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Created on : Wednesday, July 01, 2009, 05:14:18 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Imagine your 15-year-old daughter announces that she's pregnant. As a parent, you would have to make tough decisions. This is the reality for Dale and Kelly. Dale says they had the all-American family until their teenaged daughter, Brittney, revealed she was pregnant. How did this honor roll student and star soccer player end up in this predicament? Dr. Phil sits down with the teen and asks her some hard questions. Is she confronting reality or living in her own world? Brittney has not decided if her future involves her being a parent. What do her parents hope she chooses? Dr. Lisa Masterson, OB/GYN and co-host of The Doctors, meets with Brittney and three other young women who found themselves in similar situations as teens. Will their stories help the mom-to-be make one of the biggest decisions of her life? And, Brittney and her mom accompany Jody as she travels across the country to pick up her adopted child. Emotions escalate and Brittney ends up in tears. Follow the drama as this family struggles through this tense time that will dramatically change the course of their lives. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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July 6, 2009, 2:06 pm CDT

I agree 1000%!

Quote From: cadescove99

This gal chose to have sex because she wasn't getting validation at home? Give those of us who actually watched the show a break! This gal got nothing but validation at home. Her parents did nothing but brag about how "great" she was all the time. Too much, if you ask me. Gave her a big head and even bigger entitlement mentality.
July 6, 2009, 2:10 pm CDT

she should do it

My soon to be ex husband had a child at sixteen. Him and his ex got pregnant at fifteen. They got married and kept the baby. She ran out of the picture, he ended up with his son and they were divorced after a year. He use to be a straight a student and be involved in baseball and all kinds of things. He says when she gt pragnant he became a zombie. working, trying to make it work with them. When his son was two he remarried, but was depressed and at this point abusive to his second wife and his son. They were married two and a half years, and together five. His son new her as his mom, and was part fo her life until he was eight. Then we got married. He was abusive, depressed, has deep issues i think that are related to what he lost as a child from having a child. His son has had three moms now, and not a very stable life. I think they both would have had better more fulfilled lives, had my husband and his ex wife given the boy up for adoption. The child is eleven now, and has been verbally abused, has seen domestic violence in the home, and has just a whirlwind of a life. He would have been better off being raised by people who were ready to be parents and weren't children themselves.
July 6, 2009, 2:11 pm CDT

Grow up!

Quote From: bonita10

I am seventeen and a half and i anm now 12weeks and 6days pregnant.I didnt do it on purpose and i dont regret it one bit..some days i wish i had waited longer but things happen for a reason and god doesnt give u more then u can handle. Like i said we didnt do it on purpose.yes we were havin sex without a condom and no i wanst on birth control and no my mom didnt know i was sexual active. But me and my bf had had sex many of times without a condom and nuthin ever happened.And i can admit that at one time we was tryin to get pregnant and when we notcied it wasnt goin to happen we stopped tryin but no we werent using condoms. But we ddint do anything bout it and we do not regret anything that we did or didnt do..u can judge me all u want but there is some things that u dont know bout me.I do have money to raise my child and my bf the father of the baby is goin to help raise his baby as well,and we are very happy and cant wait till the baby is then we will both be 18 and yes trust me we both will finish high skool no matter what happens..Its goin to be hard dont get me wrong but everything happens for a mom will help me through this and is very supportive and no she is not goin to raise my baby so if thats what u think u are wrong.she works first shift and i have to go to skool then to.we will figure it out and we have so many ppl that are willing to help me out with the baby bc they know how i feel about the baby and know that i want this baby and support me the whole way.And i couldnt ask for anything more,stp judging girls that get pregnant yung.every girl is different and each girls life is different so they will decide wat is goin to be best for them.INCLUDIN ME!

You have got to be kidding! You can't finish school if you can't spell school! And how on earth does a 17 year old have money to raise a baby! Let me get this straight, you have money for a house, a car, insurance for said house and car, lights, water, heat, groceries, formula,60 diapers a week, health insurance and clothing? Right. And let me tell you something else, your little boyfriend might say he's going to support you, but he is going to be long gone once he has to take care of a screaming newborn and you will be sitting at home by yourself with a kid that should have been given to someone with the ability to at least speak proper English.

Get over yourself, kid.

July 6, 2009, 2:11 pm CDT

teen pregnancy

this girl is a 16 year old pregent weather she did it on purpose or not doesnt matter. her family should stand by her dission weather to give the baby up for addopions or not. and her fatgher saying he would noty have anything to do with the baby is wrong he is the grandfather no matter what.
July 6, 2009, 2:13 pm CDT

07/06 A Teen's Pregnancy

This is such a touching story. I was pregnant at 16 had my son at 17. I was faced with the same decisions. I kept the baby and I am so glad I did. The only regret I have is that it was easy to let my mom and Grandma help too much. I hope that Brittany will make the best decision for her.
July 6, 2009, 2:13 pm CDT

Thank You!

Quote From: thanley

I was pregnant at 15, gave birth at 16. I thought this would bring something good to my life, so much was missing. I was totally clueless as to what to expect with a baby. I remember when I was in the hospital after he was born, the reality hit me right away. The first time they brought him to me to hold, I was watching the tv show Bewitched. I looked down at that crying, redfaced infant and wished I could wiggle my nose like the witch on tv and make him go away. I would see all the happy parents together looking in the nursery window and just turn away and go back to my room alone. Needless to say, I didn't have the support this girl has. I wish I could say this story has a happy ending, but it doesn't.  I was in no way ready to be a mother, nor did I know how to start. It didn't "come naturally" as some might say. The baby ended up being tossed around between different grandparents, myself and the father. His life has been very difficult and now as a man he definitely shows the damage that was done by not having a healthy, stable environment at a young age. It is very difficult for me to tell this story, I know people will think what a terrible, irresponsible girl I was, and they will be right to a certain extent. Sometimes we follow in our parents mistakes; my mother got pregnant with me at 14 and was unable to care for me. I was adopted by my paternal grandparents. I always caution young girls who are wanting a baby that it isn't all cute clothes and cuddly baby wrapped in a pretty blanket. It's long, hard days and nights. I loved my baby very much but that wasn't enough to make everything right. I wish I had been counseled on other options.
You said it so beautifully and eloquently. This is exactly what is ahead for this girl if someone can't get her to open her eyes!
July 6, 2009, 2:13 pm CDT

A Grandmother's Point of View

I was a little upset after seeing today's show about the pregnancy of the 15 year old.  My daughter was

19 and unwed when my granddaughter was born.  The baby's father was there with me in the delivery room, but left shortly after the delivery.  Over the years the father as been come around and spends

time with my granddaughter who is now 13.  This all turned out to be a blessing, and my granddaughter is pretty terrific. 

About the show....these parents don't seem to be taking responsiblity for their actions either, because

the dad called her a spoiled b**!?.  Who does he think spoiled her.  I think these parents need to step

up in support, instead of condemnation, of their daughter.  After all, this will be their grandchild. 

They need to stop thinking of how their daughter ruined their family and think about how they can

all work together to make a good life for this child.    Heaven forbid, but if their daughter has a

miscarriage and there was not baby, they have, in my opinion, already ruined their relationship with their daughter.  If they could offer more support to their daughter, maybe she wouldn't be so rude and short with them.  I know the daughter is very young to be a mother, but if her parents offered more support and love, things could all work out, and one day they might say their grandchild was pretty terrific.

July 6, 2009, 2:15 pm CDT

Been there

I was 16 when I got pregnant.  I am now still with my daughters father.  We were young but knew what we had to do.  Now 15 yrs later we are still together.  I know it is tuff but when you make a grown up decision you have to be a grown up and accept responsibilty.  I graduated a year early from school so I could be a mom.  I have raised her on my own with her father since birth (lot of help from our family that diagreed with the situation.)  some said abortion or adoption.  Thank God I did not choose those options she is the only child and will be the only child.  I can have no more.  I have had a misscariage trying.  So where would I be longing for a child and no hope.  My daughter is my life and always will be.
July 6, 2009, 2:15 pm CDT

Baby at 15

I am 20 years old....and i have a 3 1/2 year old daughter named Emalea, i looked in to adoption it was not for me, you hear a ton of horror stories about adopted kids, i work about 45 hours a week i have my own apartment i have my own car that i pay for all my bills, dont say a 15 year old cant be a good parent, i am still with her father and we welcomed our 2nd daughter 8/6/08 named Helana..
Even though i was told i cant do it and i proved everyone wrong, have some faith.
July 6, 2009, 2:15 pm CDT


I would really like to have someone tell me where is the father?  His parent's?  Why is it still in 2009 the girls problem alone??  Boy's have to be raised also to use birth control if they do not want children.  My son was told from day one and still is at 25 that if he doesn't want kids.. he better provide the protection and not count on the girl to be the only one responsible.  Parent's please tell you son's that this is also their problem not just the girls... boy's will have to become men and step up and take care of their children that they ALSO CREATED.  A note also to Brittany's parents, please remember that if she keeps the baby, this is your grandchild and you will be so thrilled to see him or her and will love them so much.  This will be OK with your help.  If you daughter was your "best friend" don't' let your best friend do this alone.  She does need you and your grandchild will need him or hers Grandma and Grandpa...

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