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Created on : Friday, October 14, 2005, 03:42:20 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

(Original Air Date: 10/17/05) Do you catch yourself mesmerized by the photos in People or US Weekly magazines, looking to see who's wearing what, who's drunk and who's kissing whom? We can't get enough of celebrities, but when does our obsession go too far? Dr. Phil's first guests are two photographers who capture famous faces — but one is a paparazzo who chases down the stars, while the other is invited by celebs to take their pictures. Then, meet two women who can't stop obsessing over their favorite celebrity. Tabitha's infatuation with Tommy Lee is holding her back from meeting her "real" soul mate, and taking time and money away from her 3-year-old daughter. Could something biological be causing her obsession? And, Jenni wants to be the famous twin Mary-Kate Olsen so badly, it's ruining her life and could be killing her. Share your thoughts.


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October 17, 2005, 11:12 am CDT

Have i got the man for tabitha

Hey. I have a neighbor who is WAY into motley crue. He flies all around to see their shows, has even partied back stage with them. Your probably thinking he's a loser, he's NOT. he owns his own home, has a steady job, has two dogs who he loves, He's really nice, he has long hair and tonz of tattoos too. He's the bad boy with out being a jerk. If Tabitha reads this email me and i could possibly get you in touch with him.
October 17, 2005, 11:26 am CDT

10/17 Stalking the Stars

Quote From: comeagain1

Hi there great Post! 

I did have to say though, Marilyn may have been an 8, but when she filmed Some Like it Hot, I think she was a whopping  size 12....... Ahhhhh to see a size 12 again..... and not have it refered to as a plus size !..... I don't recall the girls' name, but her dad is Steven Tyler ( no not Liv,  her sister). She had won a contract as a plus size model.... then the said she was 5' 10"  175..... I cringed..... at 5' 10" and 203 I must need to go to Omar the tent maker for my clothes if this girl is considered plus size...... 

 I know what you mean!  Clothing that I wore years ago are now considered plus sizes!  How crazy!
October 17, 2005, 11:28 am CDT

The difference between fan and stalker

There is nothing wrong with being an avid fan.  The difference between being a fan and a stalker is when you cease to care if your actions are affecting the celebrity in a negative way.  Just as with non-celebrity stalking, once you cross that line, it should be apparent to you and to the stalking victim that this is not motivated by love but by a self-esteem problem inside the stalker.  If it were love, you wouldn't want to inconvenience and frighten the person.  You may not think having someone outside your gate watching your house is threatening or that a celebrity might get nightmares from someone who writes regularly to say how they love them, but they do.   In the last few years, the public awareness of celebrity stalking has improved, and at this point, there is no excuse for ignorance.  You can no longer say, "I didn't know this would bother someone."  It's normal to go to concerts, because the artist expects to deal with the public there.  It's even fairly normal to wait by the stage door to get a quick autograph.  It is crossing the line to invade that person's privacy when they are not working. 

October 17, 2005, 11:30 am CDT

10/17 Stalking the Stars

Quote From: carla_nyc

Hi this is my first message on the Dr Phil website. I was watching the show on Friday and noticed a preview for a show about a girl who is so influenced by Mary-Kate Olsen that she purges with a picture of her. I am the exact same way- when I was watching the show I quickly identified with the level of glamour and sucess thats now associated with eating disorders. My eating problems started long before I began to take notice of all of the shrinking celebrities now in Tinseltown, I became bulimic at the age of 13, and have struggled off and on with both bulimia and anorexia since then ( I am now 18)- this past year I've really gotten out of control. I feel that my perfectionism ( I've obtained a 4.0 average and graduated from a top school in the top 2 percent of my class- and I am starting NYU in the Fall, I've taken a year off to travel.) has lead to such a tremendous amount of stress and exhaustion that I need to keep atleast one thing in control in my life- my body. I am about 5'5 and 100 pounds, but my goal weight is 85 pounds, because thats Nicole Richie's weight, and I think she looks great now. I paste pictures of her together in a scrapbook and whenever I want to eat, I look at them- and imagine myself being that perfect. I also pasted a picture of her on my bathroom wall and when I am purging I do look at it. I feel the same way about Mary-Kate and Lindsay Lohan, but Nicole RIchie is my favorite "thinspiration." I weigh myself about 5 times a day and make up little rules in my head about punishments for eating too much. I never go above 400 calories.....I'm hoping to get treatment soon though, since its been happening for years now. Although celebrities obviously didn't cause my problems, seeing them in magazines with gorgeous bones poking out certainly doesn't help.
   Sweetie, Oh My Gosh!!!!!  Reading your email I became so sad for you.  Not that I feel sorry for you but that this eating disorder and your obession with these women is so in need of some sort of help.  YOU'RE SLOWLY KILLING YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!  Why?  These women, to me, look so very unhealthy.  You can be healthy yet still have some meat on your bones.  It's so sad to me that the "look" now is to be be so thin that you would have to shop in the lil' girls section to find clothes that fit right.  I do believe in taking care of yourself...which requires exercise, a well-balanced diet., not starving yourself or for God's sake...making yourself vomit.  These women are NOT perfect!  They have loads of money to back up their desired look, make-up artists, personal trainers, etc...etc.   It's not a reality.  Maybe for them.  But they're probably just as sick and obsessed as the rest of the people who weigh themselves 5 times a day and punish themselves for eating what is needed for the body to function correctly.  My goodness.  I certainly feel for you and hope to God that you seek some sort of professional help before you end up 6 feet under because you strived for a body that just wasn't meant to be.   Best of luck and God bless you!!!
October 17, 2005, 11:33 am CDT

Re: Stalking period!

  I think too much emphasis has been put on "celebrity status" instead of the original title of the show which is "STALKING THE STARS". 

  Yes, America has a ridiculous obsession with celebrities, because they are an "image" of what the readers would like to look like AND live like. But, would they REALLY like to? 

   Anyway, the paparazzi should have strickter laws against what they do. Why do they call it paparazzi STALKING? (because it IS stalking) Stalking is outlawed in almost every state. I don't think that the press is any different when it comes to stalking. Because they are stalking  people on their own time, in their own houses and properties, and people are being invaded by unwanted attention and downright harassment. 

   If I was obsessed by a teacher or special coach or doctor, (who are in the public eye as well, only in a different way), and I stalked them by taking their pictures, following them all over the city, and never left them alone, I WOULD BE ARRESTED. To me, stalking is STALKING, celebrities or not. 

   We need to have a boycott of all tabloids, and long enough to send a message to these people without any conscience to stop harrassing celebrities. And, maybe it would also help Americans begin to put celebrities in a better perspective in their own lives. 


October 17, 2005, 11:42 am CDT

10/17 Stalking the Stars

Quote From: comeagain1

Hi there great Post! 

I did have to say though, Marilyn may have been an 8, but when she filmed Some Like it Hot, I think she was a whopping  size 12....... Ahhhhh to see a size 12 again..... and not have it refered to as a plus size !..... I don't recall the girls' name, but her dad is Steven Tyler ( no not Liv,  her sister). She had won a contract as a plus size model.... then the said she was 5' 10"  175..... I cringed..... at 5' 10" and 203 I must need to go to Omar the tent maker for my clothes if this girl is considered plus size...... 

Just thought I'd let you know her name was Mia...she was on VH1 Celebrity Fit Club a few months back and was very proud of her body. Also, just let me say to anyone who's reading this...PLEASE do not let celebrities dictate the way you live your life. I'm 24, 5'3", 135 lbs, and VERY happily married =) ! While it's intoxicating to see the flashy show of  "things"  that celebrities have, we are all put on this earth to fill a purpose in life. We may go to our graves not knowing what the purpose was, but we are all on this planet for our own unique reason and we need to embrace that! We are ALL our own special type of celebrity!!!!!
October 17, 2005, 11:55 am CDT


I haven't watched the show yet. But saw the previews. I don't believe Seth, he may be friends with some of the stars, but I, get the feeling he stalks more stars than he knows. More than likely Seth and Frank  will hunt a famous person down to get the most humiliating pictures, or take a photo of an Innocent hug and make it into something it's not, and make a lot of money. Lets not forget the paparazzi caused the death of Princess Diana.  I would love for a group of stars to get  together and stalk the paparazzi following there every move from morning to night.  

One word for Tabitha, get a life. You won't date anyone because your holding out for Tommy Lee? Take care of your daughter spend time with her, she's 3years old, before you know she'll be off on her own and your only memories will be how you lusted after Tommy Lee and spent no time with your daughter.  

Jenni I, pray you get the help you need. 


October 17, 2005, 11:57 am CDT

Tommy Lee?

To each their own I guess...I wouldn't go near Tommy Lee with a ten foot pole, latex gloves and a surgical mask!  Maybe a Hazmat Suit but then I still wouldn't get too close LOL. 


Seriously though, I can relate to all of you struggling with body image. I have a mother who is anorexic (for her its about control and not wanting to look like someone else) I got dangerously close to it by starving myself tiny when I was a teen and early twenties...looking at pictures from that time now is like looking at a shell, a shallow imitation of the person I was lucky to survive to get to know.  I had zero self esteem back then and I used to think that even if I couldn't be the prettiest girl in the room, I could be the thinnest. 


But what I did was damage my health, and it took me years to realize that what I needed to do was get out of my own quit, honestly, thinking about myself so much of the time.  People with poor self esteem can still, and often are, self obsessed.  Whether you love yourself too much or you think you're nothing and want to be someone else...the focus is still on you. 


You have to reprioritize, also get away from the magazines and tv shows that idolize these unhealthy images as ideal...find a real mentor in your community, someone who does work that inspires you and get a passion, find a cause you believe in and start there. 


Don't obsess on yourself.  That may sound harsh, but it's the only thing I have seen truly change people's behaviors with these obsessions over time. 


I have seen grown, married mothers and grandmothers jeopardize their marriages, finances, and all their relationships fixating on one particular young singer; young enough to be their grandson in most cases.  They write things about him online that would make a sailor blush.   


People really need to get their priorities straight, and realize that what is portrayed as glamourous to us to sell us makeup and hair products and diet pills is not a happy life.  It's a fairy tale.  Find your happiness in what is real, be real yourself. 


Reminds me of the Velveteen rabbit book.  Love makes you real.  So find love; for yourself, for and from your friends and family, and heal. 



October 17, 2005, 12:14 pm CDT

Not interested in stars

I am just the opposite. I go out of my way to avoid watching stars on anything...including Dr. Phil. I just feel like they have enough attention. Besides, I just don't care who they marry, divorce, how much they destroy their lives...maybe I'm the weird one!
October 17, 2005, 12:24 pm CDT


Personally I enjoy seeing embarrassing photos of  "the stars".  Because it makes them look like just another person on the street. And they dont always look so glamorous and they REALLY DO have flaws no matter how much money they have, or how many movies they're in. But I don't agree with hunting them down and causing accidents. 

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