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Topic : 05/26 How to Be a Better Parent, Part 4

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Created on : Thursday, May 21, 2009, 06:00:17 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Moms and Dads: Do you feel like you’re at war with your children? Do you wish the screaming, yelling, nagging and bitter confrontations would just stop? It’s time to learn a new way of parenting. Dr. Phil continues his work with four frustrated families in The Dr. Phil House. You’ll recognize patterns in yourself and your children when watching these families. Learn how to make changes, take back control and live in peace! Dr. Phil talks with the parents about how to stop the momentum of their dysfunctional patterns and start putting their children’s interests ahead of their own. Tammie and Tiffiny both say they have resentment toward their children. Can they learn to let it go and parent with effectiveness? Janice admits she sends her 11-year-old son mixed signals by telling him to grow up but still treating him like her baby. Why does Dr. Phil say her situation is a ticking time bomb? And, the parents and kids sit down to write contracts to address their dreams and goals as a family. Watch how it’s done because you too can try this at home. Plus, see the big surprise Dr. Phil has for Laureen and her daughter, and don’t miss an update on these families since they returned home!

Find out what happened on the show.

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June 22, 2009, 5:34 pm CDT

Episode 5 (last one)

Quote From: cadescove99

I think this was the last episode. He did give a progress report at the end, on how well everyone but Tammie and Davia were doing. Of course, it's what I've been expecting since Tammie shot herself in the butt with that video showing how insane she is. I really think she needs intense, inpatient psychiatric care.
On the other front, I guess you've noticed that, while the Macy's unfolding ad is gone, probably only because Mother's Day is over, there is a new crop of others that do the same irritating thing, on many of the message boards. They need to remove all advertising from the message boards. We come hear to read, and post, messages. Not to shop!

I'm really afraid the last show was "the last show," too!  You know what really burns my biscuits???  We HAD to endure 9 GRUELING episodes of Nadya Sulemon, but we're basically handed a "cliff-hanger" on the Tammie/Davia situation.  I have to say, I'm not a happy camper!  I just want to know Davia is no longer being, stalked, mocked, taunted, belittled, ect.  She left a pretty large impression on my heart, as I'm sure she did yours, and I just want to sleep at night knowing she's in a safe place.  I think I'm going to write Dr. Phil periodically just so he knows Davia hasn't been forgotten by viewers.  I sincerely hope there's alot going on "behind the scenes" to fix things.


I'm sorry that you're still having issues with the ads.  I've noticed if my cursor touches them, they still expand (over the text box) when I'm trying to read or type, but the minute I move my cursor off, the ad retracts back to its regular size.   I know I don't have to tell you this but I agree, "We're here to read and post messages, not to shop!"  I guess you'll have to keep voicing your frusttrations.  It's like beating your head against a brick wall but it might be the only way it gets fixed.  If you need the link again, just let me know.

June 22, 2009, 6:01 pm CDT

05/26 How to Be a Better Parent, Part 4

Quote From: dynym021

Well, I hope your friend makes it through these hard times ok.  Being a single mom can be hard.  Yeah Jasmines a sweetheart.....that's another thing I don't understand....if a child's father is really that horrible wouldn't you want to give all of your love and affection to the child so that the child doesn't turn out to be like the father? Do you see what I'm saying? Oh, by the way I like that "I'm not perfect but parts of me are pretty awesome"  lol 

As I'm sure you understand, she still has her good days and bad days.  It's so unfair what he's putting her through while she's pregnant.  Normally, she would be the type to fight for her man, if you know what I mean, but her hands are tied. 


Absolutely!  I see exactly what you're saying.  I've never been faced with the situation and don't have any kids of my own, yet, but I know I'd do everything in my power "to give all of your love and affection to the child so that the child doesn't turn out to be like the father."  I just can't see a mother loathing her child because she hates her ex.  BTW, thanks, I like that quote too, lol.

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