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Created on : Friday, October 28, 2005, 02:16:37 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

(Original Air Date: 11/2/2005) False accusations have ruined lives and divided families. No one knows this better than Terry. She claims she was falsely labeled as a gossip at her son, Steve's, rehearsal dinner and was escorted out of his wedding by security! Now, she confronts her son and daughter-in-law for the first time in almost five months. Can this family ever reconcile, or are they better off apart? Then, a former high school principal made headlines when a 16-year-old student accused him of having sex with her. The scandal rocked the town, and now he struggles to regain his reputation and move forward.  Share your thoughts here.


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November 2, 2005, 1:23 pm CST


My life is up side down now. The same thing happen to us.  We sold our home, and lost every thing.  Your wife touched my heart cause, I thought I was the only person this had happen to.  Losing friends that where so close to you.  One minute these people are so close to you, the next you never hear from them again. I wish you luck. I 'm trying to get help, but there are no help groups and it's not like your going to go around and talk to people about it.  I almost never leave my home.  Always afraid that some how it will happen again.  And to no longer feel like the law is out to help you.  I really believed in the system, if you didn't do any thing wrong then the truth will come out.  But I found out the hard way that the system is not out to find out the truth, but prove there case.  They will some times lie, and break the law to get a conviction, never really looking for the truth.  Now that it is over, I still question every thing and trust no one.  I'm getting help, but will never be the same. I loved working with kids, but can never even think about working with kids again.  It was my passion, and now it is gone.   

November 2, 2005, 1:27 pm CST

I think Theresa is to blame.

 I think Theresa is the manipulative one in this situation and Steve is so whipped that he'll go along with anything she says and believe anything she says.  I have never been in this type of situation but I think Theresa's body language and the things she said - she's the evil one in this situation.  To physically have Steve's mother removed is in poor taste by both Steve and Theresa.
November 2, 2005, 1:28 pm CST

Daughter in law

I have to agree with most posters- the daughter in law is looking for an excuse to cut Steve's mom out of their lives. She will regret it one day. When I was married, I did not get a long well with my mother in law, but I would never have dreamed of acting like that- I would not make a commotion on my wedding day of all days- what a psycho. Dr Phil should definately have talked to the daughter in law more strongly than he did. She is a big part of the problem!
November 2, 2005, 1:30 pm CST

At least his Mother was invited

At least he originally invited his Mother.  My only child, my Daughter didn't even invited me to her wedding--I raised that child all by myself, without any help, financial or otherwise, from her Father, who didn't even remain in contact with her growing up--but she tracked him down and invited him to her wedding.   


I feel very sorry for Terry, Steve could have asked her nicely not to do anything upsetting, and I am certain that she would have complied with the request--her other Son certainly doesn't believe that his Mother would have done any of what Steve and his bride have claimed.  The net result is that for the rest of their marriage both sides of their family will not remember any of the positive things about the day but they will remember the hateful, hurtful and just plain stupid act of having Terry removed from the ceremony by the police.  


This is such a sad situation, I know I have shed many tears about my own situation--my heart goes out to Terry. 


November 2, 2005, 1:32 pm CST

District Administors - Should Be Ashamed of Themselves ! ! !

I hope the district administrators realize what an asset they lost in Dr. Wilson for both themselves and the children of that community!  I personally would love to write a letter voicing my disgust at their decision to not extend his contract!  The charge was a LIE!!!  


I reside in Sumter, SC and god knows we could use his expertise to raise our children's education.   I have contacted both school districts here in hopes of finding employment opportunities for Dr. Wilson.  I would like to forward this information for his use. 


District 2 - 803.469.6900 

Personnel:  Mary Ranum 

Letters of Intent are sent out January, they will know of openings at that time 


District 17 - 803.469.8536 

Personnel:  Robert Hutchins 

Letters of Intent are sent out January, they will know of openings at that time 


Dr. Wilson don't give up!   


I would love for you and your wife to relocate to Sumter, SC!!!  I will let you know if I find any opportunities here! 





Please hang in there, that cloud will be lifting soon ! ! ! 

November 2, 2005, 1:32 pm CST

I agree!

Quote From: trinity1

 ITA.  She did not need to stir up the drama at her son's wedding.  His sister also was acting inappropriately.  Dr Phil did say  something like: Be civil AT the wedding THEN if you have to, go off somewhere and have it out.  I am so grateful for my immediate family and inlaws.  They do gossip but know when to shut up and celebrate the event.  I got the feeling mama wanted to force her son to take her side. 
I don't understand why Terry and her daughter felt the need to stir up trouble at the wedding.  The divorce happened 6 years ago!  Terry and her daughter seem to be miserable people with miserable lives and have to try to ruin other peoples' lives.  I tam totally on the side of the couple.  The couple must stand up for themselves and not allow anyone to be rude/disrespectful to them or the people they care about.  That is what is wrong with the world, evil thrives when good people do nothing.  I can't believe Dr. Phil didn't stand up for them.  Why is it when good people stand up for themselves, they are the ones portrayed as doing something wrong....and that the good people must "bend" for the rude/disrespectful people.  Stand up for yourselves!!!  I support you!!!  Unfortunately we can't choose our relatives, but we can choose who we surround ourselves with! 
November 2, 2005, 1:33 pm CST

Falsely Accused

As long as the daughter-in-law wants that mother out of their lives the mother does not have a chance. I have 4 sons, one sons' wife has said that I was disrespectful to her and my son has not talked to me or allowed me to see my grandchildren for two years now. I have done everything to find out and apology but nothing works. I love my son and miss him dearly this has affected my whole family. So the daughter-in-law is in full control and she knows what she is doing, the mother-in-law does not have a prayer.
November 2, 2005, 1:35 pm CST

In Same Boat

I am getting married in April and my future in-laws have some serious family issues. When my fiance's father died, his mother and sisters were kicked from family for unknown to me reasons. My worry is that his mother and sisters have been known to be verbal about how they feel about the other side of his family. He has told his mother that everyone will smile and be happy for us that one day and if someone doesn't they will leave no matter who they are, but I'm worried. I'm worried cause I'm afraid that they will say something and ruin the most important day for the two of us. My parents are still married so I have never dealt with this before and don't know what to do. Can someone give me some good advise?
November 2, 2005, 1:36 pm CST

Very accomplished liar

That mother is a very accomplished liar.  She's probably been at it her whole life.  There's an old saying, "When you have the law on your side, hammer the law; when you have truth on your side, hammer the truth; when you have nothing, hammer the table."  And she is doing the latter.  I've seen Dr. Phil fall for this before.   It may be true that the daughter-in-law is a match for the woman, but I tend to think she's simply setting boundaries so this toxic mom doesn't get a foothold in messing up her marriage.  Women can see through this stuff so much better than men usually can.  Just because the daughter-in-law is taking a strong defense doesn't mean she is just like her though.  It just means she's smart.  And bravo that her husband isn't blind like so many sons are to their mom's manipulation.  I'd keep a healthy distance from her. 
November 2, 2005, 1:37 pm CST

11/02 Falsely Accused

Quote From: blackberry

  I'm a little upset with what I just watched on the show.  I can't believe that he had his mother escorted away from his wedding and more importantly I can't believe that Dr. Phil didn't cut into the son and his wife!  To me it was more then obvious that the wife has a problem with the mother!  Now don't get me wrong I totally agree with the idea of their wedding day being all about them.  I also agree with it not being the time or the place for anybody to air their dirty laundry or put on any embarrassing performances.  However, I don't agree with them saying what can and can't be discuss in private conversations.  They made a big deal out of something the mother was supposedly reported to have said and put her out of the wedding then their excuse for that was the had sad that anyone gossiping would be put out.  Well explain to me why the aunt who the mother was talking to, who by the way was the one gossiping and repeating things, wasn't also escorted away from the wedding?  If the two, the mother and the aunt , were discussing divorces how was it okay for the aunt to voice her feelings but wrong for the mother?  Also what made the aunt run back and tell the wife other then her need to gossip.  The wife had so much negative to say about the mother being a gossip and this and that, but then in the next breath she stated that the mother never took the time to get to know her.  Well, if the two of them never took the time to know each other how is it that the wife has so much to say about her unless she herself has been involved in a little gossip.  I think the wife just had a problem with the fact that the mother express concerns about the quickness of the marriage and in return didn't want her at the wedding.  For them to have so much to say about the mother and her being too mouthy it seems like the wife was the one who talked too much and relied on gossip to make judgements.  The wife stated that she didn't want to welcome the mother into her home and if they had children wouldn't feel comfortable with her children being around her and I'm still sitting her trying to figure out where that came from. 

that's ridiculous. the mother is obviously jealous that her new daughter in law has a good husband who cares about her (the son) and her (the mother's) husband left her for a younger woman. the mother is very obviously lying. she keeps evading all of dr phil's questions. and how do you know what the aunt was saying? i've met a lot of people who gossip to me about personal things but that doesn't mean i gossip back. also, the mother had no right to express her feelings about how soon they were getting married. what's the point of saying that? what good would ever come of that? 


after hearing the story about how the daughter wasn't supposed to come to the wedding but the mother brought her to hawaii anyway, i am sure the mother is a drama queen. come on, she was part of a group of women who called their club 'chit chat'. 


that mother is a liar and a gossip. she is a drama queen to craves attention and hates that her son gives more attention to his new wife than to his mother. 

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