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Created on : Friday, September 30, 2005, 03:30:22 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

(Original Air Date: 10/03/05) Imagine growing up in a cult where you are forced to have sex with strangers -- when you’re as young as 5. Dr. Phil talks to people who escaped the group known as the Children of God, and need help moving on. Meet a daughter who says she can’t forgive her father for the years of painful abuse she suffered at the hands of this cult. How can she reconnect with her dad and start trusting again? Plus, China and her husband, John, are building a new life after leaving the group, where they were forced to have sex with strangers when they were both underage. They’ve had a difficult time adjusting to the outside world, and China wonders if she should prosecute her parents for abuse. What does Dr. Phil think? Talk about the show here.


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October 3, 2005, 12:15 pm CDT

April here is more from your leader Berg

Quote From: fruittune   


    Check this out! I thought this was interesting.  


He is talking to his mistress Karen Zerby (Maria) the current leader. They are discussing women who have had a lot of children and are now very weak. Do you April agree with his sexist notions?From the Devil Hates Sex 20 May 1980 DFO#999 Paragraph 120: All right, if they're too damn weak to both bear'm and care'm, well, they can have'm and having performed their service, go to be with the Lord, [die] and the husband can marry a nice strong young woman who's got the health and strength to take care of'm! (Maria: It's not that simple, you don't just die!) Why not? Death of mothers was quite frequent when I was a kid. It was not at all unusual for a man to have had two or three wives, not because of divorce and remarriage but because of the women having so many children and such hard work that she finally wore out or he wore her out and she died and he married somebody else! Does that shock you?121 Well, praise God, if she performed her service and she did her job and it got finished earlier than most people and the Lord took her, well she's all the better off, PTL! She never had a chance to even grow old, and he can get a nice young wife with a lot of strength and energy that can finish the job! I mean death is not such a terrible thing! David Berg
October 3, 2005, 12:21 pm CDT

Ugh =(

Okay, I had to post again because the more I watch this stuff the more it rips my heart apart.    I just want anyone who is watching this show, and anyone, to know that the "Christian" people portrayed in these cults and the "Jesus & God" they talk about, they aren't the real God and Jesus and they are NOT Christians.   They aren't doing God's will at ALL with the choices they make and the web of lies they try to brain wash into the heads of people.   It's just so heart wrenching to watch this and wonder what people think when they see those things about God... 
October 3, 2005, 12:37 pm CDT

April do you believe this?

Quote From: robinz

Children are a heritage of the Lord & the fruit of the womb is His reward. This verse sums up my feelings of the upbringing I had in The Family, and reminds me of the responsible attitude and conduct which I saw continually portrayed by my parents and caregivers throughout that upbringing. I am a second generation Family member, the oldest girl in a family of nine children. Because of my parents’ deep faith & love for the Lord I was given the privilege to be raised in what I consider the absolute best environment in the world.



Throughout my 29 years I have never personally seen nor experienced anything unloving, dangerous or damaging to myself or any other children as I grew up in Family communities all throughout Australia, India, Japan, the Philippines and New Zealand. Absolutely no form of abuse is tolerated in The Family! We were raised and still live according to the loving, Godly principles laid out in the Bible and my present lifestyle clearly reflects that for any objective inquirer who should care to hear a firsthand account from one of the allegedly “abused, deprived victims.”

I live in Mexico along with my husband & our five children (ages 1-11 years old) who we feel are a reward & honor to raise. Our expanding missionary work to help the needy people of this country has many aspects ranging from giving physical aid, in the form of food, clothing, medical supplies, toys etc… to the more important spiritual aid, that of counseling, mentoring, comforting, encouraging, assisting and guiding; And this all for a very broad variety of class and culture within Mexico.



We daily interact with extremely diverse individuals from opposite walks of life i.e. orphans, delinquents, homeless families, college students, educators, lawyers, businessmen, policymakers, and officials just to name a few.



And this work is done by a team largely comprised of Family young adults ages 18 through 31, most of whom have been born & raised in The Family. The superior training that we received all of our lives has proved its value in the amazing things which we have accomplished. We were raised to be adaptable, relatable, versatile, persistent, industrious, have a strong work ethic, and we were well prepared to approach life so that we would excel in whatever capacity we chose.



Besides all the missionary work we of RESCATE are doing, there is the somewhat behind-the-scenes work of organizing, people handling, managing, accounting, organizing and fundraising. All vital to keeping our team of 28 people operational. And this took exceptional training as well! You try to run a business and then also live with your 27 other coworkers every day and notice the tact, concern, love, unselfishness, patience and countless other values needed to be productive. We were given that extra measure of morale needed by growing up in the Family.



I know that the Family in the best place for children to be raised because I lived it. –My husband lived it. –The 8 other second generation Family adults I live with lived it & we are all still living it. My eight brothers & sisters—apart from my eldest brother who moved on & has since become a very useful citizen to secular society—are all also still living it & making a difference each & every day in their respective mission fields.



April Fischer, second generation member of the Family International.



Age 30
Happily Married 11 years
Born & raised in The Family
Currently a missionary in Mexico with “Proyecto Rescate”(Project Rescue)



April, the following statements from your leader David Berg are virulently anti-Semitic. Do you agree with these statements of Berg's, and if so, how does that square with your claim of missionary work? Do you also share the belief that God is racist and anti-Semitic? Spoken by David Berg: "May God damn the God-damned Jews! My God, I think if I could get over there and had a gun I think I'd shoot 'em myself! My God damn them in Jesus' name! In Jesus' name, strike! Strike! Strike! God damn the Jews! Those Anti-Christ, Christ-hating Jews, God damn them! O God, if I had a gun I'd shoot them myself! God damn the Jews! God damn them, God damn them, God damn them, in Jesus' name! Damn the anti-Christ Jews! Damn them O God! God damn them!" ("A Prayer for the Poor!", 681:23,25,33,34,35,76) "And yet the Jews condemn Hitler for killing Jews! Well, now you know why Hitler wanted to kill'm all! The World would have been a lot better off without'm a long time ago!" ("The Beirut Massacre!", 1284:38) "'Ah, he's not only an anti-Semite, he's a racist!'--Yes, I'm an anti-Semite, because God is! Yes, I'm a racist, because God is!" ("The Troublemakers!--And the Solution!", 1222:110) David Berg
October 3, 2005, 12:39 pm CDT

I seen this website

This is there website they try to make themselves look normal 

October 3, 2005, 12:44 pm CDT

I have dated someone who was born into The Children of God

Thank you for doing this show Dr. Phil, It is awful what this cult and his parents did to him and the rest of the children in the cult. The adults were incredibly selfish to allow their children to grow up in this dangerous environment. He and his brothers and sisters have many problems and he is DEEPLY emotionally disturbed. I had to break up with him because I could no longer live with someone who was suffering so much because his behavior was harmful to me. He was born into this cult (he seemed to have a problem calling it that) and had to learn how to live in our society which is an incredibly difficult thing to do. To those who are not looking at this as a real thing and treating it like a "TV Show", they need to know that these are real lives, that this happens and it is deeply tragic that lives have been ruined in the process. My ex is an extremely intelligent person and has acheived some success careerwise. But socially he can be a monster and from what he told me of his family, they suffer from major emotional problems as well in addition to the fact that professionally that have struggled and continue to do so. Please everyone take this seriously.
October 3, 2005, 12:55 pm CDT

Another perspective

My name is Julia Kelly, seventeen years old, and I was born and grew up in the Family International. Never once was I ever abused in any way, physically, sexually, emotionally or otherwise. I was home schooled my whole life, and very happy with the results. I feel just as educated, if not more so, than any student fresh out of high school.  Home schooling, by the way, is something done by hundreds of thousands of citizens all over the United States and not at all unusual. 

For the record, though it seems ridiculous to even mention, I have written checks, opened my own bank account, have a high school diploma, am working on my drivers license, and know how to use a vending machine (If you get it, you get it).  

Living in a Family home, I have a life that supplies my every need, I am advancing in my chosen field of work, happy and fulfilled with what I spend my days doing, in a loving, caring, supportive environment. If I had the slightest inkling that any abuse or mistreatment was going on in my house, (where there are eight children under the age of five), I would report it to authorities without delay. 

I have reiterated this statement numerous times, as have hundreds of current second-generation Family members. I live my life for others in a Christian organization that has only ever helped me to be a better person and live a happy life. All I’m asking is that I be able to continue to do so without my way of life being slandered and my organization being made out to be an abusive, unsafe, malicious cult.  

That’s the long and the short of it. I won’t feel guilty because I don’t have time to rebut every accusation and complaint made – the facts are there if you’re looking for them. I have a wonderful life that I’d rather live to the full than spend defending to those who have not moved on with theirs.  

To the general public, check your facts, please. Don’t let it be said of you that you’ll believe the first thing you read and run with it, you’re better than that. Go to and read for yourself what current and former Family members have to say about The Family International. Make up your mind after having heard both sides and see which one holds more water. 

October 3, 2005, 1:05 pm CDT

The Family Katrina Scam

The Family as per their usual MO is exploiting the Katrina disaster for publicity, funding, and supplies. Here is a link of their so called ministry. I wonder how the victims and responders would feel if they knew that The Family leader Karen Zerby had the following to say about Katrina: The persecution connection 54. (Mama:) The Lord also brought out the point that one reason for His hand of judgment on the U.S. was because of their vilification and persecution of the Family in the recent news articles, magazine articles, and TV shows. Although there have been articles in other countries, most of the lies and slander have been spread in and from the U.S., and the Lord was not pleased. mises, and alert you that the fulfillment of many more is at the door. 56. This event, and others to come like it, are My hand of judgment on a wicked country that, among its many sins‚ has been the base for those who have rejected you, scorned your work, vilified your messages publicly. The mentality of the American public-–hardened, calloused, violent‚ selfish, bitter, "me-first," spoiled and corrupt--has made it easy for your detractors to sow their lies and exaggerations and find a receptive audience with the media. You can see in this storm My hand of vengeance and judgment, for I am not pleased when a nation maligns My prophets. 57. This disaster doesn't just affect those whose lives are immediately touched by it. This disaster will affect the entire U.S. in time‚ and it will shake them up and cause them to take stock. The reasons for which I would have to punish that country are almost without number, but one of their prime sins and most recent transgressions has been their treatment of you, My Family‚ in the media. 58. I have promised vengeance and judgment for those that attack you and thus attack Me, and so I have done it. This is not the only reason for the catastrophe, but it is one of the most pertinent to you. I will take action against a nation that vilifies you in its press and heaps scorn and persecution on you. --Karen Zerby, GN 1147 ("World Currents!--No.103: Hurricane Katrina", GN 1147, September 2005)
October 3, 2005, 1:12 pm CDT

I was a member of this group...

...for six years.  (I left in 1978.)  Whilst I was in the cult, my wife and two daughters (at the time) were with me.  When the first FF'ing (Flirty Fishing) letters came out, it was a bit a disturbing.  To be honest, there had been disturbing things from time-to-time; however, this started taking things to a new level.  As the letters (and artwork, for that matter) became more and more graphic, I became more and more concerned about these "new revelations."  During my time in the group, I constantly bucked authority and I usually ended up in trouble because of it.  Fortunately, it was that same independence that allowed me to simply walk out of the group.  To be sure, the regional "shepherd" tried desperately to talk my wife into staying, along with our daughters.  It was to no avail, though, and we all got on the Greyhound and left.   


My family and I were fortunate.  We communicated openly and honestly between ourselves and we were able to discuss things and match against our own value hierarchies.  Needless to say, the COG/FOL and "Mo" came up short in the short term.  In the long run, we could see how this stuff was going to end up and we didn't want that for our kids.  This was in March of 1978.  In November of 1978, headlines of mass suicides at Jonestown hit the papers.  We consider ourselves very fortunate indeed. 


After leaving the goup, we got a LOT (and I mean a LOT) of offers to speak out against the group...expose the group...etc.  I decided that I would write a short booklet about the group and its problems and leave it at that.  After the booklet was published, I refused to deal wtih the group and with those parties who were interested in having me speak our and "deprogram/exit counsel."  You know, it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  The cult had stolen six years of my, I had GIVEN (voluntarily) those six years to the cult and I wasn't going to give them any more of my time either directly or indirectly.  This is the first time in 27 years that I've even talked about it. 


It's good to see that people are waking up to the horrors here.  God knows, they are probably more dangerous than ever before now that they are becoming "respectable." 

October 3, 2005, 1:23 pm CDT


I'm not sure if anyone remembers this but about 10 years ago Cosmopolitan did an article about River Phoenix and his upbringing.  Apparently, his parents were a part of the cult "Children of God" and they ended up leaving it.  It mentioned sex with children.  His parents did not want him to stay celibate and celebrated his having sex again at 14.
October 3, 2005, 1:42 pm CDT

A bet

I'm betting it won't be long before the Cult's young members respond to a mass email from their leaders calling on them to post their rebuttals on this board. I'll venture a guess as to what most of the long articles will say. 1) I have lived in The Family International for "blank number of years" and I never was abused in any way and never saw or heard anything that would possibly smack of abuse. 2) don't listen to the lies of a few disgruntled ex-members who just (insert excuse here: don't like our religion, want to make money, are bitter, want fame) 3) I have children and would never let abuse to them go unreported. 4) We are just humble missionaries trying to spread God's love around the world. 5) Our education without compare. 6) Most will refer readers to their "positive testimony" website They will ignore their many writings that advocated sex with children, religious prostitution, destruction of America, praise for Saddam, Hitler, and the Japanese war machine. They will ignore Family publications such as The Davidito Book, Ban the Bomb, The little girl dream, God's Whores, America the Whore, The Devil hates Sex, and a host of other screeds.
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