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Created on : Friday, October 14, 2005, 03:42:20 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

(Original Air Date: 10/17/05) Do you catch yourself mesmerized by the photos in People or US Weekly magazines, looking to see who's wearing what, who's drunk and who's kissing whom? We can't get enough of celebrities, but when does our obsession go too far? Dr. Phil's first guests are two photographers who capture famous faces — but one is a paparazzo who chases down the stars, while the other is invited by celebs to take their pictures. Then, meet two women who can't stop obsessing over their favorite celebrity. Tabitha's infatuation with Tommy Lee is holding her back from meeting her "real" soul mate, and taking time and money away from her 3-year-old daughter. Could something biological be causing her obsession? And, Jenni wants to be the famous twin Mary-Kate Olsen so badly, it's ruining her life and could be killing her. Share your thoughts.


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March 5, 2007, 1:39 pm CST

Stalking celebrities

PLEASE stop placing so much value on celebrity identities!  They are people doing a job.  Nothing more.   Believe me, there is a good likelihood that you would be very disappointed if you knew the real person behind the persona, the person is not saying what the public wants to hear, a person who does not do what the public thinks is wonderful.  A lot of them cannot even articulate a sentence when they are not on a stage.   Whatever attention you may be lucky enough to garner from a celebrity will be something for PR purposes.   No matter what you do for them, it is not going to be appreciated for it's true worth by that person ... IF they're even told about it by their people.  You may write, write and write more letters to them ... chances are they are not going to see them; and if you receive something back from them, chances are that it came from their personal assistant who is paid to sign autographs and answer mail.   

July 20, 2007, 6:13 pm CDT

I know how you feel...

Quote From: mspitt

Well this is going to sound bad but I am more than obsessed with Brad Pitt. I think I may be worse than that girl that love'd him to death. I mean Dr.Phil I have pictures all over my walls of him I have most of his movies and I watch Mr & Mrs Smith pretty much every night. When I got my first tattoo people thought I was going to get a picture of Brad on my body, which I was thinking of but if do get one concerning him it might just be his name. If I could just see him once and maybe be with him for a day I'm almost positive I won't be as obsessed with his as I am now. Dr. Phil if you could get him to spend a day with me I'd love you more than ever... I'm just wondering how I can stop liking him so much because when I do have a boyfriend it might ruin our relationship.....

I can't say that I can help you find a solution to your problem or can give you any advice b/c I have the same problem myself and not in the right position to give you anything helpful. But I do, however wanna tell you that you're not alone. Since my time is short here, I don't have time to go into everything or call any names. But I must say that my celeb obsession has prevented me from reaching my full potential [whether in relationships, finances, mental, emotional, etc.], especially over the past several years. Although I know it's bad for me and killin' me internally[like crack or heroin], I just can't seem to cut it out. And on top of that, I get 'high and drunk' w/ the Internet and I've had that addiction since the spring of '03.


I was going through an emotionally dark period [concerning some bad news about a favorite celeb] and had no one to talk to about it, so buried myself in the Internet, which has only made my problem MUCH worse since that time. I SHO' 'Nuff wasn't gonna talk to my family about it; that was just out of the question, and it still is. I've always been obsessed w/ celebs, but the Internet has made it MUCH worse. I actually miss my life b/f the Internet and envy people who have their own lives and personal affairs, and aren't hung up on celebs like me. Much of my valuable time has been wasted through spending too much time on the public library computers, and I'm filled w/ regret b/c of it. In fact, my addiction to the Internet and message boards/forums [and obsession w/ celebs] has spilled over in other areas in my life. I can't say I didn't know I have a problem; I knew, but didn't care NOR took my plight seriously until I hit rock bottom emotionally for much of last year.

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