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Created on : Friday, September 09, 2005, 03:43:52 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

(Original Air Date: 09/16/05) How important do you think looks really are? And, do you think attractive people get treated better in society? Dr. Phil's son, Jay, goes out in  disguise to see if people really do judge a book by its cover. You won't believe the results, nor the response that surprised him the most! Plus, Debi favors her older daughter because she’s "beautiful" and treats her youngest like "dirt" because she's "fat and unattractive." Can Dr. Phil help her love both girls equally? And, Michelle only lets her daughter play with pretty kids on the playground because she equates beauty with success in life. Will she learn to re-evaluate her standards? Tell us your thoughts on today's show.


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September 15, 2005, 10:02 am CDT

Looks do count !1

Quote From: kay_bek

LOL! Bill Gates isn't Brad Pitt! 


You aren't the only one that uses reverse "lookism" I find.How many times do people see attractive women at the top and think "hmm,I wonder what she did to get there?" even though it is obvious that the woman is a hard-worker,a go-getter,and a smart person that worked endlessly to get where she is. 

I definitely believe that we are all judged by our looks and weight.  I work part-time at a Manpower Office, which I won't say where it is located, but my manager puts notes on the applications.  Most say too fat or too heavy or not attractive.  So -- these people who would probably be good workers, never get the chance to even interview with our customers.  It's not fair and I'm sure she could get in trouble if anyone found out, but only "we" know.  I'm not sure what will ever change our perceptiong of judging people and believe it is out of hand.  I'm overweight by 40#'s for the first time in my life and I'm sure other people judge me, because I feel so depressed over the weight gain myself.  I retired and my knees both need replaced and can't exercise.  Water exercise hurts my asthma, so have just given up.  My family and friends love me just the way I am, so I feel very lucky.  


September 15, 2005, 3:35 pm CDT

pretty ugly

I'm looking forward to seeing this show tomorrow, but I know it's true. It has nothing to do with me, but my daughters. Both are very intelligent, normal woman, married with children, and very successful. One is an average pretty looking woman. The other (I've been told) is beautiful. I don't necessarily see it, she is pretty enough. What I do know is the way I'm (we) are treated when I'm out with either of them. We get instant help/attention, especially men, with one and sometime can even get ignored with the other. I will say the one is smaller in stature and does look younger, but still not a child. Over and over, it's evident "pretty" gets whatever it is they get!
September 15, 2005, 6:50 pm CDT

PRETTY IS....Is Pretty does !!!

My Aunt always said "pretty is , is pretty does."  I  did not have a clue what she meant back then. Boy was she right !!    
September 15, 2005, 6:57 pm CDT

What does it mean?

Quote From: spyzin

My Aunt always said "pretty is , is pretty does."  I  did not have a clue what she meant back then. Boy was she right !!    
What does it mean?
September 16, 2005, 2:24 am CDT

I am appalled!!!!!!!

I just saw this show.  I have never wanted to slap some sense into a guest more than Debi.  She is a monster, I can't believe how horribly she treats her daughter.  She is the most shallow, insensitive, self-absorbed person I have ever seen.  She says she wants to change, but she really doesn't, she sat there and excused her behaviour and blamed everything on her daughter.  She is raising her older daughter to be just as shallow as her, which will ultimately set her up for failure, she will only end up as arm candy for stupid shallow men.  I just want to hug the younger daughter, she deserves such a better Mom than Debi is.  Debie, if you don't want you daughter, give her to me!!!!  I will love her and treat her with the respect that she is entitled to.  I will give her birthday party's, enroll her in dance classes and be proud of her.  I know from experience that she is turning to food for comfort because she feels as if her Mom hates her.  When I was a child I felt like I was not as valued as my sister, I often felt alone, and I often ended up eating.  When I left home, I distanced myself from my Mom, I resented so much the extra love and attention my sister got that I didn't.  I get along with my Mom now, but it took years to build any kind of relationship.  And sometimes I still feel so sad when I remember being a little girl who didn't feel as cherished as my sister.  Debi is going to end up all alone, a bitter woman with an ugly spirit.   

Last year my daughter had her first dance recital.  There were several different dance classes and types participating.  There were girls of all shapes and sizes up on that stage, and they all performed fantastically.  All of the parents beamed with pride, and nobody was ashamed of any of their children.  Too bad Debi can't be that kind of Mom.  I wonder if her parents raised her to be so shallow?  I would love to go on the show and confront this woman, I am seething.  Dr. Phil should have been a lot harder on her.  Everybody, just wait until you see this show, you will be sickened and angered by Debi and the very cruel way she treats her child!!!!!! 

September 16, 2005, 2:30 am CDT

Pretty is...

Quote From: yuntao

What does it mean?
I've always heard it as, "Pretty is AS pretty does."  It means how you are and how you act is what makes you pretty.
September 16, 2005, 3:14 am CDT


One statement by Debi:  "I've always tried to be that perfect mom."   ***GASPS***    "OH MY GOD!"  My jaw is still dropped!  The way Debi treats Victoria is abuse.  There is no other word for it.  And we wonder why kids grow up with poor self esteem and do some of the things they do.  UNBELIEVEABLE!
September 16, 2005, 3:18 am CDT

Scary Looking

Now Jay was a little scary looking in his transformation.  I think people might have been afraid of him, particularly women.
September 16, 2005, 3:37 am CDT

Self portrait

 I have always been blessed by being pretty.  I have the blonde hair/big boob/green eyed thing going for me.  However, I'm also pretty smart, and I married a man who isn't GQ standards, and this is why.  When we were dating, I overheard a conversation he was having.  Someone asked him to describe me.  He went on for ten minutes before the person he was talking to laughed and said, what does she look like.  See, he described ME. Not my looks.  It didn' t  even occur to him to mention my hair color.   When I am 80, that's still going to be me, the person he loves.   I married him, and we have two gloriously beautifully average children that I couldn't be more proud of.  He is a real man who saw me, not cosmetics and hairspray.
September 16, 2005, 5:11 am CDT

Real World

My entire life my father made a point of telling me that my weight was a eyesore.  My mother told me that my clothes were a mess(and always telling me not to judge a book by its cover).   My co-workers, family  and friends always insisted I put make-up on because I just was not presentable enough for society.  They loved me just the way I was I just needed something to Boost my beauty when I was in the REAL WORLD?!.     I used to believe this and give into all the drama along with it, I hated to look in the mirror and I never really looked at myself only the parts of myself I was actually covering up. 


Now I am older and before my Lovely Mother died she accepted me and even my tattoos,  my now teen aged children, love me no matter what I look like, and my husband appreciates  that I can rise out of bed every day and share another day with him.  

 I can look in the mirror and say that I Love myself,  (even though I know that out in the "Real World" some one is gonna look at my body, clothes, and tattoos and judge me), because I know that I am a child of God, and I know that he made a wide variety of us for a reason.   

I am just saddened that our society has forgotten that.   

And  that  this USA I live in has chosen to Represent  such superficial beauty, over God given beauty.  We as a society have gotten caught up in the glamour of  a plastic world we see on t.v. and in magazines and it is amazing to me that more people haven't realized that the "REAL WORLD" is the flesh and Blood people we brush up against everyday.   

Those people we would have to rely on in a crisis.   

Those beautiful people, who,  if we all took,  all our possesions away, and stripped down to nothing we would all be the same.  


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