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Topic : 09/28 Overmedicating America: The Cruise Controversy

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Created on : Friday, September 23, 2005, 04:45:47 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

When Tom Cruise gave his opinion about the drugging of America, he created a firestorm of controversy. Are we an overmedicated nation? Dave and Jill feel as if their 7-year-old son is holding them hostage in their own home. He's on three medications, but his uncontrollable fits of rage are destroying their marriage. Is this a real medical issue or a parenting problem? Then, two women with powerful personal stories debate the "Cruise controversy." They both think their opinion is right, but what does Dr. Phil think? Plus, an outraged father confronts his ex-wife and demands that she stop medicating their 9-year-old son. Talk about the show here.


Find out what happened on the show.


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September 28, 2005, 1:54 pm CDT

Bi-Polar and Mental Illness

I disagree with people who post messages on here who have no personal experience with any type of mental illness.  I am 30yo and have been treated with several different antidepression meds, anti-anxiety meds, as well as sleep medsf for insomnia.  Mental illness is a serious condition that should not be taken lightly by anyone esp. by someone without any firsthand experience.  I wasn't diagnosed with bi-polar until I was 29 but looking back I could see the "highes" and "lows" of it that I had that are not at all related to a womans hormonal cycle or anything.    I wish i would of been treated realier in life, personally looking back I feel I wouldn't of made some of the really bad choices I have made and the risky behaviors that are also associated with this disease.  I am now on mood stabilizers and an anti-depressant and living a preoductive lifestyle and I feel that the mother of the 14yo is doing the right thing, I wish I woulf of been treated at a young age also.  She will just benefit from this, believe me.  I am happy to say I have graduated college working as  Registered Nurse and working on my Masters, married with 2 very smart kids.
September 28, 2005, 1:55 pm CDT

if your son is acting like that ON the meds then

Quote From: ummjesse

My son has been diagnosed high-functioning autism, aspergers,adhd, bi-polar, etc etc. I do believe he is truly in deep water and doesnt know how to help himself and neither do any of the adults around him. He takes thorazine, abilify, depakote, remeron, trazodone. The thorazine, abilify, and depakote are supposed (and have helped some) stop his rages but he is still beyond hyper, he babbles incessantly about being a pirate, being a scientist to being the devil. What am I to do?
the meds are not working so get him off of the!!!   he could be acting like that because of the meds!!      best wishes, but i would never give them to my child,   depakote is some powerful stuff and remeron!!!!!    thats crazy....        
September 28, 2005, 1:59 pm CDT

09/28 Overmedicating America: The Cruise Controversy

Quote From: oconnor

My son has been diagnost with ADHD.  We are still trying to find a medication that will work completely or to be diagnost with an additional problem.  But without medication he is even frustrated.  He can't concentrate or focus on even small tasks (such as brushing his teeth).  Medication alows him to go through his day with a satisfaction of completion.  I do recomend medication when it is definately needed.  Complete study of all medication that you take is required.




September 28, 2005, 2:06 pm CDT

diagnosing bipolar

Quote From: tackermann

 Does anyone know anything about  Bi Polar Disorder in Children? How do you know for sure that a child is Bi Polar? Is Risperdal really ok for kids?

In my experience bipolar was diagnosed by behaviors over a lengthy time period as well as a family history. 

When reviewing family history we have to remember generations back mental illness was taboo. So you have to look at any kind of mental illness in family, any suicide, addictions to drugs or alcohol, any family members that you remember being in any hospital or institution, etc. 


The behaviors they look at are a variety from extremely happy, euphoric to down right depressed, suicidal etc. Rages, mood swings, etc. You could go to and search bipolar symptoms, or the dsm-4 guidelines for diagnosing bipolar. 


As far as risperdal, my daughter takes 0.5 mg up to 1.0 mg depending on symptoms. This has greatly helped her aggression as well as other psychotic symptoms like hallucinations and suicidal ideation and self mutilation. 

I hope this has helped you a little. 


September 28, 2005, 2:07 pm CDT

I know first hand

I am absolutly outraged at what people are saying about medicating America and it being wrong!  As an 18 year old I have been on perscription anti-depressants for the last 5 years of my life.  I live in a family where my parents are together, I am the only child in my family, there has never been anything leading to a suggestion of depression in my life.  When I look back there is no definant point where I started being depressed, but I do remember writing suicide notes while I was at home by myself after school.  After 1 1/2 years of seeing a psychologist she suggested I take medicine also.  After dealing with my own thoughts about prescription drugs I began to realize that life was getting better.  All of that is really an average story about anti-depressants, and most people who have been on the drugs would most likely agree in some fashion.  I am outraged for these reasons-chemical imbalance ablsolutly is a real thing.  After 18 months of seeing a psychologist, she found that there was no reason in my life for me to be like this, I simply was.  Second, drugs probably are overused, and I also agree with that, but saying we should not use them at all amkes me upset and I have to wonder how much worse my life would have been since middle school if I had not had these drugs available.  Last, and I feel most important.  You all talk about how CHILDREN are being over medicated-and how this is ruining them!  Have you ever actually sat down and talked to a child who is old enough to realize what these medications have done for them??  I stongly believe that if you did this many of you would change your mind.  As for me, don't put words into my mouth- Anti-depressants have saved my life.
September 28, 2005, 2:08 pm CDT

Kids and Meds

 I have an autistic boy that is almost 11 years old. He was diagnosed at a very young age. Because of violent behavior and harming himself and others he was put on Risperdal. He has been on this med for about 3 -4 years now with no side effects. Mind you is is on a very small dose and is monitered very closely. I would like to know why Dr. Phil is so opposed to antiphyschotic drugs and children. This med has done nothing but help my child. 
September 28, 2005, 2:09 pm CDT

just need to add a few things

Quote From: shialay05

i was watching the show today and i cant believe how many women and men bring their children to psychologist and druggin their kids..!! its sad... i worked as a reseptionist for a psychologist and i seen first hand how these kids act.. and i dont think its the children.. I do believe however some kids are different than others and may be more hyper active than others.. but that doesnt mean u have to go and drug them to get them the way u want them.. u are those kids parents u should know what they need and not what a doctor tells u.. drug wise..  its not a healthy thing for kids to be on all these drugs.. some of those meds can cause death!! DEATH!! do u really want ur child to be taking something that can cause something so terrible? I have two daughters.. my oldest will be 5 this dec.. i love her with all my heart i do! and yes she gets in her moods where she just lets go and runs wild and drives me nuts, but i would really go insane if i didnt have her in my life anymore because of something i gave her... or if it caused so heart problem or something else... giving those children is not the answer.. being a parent putting ur foot down and having some kind of plan for their day to day life and some disapline.. and of course ur love and attention... ur their mothers and fathers they need u more then that drug in their lives.. u are their role model and teaching them to take drugs as a child instead of helping them control themsevles is the wrong way to teach them..  

also most of these medications arent tested on children under the age of 18... and doctors are giving them to children at the age of 2... how do u know thats right for ur children? the doctor doesnt even know.. and its wrong to give these to children.. there should be something to stop the use of these drugs and how the dr.s give them to people.. i have been a victom of depression and iwas in the hosptial for 8days. the dr put me on paxil ( i was 14 at the time and 21 now) the drug made me feel so high.. i couldnt see straight, it was like i was in another world.  i wasnt me and i didnt like that.. i just had to find a way to work out my problems..people thought i was crazy and out of control because i would rebel with my parents pictch fits and cuss at them untill i got what i wanted and if that didnt work i would cry till i could breath.. im not an expert but i dont a thing or two about drugs.. all kinds of drugs.. i just dont think its safe for children taking these... u wouldnt take something if u didnt know all the side effects i hope!! so why give it to ur child? i would ask the dr if its safe and what side effects and if it has been tested on children or tested for children for their age group and if he says so.. ask him to show u.. show me where it says that!!
September 28, 2005, 2:09 pm CDT

09/28 Overmedicating America: The Cruise Controversy

Quote From: cingular

the topic is not do we or do we not like tom cruise... the topic is these drugs and the bottom line is, Tom Cruise only spoke the truth!!!  these drugs are very very dangerous,  people put way to must trust in their Doctors and WHY ARE WE TREATING HORMONAL IMBALANCE WITH MIND ALTERING DRUGS!!!!!    SHOULDNT WE TREAT IT WITH HORMONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And how did you decide this is HORMONES ????  


ADHD is a CHEMICAL IMBALANCE in the brain.    Its a imbalance of dopamine,  this is the same chemical imbalance in patients with Parkensons.    I haven't found anyone in the medical community that says there is a link with ADHD and Parkensons but I sure find it interesting that they share the same chemical imbalance just going in opposite directions. 



September 28, 2005, 2:09 pm CDT

A huge decision

We may have the to-medicate-or-not-to-medicate decision coming up in the next couple of years. When my son was 3, we went to 2 different mental health professionals who thought he had Bipolar Disorder. Then we went to a child psychiatrist who believes he has ADHD. She is very reluctant to diagnose that, and very reluctant to medicate. My son is 5 now and just started kindergarten. I think the most important thing I have learned so far is to assemble a "team"--my husband and me, our pediatrician, the child psychiatrist, my son's teacher and school counselor. We hit a bump in the road early with wild behavior as kindergarten started and in a week we nipped that in the bud, without medication. But now we are having problems with my son not finishing his work in class. It doesn't matter a whole lot now, but in later grades, you know, you just can't get away with not doing your work!  If my son's doctors believe that medicine is the only way to get him to focus in school, we will give it a try.  Every child is different; what works for one won't for another. I am convinced that a need for medication depends on the individual child, and you just CANNOT run around telling other parents they need to do this or that.
September 28, 2005, 2:10 pm CDT

Medicating Children

My daughter is on two different medications for anxiety disorder.  She was diagnosed through our doctor with this in second grade, after spending two years fighting to get her to go to school.  I found putting her on medication for years.  I felt that putting her on medication for years.  However, last year (7th grade) she went from being a straight A student, to making Ds.  She began to get very depressed and even talked about suicide.  We decided that it was time to get professional help.  She has been seeing a psychiatrist for over a year now, and the medications have made a huge diffrence in her.  She is able to talk to other people, before she could not even look anyone in the eye when they tried to talk to her. 

I do believe that in many cases, medication is an out for parents that dont want to deal with the real issues their children are facing.  However, a generalizatoin that all medications are bad is very dangerous.  At one point last year, a health teacher at my daughters school touched on mental health using a negative spin.  During this time, my daughter decided something was wrong with her if she needed medication and stopped taking it on her on.  She tried to drown herself in the bathtub.  Once we got her back on the medication, she is fine again. 

I do hope that eventually we will be able to take her off the medication.  We are doing behavior therapy and seeing a psychiatrist every 2 months. (Used to be 2x a month)  However, if not for the medication, she would not be responsive to the therapy. 

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