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Created on : Friday, September 16, 2005, 03:59:15 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

Dr. Phil intervenes with a woman who's anger is out of control. Michelle calls herself a "raging lunatic,"  and says her family is falling apart because of it. When something sets her off, Michelle will go to the extreme: Following drivers on the road, screaming obscenities at her husband until he flees the house, and yelling at her daughters until they are physically sick and cowering in the closet. Michelle reveals her worst fear and Dr. Phil steps in to save this family. Share your thoughts, join the discussion.


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May 10, 2006, 12:23 am CDT

I cried sooo hard for myself!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Phil, 

      Thank You! Thank You!   

   I record the show everyday.   I tell my Mother or Father to watch certain episodes.   

     However, this one just made me sob uncontrollabley.  It actually took me back to a place I haven't been in a long long time.  I'm glad my two childern where in bed, because I cried so hard when I seen what the morning was like for the kids, it brought back memories of the torture I went through  growing up.  

              I don't hate the mother or father and I forgive them both.  I had a step mother and a step father on both sides it was hell and confusion.   It's not going to end I suppose til we stop playing the game.  I call it a game, because you can;t stop participating in it if your the younger player, but have the choice to take your turn when your older to pass on moving forward the cards or things you accuqired along the way.  You know what I mean.    

         Why is it Dr. Phil that some of us choose to bury them cards and some continue to play them?   

   And since this show made me cry through every part except when talking to the kids; I wanted to hear every word of your:  it's going to be ok!   :-)))))) No more stick!    

   I really felt my hell come rushing back when I seen the kitchen scene.  My parents tell me all the time I don't discipline my childern enough.  My 7yr. old daughter broke my handle off the truck seat to recline .........and my Dad said," Well I hope you beat her ass good for that!"    

My  Mother calls my 7yr. old daughter a spoiled little brat and tells me,  in front of my daughter, " I would slap her across the face like I use to do you kids but you'd get mad at me.   HELLO!  

     I love my folks and forgive them, but I'll be damned if they think their methods were good.  I get afraid sometimes because I stop to think what if something happened to me and my childern would be left in ethier one of their cares.   M y babies would be in the care of this madness.   I've taught my 11 & 7 yr. old alot so far; but didn't give them quite all the details that MaMa has been through.  They would never look at their Grandparents the same.  We all make mistakes,  although some make the same over and over again.  Their grandparents still show some nasty, violent and demeaning behavior every now and then.  Just like it use to be for me.   

May 10, 2006, 12:41 am CDT


Quote From: bravemouth

Hi everyone.  I guess Im gunna be lonely last!  This programme aired today in New Zealand.  It was a total insight for me as I saw episodes in my childhood ....just like so many of you who have written before me.  I know that as a 49 year old adult, even today, when someone screams at me, and I get that horrid lump in my stomach and the 'racing veins' , I need confirmation from a friend or counsellor  that this behaviour from that person is not acceptable.  Even today,I am working hard to learn assertive responses and to not live in fear.  That's after over 10 years of looking at myself very closely, counselling, therepy, etc. 

As a child, if I felt unhappy, sad, f ightened, etc., and expressed that emotion to my mother  - I was told to stop being stupid and that I didn't feel like that. That is how when someone like Dr Phil asked 'how do you feel about that?" you haven't got a clue.  Because every feeling you had as you were trying to learn the names for those horrid sensations you were shouted at and told you did nt feel that. 

 My father beat both my brother and myself until we STOPPED crying because crying was a sign of weakness.   

I have forgiven them for their ignorance, but would like every one out there who hasn't got the message from the previous 5 pages of messages that we have to learn to treat every one of us, related or not, with dignity, compassion and respect. 

Fondest wishes and a heap of hugs to you all from Godzone. xxxx 

God Bless You!   


Yes I too have forgiven them for their's not easy because they still are at times, but I won't let them get to my babies.  I've taught them and they know when a strike hits how to manuever it. but that's still a damn shame.!!!!!!  Trying to teach respect .....but a pig? 

    The folks who are both remarried and have been for years work their wonders while I'm gone, yes just like old times......................I don't want to stay long at a doctor's app. because who knows what has been said to them.  I feel every little thing that is said to a child from an adult is so important and heart felt.  It should be monitored! :-)))))))))))))))))))))) 

May 30, 2006, 1:21 pm CDT


I watch Dr. Phil all the time and I have never been more man than today, that woman needs her butt kicked and take these kids away from her. 

I could have choked her if I could have, what happens if hunter is ever in a car accident and is scared for life. then would she think she is not worth anything. 

June 8, 2006, 9:32 am CDT

What about the girls?

Now mom is being helped, getting the attention she so desparately needs, probably needed all of her life. But what about those girls?  

As far as I can tell, the girls have been badly traumatised, are they now supposed to wait and hope that their mom will get better over time and behave like the responsible parent like she should? After a life of fear of being abused, abuse, now a life of fear of mom relapsing into the bully she has always been? How much of their childhood time do they have to pay with until some grownup says "it's enough, this doesn't work, break up the family"? So far these girls haven't been given much love and affection, isn't it about time they get the carefree childhood they are entitled to? After all, it's not their fault mom had an abusive childhood herself, is it?  


Yes, mom should get help alright, but childhood is only so long, can't be redone and the girls are 7 and 11 already and sure can't wait for a carefree childhood until mom behaves. They'll be adults by then...  


The circle of violence has to be broken here and now. Though a split up will be painful, but the relief of freedom and peace the girls will receive outweigh by far that sorrow.  


Cheers, Rene  



June 26, 2006, 6:24 am CDT

What The Hell

i saw the ep, and DAAAAAAAAAAMN  the mother she was so so so so so so cold, she nvr cried 'till the last minutes, she doesnt deserve these 2 girls she doesnt, she was so scary her husband didnt try to stop he never ever said a word while Mrs. Jason (the mom) was torchering these poor girls. SHE is the worst mom in the whole world, hell , she's the worst person in the whole f***ing Universe. maybe the aliens will treat the kidz better than mrs jason. i dont usually watch dr.phil's show but this episode i swear it just shocked me, it had my full atention  i never thought there's a person a mother a wife like that EXISTS in this f***ing    s***ty world.                        

June 30, 2006, 11:20 am CDT

I had a badly abusive mom

I grew up with a horribly manipulative and abusive mom. To change behavior like that is near impossible. My mom did different things than this mom- one of the worst is she would encourage a male sibling to beat and attack me- a sibling who has grown up to beat girlfriends, and become an addict. to this day my mother refuses to acknowledge her own behavior as abusive, and tries to blame it all on my brother or myself. She was fully present and participating in much of the physical abuse though! The thing that makes me feel this mom will never really get better is the fact she shed tears for herself and not her children; that makes me see her as a person without true remorse. Being an abused child does not give you the right to beat our children and be horrible. Most abused children don't grow up to be victimizers, or repeat victims of life either. My mistakes are my mistakes, and my past is my past. Blaming things on my crappy childhood has got to be the lamest copout- It hurts, but it's not an excuse to be awful.
October 19, 2007, 5:15 pm CDT

physical abuse

Hi.......i also felt very strongly about this show and i am surprised to see how many others share my experience..... i got some satisfaction to see dr. P give it to that abusive mom straight,because i imagined him saying it to my mum,watching it i realised my situation was worse and it seemed no one ever intervened,my mother would beat us with wooden spoons and wendy house sticks and her fists,she was incredibly violent and i was even to terrified to hide because i knew better,i would walk straight to her so she could beat me-fierce........i now live my life having confronted my mother and asked for a fresh start on our relationship which she denied,my heart was broken but i got the therepy i needed to find my inner strength,it came down to dr. phils words where i prefered to be on my own than sick with my family.... so 10 years later she is adamant she will not accept me as an equal and i have let her go-love her always but had to move on with my life and my healing... the loss is a huge loss but i am finding the world has alot to offer and i am empowered,i have learned so much from dealing with this experience and i have broken the cycle,i am now ready to enjoy my life because i have dealt with my past and it does not define me any more,i used psychotherepy,reiki,hypnotherepy,and group therepy to overcome it and it all helped enormously-love and light  to all xxx

October 19, 2008, 8:55 am CDT

about anger toward kids

Hello! Sorry for start for not good english. We had just in tv repeat of one former Dr Phil show of mothers anger to child that she cant control. We divorced with my ex when our daughter was 4 y old and he made suicide when she was 5 but less than year after divorce. He had addiction to go in casinos to play as well he was attached to not acceptable way of living standards. That was mostly the reason for divorce as well. We had losted our home, he didnät give any help with money or practical help to attain place for living. Most former friends and relatives keeped distance. Was incredibly difficult time and no glue where to find help. Now I'm still single, have our own appartment and mainly managing with my life. But when watching the show I have to admit I have pured much of the anger inside me to my daughter who is now 9 y old. I understand these women who say they really really want to change but dont know how. I felt the same. Cause you are expected much and dont get much. It makes u tensed and unfortunately is the child who is with you and loves you most but also gets your anger that what I believe comes from not beeing loved by people around you. The main solution is love and care. I have tried to change myself but then just feeling guilty I can't manage even with myself. And then I'm also fault that I'm not successful enough cause I started to think in this way after all unhappy things that came over to my life.
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