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Created on : Friday, August 19, 2005, 03:21:03 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

(Original airdate 05/19/05) Steve and Sheila are high school sweethearts whose marriage seem normal from the outside. But shocking home video shows Steve, an alcoholic, passed out on the floor on the verge of death, while Sheila violently slaps, punches, kicks and stomps on him — in front of their two little girls. Find out what Dr. Phil thinks has to happen if they want to keep their children and turn their out-of-control lives around.  Has alcohol affected someone you know? Join the discussion.

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February 10, 2007, 6:33 am CST

Alcohol Abuse induced by a 3rd person

I just think that this guy Steve is drinking because of his very disturbed wife. I think he sees himself in a situation that he can't stop unless his wife stop that first. She must find some serious help for her because her past colides with alcohol too because his dad was a drunked man and, as much as I understand of what she said on the show, her dad used to hit her, so now she's looking for some escape to these feeling she have about his father, and now she finally found that, and it's poor Steve. If she changes her behaviour, I think Steve would quit dinking. I'm sure of that.
February 15, 2007, 11:23 am CST

08/25 Alcohol and Abuse

Steve & Sheila need to get their life together now, they already done too much damage to their childrens minds already, and the children will not forget as it is, everything that has happened in the past to now will stay in the back of their minds for ever.  If they keep it up, their children may not be lucky enough to stay away from booze and drugs, you will leed them right into it, and violents. They should either see if a family member can look after the children, or foster care until they can get their life together, and if they can't, don't bring the children back into it. As parents and adults, you are both at fault, Steve's drinking and Sheila's beatings, sorry they both are way out of control. They already done so much damage to the children, as they had to watch their parents act out like two fools. 

Children grow up, some parents seem to forget this, children don't forget, parents sometimes believe that their adult children forgot the damage they have done to them as children, they don't, the adult child just lets it go sometimes, it depends how bad it was for them as children.  How many more are out there like Steve & Sheila, do you really believe they will stop after being on a TV show? Sheila may still beat Steve even if he stopped drinking, sorry she has a temper, and will he stop drinking for good???????

February 15, 2007, 11:56 am CST

Sheila has the Children?????

I was reading the other post stating Sheila has the children? Will she turn on them now that she doesn't have her husband to beat on? Will she find another man to beat on? I hope since the show, she is checked up on. I can't believe she will not touch her children, sorry a abuser is a abuser, husband or no husband around.  The children may not talk if they are being abuse by mom, some children can hide it well. Sheila shouldn't have the children right now, if ever.

June 25, 2007, 7:44 pm CDT

Also want to know about Al-Anon

Quote From: helpme_plz

I too live with an alcoholic.  He isn't as bad as Steve either, but I understand Shelia's rage, although violence is never a solution.  Living with an alcoholic does effect everyone around them.  My husband is going through counseling, thank God, and is doing well with not drinking.  My best friend grew up with an alcoholic mother--probably worse than Steve--and is now following in her footsteps.  It's so sad to watch her.  She won't listen to anyone and is really discreet about how much she actually drinks.  It's hard to be the sober one and have promises broken, things forgotten because they were drunk, phyically and/or emotionally abused.  I never thought I'd end up with someone who's an addict.  Does going to Alanon help?  I've been told that I should really go.

I am living with an alcoholic and it is hearbreaking seeing someone you love change before your eyes.  And to watch their health deteriorate to the point that they are sick all the time.  He has been in re-hab 4 times since we have been married, but never follows through with the counseling  or 12 step programs.  I have told him after much prayer and anquish that he must leave until he gets some help. He must chose if our marriage and his children are worth him doing the hard work it will take to save our family.  He DOES not want to do the hard work.  Now he is back saying he has no where to go... playing on my sympathy.  I am having such a hard time putting him on the street -  HELP . I would love to hear if Al-Anon has the info that will help strengthen me and help me deal with guilt that I feel... as if I am throwing him out on the street.

I know he is a grown man, but very crippled emotionally.   I have 2 daughters still in the home, one stepdaughter and a 7 wk old step grandson.  I am not wanting any of them to feel that it is normal for Dad to stay in the bed 24/7 and drinking morning til night.  My 2 step-daughters both have drug/addiction issues, as well as their Mom.  I feel drugs/alcohol are taking over my life. Thank goodness my 3 girls are healthy and are not drinkers or druggers but one is still 11 and I don't want this example for her.  But I also take marriage seriously, though it doesn't seem so, being this is my 3rd marriage..... enough for now....

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