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Created on : Thursday, October 20, 2005, 02:49:48 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

You never think that your family will be hurt by someone you know, let alone someone you once cared for. But that's exactly what happened to one family. The story begins in a small town in Oklahoma, a safe place just like any town in the heartland of America. Donna and Jerry dated for five years, but when Donna tried to break off the relationship, she could never have predicted the lengths to which Jerry would go to hurt her. This real life drama unfolds with horror and violence and unimaginable twists and turns, but ends with a message of hope. See what good Dr. Phil believes can come from an unthinkable tragedy. Join the discussion.


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October 21, 2005, 10:49 am CDT

10/25 Deadly Injustice

I only caught part of the show yesterday so I'm not quite sure how the accident happened but I did understand that your son was killed and a young woman is in jail for it.  First of all I can not say I know how you feel, but I do understand how much it hurts to loose someone you love.  I lost both a brother and a sister in auto accidents.  I spent many years suppressing anger and holding onto greif and feeling a great sense of "not fair".  I found when I eventually came to terms with my loss and dealt with the greif  and anger I began to let love and joy back into my life.  Remember that your brother, your son would never want you to spend the rest of your life hating and being angry.  Please seek counceling, Dr. Phil will help you.  Your son/brother would only want you to move on and find love and joy in your life.  Do not let his legacy be filled with hate and anger.  I wish you much love and hope you can find joy and peace in your life again. 



October 24, 2005, 9:22 am CDT

10/25 Deadly Injustice

I'm from the town where this tragedy occured. It didn't seem real, especially occurring in a small town where the big thing on Friday nights is football and Sunday, you go to church. Its unreal. I remember hearing the Amber alert, seeing everything on the news. Even though I have never met this young girl, I felt a connection to her b/c I went to Ada High, was in the band, and all. Its just a sad. What's worse is that its taken this tragedy for the town to finally open its eyes and stop being so naive. I really hope that Dr. Phil can help this family heal and hopefully get justice to prevail when its already failed. Bless you Dr. Phil!!
October 24, 2005, 9:07 pm CDT

Un real

I am a resident of Ada oklahoma as well as a student of Ada high school. I was a friend of Caitlin I never thought anything like that could happen to someone that I knew. When I heard that Jerry had murdered Caitlin I was devestated yet I didn' t want to believe it. I am so upset at the law enforcement around here right now. How could they let something like this happen? I just keep wondering every day what if I had done something different that day what if i had just kept Caitlin in class just 5 minutes longer...what if i walked her to her car that day... what if... For those of you who didn't know Caitlin she was so full of life so in love with god she went to church at least 3 times a week. She was very clumsy but we thats what made her so loveable. She could put a smile on anyones face. We live in such a small town here in Ada and everyone wonders the same thing how could a man be so full of hate and want so much revenge. Why Caitlin she was so innocent so full of life. No one could have imagined that they would let Jerry out on Bail especially since he tried to murder Caitlin's mother. How could law enforcement be so Stupid how could they let such a monster out. The most often asked question I believe I heard is if he planned on killing himself why did he take someone innocent with him. Now 2 families must deal with losses not to mention Jerry's daughter. Well may CAITLIN REST IN PEACE !     
October 25, 2005, 12:54 am CDT

10/25 Deadly Injustice

I just watched the show and I want to say how sorry I am that this horrible tragedy happened.  I can only imagine how painful this has been for your family.  I am from Oklahoma and I have family living in Ada.  My cousins attended Ada High School.  I know how the community can be affected when something tragic happens.  I am sure that in the weeks to come the support will help you.  I know that Dr. Phil will have great advice for you on how to survive and come together as a family.   I just want you to know that I for one will be spending this afternoon writing letters and finding out what I can do to help change the laws in Oklahoma so that this type of injustice doesn't have to hurt anyone else.  I wish you all the best.
October 25, 2005, 6:21 am CDT

"Injustice" is an understatement

This story literally moved me to tears.  My heart goes out to Donna and her family who are grieving the loss of their beloved daughter, granddaughter, friend.  It's absolutely unbelievable that this could happen.  Oklahomans, please please do what Dr. Phil says and help get this law changed!   
October 25, 2005, 6:58 am CDT

So tragic........

Normally a unemotional person,I found myself wiping tears several times during the show.I cannot imagine the pain-I have 2 daughters myself.As terrible as I feel for this family,I feel that the mom must have had some idea of the potential of the relationship.Is she the type of woman that "has to have a man"?She said herself that they split every few months over the 5 year relationship.When you chose to have children,I think you forsake everything else if necessary to protect them and  make them productive members of society-even if that means being lonely and/or unhappy until they turn 18.They did not chose to be here.God be with them all. 

October 25, 2005, 7:13 am CDT

God bless

God, please grant peace into these grieving hearts, these grieving souls. I have and will continue to pray for you, who loved Catlin. My heart is with you. 

How can I get Catlin's Law started in my own state, before tragedy happens? 

October 25, 2005, 7:17 am CDT

Past shows on this topic

I haven't seen this show yet, but was wondering what ever happened to the two children that were missing.  I forget their names, but do remember the mom coming on Dr. Phil and another woman (Lisa) coming on who she thought knew more to the story than she was saying.  Her ex-husband and this Lisa were "friends" and he took the kids for a vist and they were never heard from again.  I do wish that Dr. Phil would get back to some of these stories and let us know more updates.  I know he gives us updates on the frivilous things, but would like to know about Staci and Chris (the Morman family) and how their kids are doing and also the doctor husband that had a mistress who had a baby the same time his wife had one.  Where are they and did she finally leave him (I hope).  It is always nice to hear about the "silly" updates, but I am more concerned about these real life situations.  By the way, how are Alex, Catherine, Marty and Erin and baby Nathan (2 years old now) doing?  Hope someone reads this that has some input into the shows.  Thanks.
October 25, 2005, 7:18 am CDT

How many times?

 I can't believe that this happend. I have had something like this happen to myself. The guy didn't kill anyone in the family but there was times when I thought he was going to. And like the man on Todays show he got sent to jail and just got out. The guy i am talking about was my mom's boyfriend. When he got out of jail he was at my mom's work that day hiding behind her truck. Thank god that her co-worker's saw him and called the cops before she went out for lunch. I wonder what would have happend to her if they wouldn't have seen him. Would he of killed her like he threated to? How my people arounhd the counrty are going to get hurt my people that should be in jail but get out? My moms ex-boyfriend is out of jail again, we havent heared anything from him but I am scarde that he's going to go back to my moms house and hurt her, or even come after me. He was thretend my moms life and mine. I wish they would just throw his sorry ass in jail and throw away the key!!!!!!!!
October 25, 2005, 7:35 am CDT

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