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Created on : Friday, September 09, 2005, 03:42:10 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

It's a story that captured national attention and struck fear in the hearts of parents everywhere. Eighteen-year-old Natalee Holloway disappeared during a senior class trip to the island of Aruba. Now, Dr. Phil uncovers information never before revealed.  Tune in for exclusive interviews -- some potentially incriminating -- with witnesses, suspects and their families and friends. Find out what the polygraph says about a crucial witness, and hear Natalee's mom describe how the horror of losing her precious daughter unfolded over one heartbreaking summer. Share your thoughts here.


Find out what happened on the show.


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September 14, 2005, 11:19 am CDT


I am  looking forward to the show.I am so disappointed by the way everything turned out in Aruba.It should not be over.There is something going on and they should continue.Its so obvious there is a cover-up.Those boys should have never been let go.Now they do whatever they want.There are too many unsolved questions.I know its pbvious to all of us,why cant the right people see that.That poor family had to do everything practically themselves,while going up against a brick wall in Aruba.The news coverage msnbc was great.They coved it every night and did a wonderful job getting the facts.They were so helpful to the families of Natalle.Hopefully something will take a turn for the better and this is solved the right way.
September 14, 2005, 3:22 pm CDT

09/15 The Disappearance of Natalee

Dear Dr Phil 


I'm an Aruban girl, and have seen and heard a whole other side of the story. That probably something totally different happened to Natalee. There are lots of rumors going on. We love the USA and americans, the problem is that Beth Twitty has lied and given wrong information to all the tv channels, of course we know that it must be devastating to have your child missing, but Dr. Phil you still have to dig deeper, than just acusing the first person who comes along. The other thing is that many (not all of them) reporters didn't do their homework, lots of them just believed the first thing Mrs Twitty told them, and that's  where the viewers over there get their information! (e.g. Nancy Grace) As journalists they should look at all sides of the story. 


The police worked with American police and the FBI, and if indeed these boys did this greusome act, wouldn't these specialized people have found her on this very small island? Even the dutch army was sent to look for her. 


There are other sides of this story, not even related to these guys, lots of rumors going on from her relationship with her mother, her wanting to get away from home, her having a boyfriend who wasn't accepted. I REALLY DON'T KNOW IF THESE ARE TRUE. The concerned people just have to dig deeper.  


 They don't even understand how our justice system works, we tried to explain, but they keep comparing it to the american one. The ministry of justice is indepent from the government, so the minister can't just go and demand details of the case, you can't believe how much we prayed, and helped search for this nice girl,..and we still continue praying and searching. Recently the prime minister said on the local news that the government will not rest untill they know what happened to Natalee. 



There are still lots of americans coming here everyday to have a wonderfull vacation and others that have been coming for more than 30 years and still do every year. Lots of us here have american families in the US and also lots of friends, and many arubans even studied and are still studying in US Universities. 


Please (for the people who do) stop trashing ARUBA, we are as worried as our fellow americans, and it's not nice to have people trash your country and inventing wrong info.  


Our prayers are with Natalee and her family, and we sincerely hope she will be found soon. 


We love your show DR.Phil and hope you will look to other sides of the story and be as fair as possible....don't believe everything you hear 


Thank you a lot, you have a lot of fans here in Aruba 

(ps. Dr. Phil For more info on our island see the Aruba tourism authority website).  


September 14, 2005, 4:33 pm CDT

My Opinion

My opionion is that she is one of the following: Dead, Hiding, or Kidnapped.   

September 14, 2005, 4:38 pm CDT

Pure Heartache

I have been obsessed with this case from day one!  I am so disgusted at the way this case was handled.  To me it just looks like a huge cover up.  I mean come on, how can a legal system be that ignorant?  Now that they are no longer covering the case on FNC aside from interviews with Beth here and there, I find myself even more angry that somehow the people that committed this crime are walking free.  The system there seems so corrupt.  What is really crazy is my father in law owns a timeshare there in Aruba and my husband and I were planning on going there this spring and now I won't even consider giving my money to a place like that.  Plus, what if I went missing over there?  I can't help but think my family would be put through hell if something were to happen to me!  I am so happy that you are doing a show on this Dr. Phil!  I think it is important to remind them that we haven't forgotten.  I will definately think of Natalee every day until there is some sort of resolution or justice served. 
September 14, 2005, 5:08 pm CDT

we have longer

Quote From: netje2205

“We have two years to do something and gain evidence if this is a murder case. The prosecution better have the evidence to go forward to try the case or wait until they do. I do not want this to be a mock trial and there be double jeopardy if there is no real evidence. I do not want the Prosecution to jump to any conclusions because they feel they have to do something.” 

 from what I understand the arubans use the exact same law as the Netherlands does so there is no limit of 2 years. For murder (which this is not if she died during a rape) the statute of limitations runs out in 18 years (for minors comitting this crime maybe less but then Joran could be tried as an adult).
September 14, 2005, 7:10 pm CDT

Not Just American's


I'm sure all Canadians will share in the support of finding the answers.  We can add 32,000,000 more voices to wake up the Aruban Government. I am living in Korea right now and will post this issue on Korean travel sites. 42 000 000 more voices.  

September 14, 2005, 10:06 pm CDT

all about joran

you can find all about joran on this blog
September 15, 2005, 1:20 am CDT

This is ridiculous

As a woman of color, I am getting personally offended by the negligence and hypocrisy of the media today.  I’m sorry, but I didn’t hear a heartless man today on the show – I heard a man who was pissed off and tired.  Whether he is guilty or not, he will be forever remembered (and treated) as one of the men who raped and helped murder or cover–up the murder of a white woman.  And for ANY man of ANY color that is an impossible stain to clean, even when cleared of all charges and found innocent.





Dr. Phil I feel you have made it worse for that boy by making that statement.  I feel sorry for him now because I heard his anger.  I DO NOT believe she is/was a virgin (I actually laughed out loud with that statement) and I don’t believe for a second she wasn’t dressed to impress the opposite sex, ESPECIALLY while on vacation on an exotic island.  Yes, to say she was dressed like a slut and acted like one was rude and uncalled for, but to call an 18 year old who was at a bar drinking and partying with her girlfriends an innocent child is the same nonsense (and sounds just as ridiculous for those of us YOUNG enough to know better) Why are her friends not being humiliated on national television for letting her go like that?  Sorry to tell you folks, but Angels especially under 21, don’t go to bars unless it’s as a DD.





We always see the happy pictures, the big smiles.  So my heart does go out to a fellow mother, but please excuse me if I don’t get all teary eyed over another “innocent white ‘girl’ gone missing by the hands of a black man – ugh…..we think” stories when all the “missing women of a darker-tone” stories, that end most of the time terribly, go unnoticed, ignored and found only in the paper under OBITUARIES.  One way or another, the days of blaming “the black man” are going to have to stop, because it’s getting really insulting and makes the media look stupid.  I know MY generation is not going to tolerate it much longer. 

September 15, 2005, 7:12 am CDT

So Sad

This situation is So Sad.  And I don't think any mother expects or anticipates something like this.  This is one of those situations that you wish you could turn back the hands of time and fix it somehow.  Up until this point I couldn't guess if they were guilty or innocent because the media has been so vague.  What had crossed my mind up until this point was shark attack seeing we had 3 this year. After hearing this show and each side:  I think they are guilty, but I also think everyone was drunk so they probably don't remember one clue of what happened.  If it had been during the day, Natalie probably in clear thinking:  WOULD NOT have got into the car with 3 drunks guys in the middle of the night, but if she had been drugged or  drunk, she probably couldn't make the best decision at the time.   


It is just SAD. 

September 15, 2005, 7:42 am CDT

Dr Phil

Thank-You for getting involved in this heart breaking story. I have been following it along watching it mainly on " Nancy Grace " but she has not been saying to much about it on her show lately. It will be nice getting an update as to what is happening with this case. My prayers go out to her family and friends. 
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