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Created on : Thursday, December 15, 2005, 05:23:32 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

Gwen started life with the odds against her. Her father died tragically in a fire the day she was born, and doctors told her mother that because of a life-threatening illness, Gwen probably wouldn't live past the age of 7. For years she struggled with her illness and, just when all hope appeared to be lost, everything changed. Find out why her family believes they have received two miracles this year and what Dr. Phil has planned to make this holiday the best ever for her. Then, David suffers from hemophilia and feels excruciating pain every day. He hasn't been able to work and says the worst part is knowing he is a burden to his family. See Dr. Phil's life-changing surprise for David and his family. Plus, Kathy defied her verbally abusive husband to appear on Dr. Phil recently and determined that she needed out of her relationship. Follow her journey since then and see why she believes her miracle -- is Dr. Phil! Talk about the show here.


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December 20, 2005, 10:03 am CST

David's Roasted Coffee

does anyone know if David has started a website yet to sell his roasted coffee?  I'd love to order some...
December 20, 2005, 10:16 am CST


Quote From: tarandon

 I totally agree w/you. Don't forget that the same people that are sitting around waiting for a miracle also believe in virgin births, walking on water, ect.,ect., The reason they ususally invest the wasted time and effort praying for a miracle is because it takes the pressure to do something about their situation off of themselves.

Six years ago my daughter was born 13 weeks early due to severe preeclampsia.  At birth she weighed 1 lb. 12 oz.  She went through (among other things) anemia, numerous blood transfusions, retinopathy of prematurity, sepsis, infections, pneumonia, and necrotizing enterocolitis which required immediate surgery to remove parts of her large and small intestine.  She has short-bowel syndrome (due to the surgery), mild chronic lung disease, and is mildly mentally handicapped with a communication disorder.  To say that praying for a miracle is because it takes the pressure to do something about their situation off of themselves is ridiculous.  I, nor the doctors, knew what my daughter's outcome would be.  If there were anything I could have done to prevent her from getting so sick or going through so much in just her first 6 years of life, I would have gladly done it.  However, not everything is contributed to "science".  There are some things in life that are just not able to be explained, even medically.  So if you don't believe in miracles, that's fine.  But never will I stop when I know there are others out there who just may need one.   

December 20, 2005, 10:19 am CST

know the feeling?

Quote From: queentween

Wow. I don't know what else to say. It must really suck having nothing to believe in.........
 DR.phil I know The feeling last christmas day I had A stroke which left me partly paralized. this will be my 1 year anniversary.not sure what will happen to me in the future but I keep plugging away.
December 20, 2005, 10:49 am CST

Never said I don't believe in anything......

Quote From: queentween

Wow. I don't know what else to say. It must really suck having nothing to believe in.........
I think it probably "sucks" more that  there are people in the world that feel superior, look down on or even feel bad for people that don't have their beliefs. I belief in the power of self.  I have also had some terrible tragedies in my life and currently have a life threatening illness. Only I can control how I think or feel about things. I create my aura and am in control of my universe. I don't care what people believe in as long as they're not hurting anyone. I also believe that I am as entitled to my feelings as they are to thiers. Don't feel bad for me 
December 20, 2005, 11:25 am CST

Don't think about the book - Do it!

Quote From: cuddlybear

I had a colon resection in March 2004. My mom had passed in 1991 at age 49 with colon cancer. I did NOT want to take any  chances. In April, only 6 weeks later, everything fell apart, and I had an emergency surgery to repair leak. I have a colostomy and they left my stomach open to heal from the inside. I STILL go to wound care daily for an open wound, and am scheduled to have a skin graft to close the hole. I found out yesterday, I have a very bad infection, so the skin graft has to be postponed. I am so tired of being sick, and I have missed so much work, I can not even see a light at the end of the tunnel. Please encourage me . I am NOT a quitter, but I am so tired.I am thinking of writing a book. I PROMISE...There is NOT enough paper or time to explain it all. Everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong, and NOTHING about what has happened has been normal.
CuddleyBear - In one sentence you empower yourself by saying that you are thinking about writing a book about your experience and in the very next sentence you  take all your power and strength away by making an  excuse  for not doing it by saying there is not enough time or paper to explain it all. Writing that book will be therapy for you and will undoubtably help someone else who is going thru the same or similiar experience. If it's too painful to share  the story as yourself perhaps you could create a fictional character that has had your life. Just start somewhere. Working on your story, enough if it never gets published, will be great therapy. for you - a reason to get up everyday. I don't know if you have children but if you do they will have a record of your life, a gift from you. I wish that I knew my mothers thoughts and feelings towrds the end of her life (not that you're at the end of yours!) I wish she had keep a journal or something. Because of that I have started one of my own. It's also sort of a history of our family that I will pass on to my children. I know you have a computer - if you can't afford the paper I'll send it to you, I promise! Missing work creates financial problems, I know from experience. I can't work at all right now - but I refuse to quit. I think keeping your mind and your hands busy is the key to maintaining a strong, winning attitude. When I can't sit at the pc anymore I make some tea, take my cat and my knitting, light a fragranced  candle, turn on the T.V or some music and knit scarfs, hats or mittens for the food pantry in our community. ( Most yarn is donated) It has been proven that using both your hands in an activity  such as knitting or crocheting increases your seritonin level which greatly helps in the treatment of depression. You wouln't be human if you weren't depressed. You have to make yourself happy emotionally and mentally in order to get well physically. Don't give your illness all that power...... Gabrielle
December 20, 2005, 12:47 pm CST

12/20 Christmas Miracle

Dr. Phil, 

I am really impressed how you are helping people in need this holiday season.  Your shows always make me cry.  It's hard to believe that in todays day and age good working people can be in debt because of medical reasons.  We should be taking care of each other and helping people get back on their feet.  My favorite thing about your show is that you don't just help people by giving them things, you give them help along the was, like a coffee company.  Keep up the good work, and I hope one day I can be proud of what I do and help people the way you do. 



December 20, 2005, 1:06 pm CST

Where water comes from

Quote From: jazzsmom

Could not disagree with you more!!! 


There ARE miracles...every single day!  All you need to do is look for them... 


Do you realize that it is simply a miracle that the sun rises at all?  That there is life on earth?  That you can even have the ability to think and feel and analyze?  Let a snow flake fall onto your arm and look closely at it.   


Maybe you can explain it all away scientifically...of how the ice particles formed, how it came to fall right there on your arm and at just that moment.....but explain to me how there was water on this planet in the first place?  Explain to me how, more than likely, the water that it took to form that snowflake was probably the same water that ran down the Nile in Egypt...or under a surfboard in Hawaii.... 


"The cemeteries are full of people who left the living praying for some sort of miracle...." 


To that, I say....the cemeteries are simply full of PEOPLE....period.  And there are souls who left this world happy and those who left sad...there are those who lived their lives to the fullest and those who filled their moments with cynicism....  Which were the better lives? 


It sounds to me as you have already placed your own soul into the grave by choosing to no longer believe....and that is sad.  Somehow you have lost that childlike innocence....some awful event maybe that took it all away.... 


Lives ARE improved by belief in miracles.  And there is scientific and medical evidence that this is so...  Those who believe live longer and fuller lives....   


Here is a miracle you can sink your teeth in....  It is your RIGHT to believe whatever you believe...but the bottom line is that you DO believe in something....your own freedom of choice.  So where did that reasoning that you express come from?  After all, you are just a bunch of atoms, clumped all should have no thoughts, no reasoning, no should not even be able to communicate... 


But you do.  Because, you see....YOU are a miracle.  If you believe in yourself, then you, too, are believing in a miracle.... 


More power to you....   

You ask many questions, so I thought I'd like to answer at lest one. You wondered where the Earth's water came from. Well, it turns out that water is one of the most common substances in our Solar System. In fact, there are two, perhaps three moons of Jupiter alone (Ganymede, Europa and Callisto), each with more water than on our planet. Many astronomers believe that if our planet didn't have much water when it was formed in the first place, a collision with just one Ganymede-type object, or many smaller comet-type objects (comets are made of mostly water ice and rock) could have easily provided the Earth with its water. And, as for you and I drinking the same water molecules that once flowed down the Nile, the Congo or even the Amazon, this all has to do with the water cycle. Water evaporates at one place, travels some distance as water vapor -- thanks to wind and weather patterns -- and condenses and falls as rain or snow in another. No miracles there.My point is this. Before immediately ascribing things to God, or His miracles, go to the library look it up in an encyclopedia. Belief in the supernatural can easly get out of hand and become a dangerous thing. In the Dark Ages, millions (yes, millions) of women were put to death because they were accused of being witches. The same thing happened, as you know, in Colonial America, on a smaller scale. Can science explain everything? No, of course not. It never will. But just because there are things we can't explain, doesn't mean they're caused by supernatural forces. At one time, thunder and lightning were attributed to the gods; now we have a rational explanation for these phenomena (trust me on this).
December 20, 2005, 1:22 pm CST

I too agree

Quote From: queentween

Wow. I don't know what else to say. It must really suck having nothing to believe in.........
Life is full of miracles, you just have to look for them.  If someone spends all of their time looking for huge miracles then they miss the small ones right in front of them.  it could be as small as an ant hill or it could be as big as an elephant.  You just have to be open to them,  if you really think about it, in some way everything is a miracle in some way.
December 20, 2005, 1:29 pm CST

12/20 Christmas Miracle

Quote From: tarandon

 I totally agree w/you. Don't forget that the same people that are sitting around waiting for a miracle also believe in virgin births, walking on water, ect.,ect., The reason they ususally invest the wasted time and effort praying for a miracle is because it takes the pressure to do something about their situation off of themselves.

I disagree.  There are some things that happen that even science and medicine can't explain.  People need something to believe in, for me that is god.  That doesn't mean that I sit around and don't try to help myself, but sometimes we all need a little help from above. 


Today's show brought me to tears.  The stories on this show were so sad, but yet inspiring too.  I know what it is like to live with pain, and to be left out of things.  I have what doctors call ocular albinism, which is something that effects my vision.  I was born completely blind and the doctors told my parents that I would never see.  They prayed for a miracle, one the doctor said would never happen.  At five months old I began seeing shadows, something the doctors couldn't explain.  At two years old I could see the moon, and by the time I was five I could see the stars. 



My vision is still bad, but I deal with it.  I don't let it stop me from doing anything, but I can't drive.  That is the hardest thing of all for me.  My daughter is in kindergarten this year and I sometimes have to tell her that she can't do activities because I have no way to get her there.  I've always wanted to be the soccer mom, and join the PTO, but it's just not meant to be for me.  It is hard watching the disappoint on my kids' faces because we can't go places like other families.  If my husband isn't home then we stay home. 


also, it's hard for me to be out in the sun.  Even with sunglasses on the sun hurts my eyes.  I don't have the pigmentation in my eyes to block out the light like other people do.  I can't see in the sun, and I get terrible headaches and my eyes hurt like they are on fire.  In the summer I have to wait until the sun goes down to take my kids on walks or to the park.  It just hurts too bad to try and take them in the afternoon.  In the winter, the snow makes everything so much brighter that I cover my eyes in the car and while outside. 


It's hard to know I that I can't do everything with my children that I want to.  Even so, I still consider myself blessed.  I have two wonderful children, a loving husband, and even though it's not perfect god has given me the gift of sight.  I would not trade my life for anything.  Miracles do happen, I am living proof, as are many others, like the guests on today's show.  I was never supposed to see, but I can now. 

December 20, 2005, 1:33 pm CST

Miracles everyday!

Quote From: lwalker4

Thank you for your repsonse. I was furious when I read the first message because my 1 year old son has Cystic Fibrosis and I believe in the God who created us all and I know that He cares about my baby and He answers our prayers. It may not be what we want, but that's because we don't see the big picture. God knows what will happen in 5 years, 10 years, etc. and He knows better than I do what is best for my family. If going through this helps other people and brings them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ...then it's worth it. It's not easy...but it's worth it. 


When my daughter was born, that was a miracle in itself. When she passed her meconium iliues on her own with no surgery, that was a miracle in itself. When she continues to thrive and grow and be a happy baby even with cf, that is a miracle within itself. With out her birth, I would have never been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a miracle within itself. When the local community and churches came together to help raise money for a life substaining piece of equipment , that was a miracle within itself. When over 300 people attended this event, and we only knew 60, that was a miracle within itself! Miracles happen everyday, its just we have to have the ability to open our eyes and see them. I pity those who don't have that ability. Each breath my daughter takes, each smile she gives us....that is my miracle. 

God Bless those who don't believe. 


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