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Topic : 07/14 Classic Dr. Phil: Dr. Phil's Can't-Miss Parenting Techniques

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Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 11/08/02) Since the dawn of time, since the first man and woman gave birth to the first bouncing bundle of joy, parents everywhere have asked the same question throughout the ages, “How do I get my child to do what I need him or her to do?” Parents have a million questions, from potty training to getting their children to pick up their rooms, and Dr. Phil is ready to answer them! Tune in and learn the secrets to child rearing that will improve your life and your children’s behavior forever. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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July 16, 2009, 1:17 pm CDT

07/14 Classic Dr. Phil: Dr. Phil's Can't-Miss Parenting Techniques

Quote From: corpmom

Dr. Phil:

I tend to agree with you on most things.  However, bedtime seems to be such an unnecessary problem for so many parents.  The video shown on today's show is a cute idea.  But....I raised my three children many years ago - without the aid of videos.  This is what I did.

Tracy and Eric were 14 months apart, and slept in separate bedrooms.  They were put to bed relatively early until they were 6 and 7.  They were put to bed, read to, had a glass of water on the bedside table.....and then were told they could read quietly, play with their Barbies and G.I.Joes, but they must remain in their beds.  The light was left on and the doors open.  Within 20 minutes to half an hour, they were both sound asleep.  We went in, turned out the lights, and that was it for the night.  The great side effect of this, is that they developed a love for reading - and today Barnes & Noble is their favorite place to shop.  They now have children of their own, and Eric has not had bedtime problems either.

I think putting your children to bed went so smoothly was because you didn't let them turn it into a power struggle.
July 17, 2009, 8:58 am CDT

07/14 Classic Dr. Phil: Dr. Phil's Can't-Miss Parenting Techniques

Quote From: kris_tour417

One of the pictures of the breastfeeding mom looks like she was feeding a litter of puppies!!  How awful!  I don't think she was there to find out how to stop this, she seemed to be there to justify what she was doing.
I got pretty much the same impression you did, when first watching this show as a rerun six years ago and again yesterday, that she was there to justify continuing breastfeeding children already in school. Even though she claimed to be tired of it.
As for the "child-led weaning" concept she was advocating, it had already happened. The oldest daughter chose to quit nursing when the middle child was born, And, her little sister quit when their brother was born. Which is when the oldest decided to start nursing again.
Did you notice how babyish this almost eight-year-old girl acted and sounded, begging for her mother's breast? I think she was reverting to a more infantile stage of development in a bid for the attention that her newborn brother war receiving. But, there are other ways, as Dr Phil pointed out, to satisfy  her need for attention.

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