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Created on : Thursday, October 20, 2005, 02:52:57 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

She played the part of sexy “Samantha Jones” in the hit TV series Sex and the City. Now Kim Cattrall has written her second book about female sexuality. She joins Dr. Phil to help couples with questions achieve sexual satisfaction. Wayne and Erin were virgins when they got married. Now, two years later, Erin still isn't achieving the big "O."  Then, Tom wishes his wife, Kathy, would make some noise in the bedroom. She says she's just shy -- so why does she moan when she eats good food? Plus, he begs her to do it, but she thinks it's disgusting. Hear Dr. Phil's advice for an engaged couple facing oral sex issues. And, a married couple asks how to put the fire back in their sex life. This show is strictly adults only.


Find out what happened on the show.


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October 25, 2005, 10:59 am CDT


Quote From: irishmom

 I think threesome's are disgusing!!  Nothing good can really come of them.  No matter what anyone says, there is bound to be jealousy, and I believe it is just plain wrong!  Morally and any other way imaginable!  Sex is sacred and should only be shared between two people.  EVERYONE I've ever known that has had a threesome has very much regretted it later.  It's not worth it.  Plus, I think sex is over rated.  Yes, it's nice.  When you first get married, you have it all the time and then it simmers down a little.  That's life.  I don't think you should have sex just to "burn calories"...Both people should want it equally. 

Oh, and P.S. You stated that everyone likes sex.  That is NOT true.  (not saying that I don't like sex, but there are certainly those out there that do not like it).

I am so comfortable with my sexuality and very secure in my relationship. I never regretted it. I would invite a 3some into our relationship again! 


To *eachs'* own ..... Morally, did someone write the laws on Morale. Shouldn't I have my own? I think we should share each other just as much now as we did in the beginning stages of our marriage.  


Of course one doesn't always have to have sex...gosh, like I'm some horn dog *.~  I love when my husband holds me all night long. Feeling safe and secure in his arms. Yes there definitely could be more romance !!!!!!  I'm just really satisfied, overall, that we are comfortable with one another to be able to accommodate our love making techniques ! ! ! 


Blessed Be 

October 25, 2005, 11:03 am CDT

Movie Theatre

Quote From: rissa140

Let me start by saying that this post is NOT to attack you or anyone in anyway.....its simply my opinion! And I commend you for being comfortable enough to talk about your sex life on such a public board!  


I feel that I'm pretty comfortable with my sexuality BUT I dont really agree with the whole having sex in public thing,  I think thats something that should be done in private! People just shouldnt be having sex in parks, movies theaters, etc. where anyone, especially children could see whats going on! My best friend has had sex in movie theaters & everytime she tells me, I cringe & ask her how she can do it! I personally would NOT want to suddenly turn around, walk up or down the aisle and see a couple having sex.......if I wanted to see people having sex, I would just watch a porn movie or something! So I believe that people CAN be completely comfortable with their sexualities and not want/like to have sex in public! In my opinion, KEEP IT IN YOUR HOUSE!  


Personally, I see NOTHING wrong with bringing a 3rd person in the bed & playing out fantasies every now and then, AS LONG AS BOTH PARTNERS ARE OK WITH IT & AGREE ON THE PERSON! I seen a Dr. Phil show before where a couple had a 3some & it eventually started ruining their marriage & Dr. Phil told him it was wrong to bring a 3rd person in the bed.....THEN on another show, he debated the issue with a sex therapist, who saw nothing wrong with it, it was interesting! Anyway like I said, as long as both people are ok with it & the other person......then I see no problem with it! It seems like it could be fun if its done for the right reasons (like doing it JUST to "fix" a problem wouldnt be a good reason) & with the right person!....... GO FOR IT! 


Sex in a marriage IS important BUT, its NOT the MOST important thing!!! I'm no doctor or sex therapist but from observing your post it seems like the sex is REALLY important to it could be the most important! Once again, i'm not trying to attack you & I could be wrong, it just sounds like most of your focus is on sex! And if you do see it that way or are having a lot of issues with not having sex as much as you used to, then mabe you & your husband DO need to seek the help of a sex therapist! Just a suggestion! The other thing that led me to believe that sex was more important to you was when you said, "For both partners to give themselves to their mate, even if they have a headache. Everyone loves sex. They just have issues sometimes that need to be delt with. Don't ever hide the fact that there is something else bothering you therefore you don't want to pleasure you mate.......Just do it!" That statement really got me thinking, yes everyone loves sex but I'm sorry........If I have a headache or I just dont feel good, I'm not going to be pleasuring ANYONE (not even myself) if I'm not in the mood! Why should I just forget about whats bothering me, just to have sex with my mate cause he's horny??? Sex should be enjoyed by BOTH mates, so why would/should someone have sex with their mate when they know they (the person who is "bothered" or sick) wont enjoy it??? That just doesnt make sense to me! Then you say that each partner has to have the ability to communicate, be patient & compromise........which is true, but it sounds like you just contradicted yourself! How are you supposed to "just do it" to please your mate when you have a headache & aren't in the mood and have patience & compromisation (if thats a word, lol) at the same time?  Just wondering!  


I cant wait to see what these couple have to say & ask and what Dr. Phil's advice is.......this show looks really interesting!  



Never......I do respect other's comfort levels. 


I would never have sex if I had a headache. Lord knows they always lead to migraines. 


I think I just have extremely high levels of testosterone  ( *.~) 

October 25, 2005, 11:13 am CDT


I love Moaning! I'm not sure how my husband likes he, though he hasn't ever said anything about it, so I guess it works. Occasionally, I get crazy, dirty talking, not too much talk. My hubby doesn't say a word. I think he just likes to concentrate. 


Achieving an Orgasm is hard if a gal doesn't know her own body. They'll just have to figure out what works for them. When I first met my husband, he is my second, always, he always gave me an orgasm. Or perhaps I was so in tune to my own feelings and pleasures ... I just let go, no insecurities nothing to worry about. Very spiritual. After that I knew how to achieve and orgasm.  And I let it happen every time we engaged in love making.  


In my first marriage... gosh, i never like having sex with my husband. I'd think of every excuse to get avoid the chore I could. LOL  now I just think of my hubby and I wanna piece of him!!!  


I do think it's fantastic to be virgins when you get married. Just finding out how each of you will respond one another is thrilling.  

October 25, 2005, 11:24 am CDT

10/26 More Sex With Kim Cattrall!

If I have a headache or I just dont feel good, I'm not going to be pleasuring ANYONE (not even myself) if I'm not in the mood! Why should I just forget about whats bothering me, just to have sex with my mate cause he's horny???  


If I make the effort to try to relax and focus on us, I get in the mood.  I also find that sex is the best way to distract me from something that is bothering me.  My husband and I both do things just because the other is horney .  That is part of giving myself to my husband. I consider it an important part of our marriage that I serve him sexually and vice versa.   


October 25, 2005, 11:25 am CDT


Quote From: judyblue22

I'm 46 so it isn't your age.  Most of this is in your head but there is some prep that can help. I find  that I need some time, usually in the shower, to switch gears from mommy to lover.  I need to relax and focus on feeling everything-the water and the soap. I touch myself all over and imagine the things we are going to do.  


Then, having privacy to groom and dress for pleasure helps.  It can be really erotic to smooth lotion over your just shaved fun bits and slick some lipstick on. I have a whole drawer full of lingerie-just wearing thigh high stockings and cute undies makes me feel sexual. 


but sometimes I think my husband gets tired of me.

That is the death knell to happy frolicks. To have a happy sex life you need to make him feel like he is the sexiest man ever and vice versa.  If you are feeling undesired by him, you won't be able to open up and experiment. 




That's exactly what I do. You have to. My husband and I sleep naked! I think that's what turns us on the most. I absolutely have to be smooth and silky, rolling over to have his warm. masculine body embracing me...well you just roll over!!!   No matter what time of the night it is.  


Mommies must take time out, hot bath, candles, shave, lather, perfume, warm air around you when you get out of the bath, I hate the cold air....LOL..... then all the nakedness between us both!! 

October 25, 2005, 2:14 pm CDT

Pardon me if I comment here, but I think that is a win/win relationship

Quote From: judyblue22

If I have a headache or I just dont feel good, I'm not going to be pleasuring ANYONE (not even myself) if I'm not in the mood! Why should I just forget about whats bothering me, just to have sex with my mate cause he's horny???  


If I make the effort to try to relax and focus on us, I get in the mood.  I also find that sex is the best way to distract me from something that is bothering me.  My husband and I both do things just because the other is horney .  That is part of giving myself to my husband. I consider it an important part of our marriage that I serve him sexually and vice versa.   


I think that fits the description for a give and take relationship. 

you have made a number of good points on the boards. 

October 25, 2005, 3:28 pm CDT

Looking foward to this one!

I am looking foward to watching this show. My husband and I enjoy keeping our sex life and drive great! We enjoy spicing it up by doing new things, and make sure to set time aside for eachother, being put the kids to bed a little early,or staying up later so that way we can be passionate with one another without the kids. Once my three are a little older, I hope that we can have date night, or something fun like that. I am looking foward to watrhicng and taping this show, then watching it again with my Husband.
October 25, 2005, 3:42 pm CDT


Since I have posted everything else about my life on this board....  You know when I got married I had absolutely ZERO sexual hang ups.  I have been married 15 yrs and thinking in terms of some of the principles on this show... I wonder how I would have handled this problem differently 10 years ago because 10 years is how long this has been happening.  The problem is WEIRD TIME.  I think when someone is OCD it enters every aspect of their life including the bedroom.  The only time my husband wants sex is 3 am like clock work and then he eats a bowl of cereal.  I mean 10 friggin years of that.  Now you could have danced around in all types of Victoria Secret stuff.... but nope we had TV shows to watch and then had to fall asleep for 3 hours, and then wake up and have sex.  Even if you were working that morning and had to be up at 6 am it didn't matter...... And  How do I feel about this?  if I work the next day I hate it.  Cuz you lose something from having your sleep repeatedly interupted and then have to work hard at work.  This may be a distorted perception, but I almost feel as though I was molested by my husband as an adult and I have never been molested by anyone.  And I don't have a problem with sex, but it is so um what I call Domestic Prostitution:  Sex in a Marriage for Money.  **laugh**  Cuz it is not emotional and not about love, but about just one person's selfishness.... 
October 25, 2005, 4:26 pm CDT

always be honest with your lover

As I am reading comments made from different people with all different opinions, why does it matter if some couples have threesomes and some wait until marriage, or some don't like sex at all.. Again my opinion is just that an opinion, but my husband and I have great sex, when we first started dated, we talked about sex often, about what we liked, what we didn't, honest about previous numbers of partners, but we started with friendship, laughter and fun. We didn't wait very long, but when we finally had sex it was great because we always stay honest with each other. I have thought about a threesome( i don't think anything is wrong with it) but its not for me... which means its definitely not for us, We have sex in public places, but we make sure that no one knows or sees, we will never make any one uncomfortable, besides I don't want people seeing me and him make love either.. So why do we take it outside of bedroom, to MIX IT UP, my fav time was at sunset, on a beautiful mountain over looking a beautiful lake. It was a public place, but luckily no one near us. Be careful on the Mountain. Don't have sex unless you want to.. don't do anything you don't want to do....tell him  what you want and how you want it.....and one Saturday morning, get the kids set up with a movie, lock your door, and make love!! IF you want to keep the sex thriving work on it, so many people give up on marriages, jobs, friends, sex, relationships, nothing is gonna be easy, keep learning and talking and be honest with your lover.
October 25, 2005, 4:40 pm CDT

There's a way!!

Quote From: druidcanuk

I don't know how old your children are - but do they go to school? Now you may think I'm terrible for saying this, but if the children are in school - why not take a sick day from work [both of you and spend the day together? 


Sure, I know - it's terrible to take a sick day when you aren't sick. But you know what? If you get divorced or just live in misery you WILL be sick soon enough. The stress that results from unhappiness is just not healthy.  


So, find a day together when the children are in school and then DON'T spend the day cleaning the house or talking about money. Snuggle! Take a bubble bath together! Hold hands! Sit on the couch and cuddle while you watch a movie! Whatever puts the two of you together is a good thing.  


I've been married for almost 27 years now, two children, both still at home, and sometimes we just need some time to be together without anyone else around. It feels like a date. And the 'naughtiness' of calling in sick just adds a little spice to the day.  


Live your life - remember, you don't get a do-over.  

I'm a 42 yr old mother of a 7 and 5 year old and the way my husband and I have handled this issue from day one was to ensure that our kids went to bed EARLY (translation - lights OFF by 8:00 p.m.).  They've been "well-trained", so we do have the evening together.   You may consider getting your husband in on this - the most romantic thing mine can do is bathe the kids and read the stories so that I can freshen up and prepare to be intimate with him.  It really makes a difference!  Dr. Phil has said this before - the most romantic thing a guy can do is the dishes.  Well, it doesn't have to be the dishes, but ANY chore helps!!   It's an effort, for sure, but well worth it in the end.  And if you are not up for sex the first night, request a backrub!  Or maybe a foot massage.  Then the NEXT night you can return the favor!   Don't give up!  Remember, your kids will grow and leave (hopefully :)  and you will be left with your life partner. 
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