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Created on : Wednesday, July 01, 2009, 05:15:09 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil continues his in-depth look at a family that struggles with a decision that will affect the rest of their lives. Dale and Kelly's 15-year-old daughter, Brittney, an honor roll student and star athlete, recently shared she is pregnant, and the family has been turned upside down. To help Brittney learn more about adoption, Dr. Phil arranges for her to meet with two agencies. Will the visit be more emotional for the teen or her mom? Now six-and-a-half months pregnant, Brittney reveals her intentions for her unborn baby. See how her parents react to her choice. Do they think she'll stick with her decision? Has Brittney come to terms with her situation? Find out why Dr. Phil thinks she's acting detached from the baby growing in her belly. Then, hear what the baby's father and his parents have to say about the situation. Be there with this family as they encounter struggles, fears and doubts, and consider how you would react as a parent in the same situation. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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July 3, 2009, 9:57 am CDT

Doctor Phil Show.

A Britney Decision Doctor Erica Jay Jordan Part Phil Pregnancy Phil/Robin Teen Two. I never ever heard---

of this one before. See you on July 07th, 2009 Tuesday. Sincerley Your. Russell Vlaanderen.-------------------

July 6, 2009, 9:26 pm CDT

Im a teen mom

I am 20 years old and I have 4 children. When I was 15 I found out I was pregnant with twin boys. I had them 5 days after my 16th birthday. I never considered any option but keeping them. I had my 3rd child when I was 17 another boy. I finished high school with my class. I had a little girl when I was 19. They all have the same fatehr and we are still together and have been for 5 years. I am a full time student and am going in my 2nd year of college. I have to say it is hard but I made the choice to keep all of my children and I am very happy with that decision. My kids have a wonderful life I don't party or anything like that I am totally devoted to my children. I believe age doesnt matter its how mature you are and how fast you can grow up. I think she should keep the baby and prove everyone wrong like I did.
July 6, 2009, 10:01 pm CDT

Am I the Only One Wondering About This?

First off, thank you Dr Phil for having a show about this issue. Thank  you for showing the reality of having a baby and not being able to take care of it. So far the only shortcoming of the show seems to be something no one is mentioning or wondering about...

No one seems to be concerned about the very real possibility that if Brittney chooses to keep her baby and try and raise it on her own, how that will affect the baby and it's development? Face it, she will be a single mom trying to support herself. So she has to work at least one, if not two jobs. And finish school somehow. What about the emotional and psychological ramifications to the child of being raised like that? I'm not dumping on anyone who is already a single mom, I'm just saying that no one is pointing this out to her. What's ULTIMATELY best for the child?

As Chris Rock so eloquently put it, "Sure you could raise a kid on your own, doesn't mean you should. You could drive a car with your feet if you have too, that don't make it a good f***ing idea." Sorry, but it's true.

I can understand that if that's how things turned out and now that's what you're stuck with, fine, but she should avoid that option at all costs if she's able to, which she still is at this point.
July 7, 2009, 12:50 am CDT

the life inside.

I just wanted to say, that my little sister got PG at the age of 14 and gave birth 1 month after she turned 15. She kept her son,Joshua david and the story today just takes me back to those years.(1977)


My parents were in the same position w/ the same decisions. they wanted her to get an abortion, my sister would not hear of it. so then they wanted her to adopt the baby out. She decided to keep the baby and raise the baby her self.

My Parents were not happy w/ that decision at all.

Well, she gave birth and all the confusion and termoil just slowly melted away.

My nephew won my parents over and he is such a big part of our family that I couldn't imagine my life w/out him in it.

Don't get me was tough. My sister still wanted to do what teenagers do and she did expect my parents to help w/ the child. But my parents made her be the main caregiver to her baby.

She got assistance from the state and started working and struggling through the decision she had made.She quickly learned that it's more than just playing house.


I think that these parents of  Brittany's are thinking too much of them and how its going to burden them more so  than they are of what their daughter is going through. Yes she made a mistake a big one, THATS WHAT TEENAGERS DO!

When they became parents to Brittany they did so through the good and the bad. who knows it could be a blessing in disguise.

It is their grand child that they want to just get rid of so they dont have to help w/ thier grandchild.


Brittany should also realize that she is putting a large amount of stress on her parents and her sister for something that she brought on.She needs to own that and stop expecting her parents not to react to the situation she put them in.


Nuff said,



July 7, 2009, 5:44 am CDT


  I've Been there done that: I got pregnant at 15 I thought I was in love with my boyfriend of one year when we found out i was pregnant I tried several times to get an abortion but we changed our mind I hid the pregnancy from my mom until i coudn't hide any longer when we told her she was very angry i got called names it was the beginning of the summer she told me i was to stay in and not to be seen because she was to embarrassed for people to see me . That summer was the worst summer in history there was physical and emotional abuse. What good came out of it is i decided to give my little girl up for adoption i gave her to a couple who was trying for many years to conceive they did let me name her also I wrote a letter to her explaining why i gave her away, i got to hold her for a few minutes also they helped me out financially with getting back on track with my life. i know in my heart i did the right thing she is around 21 today I hope a beautiful young lady. i hope this letter will help ypu make the right decision.

July 7, 2009, 7:07 am CDT

How Rude.

Brittney May have got pregnant as a teenager but that does not make her unable to care for the baby. Her parents over reacted and should have supported her in everyway possible. There are lots of support out there that would of helped brittney succeed as a teenage mother. Just because she didnt cry and throw a fit because she was pregnant doesnt mean she got pregnant on purpose. Accidents happen and people make mistakes, but sometimes a mistake could turn out to be the best in life. I got pregnant At 16 and by 17 had my son, i was young, scared and embarrassed but with the support my family and friends gave me i was able to succeed as a teen mother. [No my mother did not raise my son, She just supported me like a parent should support there children.] Now im 20 and on My Second Child, Cant Wait.

 I just think that People make being a "teen mom" a big problem, when its totally reality. How rude.
July 7, 2009, 7:26 am CDT

To Brittney and her family

It was the day before Christmas Eve 4 years ago when we found out our 14 year old daughter was pregnant.  The news was devistating to our family.  My daughter and I were very close, did everything together, and were always open and honest about sex.  My first reaction  was also that there was no way she could have this baby but I knew it had to be her decison.  She decided early on that she was going to keep the baby.  She went back to high school 2 weeks after the baby was born, worked part-time, had wonderful grades, earned high praises from her teachers and graduated with her class.

My daughter was very lucky she also had the support of her boyfriend and his family as well as our own.  Her high school  also had on site daycare that could not have been more supportive. 

 I think having a baby has made her even more determined  to follow her dreams.  She starts the University of Nebraska this fall and the pride I feel is overwhelming.


July 7, 2009, 7:28 am CDT

What Is Missing Here?

As the mother of a 15 year old daughter, I watched yesterday's show with great interest - and with my daughter sitting alongside of me. 


We both thought something was odd.  Brittany is a minor who cannot legally vote, drink, buy cigarettes, or attend an R-rated movie without a parent or adult guardian.  At age 16, she can just barely drive a car.  She has never held a job or paid taxes.  If, heaven forbid, she would encounter difficulties during the delivery of her baby and would require a C-Section, her parents would have to sign consent forms in order for the doctors to  perform the operation. 


Yet, it's Brittany's decision to become a parent?  We agreed that something just doesn't add up.





July 7, 2009, 8:19 am CDT


I think it's ridiculous that abortion should even be brought into this. To me this is Dr. Phil promoting abortion. It should not even be a choice for anyone. People can say what they wish but abortion is murder and for it to be promoted as a choice on this show really disappoints me.  Dr. Phil has always been my absolute favorite but I will not keep watching if he feels he needs to promote abortion as a choice. This teenager (or anyone) could be affected forever if that is the route they go.
July 7, 2009, 9:02 am CDT

I was in her shoes.......

I'm a 34 year old mother of 3 sons, (divorced and remarried-not to either father of my sons) the oldest being 16.  I got pregnant with my son when I had just turned 17.  I was raised in a poverty stricken situation and had no idea how I was going to pay for my baby.  My boyfriend at the time was immature, but 4 years older than me.  He was a "ladie's man" with a 2 year old son (The grandparents ended up raising.).  I had my friend tell my parents the news, I was scared to death, but did not believe in abortion.  With the support of my parents (after their initial shock), I had my son.  I too thought I would be with his father forever.  He got a job and told everyone how excited he was.  Unfortuneately, he never helped my emotionally, financially, or any of the above.  I was tutored through half of my senior year.  I delivered a healthy baby boy on March 15, 1993 (my senior year and 3 months until my 18th b-day)  I had never worked, paid taxes or had a clue how it would all work out.  I babysat throughout my pregnancy in order to purchase some items.  With a nice babyshower I also gained many necessities.  After giving birth, graduation, my 18th b-day, I got a job.  Then a second.... To make a long story short, I do not regret for one moment having him.  My husband of almost 7 years and father figure of all 3 and myself get more compliments on how well behaved they all are and how envious many friends are of our relationship is with the boys.  Neither of their fathers have paid financially for them.. For my oldest son, I am about to receive the 4th or 5th child support check of $50 in his lifetime.  For my other two, ages 13 and 11, I have received 1 check in the last 9years (since the divorce) for $40.  To be owed $36000 by my oldest son's father and $44000 + by my ex-husband is unheard of in most places, but we carry on with our heads held high and pull together like none other....

Good luck Brittney and family in your decision, but remember, being angry with your parents is not the answer, in the end they'll be the ones there to pick you up.

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