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Created on : Friday, October 14, 2005, 03:44:44 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

(Original Airdate: 10/18/05) Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy? Stacey says she and her husband, Eddie, made a plan when they got married -- and it didn't have anything to do with Eddie's current goal of becoming an ultimate fighting champion.  Now she's giving him an ultimatum: "Give up the dream or give up me!“ Then, an entire family faces off against a mother in a debate about the weight of her 8-year-old daughter. Plus, a 30-year-old virgin saving himself for his soul mate wonders if he made the right decision. And, Jylana is determined to home school her son, but her husband, Mike, says he'll miss opportunities and become socially stunted. What does Dr. Phil think? Talk about the show here.

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October 17, 2005, 11:30 am CDT

10/18 "I Am Right!"

Quote From: cokimbo55

        I  Believe it  should  work  Out !!! 


       Men  tend to be  right most  of  the  time,  but  sometimes  we  need   to  Give in.   If,  you   


           a  better   reply,   be   honest... 

 I hope you meant to say that women are right most of the time!!  ;-)
October 17, 2005, 12:07 pm CDT

Right doesn't mean HAPPY

  I have been married once before and my first husband said he was right he knew best and he was the man therefore he was #1 and that was that.  After 5 yrs of that it ended and then year and half later I found a man now my husband that told me and makes me feel good that two wrongs never make a right and that we are one.  And all the big decisions are made together and the little ones are not to worry about.  He helps and supports my dreams and I him we are one and a good marriage is a give and take not I'm right and your wrong.  Marriage is a work  that should be enjoyed and can't wait for the next day to begin.
October 17, 2005, 4:27 pm CDT


Well i agree with the father. I think if you home school a kid they lose out on a lot of things. School activities.. meeting new friends... things like that.. why leave that out of a child's life?...
October 17, 2005, 5:53 pm CDT

Here's my thought

I havent seen the show yet it is on here tuesday at that said ....... 


If someone wants to fulfill a dream  no matter when the dream was thought of or came about ..that person should be able to do it WITH the support of the spouce REGARDLESS......If the spouce does not like the dream then they need to get over it....the only way that would falter is if the dream was to in some way or another harm or worse the dreamseeker  (if that makes sence). 

As far as the 30 yr old virgin ..YAY you!!!.....stay true to yourself and your beliefs. 

Now the case of the 8 yr olds weight.....if the child is more then 15lbs over weight I have a problem with that. There is no reason a child of that age should be that much over weight....but like I said I havent seen the show so thats all I have to say about that.  


October 17, 2005, 5:53 pm CDT

10/18 "I Am Right!"

Oh and the Home schooling thing 

If anything  the kids have more opportunities to experience things outside the home.  

Most schools do not have anything to offer the kids except academics, so what of those kids they miss out on everything... 


There is nothing better then learning about the world then learning from it in real life ..not from a book...   my 9yr old does attend other child is 15 m0 old and I am seriously considering homeschool. I feel that I can teach my children more then they can get out of a class room and they will not be held up in a stinky old building all day. Instead they have the day to discover new and exciting things and still have the opportunities to play sports and whatever they wish.... 


October 17, 2005, 8:14 pm CDT

I was homeschooled for a while

I don't have to watch the show to commit, I've lived this one first hand. 


           I went to school for K & 1st grade, then my younger sister was diagnosed with diabetes, after returning to school my mother felt that the school wasn't taking proper care of my sister and removed us from the school system and started teaching us at home. Understanding her thinking and the fact she went to college and received a degree in teaching I don't blame her for anything. After completing 2nd-6th grade in 3 years I decided I wanted to return to the public school system. After arguing and my father succeeding to get my mother to allow me to return I went through a numerous amount of testing and was then enrolled into the 7th grade. 1 year ahead of where I "should" have been. I knew no one, didn't know how to act, what to expect. Thankfully, I went to a small rural school and the kids remembered me from before. Still it was difficult, I didn't understand the joking and kidding that went on, my parents had always taken' everything so seriously. I started playing basketball and the cheerleading squad etc. Gradually, I adjusted.  

But, my younger sister did not return and my brother never entered a public school. My sister and brother both enrolled into a GED class and received their GED's instead of a diploma. My sister then enrolled in a community college and my brother followed. However the first year that my brother was in the community college they would not allow him to on take a full load of classes stating that he was to young to handle it. My sister will graduate from college next April and my brother next December. My sister is planning on continuing to a grad school located 2 states away. Yes, they're smart but I do feel that they have been socially stunted, they do not understand how to interact with their peers. They interact just fine with people 40-50 years of age but cannot interact with a classmate of the same age.  I do feel they missed out on a lot and instead of adjusting to society they remained the same old sticks in the mudd.  



However- I feel that if you properly socialize your child such as play groups and encourage them to make friends with children their own age in the neighborhood and encourage them to join in on summer ball teams and join the YMCA. There socialization will not be stunted. That is something that my parents did not do. We lived in the country so it wasn't like we had people 10 ft. away to go play with. Kids have to learn how to deal with their own problems and conflicts with children their age, if their not exposed to it they'll never get it. If their children come to them and say they want to enroll in public school go with it.  


You're children are not you're property their are little individuals and if they feel they want to go to public school, let them. 


October 18, 2005, 1:50 am CDT

10/18 "I Am Right!"

I don't think a person will be any dumber if they went to public school, private school, or home school.  I think whatever works for you is the best thing for you.  I went to public school and turned out fine.  At least I like to think so.  You shouldn't ask someone else if going to a certain school is right for you or your kids.  You should figure that out.
October 18, 2005, 1:51 am CDT

"I AM RIGHT!'" Am I wrong?

Some people think they're right but they're actually wrong.  If you're right you're right.  If right doesn't mean happy then does wrong mean happy?  If I'm right and she or he is wrong does that mean that I'm unhappy and he or she is happy being wrong?  I'm confused.  Someone please clear this up. 


P.S.  If I knew how to save a guys life but someone disagreed with me then do I just keep my mouth shut? 

October 18, 2005, 4:42 am CDT

24 Virgin

Quote From: blueangel777

How sad it is that society doesn't view virginity as sacred!!!!!!!!  I am older then 30 and am.  I believe in marriage before having sex.  I was made fun of for many years.  A very special person told me, "That's the way it is suppose to be!"  He was the first person to validate my choice.  A mental health professional said to me, "That is really odd at your age." and quickly changed the subject.  I am very glad I am and if I die a virgin, SO BE IT!!!  That is the way to suppose to be!!!
October 18, 2005, 7:16 am CDT

Mark's story and homeschooling

I was relieved when Dr. Phil wisely commented that Mark's virginity is not the issue here. I was concerned that it was going to be a debate on saving yourself for marriage. If a person thinks virginity is what's right for them, I'm all for it. 


I'm not in favor of forcing my morals on other people. But I waited for 35 years for my husband and while it was a long wait, it was more than worth it. Nobody should be made fun of for being a virgin. 


Virginity isn't Mark's problem, as was pointed out. I think he's got a rather rigid picture in his head (blonde beauty queen who loves animal) of whom he wants and if a woman doesn't fit it exactly, she gets eliminated. That's rather sad because there may be a cute red-headed veterinarian in Mark's neighborhood that he won't even consider because she didn't win Miss Smith County back in 1995.  


As for homeschooling, it's amazing how far the concept has come. I think it's a great alternative if the parents are willing to do the work involved with doing it and socializing their child through other activities. When it works, it can do wonders for a child.  


At the same time, I'm happy to hear the posts cautioning that it is not for everyone. If public school is working for your child (and yes, there are still some good ones out there!), then that's also a great thing. It's very comforting to know that we do have choices now. 

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