindsight.:>) But just thought someone should support this other lady that had the guts to ask. !!!! Anyway, I was in no mood!!! The funny thing was, after I spoke up and said maybe people should include other beliefs more and the other lady added a few things, EVERYONE was awake!!! (I've never seen this before.) I think I may go have a cup of coffee next time before I get kicked out.We take our relative out on holidays so that helps. Anyway these peoples stories say more to me than someone saying their way is the only way.
December 20, 2005, 2:26 pm CST

Nature a miracle

don't miss small miracles . My little miracles today were that I actually saw a coyote and a whitetailed deer at the park where I take my dog for a walk. It was beautiful. All the small ones add up.
December 20, 2005, 2:32 pm CST


I ask that we all pray for my brother Mark  who underwent 9+ hours of back surery yesterday, Monday December 19th, 2005.  He was born with scoliosis.  Since 1993 he has undergone three surgeries with the third one yesterday (worst one yet).  The surgeon(s) had to go into his back to break the bones in his back and hips to remove the nerves that had been caught within the bones.  He now has a rod in his back vrom the anal up to approx his last thorac and then (L) to (R) in his pelvic area.  His son was also hospitalized though Brandon is feeling much better now.  Today the body cast was put onto my breother.  He is in ICU and in tremendous pain.  There is no way to imagine his pain.  Please keep my brother in your prayers.  Thank you. 


Karen A. 

December 20, 2005, 2:34 pm CST

I am going to write the book

Quote From: tarandon

CuddleyBear - In one sentence you empower yourself by saying that you are thinking about writing a book about your experience and in the very next sentence you  take all your power and strength away by making an  excuse  for not doing it by saying there is not enough time or paper to explain it all. Writing that book will be therapy for you and will undoubtably help someone else who is going thru the same or similiar experience. If it's too painful to share  the story as yourself perhaps you could create a fictional character that has had your life. Just start somewhere. Working on your story, enough if it never gets published, will be great therapy. for you - a reason to get up everyday. I don't know if you have children but if you do they will have a record of your life, a gift from you. I wish that I knew my mothers thoughts and feelings towrds the end of her life (not that you're at the end of yours!) I wish she had keep a journal or something. Because of that I have started one of my own. It's also sort of a history of our family that I will pass on to my children. I know you have a computer - if you can't afford the paper I'll send it to you, I promise! Missing work creates financial problems, I know from experience. I can't work at all right now - but I refuse to quit. I think keeping your mind and your hands busy is the key to maintaining a strong, winning attitude. When I can't sit at the pc anymore I make some tea, take my cat and my knitting, light a fragranced  candle, turn on the T.V or some music and knit scarfs, hats or mittens for the food pantry in our community. ( Most yarn is donated) It has been proven that using both your hands in an activity  such as knitting or crocheting increases your seritonin level which greatly helps in the treatment of depression. You wouln't be human if you weren't depressed. You have to make yourself happy emotionally and mentally in order to get well physically. Don't give your illness all that power...... Gabrielle
I didn't mean for it to take the power away.  I was meaning I could not send it all in on the message board. I thank you for your words of encouragement, and May God guard your thoughts and guide your steps....>ALWAYS
December 20, 2005, 2:35 pm CST

why does it have to be one or the other?

Quote From: polarburg

You ask many questions, so I thought I'd like to answer at lest one. You wondered where the Earth's water came from. Well, it turns out that water is one of the most common substances in our Solar System. In fact, there are two, perhaps three moons of Jupiter alone (Ganymede, Europa and Callisto), each with more water than on our planet. Many astronomers believe that if our planet didn't have much water when it was formed in the first place, a collision with just one Ganymede-type object, or many smaller comet-type objects (comets are made of mostly water ice and rock) could have easily provided the Earth with its water. And, as for you and I drinking the same water molecules that once flowed down the Nile, the Congo or even the Amazon, this all has to do with the water cycle. Water evaporates at one place, travels some distance as water vapor -- thanks to wind and weather patterns -- and condenses and falls as rain or snow in another. No miracles there.My point is this. Before immediately ascribing things to God, or His miracles, go to the library look it up in an encyclopedia. Belief in the supernatural can easly get out of hand and become a dangerous thing. In the Dark Ages, millions (yes, millions) of women were put to death because they were accused of being witches. The same thing happened, as you know, in Colonial America, on a smaller scale. Can science explain everything? No, of course not. It never will. But just because there are things we can't explain, doesn't mean they're caused by supernatural forces. At one time, thunder and lightning were attributed to the gods; now we have a rational explanation for these phenomena (trust me on this).

Just wanted to chime in...

Every scientific explantion you provided is correct as we understand it. BUT what is it that makes you draw a line and abandon the idea that God is the one who set all those process and reactions in place? As a person who seems to depend on logic, maybe you can appreciate this idea:  It is more logical to think there is a Creator, rather than, to think everything just came together on it's own. 

Consider this, If you take a watch apart and place all the small pieces in a jar- put the lid on and shake it. Is it more likely the pieces eventually come together and form a watch or that someone will open the jar , take the pieces and put them together?

It's okay for there to be water on the moons of Jupiter and for God to have put it there. Science doesn't diprove the idea of a creator but supports it. As we learn more details of the way it all happens it only helps me see what an amazing creator we have.

As for the "witches"... we are sinful creatures. We as individuals and as a whole, throughout hstory and still today, make terribe choices. God does not control us because he has given us freedom to choose. If he took our free will away we'd be robot slaves and that is not what He wants. He created us out of Love. Free will alllows us to choose wether or not to love him back.  He Loves You. That's all that is important.

Now, as for the miracles...a wealthy influental man with a large percentage of the consumers in America as his audience watching as he lavishes people with money and gifts because they have undergone a hard time in one way or another is not a miracle. It's great that he helped them but it's not a miracle. It's purpose was not to bring glory to God. It used a term our culture associated with the intervention of God in a hopeless situation to bring attention to companies trading product for advertisment associated with positive feelings because they did something good.

   A girl on the brink of death receiving the lungs that allow her to live seems like it falls more in the miracle cataegory to me. But, what is a miracle? - An act of God that allows the impossible to become possible in order to bring Glory to God: Water to wine, dead to alive, blind to sight, lame to walk etc. Our culture today has accepted the labeling of things going our way as a miracle.  Not to say God doesn't have His hand in it when things do go our way.   I don't believe in coinciednces (thus, am not sure how to spell it ha ha)  or luck. I believe in God... There is a lot we don't or can't understand about Him. I think miracles are one of those things.

You are right when you say, " But just because there are things we can't explain, doesn't mean they're caused by supernatural forces." 
           It is silly to automatically ascribe everthing to God because we can't explain it.   But just because we can explain it doesn't mean it's not caused by God.
All I have said is from a heart of love. I am hopeful you can accept it this way and think on it befor you react.

Step out of the comfortable things you know and into the wonderful world of the unknown.
December 20, 2005, 2:44 pm CST


Dave, his wife, and their two children were a bright spot in my day.  Why?  Not only do they live daily with Dave's illness, but those children--so happy!  so willing to help their mom and dad!  It was  refreshing to watch their faces, especially the boy's, as "Dad" was presented with his gifts from the show.  Absolute delight!   These parents are doing something/many things RIGHT in raising their family and they should feel very proud.  EBS
December 20, 2005, 3:13 pm CST

To David the Gourmet Coffee Raoster-to-Be

December 20, 2005, 3:21 pm CST

To David the Gourmet Coffee Roaster-to-Be

I'd like to be David's first coffee customer and here are a few names for your new online store  1.David's Drip Gourmet Coffee Beans  2. David the Koffee King  3. David's Kean Beans  4. "My Cup Runneth Over" Coffee Beans by David  5. "Grind Me a Cup" Beans and Grounds by David  6. David's Bean Blast   Whatever you name your business, David, please be sure you send me an e-mail so I can buy beans from you. I drink breakfast/medium blends and love Kona so rev up your roaster and let me know when I can buy! Best of luck to a great family who deeply touched my heart. I applaud you all...especially you two extraordinary children. Good going!      
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