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Created on : Friday, October 07, 2005, 03:40:09 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

Sending kids away to college should be a cause for celebration, but for some parents it's a cause for worry and sadness. Dr. Phil and Robin share their journey as they move their younger son, Jordan, away to college. Next, Becky is so obsessed with keeping a close watch on her 18-year-old daughter, Molly, she doesn't let her stay out past 11:00, is constantly calling her, and has even considered packing her bags and going to college with her! Can Dr. Phil help Becky learn ways to cope without a child in the house? Plus, nine female college roommates drink excessively, fight constantly, and their neighbors call the police on them at least twice a month!  Talk about the show here.


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March 2, 2006, 11:51 am CST

i want to thank you

Quote From: suemasters

I totally agree with you.  How can Becky possibly hope to have a daughter ready to face the world when she never prepared her for that task and has possibly done the opposite.  Becky has abandoned her husband and POSSESSED her daughter to an out of control proportion and she now expects everyone to understand her plight.  Did anyone else notice the daughter's eyes as she answered the questions?  GET A LIFE was the best advise Dr. Phil could have given her -- unfortunately her chances are slim.   


Becky's also going to be very surprised when PRECIOUS DAUGHTER gets her freedom and GOES WILD.  I've had a number of friends who restricted their children to the point that they FORCED THEM TO LIE about everything in life outside the restrictions of MOM and/or DAD.  The parents are so like Becky -- they just don't GET why the kids can't cope when they are without that RESTRICTED environment.  I'll bet Becky's daughter has a story that hasn't been told yet.  Your follow up show could be very interesting. 


We've had three daughters graduate from Texas A & M (the real university) - one (38) is a Dentist; one (37)  is a CPA and the youngest (34) is in the most honorable profession of all a Teacher.  All three girls lived in a Condo that we bought and paid for; they received a monthly allowance; all three girls were told that their job was to get their education within 4 years (the CPA even got 2 degrees yes from Texas A & M in her 4 years - probably because she didn't want to come home and work in the dental office in the breaks); I think they have had a happy life from Middle School (when I married the love of my life, who adopted all of them after they turned 18).  We gave them guidelines, restrictions, independence & freedom (but not South Padre)  they went to Acapulco for Spring Break & the Pajama Party (2 events that were very important to anyone who vacationed there with College Age kids in the those days) and we know that they partied there (and sometimes patient's brought the Mexico City News with their pictures on the Front page of the Social Section) because they partied when they were in high school.  However, HOME was a place they could bring their friends (even the ones that no one else dared take home).  There were rules, there was honesty, there was freedom and now as we watch all of these daughters we are so proud that they are instilling the values that they were raised with and that were reinforced at Texas A & M and they are now instilling in our three granddaughters and one grandson. 


Oh My!  I thought I would just look at this and now I feel like Pastor Hagee (he's big in San Antonio) or Pat Robinson (I guess he's just big everywhere).  Anyway.  Thanks for a Great Show.  I wish everyone could just learn to LISTEN to children.  


NOTE:  They did give me an unexpected gift each year for Mother's Day -- they told me one more outrageous story  of an event or incident that they got away with during the years that I thought they were SO SPECIAL & SO PERFECT!   That's truly love - although SCARY. 


for saying that a teacher is so importent don't hear that enofe.  Somepople thinks it is one of the easyest jobs out there HA not true
March 29, 2006, 5:30 pm CST

Doctor Phil Show.

Dear Doctor Phil. I think you and Robin sure send Jordan to college of his choice in all 50 states and it does not matter what college that he is sent to aslong that he has a good grades and do-- 

well in college but I know that Jordan will do good. Good luck.  Well I had better close now.--------- 

Sincerley Your. Russell

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