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Created on : Friday, December 09, 2005, 04:06:32 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

Come celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with a special show: The holiday giveaways show! Dr. Phil and Robin bring the magic of the holiday season to an audience filled with families affected by Hurricane Katrina. With a stash of gifts that’s bigger than ever, the pair give Santa a run for his money. Does he mind? Find out for yourself as he arrives on the scene to help Dr. Phil and Robin spread some holiday cheer – plus this season’s hottest gifts. And for the first time, some lucky viewers at home get in on the giveaways with a surprise phone call from Dr. Phil during the show. What will Dr. Phil and Robin be putting under their tree? You won't believe your eyes! Talk about the show here.


Find out what happened on the show.


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December 11, 2005, 1:35 am CST

Dr. Phil & Robin's Holiday Home Giveaways

Hi Dr. Phil & Robin, 


I think it is a great what  you are doing for the families that were affected by Katrina, by including them in your holiday giveaway show.  God bless you both!    


I would love to be included in your holiday home giveaway!  First, I would like to tell you that you both are extraordinary.   Robin has such a sweet and kind spirit.    I love it when she shares the show with you.  You go Robin! 


I am fully disabled and spend a lot of my time at home.  I watch  your show every day and keep telling my husband that I need a bigger screen TV, so it can appear that you are sitting (smile) in my living room.   I guess since my husband and I don't exchange gifts at Christmas, it will be a long time before I see that big screen TV.   But, I will keep dreaming and wishing and one day, my dream will come true.    


I would be happy with anything that you would be giving away for the holiday home giveaway, as it would be  from Dr. Phil and Robin.  How lucky and exciting would that be?  It would be the greatest Christmas present that I could cherish forever!!    


Please let me know what link to go to, to be considered for the home holiday giveaways.     I  trust that your family will have a Joyous and Merry Christmas.   


Your family is a role model for other families.  Keep up the good work!! 



December 11, 2005, 4:31 am CST


Dear Dr. Phil, 


Merry Christmas and a huge thank you for all the wonderful words of wisdom you share with us all, all the great work that you do and on top of that you are now adding to the festive cheer withyour holiday giveaways. 


My question is - PLEASE answer - when will you come to Adelaide Australia and help us here.  Even just a fly in promotional visit to cheer us on our way and finally get to meet you in person.  I have read Reltionship Rescue and Family Matters.  Both books have made a profound diffrence in my life for which I am eternally grateful.  The opportunity to meet with you in person and thank you face - to - face means more to me that holiday giveaways. 


Thank you, I have been watching you since you were on Oprah and my 12 noon time is sacred as I sit down to watch the Dr.Phil show. 


All my love, light and peace to yourself, Robyn and the boys, 


Kate W 

Adelaide Australia 


P.S.  My Mum would so love to meet you and Miss 3 love you to bits.  She will no t have her nap if she shes you on TV first.  I can't turn it on until she is asleep.  Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil I want to watch Dr. Phil 

December 11, 2005, 5:20 am CST

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.......

Dear Dr Phil and Robin, 


I have read the numerous messages on your board.  Woo!!!!! unbeleivable how some people are facing hard times and huge challenges.  

That makes me very greatfull for what little I have. I am in great health and surviving money wise. I was bless with two lovely daughters which are 34 and 32 and also 2 beautiful grandchildren. Samantha who is now 12 years old and her little brother Nicolas who was born on Sept 27-05. He is having to travel to a specialist every week and the latest news is that he is doing much better. I admire my daughter Brenda for her strenght in all of this. 

With God help and support Nicolas will be able to walk normal someday. Please add him to your prayers. 

I see that others are in greater needs and deserve your help. 

Your show is just comfirming all of the things I need to be able to function in life. Positive, confidence, acceptance and beleive in myself.  

I do beleive you will make a huge difference to some people in great needs this Merry Christmas. 


PS....I do have one huge wish and that's to be able someday to make it to your show. That would be so awesome!!!!!!!! 


Merry Christmas to you and your family and hope to have the chance to meet you one day...... 





December 11, 2005, 5:42 am CST

12/16 Dr. Phil and Robin's Holiday Giveaways








December 11, 2005, 6:09 am CST

A big thank-you for being "you"

 Dear Dr. Phil,
I am e-mailing to just say thank-you for being "who you are" and 'doing what you do".  You have such a 'common sense", "down to earth"  approach to "life" -  You, Robin, and your sons have helped alot of people and you need to be commended for that. I am not requesting anything but just want to give you an 'atta boy" and that I love your show. 
Prescott ,Arizona
December 11, 2005, 6:16 am CST

Merry Christmas to 74 yr old Mother of 10

Dr. Phil, 

     I have a request that I could never fill in my lifetime for my mother.  She is 75 yrs old and a mother of ten children.   Her husband of 30 years was an alchoholic and very abusive and passed away in 87 to lung cancer.  This was the last time (9) of us were together, for his funeral.  He had remarried and my mother was not their she was living in another state.  So she did not see all 9 of us at this time and place.  The last time all ten of us was together was in 1975 ( I think).  I am a childcare provider and live in Florida and I dont even know where all my brothers are?  My sister Christina I have not seen since 1975 and I know that was the last time my mother saw her.  I don't know if you can get all of us together or not.  My brother Michael lives in Ca. and the last I talked to him, he had changed his name to Karen and was in the middle of a sex change.  How my mother would handle this if they met I don't know but if they were ever to do this it would have to be under psychological guidance anyway.  One of my brothers is/was an alchoholic and I have no idea where he is.  One of my brothers was in a bad motorcycle accident and was waiting for a prothesis for his leg they finally had to remove after years of trying to save it.  I know this sounds like a lot but were talking about ten people's lifes.  I have a brother who is a pastor in Ohio and my Mother lives with my sister and her husband who have 7 children and he is retired Navy and is in the medical field.  We are all from different walks of life and I thought of so many ways we fit to be on your show over the years.  I have 3 children that I raised as a single mother and I have 3 grandchildren now who are the current loves of my life.  I wanted to remarry over the years but was scared to death do so and that is another story but the one thing I thought of that I would love to give my mother for Christmas and or her birthday which is Jan 2nd. (she will be 74) she was born 01/02/1932.   She has 35 grandchildren and I know that she has never seen them all.  You are the only one that could locate everyone and bring them together.  I pray you pick us for the holidays or for her birthday.  Please!  Thank You, Sincerely, Theresa   

December 11, 2005, 6:40 am CST

Grandma from Wyoming for Holiday Giveaway contest for grandaughter

Dear Dr. Phil,  I love your show but would love to be put in your giveaway for my grandaughter.  She was in Hurricane Katrina and they lost absolutely everything.  They had to leave Slidell and go to Texas where they had to evacuate for the second time for Hurricane Rita.  Now they are back in Slidell.  The problem was they never owned anything they only rented.  This is a unique story because we are a mismash of grandparents stepgrandparents and children.  She is my stepgrandaughter but when I couldn't find them for 3 weeks I never felt more panic.  Her father worked on an offshore rig and road out the hurricanes but when he got on shore the people from Wyoming paid for him to find her.  She lives with her mother and stepdad in Slidell they have rented another place and he has gone back to work for Mcdonalds I think he is a manager but I know they are not well off.  If you do put this in your giveaway please let me send it to her and her two little brothers who aren't ours but are.  Thank you Cheryl Kruse Rock Springs Wyoming 
December 11, 2005, 6:42 am CST

My elderly mama

My husband and  I are are in our late 40's and raising our 6 year old twin nephew and niece, long story here, but any way these kids will have a good Christmas.I am worried about my precious 72 year old mom and her living conditions. Her house is over 40 years old and totally falling apart and she is on a budget as you know most elderly are. The problem is I can't talk her into selling , moving or even budging. Her stove and oven came with the house also and fear a fire hazzard that also worries me. My husband and I would love to help her but with all our Custody battles the last  3 years, we're pretty much tapped out. I thought maybe in your giveaways you could possible help her.Thanks for your time. Jamie Lambert  
December 11, 2005, 7:55 am CST

give away christmas show

Dear Dr Phil and Robin, We live in Pensacola Fl near Mobile Ala and we have had our share of hurricane hits also. I'm disabled and was seeing Dr 's in New Orleans, at Tulane.But it's not myself I worry about it's my husband. He works off shore at Port Fuchone south of New Orleans. He is 52 and has his share of health problems but because of me he keeps working so hard. I worry about him driving back and forth for fear our truck will just fall apart. But if you could remember him in your christmas thoughts all he wants is a mp3  player to listen to music while he works. I feel bad I can't get it for him but with all the medical bills and heating bills I can't. I know alot of other people have it worse than we do but since we've been married all he has done is work. And we also have a wedding aniversity Jan 2nd. I love my husband very much and I'm so thankful God sent him to me. Merry Christmas Dr Phil and your family
December 11, 2005, 8:55 am CST

Family in need

We have always been a self sufficient famly and while we never had much, we proudly paid our way.  In January of 2005 we purchased a small farm in rural TN. and are working on making it a profitable venture while getting back to basics. 


The farm needed a lot of work and we were making our way. We still don't have any equipment for farming and I only have a few chickens right now but our goal is to keep working on getting everything in shape. 


The house is a small log cabin and we have spent alot of time getting ready for the winer months. A few months ago, working hours were cut in half and now we struggle to even meet the basic bills. We live simple and do not have a lot of debt. Only our house and utilities.  


We are working on getting our credit in good shap and have not been late on bills for 11 months. We have tried to get a refinance through several companies but because there is a lot of land with the property, our options are limited. Ameriquest seems to do such great things for your guests but when we contacted them, they were not very nice.  


We are a hard working family living a simple life. We do not qualify for many of the programs to help us get on our feet and get the farm is shape because our income is just $2,000 over the proverty line. It has been frustrating. 


All we are needing is a chance and a little help. Right now some insulation, carpet and padding would be a God sent. We hope to install central heat next year but for right now, it is cold and hard to keep the house warm. 


There must be so many people in our situation and it is so hard to get real help and not just lip service. My prayers are with all of the people in the world that have and are suffering from the natural disasters, but so many of us are effected too by the high price of gas and food as an after shock of these advents. 


When can the 'average hard working American' get a little help!  

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