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Created on : Friday, October 14, 2005, 03:42:20 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

(Original Air Date: 10/17/05) Do you catch yourself mesmerized by the photos in People or US Weekly magazines, looking to see who's wearing what, who's drunk and who's kissing whom? We can't get enough of celebrities, but when does our obsession go too far? Dr. Phil's first guests are two photographers who capture famous faces — but one is a paparazzo who chases down the stars, while the other is invited by celebs to take their pictures. Then, meet two women who can't stop obsessing over their favorite celebrity. Tabitha's infatuation with Tommy Lee is holding her back from meeting her "real" soul mate, and taking time and money away from her 3-year-old daughter. Could something biological be causing her obsession? And, Jenni wants to be the famous twin Mary-Kate Olsen so badly, it's ruining her life and could be killing her. Share your thoughts.


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March 8, 2006, 7:59 pm CST

03/08 Stalking the Stars

Quote From: groovy

but they're not any worse either.  And some of them went thru some genuine challenges, such as Ray Charles, Hillary Swank, Dana & Christopher Reeves.  When they lose a spouse or child or their health, money helps, but it doesn't bring them back.   
Exactly!  Just like the rest of us everyday human beings.   Being rich and famous does not protect you from death, disease, pain or any other challenge in life.  But, sometimes, we somehow are led to believe that the famous are braver, or have more challenges.  I do realise, however, that it can be inspiring to see how they meet their challenges, such as Christopher Reeves. 
March 8, 2006, 8:30 pm CST


Quote From: oceansrio

Seriously Dr. Phil. Contact me. I promise that you will have a fascinating show with intelligent, funny and fascinating people to discuss what you failed to discuss in a meaningful way on yesterday's show...Narcolepsy.
You'd make up for alot of hurt feelings and do a great thing by informing people of this condition that is often undiagnosed for 15+ years. I personally believe that children especially  teenagers would be the ones helped the most, which would be incredible for our the generation.  

You can help stop the unnecessary cycle of lost years. Pretty please with stevia on top?!  

FYI: I try to stay away from sugar ;) 

Thank you ! Thank you for picking up on the Narcolepsy thing~ I have emailed more than once suggesting a show about the big N but have never heard anything. I totally agree with you, N is so much more than chasing a movie star! I can relate although to keeping stimulated to keep going. I would love to see a show devoted to this; hope enough posts may make it happen!
March 8, 2006, 8:30 pm CST


Quote From: yehladki

I was also interested in Dr. Phil's response to this woman and I wished that he had expanded on it a little more. I go through periods when I am really interested in something, almost to the point of obsession, then I move on to the next thing. But I think it's really about stimulating myself. I don't have a brain disorder as far as I know, but I find myself easily bored and I'm always looking for the next exciting thing to (mentally) stimulate myself. I'd like to know how to deal with the constant need for stimulation. Is it a bad thing? Could I redirect that energy somehow? I don't know. 
 yeah  hi i  guess  i  can  say  im  upsest  too i am  with  jonbenet ramsey. but its  a good obsession cuz  i  medatate  to  her i  talk  to  her sprit and  so   does  my  husband she  has  never talked  to  me  but  she  has  to  him i  have  been  to  her  grave 2  times  i  have tones  of  pic;s  of  her and   i  have wrote  letteres  to  her  parants
March 8, 2006, 8:37 pm CST

Show about Narcolepsy

Quote From: liatsunami

 I actually wrote him an e-mail about narcolepsy a month or so ago.  I was diagnosed with narcolepsy a few years ago ( on top of a whoel host of other health and mental health problems).  At first we thought it was my thyroid, then we thought it might be because I have a pituitary tumor, a few people thought I had mono or CFS....turns out I have narcolepsy related to head trauma and electrocution. 
I am posting my support again for a show on Narcolepsy~  I have had this disease since 1994, lost my job and a lot more because of it. I am sure many have stories similar to mine. It truly is a struggle~ Thanks for pushing for it~
March 8, 2006, 9:47 pm CST

Addicted to Stars

This is my first entry, and what finally drove me to it is watching the segment on Jenni, and how she wants to look/be one of the Olsen twins. If Dr Phil thinks for one second that she intends to take his advice, he's the crazy one! The entire time she was agreeing with Dr Phil about wanting to get in touch with her own self and forget mimmicking MaryKate, and knowing that her daughter is depending on her to set a good example, Jenni did nothing but push out her lips, just like Mary Kate. Jenni even said that that characteristic of MaryKate's is one that she admired and wished to copy. Maybe it's just me, but Jenni took Dr Phil on a pity ride! She needs help!!
March 8, 2006, 10:10 pm CST

Jessica ......

Quote From: marjekas

i am obsessed with jessica simpson. ok, maybe obsessed is a strong word. but i like her a lot. she is pretty and sucsessful. she is not perfect by all means and that makes her a lot more likeable. i wish i could be so carefree and pretty and have a fun career like she does. i wish i could have so much willpower so that i could exercise more and have a body like she. but i dont and i keep putting the weight on. i am embarrassed, i am 26 and i try to be like jessica. she is adorable

What you are "obsessed" with is the illusion of Jessica Simpson, not the reality.  She is a marketable package and a tremendous amount of money is spent to present her image to the public so that her investors can earn their profits.  If she is so perfect, why did her marriage fail?  Why has she felt the need to get plastic surgery to correct her alleged flaws? 


You talk about willpower, but who is paying you to hire a personal trainer and a chef and get in shape for a movie?  Do you realize that once she signs the contract for the project, the pressure for her to be what they want her to be is enormous.  She can be sued big time if she doesn't comply. 


The life of a celebrity is really short-lived.  Jessica is already using up her alotted fifteen minutes of fame and the next "it" girl is waiting in the wings.  Do you not think that she is terrified of losing her edge?  She is well aware that there is no shortage of beautiful young women who can step into her shoes, and her singing voice will not make her a legend.  She is no Streisand!  With a little luck she may be able to follow the footsteps of Suzanne Somers and sell her line of shoes or whatever  on QVC after the spotlight is no longer upon her. 


Jessica Simpson will fade into oblivion in time.  Hopefully she will end up happier than a lot of celebrities that have gone before her, but in reality, the odds are against it. 


Create a great life of your own.  What you want is atention and recognition.  Do things to get it that are constructive and positive.  We only get one shot at this life and there  will only be one you. 


March 8, 2006, 10:32 pm CST

Famous Shamous...

Quote From: imvubu

I really think that famous people, especially those in the entertainment industry, are of little consequence beyond that of any human being.  They are not any better.  They call themselves "stars" to somehow elevate themselves above the rest of us, but all they do is act or sing, and get paid, I think, way beyond the true value of what they do.  I think it's ridiculous how these people become so wealthy on very little, but their capacity to entertain.  Sometimes, too, what they do devalues society, when you look at porn "stars", or some of the more morally questionable movies and songs.  I am sure, for instance, that scientists who find cures for diseases don't get nearly as much, financially, out of what they do.  And, at least, they are doing society a true service. 

It particularly irritates me when I hear of how their lives are so challenging, and how they have suffered - yeah, well, the rest of us have our challenges too, and we overcome them with little monetary comforts to help along the way.   I like Dr. Phil's show because it does try and help people overcome their problems. 

Eh, but maybe I'm just cynical.  Just my little 2c worth.     :)

I completely agree with you regarding the disparity between how our culture rewards entertainers (including athletes) and those who truly make a difference in the world.  It saddens me to think that we place such a premium on superficial things likes looks or money or lavish lifestyles that these people become more important than they have a right to be.  Have we learned nothing from the endless stories of how truly awful these peoples' lives are and how they often end up?  Think of Elvis, and Marilyn, and Judy and so many others who crash and burn after thier star fades.  The eating disorders that are rampant in Hollywood today are a symptom of a sickness that prvades this industry.   The most beatiful and talented among us are still not good enough.  I am old enough to have witnessed the metamorphosis of stars from earlier eras such as Cher, and Farrah  and Michael who have become shadows of their former selves. 


We don't even see the truth behind these "packaged" commodities.  For example, everyone is spellbound by Brad and Angelina.  He is no more than a philandering husband having a mid-life crisis and she is a sexually depraved self mutilator who has been able to buy children like the rest of us buy pets.  Didn't Joan Crawford adopt some kids in the 40's for the same reasons and we later learned that she was a toxic parent? 


Think of the hypocrisy of this; Brangelina recently were lauded for visiting the earthquake victims in Pakistan, yet they also were reported to have stayed at a $7000 a night hotel during their stay.  How many homes for victims could they have built for this money?   


It's time to see these people for what they are, flawed and narcissistic people who don't deserve the attention that they get. 

March 8, 2006, 10:44 pm CST

Eminem fan.......

Quote From: shadyblood

WoW! Talk about SHOCKED,not because these people are obsessed with celebrites,but because i was actually thinking this Morning ''Amm i too obsessed?'' and i said to myself ....''No''. 

I'm 17 and have,what other people would consider a HUUGE OBSESSION with Eminem.Soo why would they say this? I search for people online every day who Claim there Eminems Biggest Fan,then i Email them,letting them know they cant take my place,and ask them to IM me or Email me back and i will battle them with questions to prove i am (i've never lost a battle,by the way)and when i win a battle and they say ''Wow you ARE his biggest fan'' it's one of the best feelings!!! 

I've loved him since i was 9 (So about 7 years) i have ALL his CD's (Actually...doubles of all his Cd's) and overr Two Thousand Dollars(2,000+) worth of memorabilia,You cant see the color of my walls,becuase there COVERED with his pictures,and on my celing theres a huge backwards 'E' 

I know just about Everything a  fan can know about him,includingg his old homes addresse's and phone number. I dont go outside the house with repping him (an Eminem T-shirt,Visor etc) and dont even thinkk about sayin something negative about him in front of me.Unless you intentionally want to get punched in the face. Another thing not to ay to that im '' wont last''   thaats one of the best ways to tick me off,i KNOW im not,ive loved this man since i was 9,and im 17 now.He's done SOOO much for me......and he doesnt even know. People call me the ''Female Stan'' after his song 'Stan' about an obsessed fan. The sad thing? Im more obsessed than  

Stan...but not in a bad way! Theres things about me/Eminem that people will never know...cuz then they would say i was crazy,so i keep it to myself. On my 18th birthday(about 8 months away)maybe sooner,i'm getting some Eminem tattoos,i cant wait!!  When i die,i want it to be in the papaer announcing ''Eminems Biggest Fan Has Passed Away''....if i could hold one worl-wide title...i would want it to be ''Eminems Biggest Fan'.  I'd do ANYTHINGG for this man,Eminem..Anyything!!!  

Well theres SOO much more to this,but thanks for letting me share this. 

-Valene Seeley 

You are only 17!  Get a life going!  Eminem is a temporary celebrity and by the time you are an adult no one will remember him or his music.  You were put on this earth for greater purpose than to be anyone's biggest fan.  Face it, Eminem could care less about you other than the money you put in his pocket by buying his stuff.  Unless you die in the near future, if  your obituary reads "Eminem's greatest fan, I guarantee you that  everyone who reads it will say , "Who's Eminem?"
March 8, 2006, 11:10 pm CST

03/08 Stalking the Stars

Quote From: ljtk82287

I was watching your show about "Stalking The Stars" where the gal wanted to be Mary-Kate Olsen.  She is ruining her life, and killing herself, by smoking, starving, and purging.  This bulimia/anorexia has touched my life and I wanted to share it.  My cousin has suffered from this disease for 21 years, not because she wanted to "be" someone else, but because she thought she was fat after giving birth.  She was far from being overweight, but that was how she viewed herself.  Throughout these 21 years, she has suffered through extreme pain due to weakened bones, numerous back surgeries, broken bones, as well as addiction of pain medication and alcohol to help alleviate the pain.  She is only 42 years old, and looks and walks like a 90-year old woman.  She suffers from osteoporosis, and is no longer the beautiful person I once knew.  If you are someone who suffers with bulimia/anorexia, please seek help.  If you know of someone who is suffering, get them help.   

I read yiour message and totally agree on getting help.  I am a mother of an anorexic/bulimic and yes this disease comes with alot  of pain, not only for the family but an unbearable pain for the one going through this.  My loved one is now in treatment and  can't be thankful enough.   

March 8, 2006, 11:28 pm CST

Please don't hesitate..

Quote From: carla_nyc

Hi this is my first message on the Dr Phil website. I was watching the show on Friday and noticed a preview for a show about a girl who is so influenced by Mary-Kate Olsen that she purges with a picture of her. I am the exact same way- when I was watching the show I quickly identified with the level of glamour and sucess thats now associated with eating disorders. My eating problems started long before I began to take notice of all of the shrinking celebrities now in Tinseltown, I became bulimic at the age of 13, and have struggled off and on with both bulimia and anorexia since then ( I am now 18)- this past year I've really gotten out of control. I feel that my perfectionism ( I've obtained a 4.0 average and graduated from a top school in the top 2 percent of my class- and I am starting NYU in the Fall, I've taken a year off to travel.) has lead to such a tremendous amount of stress and exhaustion that I need to keep atleast one thing in control in my life- my body. I am about 5'5 and 100 pounds, but my goal weight is 85 pounds, because thats Nicole Richie's weight, and I think she looks great now. I paste pictures of her together in a scrapbook and whenever I want to eat, I look at them- and imagine myself being that perfect. I also pasted a picture of her on my bathroom wall and when I am purging I do look at it. I feel the same way about Mary-Kate and Lindsay Lohan, but Nicole RIchie is my favorite "thinspiration." I weigh myself about 5 times a day and make up little rules in my head about punishments for eating too much. I never go above 400 calories.....I'm hoping to get treatment soon though, since its been happening for years now. Although celebrities obviously didn't cause my problems, seeing them in magazines with gorgeous bones poking out certainly doesn't help.

Please I strongly urge you to seek help as soon as possible.   I have a son who is 20 years old, and they say it does not happen to boys but it did.  A coach in highschool told him to lose and he went to the extreme, and was in college and could not control is eating disorder.  He is 5'7" and his lowest weight was 98 pounds and all his organs were shutting down.  He has been in and out of the hospital and in alot of pain mentally and physically.   He has finally chosen to go to a treatment center and called me today  from there saying thanks mom....and I love you 

. Sooo please dont hesitate, this disease is deadly.. My son too gave himself punishments and describes alot of what you are going through,   I pray yiou will turn for help soon.   

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