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Topic : 09/12-13 Hurricane Katrina: Rescuing the Rescuers and Rebuilding

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Created on : Friday, September 09, 2005, 03:39:17 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

Dr. Phil's coverage in the devastating wake of Hurricane Katrina continues. In Part 1, they’ve helped thousands of hurricane victims make their way to safety, but who is going to help the rescuers? Dr. Phil offers his advice to hurricane relief workers for coping with the horrors they’ve witnessed. Then in Part 2, see heartwarming reunions, and hear stories of tragedy and triumph as the city begins the slow process of rebuilding and recovery. Join the discussion.



Part 1 - Rescuing the Rescuers. 

Part 2 - Rebuilding Lives.


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September 16, 2005, 1:31 pm CDT

my thoughts exactly

Quote From: ginafromnc

This hurricane was an equal opportunity life destroyer.  I can't help but ask why the white family was not given any financial assistance.  Was it offered and not accepted?  Had there been five white families helped and no help offered to the black family, all heck would have broken loose.  I'm of mixed race so don't go there with me. 

I have been walking around for days telling people how MAD I am at Dr. Phil -(usually I brag about what an awesome guy he is)  I love your show Dr Phil and i ave seen you do some great work but boy was I mad.  Thirteen people in one house and you give advice like "stick to the rules" and stay with your usual routine!"  How on Earth do you expect a child to go to bed at his normal time when "bed" is on a mattress in the middle of the living room floor!?   

This family could have used $10,000 from Di-Tech and Dr. Phil I am sure.  If they didn't want to take it -- you tell them it is OK and that it isn't a hand-out or meant to take their manhood away but a helping hand from people who care. 

I would like to know the lifestyle and work habits of the families that were given homes and money!  Are they responsible people that are going to put the money to good use or are they going to spend that money and wait for the next handout?!   

I agree everyone deserves help -- but GET REAL!! 


Befrore I rant on and on I will stop -- but please Dr Phil -- help THAT family -- I am sure they will be greatful for anything!!! 

September 16, 2005, 9:50 pm CDT

09/12-13 Hurricane Katrina: Rescuing the Rescuers and Rebuilding

Quote From: kevinmd

Its very hard for me to listen to hogwash like this and not get upset. How naive and ignorant and misguided so many people are. THERE IS NOT SUCH A THING AS "GOD"! "God" does not exist. You people sit here and talk about the power of prayer and talk about praying to your almighty God for strength and courage...the same God that was so gracious that he thought it was imperative to send or allow Hurricane Katrina to hit New Orleans and leave over a million homeless indefinitely and thousands dead. GET REAL! I'm going to pray to God for allowing me to survive Katrina even though he allowed it to happen. Does that really make sense??? When will you all wake up and realize there is no "GOD". God is just a fabrication passed out through the centuries to maintain some sense of order. People need to feel they are living life for a purpose...not just some senseless, wretched existence that culminates in grim, everlasting death. No "Merciful God" of any type could sit back and watch let alone allow something like Hurricane Katrina to happen. As much as you all go to church and try to justify and rationalize this horrible disaster, you all dont want to conform to the fact that "God" isnt an entity. I just dont see how something so obvious is yet so vague to most people. "God"...umph! I have woken up and smelled the scent of reality, when will the rest of you? That doesnt mean that I worship the devil (who doesnt exist either) or am a bad person, I'm just enlightened. 

Everyone certainly has the right to their opinion, and if you don't believe in God that is your choice and your opinion. It is my choice and opinion to believe in God and to pray to him. If you would read in the Bible which was written years ago and really take your time and study it, you will see that many prophecy's have come true and it also says it will rain on the just as well as the unjust meaning that none of us are exempted from bad things happening, God actually created a perfect world then sin entered it which was casued by the human race.(with satans help of course) whatever the case, read and believe what ever you like but you haven't convinced me to believe that there is no God, and it really doesn't affect me that others don't believe in him or prayer for I will continue to believe and to pray regardless of what others try to convince me of. But it does make me sad that others don't feel the same peace that I know and feel when it comes to prayer and loving a God who DOES exist, time will certainly tell and I will pray for you that you will be enlightened to the truth as I continuously pray anyway, so even though you may not believe in God, There is some one out here praying for you and it doesn't matter what you say or believe, the prayers are being lifted up. And just becasue you have wakened up to smell the scent of YOUR reality (also known as your opinion) does not make you right, again, prayers being lifted up for you.
September 18, 2005, 1:35 pm CDT

09/12-13 Hurricane Katrina: Rescuing the Rescuers and Rebuilding

Quote From: lilacmess

I'm white, educated, and professional as well. My parents couldn't afford to send me to college either. I worked and took out student loans which I'm still paying off. I now teach at a community college and, let me tell you, higher education IS available to anyone who wants it. If parents can't afford it, there are grants and student loans. Actually, had my parents been just a little bit poorer, I would have been better off because I would have qualified for grants that I would not have had to pay back.  You can call it bigotry if you want, but this has nothing to do with race. I would feel exactly the same about a community of white people living mostly on welfare and sucking the system dry. We don't help impoverished people by giving them hand-outs. What they lack is basic dignity, a thing that comes from taking care of oneself and one's family without the charity of others. There's a big difference between providing fresh water, food, and basic medical assistance to hurricane victims and giving them houses and thousands of dollars. Tragedies happen to all sorts of people every single day. Most people, however, never get the kind of assistance these people are getting. They take care of themselves and don't expect hand-outs.

My parents didn't pay for my education, either - I worked my way through three Bachelors degrees and a Masters degree with some assistance from a scholarship while doing my undergrad work.  Lack of money is not the only thing holding low income people back from higher education - as an educator, you know that it is common knowledge that public schools in poor areas are always underfunded and have a lower quality of education, and most low income families do not have access to private education or tutors.  Many lower income students do not have access to the education necessary for admission to a university, and grants have been severly cut back over the past several years. 


Bigotry is not exclusive to race.  I have never mentioned the race of the people affected by this disaster.  It has affected white and black people, Hispanic people....people across the board.  The bigotry I am referring to is bigotry against the poor - lumping them all into a group defined as "lazy," "sucking the system dry," "lacking basic dignity," etc.  The people who have come to shelters in Houston, for the most part, do not fall into this catgory at all.  The people I have met are hardworking, taxpaying, family people...who have lost absolutely everything they own - their homes, their jobs, their family members and friends, the pets they had to leave behind, hoping they would survive on their own.   Their dignity, strength and character in a situation like this has overwhelmed all of us working at the shelters.   Everyone who has been affected by Katrina is eligible for assistance in rebuilding their lives, including the people who were able to leave before the storm, and who have something to return to.  "Handouts," as you define them, are available to everyone - money from FEMA and the Red Cross to help folks get back on their feet.  The storm survivors in Houston are not "cashing in" for a cushy life back in Louisiana.  Most of them have nothing to go back to, don't plan to return, and are starting over with nothing but the clothes on their back.  Many of the people who came to the Astrodome, Reliant Center and GRB in Houston have already found jobs and are at work in our city.  Their children are enrolled in and attending school.   


I truly hope that something like this never happens to you, or if it does, you do not encounter people who feel that any help beyond food, water or basic medical assistance is a hand-out.  I'm sure you wouldn't begrudge the assistance folks in Florida received after being hit with 5 hurricanes last year, or assistance to folks who survived earthquakes in California, or any similar disaster in this country.  Even middle-class and wealthy people take advantage of federal relief in rebuiliding after a crisis like this.  We say that it's due us, because we pay taxes - but lower income folks pay taxes, as well.  Even those who are "sucking off the system" pay into the system through sales taxes and excise taxes.  It is truly wonderful that Dr. Phil has helped these few families, but the vast majority of them are getting the "up to $2000 per family" that FEMA and the Red Cross are offering - nothing more.  And, most of the folks I have met don't want or expect more - they just need a start to help them rebuild their lives. 

September 19, 2005, 12:22 pm CDT

09/12-13 Hurricane Katrina: Rescuing the Rescuers and Rebuilding

Quote From: srndpty333

[quote"Dr. Phil most likely helped deserving people, as opposed to non"[unquote 




1.  who decides who's deserving and who's not? 

2.  what are the criteria to be considered deserving and where is it written in stone? 

3.  is it relevant? 


these aren't people asking ...they are being offered ... 


4.  who are we to tell someone who they can offer to? 


these people have been through a traumatic event with thier children...was Dr. Phil supposed to get them to fill out a questionairre? 


...are  you on welfare?  yes or no 

what ...yes? well guess what?  you and your kids don't deserve to have a home 


what? are rich and you are just waiting for a new credit card in the mail...well give this man a house!!!!!!!! 


I reiterate...sounds like jealousy to me. 

I said they were "most likely" deserving!!  Dr. Phil is not stupid, he did talk to them quite a bit and so did the pastor.  There's no way to know for sure, obviously.  I'm going by the fact that Dr. Phil has good judgement and had more than one person help out.  There was also Dreamcetner checking out the families.  They did their best! 


No, I am not on welfare, and I said they DESERVED to get the money, etc. so what would I be jealous of ???  I am obviously happy for them!!  Do you know what "jealousy" means?   


Make sure you've understood the posts you read before you respond ot them. 

September 19, 2005, 3:00 pm CDT

It's a sacrifice to help out.

Every person is entitled to own a home, a car, have a family and work a job here in this wonderful land we call The United States of America.  And, it is these United States of America that have come together in a time of need.  

Several people have responded that they were white and have suffered instances of being poor.  I, too, can relate.  My husband left me with three children, $129 and rent due.  Within the week I had a job and was starting to make a way to pay the bills.  No matter how hard I worked, though, it was not enough.  With my background in emergency work, I volunteered to do search and rescue whenever needed.  This afforded me with another paying job.  But, it wasn't enough to pay my college bills.  I continued to work.  It is an endless cycle, but when disaster hits, I feel compelled to help out.  Maybe I never received anything, that doesn't make it right for others to have to suffer...especially children. 

Now, I am unemployed and can't seem to get a job.  I see it as a sign that here again, I have the ability to work and help out.  So, I have made myself available again.  The emergency workers need everyone to pitch in.  It is a huge job and no one person can tackle it all. 


Think about it.... 

A concerned citizen,  


September 19, 2005, 3:38 pm CDT

09/12-13 Hurricane Katrina: Rescuing the Rescuers and Rebuilding

I am really tired of people not being happy for those in need who received help.  I cried my eyes out when I saw Dr. Phil give money and homes to needy families; I was so happy for them.  I understand the posts here asking about the white family ("why didn't they receive help?"), but what I can't get over is the huge NEED to express anger over people receiving help.  In a tragic, horrific time as this, do we really need to be deciding who out there is truly deserving of the help or not?  Is it really important enought to mention at this time??  To me it's almost as if people had said during 9/11, "well, those people who died didn't deserve to live anyway", or "why did that welfare person live and this other hardworking person didn't?"  Yes, there are probably some less-than-deserving people who received help, but is this really a time and place to mention it?  Talk to your close friends about it!  Most of us, in such horrible times, do not want to read people's comments on which poor victim should or shouldn't have gotten a free house.  We don't know them and can't really judge anyway!!!  Geez, just be happy for people.
September 20, 2005, 7:53 am CDT

Tracking the Debit Cards

Now I am hearing on the Dallas News that the $2000 debit cards have been used in STRIP CLUBS.  I hope they track all of these debit card charges to see what the money is being spent on.  It was also reported that some evacuees attempted to get in the debit card line more than once.   

I am just amazed at the stupidity of these particular people from New Orleans. 



September 22, 2005, 7:26 am CDT

Cynthia in Dallas

Quote From: cyncyng


I am with a group that is in Louisiana and have rescued over three thousand animals as of sunday 9/11, Here is the breakdown: 


Confirmed Totals to Date: 3815



 Dogs and Cats             2529                        
  • Horses: 121


  • Other Animals: 1165 birds, hamsters, some wildlife...etc.

I am leaving again tonight for a 9 hour drive and then will work non stop with twenty five others through saturday night and then will come home, it is amazing how much we love the animals. The people were told they could not bring there animals, next time,,,, just bring them and they will have to figure out something. I wont stop going back until they are all safe.  

Cynthia  Dallas  

I don't know if you'll see this and I don't usually say this kind of thing but:  BLESS YOU!!! 


In my mind, people like you are the true heroes since you'll probably get less publicity and thanks than the others. 


I'm glad to see that the Mayor of Galveston had the brains to figure out an evacuation system that included pets. 


And anyone who doesn't get the importance of animals shouldn't be in rescue work. 


Thank you so much for being there!!! 

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