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Topic : 06/25 Classic Dr. Phil: What Do We Do Now?

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Created on : Thursday, June 18, 2009, 02:42:14 pm
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(Original Air Date: 05/30/03) Tragedy can change lives in an instant, often leaving us wondering what to do next. In this powerful episode, Dr. Phil discusses strategies for coping with personal disaster. Drew and Amanda said they were crippled with guilt after the death of their 3-year-old son. Although the tot's drowning was accidental, Amanda said she didn't deserve to enjoy life. Plus, Geri's husband, Scott, suffered from bipolar disorder and took his own life. Geri said she struggled with anger and couldn't forgive her husband for leaving her. If you have difficulty moving on after a loss, and you punish yourself for things outside of your control, don't miss this important show!

Find out what happened on the show.

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June 26, 2009, 3:41 pm CDT

Heart Broken Mom

I lost my only blood child and daughter this February 2, 2009, in a house fire, during NW arkansas' roughest ice storm.  She had just moved home after serving our country and surviving and abusive marriage and addiction.  Life had turned the corner for her, back with family, close to her faith, clean and had met a fine man.  We spent every Friday together as we both are nurses and we either had all day Friday off or a half day.  We shopped and would prepare dinner for dad, and then we would go out or it would be board game night.

I was told by a close friend who is a doctor here in NW Arkansas, when God creates us, he knows exactly when he will call us home.

She has left a permanent stamp on my heart and she touched many lives in her short life of 25 years, 20 days.  I was truly moved by the stories people shared at her memorial service.  I believe that God needed a nurse for his angels and a gourmet cook for his workers!

She is in a better place, and I know that us mothers fight from time to time with daughters, but make sure by sunset, both of you know what is important!  That you love each other!

I am gratefully we were together for the Super Bowl and a fellow Army buddy was in the area and she wanted to see him, we hugged good-bye, " Love you mom, see you later," "Love you too Jess!"  I just did not know how much later.

Even as close as we where, I had no idea how decorated she was as veteran, simply amazed.  Your how she saved a girl I forbid her to run with in high school, that girl considered Jessica her Angel, to 16 year old boy in military school, she took time out of her day to talk to him.  He was having a bad day, she quote scripture, which changed that day and the course of his life!

Believe you will see your child one day and they will welcome you home, but also know they would tell you " Life is for the Living, so LIVE!"

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