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Topic : 08/18 Dr. Phil's Road Show: Newlywed Challenge, Part 2

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Created on : Friday, November 04, 2005, 02:45:55 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard3

(Original Air Date: 11/08/05) Dr. Phil's Road Show continues as he puts newlyweds to the test! Three barely married couples on the verge of divorce go through a series of stressful challenges so Dr. Phil can see how they really communicate and work together. How will the women do when changing a tire under the direction of their husbands? Plus, what happens when the couples have to learn the Tango in only 30 minutes and then perform for a celebrity judge? Dr. Phil tells them exactly what they need to do if they don't want to end up another divorce statistic. Plus, big prizes for the Road Show winners.  Join the discussion.


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November 8, 2005, 11:26 am CST

11/08 Dr. Phil's Road Show: Newlywed Challenge, Part 2


Why is it that 90% of us have the same complaint? Things just aren't the same as they were in the start? I'm guilty of it myself, I blame my bf because he's not as nice as he used to be, he don't show me the attention he used to, he don't call just to tell me he loves me anymore, he looses his temper with me in a split second, BUT when I stop and think about it why should he be any different? I loose my pacience with him way to easily, if he does something I think he shouldn't or vice versa. I say thing I know will tick him off just because I'm in a bad mood ..... do I want to fight ... no not conciously, but then why am I picking what will end up a huge fight most likely with me in tears? I say things to tick him off he in turn says hurtful things to make me cry & for what reason? Because we are both stubborn?!? What can I do to get things back where they were? How do I stop my smart mouth, accept the things he does might not be exactally what I wanted at that exact minute but I'm sure I don't do everything exactally like he wants. Can two people so alike really make it work? Can you go back after so much has been said and done?   

November 8, 2005, 11:54 am CST

Glad I read the 2nd show notes

I saw the first show and really felt sorry for the couples. They seemed so weighed down by their circumstances at a young age. I felt so much better ater reading the 2nd show on the net and they were offered counselling and all got trips and some prizes. Maybe their relationships will work out and maybe not, but they now know where they need to concentrate - on themselves!!! You know, the show helped me a lot and I've been married awhile . It is easy to slip into a negative pattern at times even then and to look more at your partners faults instead of your own and learn instead to be grateful for all the good things about them. This show really is for all couples to see and learn from. Although at first I thought they were taking advantage of these poor couples who were just bribed to be on with the prizes, I felt they treated them with dignity in the end and gave them counselling. I was horrified at first -it seemed like a sweeps gimmick but livened up the show. I have stayed married by NOT going grocery shopping with my husband  or any shopping and probably not cooking together. Probably would stay clear of the tire thing too!  NONe of us would of ended up too great but the theme was the communication not the activity. My husband has many activities outside the home with my son ,our church,and community volunteer. This show gave me the courage to tell him that we need to put a priorty on some family time together  and just stuff for the two of us. You can not let your relationship slide even when you've been together a long time. It is easy to get very busy with schoolactivities, work,etc. I'm looking forward to dreaming up a "second honeymoon". :>) Again, Jay showed himself to be a very well spoken young man and a gentleman. I know November is ratings but it turned out OK for the couple who I think were very lucky indeed and I don't mean the prizes but the real help they got.
November 8, 2005, 12:27 pm CST


Quote From: indiana77

Honey it's plain to see from the outside he is cheating on you. the reason  could be any; not enough spark, hates himself , bored, your "different", his family history,(maybe his parents did this),or he could just be a creep. But he is just shuting down too fast. To me it seams he has found or has a definite possibility of another realationship. In my past i have dealt with this several times. I could talk to you about it e-mail me @ we can talk.But bottom line if he's not ready to stop the crash the train WILL derail no matter what you do. He needs to be apart of fixing it.

Dear hurt, and confused,  He is  cheating on you,    my advise to you is to seek the Lord, and he will give you guidence.  You have an impressionable beautiful girl who needs to have a positive role model in her life.  Move on,  you will be just fine.   God Bless 

November 8, 2005, 1:06 pm CST

Hurt and Confused

Quote From: grgkim

Dear hurt, and confused,  He is  cheating on you,    my advise to you is to seek the Lord, and he will give you guidence.  You have an impressionable beautiful girl who needs to have a positive role model in her life.  Move on,  you will be just fine.   God Bless 

My heart goes out to you; I agree he is cheating on you and doesnt want to face you. 


November 8, 2005, 1:19 pm CST

11/08 Dr. Phil's Road Show: Newlywed Challenge, Part 2

Quote From: korgi12

My heart goes out to you; I agree he is cheating on you and doesnt want to face you. 


No kidding.  He sounds like he was looking for an excuse to split.  She needs to call a lawyer (if he says he doesn't want to pay her alimony, my guess is he'll "forget" about child support after not very long, too).  Good for her for having plans for work and school. 

November 8, 2005, 1:45 pm CST

It's all about attitude of the heart

I am a happily married wife. We have been married for almost 8 years and have 2 boys. We have had our issues but we communicate openly and get over the hurdles. My husband vowed to himself when we were dating that he would never say to me that he would regret. He hasn't 10 years later. My parents had a rocky marriage and I saw thing that I would never do, like nag or volunteer him for something with out him being there. I get my hands on any book that comes around to better myself as a wife or as a mother. We are Christians and I don't say that loosely. We run a christian home with Christ as the head. We aren't perfect but we strive to satisfy the other. I am reading a book called, A Woman After God's Own Heart. One of the challenges that the author asks us to do is to ask my husband what can I do for you today. After a while the husband responds back by doing something for you. Mine is he cleans my kitchen if I am at Bible Study or out with girlfriends. My heart aches for marriages that are on the rocks. You can't change the husband but you can change your heart and your attitude. He may think you are crazy when you change your attitude from crabby to happy but over time he will respond. My husband and I have our disagreements but we don't fight. If the heat is rising in the room, one leaves or one stops responding to the argument. God Bless you.
November 8, 2005, 1:45 pm CST

Newlyweds challenge partners should pass on there blessing once on the right track

Dr. Phil: You are so great doing so much for these young people to get them on the right track, we all hope, in return they must pass the blessing on to others. My husband and I have tried to do this all our life. My husband and I were married in 1964 right out of high school those kids that wouldn't make it, that would be 41 years ago. We have had a hard life and a very full life, but have always tried to pass on the our children and any newly weds a couple main thoughts we learned early in life! Treat your partner as you would want to be treated . Always talk it out (not shout)even if it takes all night, it did sometimes. Always kiss each other good night you might not see your partner in the morning.  Work at your marriage ever day to make it the best for both of you,  we have done this since we became one when we wed.
November 8, 2005, 2:06 pm CST

11/08 Dr. Phil's Road Show: Newlywed Challenge, Part 2

Quote From: luvmytankr

Hey everybody, 


These couples need to communicate. The women should participate in the husbands hobbies. In the Challege with Changing the Hummer tires. Every woman should know how to change a tire.  

I work with my husband on the car. It could be the breaks or the oil changing . The women got frustrated with themselves and took it out on eachother. 

 The ballroom dancing. I always believe when a couple dances it tells a story. When I danced with my husband I just knew he was the one. We moved well together and it felt comfortable. It cant be ackword. 


Thanks for reading, 


I agree with Natalie. 


Communication is the key. My husband and I have been married for just shy of 8 years. We have a 14 year old daughter, and 13 and 6 year old sons. We don't enjoy alot of the same things, but we do make the attempts to try what the other is interested in once in awhile. And when it comes to changing tires, come on ladies....get with the isn't rocket science.  I can change a tire on my F-150 Supercrew 4x4 in under 10 minutes in the snow. My dad wouldn't let me get my drivers licence until I could change a tire.  I also got tired of waiting for things to be fixed around the house so I have taught myself how to rewire lights, change and recode garage doors and how to use all of his power tools. I wanted the house painted, knew he wouldn't do, so I did it myself. He hates to watch movies, but he will take me to the movies once in awhile. I hate watching hockey on tv, but will sit with him and watch a game once in awhile because it is what he enjoys. All three kids play hockey and we try to always go to the games together. He plays hockey too a couple nights a week and I try to go watch him sometimes. He comes to watch me play volleyball sometimes too.  We are not the same people that we were when we met, we have both changed. But we try to help each other through the changes instead of attacking each other.  Talk to each other.  






November 8, 2005, 2:25 pm CST

When did women be come this helpless?

Watching these Women try to change the tires discusted me.  They should heve been able to complete this task with out any instruction at all.  I assume they all drive cars.  I don't blame the Husbands for getting frustated, I would be too if my spouse was that helpless.
November 8, 2005, 2:27 pm CST

self-centered and lacking maturity

I really enjoy watching Dr. Phil while making dinner, I felt compelled to get on the message board while watching this episode because I couldn't believe these couples are not staged actors.  They behave like they are 12 years old and bully each other mercilessly.  Not only should they not be married to each other, they have a lot of frank self analysis and growing up to do before they should consider marriage to anyone.  Well, that's just my opinion.  I wish Dr. Phil the best of luck working with these couples.  Dr. Phil and his son are good hearted people to expend time and energy on what looks like an insurmountable task.  More power to him. 

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