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Created on : Friday, September 16, 2005, 03:59:15 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

Dr. Phil intervenes with a woman who's anger is out of control. Michelle calls herself a "raging lunatic,"  and says her family is falling apart because of it. When something sets her off, Michelle will go to the extreme: Following drivers on the road, screaming obscenities at her husband until he flees the house, and yelling at her daughters until they are physically sick and cowering in the closet. Michelle reveals her worst fear and Dr. Phil steps in to save this family. Share your thoughts, join the discussion.


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September 19, 2005, 8:52 am CDT

09/19 "Afraid of My Mom"

Quote From: musicman

I understand that you do not need to be on here.  But I have seen your posts on this subject 2 times now and posts on other subjects before, so you have plenty of time.  This is not a personal attack nor is it a defence of them but all I was trying to do is put another point of view on the subject.  I definatly see the scars you have from your childhood, but what did your parents do about it?  Atleast these people are getting help, from what I can see.  As for a medical are extremely nieve to think that may have no roll in  this.  Autisim, turrets, bi-polar disorder and many more things like these are all curable with over the counter medications right?  Please stop and think.  NONE of us know what truly happened in this situation, and odds are that we will never know,  so at this point all we can do is guess and make assumptions.  So good luck with your problems. And just my opinion for you, if you have that many problems stop worring about others and handle your buisness.  The only other option is to maybe see Dr. Phil and see what he can do for you on the other side of the camera.


Please don't waste your time responding to this person. It is clear that the point of his being here is to start a fight. Apparently there are some people who need this sort of conflict to function and this one just found his way here. He is judging you and others based on one paragraph written on a message board yet somehow fails to see that what he is doing is worse. He is clearly posting to incite people as opposed to peacefully posting an opinion or personal experience (which is what the Dr. Phil message board is for I might add). Apparently he is now an expert on you: how much time you have, your history of illness and abuse based on two paragraphs you have written. You have to see how ridiculous and incredibly arrrogant this is; don't take anything he says to heart. If this person were a qualified Phd he would not spend his time on the Dr Phil message board and even if he did he would not address people in this manner therefore his assessment that you need to "stop worring about others and handle your buisness." is completely unfounded. Some people thrive on this sort of troublemaking; please don't allow this one to do so with you.  

September 19, 2005, 9:06 am CDT

ARE Kids Still with Mom?

I had one question after reading the online version. It does not say if the kids will be separated from the mother for a period of time while she gets help. The father needs help-he is afraid of her too. Remember the show with Sheila and her husband who was alcoholic? they were separated but her behavior was physically violent. This Mom is a time bomb. I wish they would take the kids away from her and maybe live with their Dad and then they can get help individually and as a family. Can she really change enough to raise these kids?  I just can't see them all going home after the show and holding hands and singing Kum-bay-yah. Please follow up on this one. Her frustrations, I don't   think she will change soon enough for these kids. They will not feel safe with her.
September 19, 2005, 9:10 am CDT


     I just got done watching todays show "afraid of my mom"....I'm so distrubed.........I feel those children should be removed from that home today........The mother pretty much admitted that she's one step away from killing someone........She's a cold hearted pathetic excuse for a human being.......she's not going to can see that she has no remorse........I'm scared for those children.........This show will haunt me.......... 

September 19, 2005, 9:27 am CDT

Suffering Same

I'm a mother who was also abused as a child but the thing is I used to be a great mother.  I spent all the time in the world protecting my children from the outside world but then when the outside world became involved with me and my family.  People threating social services due to lack of money and such.  I became overly protective of how my children dress and behave to where I turned into the ugly screaming mother only to protect my children from turning into the neighborhood rats that we have around here.  I also feel that its not the mothers complete fault of lashing out.  Maybe she screams so loud so that her husband can hear and maybe just maybe he would like to become the disipliner.  Maybe she is tired of being the one all the time with kids stuck up her butt with mommy this and mommy that.  Why can't the man just simply say leave your mother alone.I've got it.  I think I've got the same disorder because I've noticed that no matter how much work I put into my family, my husband isn't accountable for any of it.  Sure he can introduce us when its good but when social services comes knocking on the door, he just has to point the finger at her and say," well she is with the children more, thats why they don't do anything and thats why they are scared of her."  Sure he can sit ther infront of dr. phil and say I want it to stop but I really don't think he does because he's living the easy life. You saw in the video how after all was said and done with the screaming and what not , he just left and said I can't deal with this right now.  Low and behold look who is still left with the cleaning and children.  True some women should have children but most of us didn't think we were going to be raising them alone and lets face it.  She is alone, even with him there, he doesn't help or else this wouldn't be an issue.  I'm just saying not to get mad at her because she doesn't have any control and maybe she should yell at him, but maybe what she needs is friends that can help and a husband that helps instead of blaming everything on her.
September 19, 2005, 10:03 am CDT

Dr. Phil, did you mean what you said?


I can't believe this show.  Those girls need help now. You say on the show that you're going to get her  out of there. Are those girls safe now?  If this mother has been so evil and violent all her life, why did her parents ever give her daughter back? Or are they as hateful as she is? The father seems to be as browbeaten as those children. Both girls either hide in their closet or in their room when they can. How is this drama? Who are they performing for? There is no defense for a mother treating her own children this way. We all have problems, but to be that violent with your own babies is criminal. She should be in a closet until her kids are safe. 

September 19, 2005, 11:00 am CDT


I do understand this mothers anger. at times i feel like taring something apart of putting my fist through a wall or something like that but why scream at children just to get a fix?  It's not going to solve anything! take a walk or throw a pillow or something to the affect. Send the children to their seperate rooms and after you've cooled down then deal with the situation.  I have always been taught that when you kids are old enough to know and remember never punish in anger  it is then considered revenge. My children are not to this age yet.. my daughter is close but my son is not even over a year yet. he cannot go by this rule. But believe me when they are this will be the way it is done.  How can you develope a well agusted child when all you do is yell and scream at them for doing something every child dose... Test your limits. 
September 19, 2005, 12:17 pm CDT

Lady you are sick

I can't believe this lady. You make me sick. I wish you would leave those poor childern alone. I have never seen anyone like you. If you want to pick on someone, the email me and you have met your match. You need your children taken away from you. I have one son, and he has never ever been treated this way. 
September 19, 2005, 12:24 pm CDT

Sickened by both these "parents"

To see this mother acting almost proud of her behaviour is nearly as disgusting as what she's doing to her children. 


I am absolutely horrified by the abusive natures of both parents in this relationship. Michelle as the gleeful tormentor of her children and Jamie as the passive coward who allows his children to be abused.  


As Michelle pushed into her 7 year old's face, he stood behind her not saying a word.  Even his argument with her after the fact was a weak complaint and did not protect those lovely girls from her vitrol. 


My husband would have removed our sons from that situation and protected them just as I would do if he were ever so violent and cruel. Neither of us would stand for that behaviour toward our children and we would not stand idly by as one of our boys cowered.  


Michelle vicious, self-centered, cruel, mean, bitter and a plain bad mother. Whatever her damage is or whatever may have happened to her in her childhood, it doesn't allow her behaviour. She may have already lost her kids. 


Jamie is an enabler who has abdicated all of his responsibilities as a parent and protector. He gets to appear to be the good one just by standing back and not being the one who yells or "goes off". It's not enough and he needs to grow up and be a father. That's not good enough!!! 



September 19, 2005, 12:31 pm CDT

Sick to my stomach!!

I have never been so sick to my stomach at anything I have seen on TV before. This husband is as guilty as his horrific wife. SOMEBODY needs to save these children!!! If my husband EVER treated my children like this-he'd be out of the house immediately!! Children are the most pwerless people in the universe, and without a parent to protect them, they are doomed. These children will need therapy for years to make up for this abuse. Their parents are animals!! Ask them how they'd like to be treated in the same manner. I'd love to know the answer to that question.   



September 19, 2005, 12:32 pm CDT

This is how I grew up

I grew up with my father doing what the mother was doing, plus beatings, threats of being thrown out of the house (at 5 years old), etc.

The legacy is awful.  Those children need out of that house immediately.

I don't have children, but every so often I'll scream at my husband  like that.   It's horrid and I know it's monstrous.   Sometimes I know that I shouldn't have gotten together with anyone; it's too hard to live with me.    I offered my husband an out: he says he doesn't want to leave.   So I'm doing mindful breathing therapy, and definitely controlling myself better.

Still, I've put my husband through hell.   Those of us who grew up like that---we're not safe.

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