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Topic : 09/28 Overmedicating America: The Cruise Controversy

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Created on : Friday, September 23, 2005, 04:45:47 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

When Tom Cruise gave his opinion about the drugging of America, he created a firestorm of controversy. Are we an overmedicated nation? Dave and Jill feel as if their 7-year-old son is holding them hostage in their own home. He's on three medications, but his uncontrollable fits of rage are destroying their marriage. Is this a real medical issue or a parenting problem? Then, two women with powerful personal stories debate the "Cruise controversy." They both think their opinion is right, but what does Dr. Phil think? Plus, an outraged father confronts his ex-wife and demands that she stop medicating their 9-year-old son. Talk about the show here.


Find out what happened on the show.


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June 27, 2007, 11:44 am CDT

09/28 Overmedicating America: The Cruise Controversy

Quote From: theresa72

You know....I think that it is very very sad that people in our country are being forced into changing careers that they were once passionate about due to frustration & discust over this subject. There has been many teachers as well that have given up their profession because they didn't agree with the "mind altering" drugging of children. In some schools there are over 65% of children on highly addictive & seriously dangerous drugs! Years ago I seen a program on Dateline about an elementary school in Virginia where at a certain time every day a huge line of children would line up down the hallway for their daily Ritalin fix! It was one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen & has stuck in my mind ever since. These poor little kids looked like little zombies standing in line. They had no emotion on their face....they just stood there standing perfectly still in line with their hands at their sides. It made me cry & I can't get that picture out of my mind.  These poor kids didn't choose to be like this! Children are pure & can they get away with making them suffer like this???? 


I am thankful that I have found wonderful doctors for my daughter. They are very cautious about prescribing antibiotics....warning about resistance if taken when unnecassary. She suffered from many ear infections when she was younger & even though she had a history of them, the doctors still persisted that she come in for an exam before they would prescribe her any medications. It is ashame that more doctors are not this cautious. I do agree that drugs should not be treated as candy but at the same time you have to blame all the doctors that promote & prescribe the drugs! Without the doctors prescription....this problem wouldn't exist! There is do doubt that there is enormous profit made in the drug industry & the average every day people are the ones having to pay the price for it! It is nice that while the CEO's of huge drug companies are swimming in money.......we are struggling to be able to afford health insurance for our families! 


I commend you for giving up your profession for something that you believe in & I wish you all the luck with your future endeavors! 

     it is sad to see children on meds all zoned out and on meds that are addictive my son is on meds for his ocd and bipolar but not ritalin or any of that other cramp that peolpe without any problems use to get high my son looks 100% normal you would never tell he is one anything only when he isn't on it. like the very first dr i took my son to we was in there maybe not  longer than 15 min and he was ready to give him ritalin he said well he could have adhd give these to him and come back next month i was like hold up your not sure what he has and want to give a 5 yr old ritilin i would not give him those pills so we was with that dr for 2 month next visit we was in and out in 5 min again he wanted to give him ritilin we never went back  i wouldn't take a dead dog to that dr but my son dr now is wonderful very help with problems with the school all med are none addictive he does blood work up on my son every other month he cares if there is a problem i call his office and the dr himself calls me back not a nurse and he always explains everything not only to myself but to my son he tells us what med what they do and possible side affects what not cold med or over counter med to mix with them  may son has been on the same med for 4 yrs now we made adjustments with them but he isn't a ginny pig my son at 10 yrs old can tell you what meds he take what they are for and knows which on which by looking at them. i push in his head over and over baby you know you take meds and you are getting older there is alot of drugs out there you can  never ever mix and other pills or street drug or drink with you meds it could kill you the dr. will  ask my son what he thinks you can not just see the dr you have to have your child seeing a counsler no counsler no meds he give us support group info anything a care about my patient not just for the money dr does so parents please be carefull with your child's dr.
June 27, 2007, 12:31 pm CDT

09/28 Overmedicating America: The Cruise Controversy

Quote From: cingular

the meds are not working so get him off of the!!!   he could be acting like that because of the meds!!      best wishes, but i would never give them to my child,   depakote is some powerful stuff and remeron!!!!!    thats crazy....        

my son is 10 he has been on depakote for amost 4 yr he does wonderful with it when we found the perfect dose and with his geodon we have been slowly backing off his depakote 3 weeks are goal is a year no rages and very little meds then are next goal is no rages no meds so we took alittle more away and i no time he was easly angered he has gotten hateful edge so i started him back on amount he was doing good with i really don't see where you think it is so crazy and you would think twice about not given it to your child if you lived the hell my son, myself, my other two children and my parents went threw so instead of give your child the med you knew what help so much that he lead almost a normal life and he felt good about himself you would make him suffer thats is what i call crazy


crazy is not given my son the med i know help him and take the chance something really horrible happens in is rages.

October 31, 2007, 8:26 am CDT

Body Dysfunctional Disorder.

How does one get to message that aired 10/30/2007?  I cannot find it. 
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