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Created on : Thursday, May 07, 2009, 03:24:10 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
It’s a story that has parents hugging their children a little tighter. Seventeen-year-old Brittanee Drexel recently went to Myrtle Beach for spring break against her parents’ wishes, and she hasn’t been seen since. Did the high school junior run away, or is something more sinister behind her disappearance? Brittanee’s mother, Dawn, joins the show via satellite from South Carolina, where she is intensely searching for her daughter. What is the grieving mom’s theory about what happened that fateful night? Brittanee’s father, Chad, gives Dr. Phil his reasons for believing that the teen ran away. Then, Peter Brozowitz, reportedly one of the last people with Brittanee the night she disappeared, speaks out for the first time. Will his recollections shed light on the missing teen?  Find out why Dawn and Chad say they doubt his sincerity. Plus, Susan Smith made headlines in 1994 when she tearfully pleaded for the return of her two young sons, whom she said were the victims of a carjacking. The nation was stunned when the mom later confessed to murdering her kids. Her husband, David, describes what he says are the warning signs that Susan was on the edge.

Find out what happened on the show.

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May 11, 2009, 12:55 pm CDT

Who's fault is this really?

I am appalled at the blame being thrown anywhere other than directly to the parents. As a mother, I would NEVER allow my 17 yr. old daughter to go to Myrtle Beach with other teenagers. And then for her mother and father to blame Peter for not giving her a ride or walking her home? Did they hire him to be her babysitter? And then for her father to blame Peter, saying that he "had her in his room" with 19 and 20 yr old boys...Come on...she was in his hotel room because she wanted to be there hanging around with cute older boys on Spring Break. Not ONE of those boys is responsible for her safety or well-being. Her parents are 100% responsible for her disappearance....she shouldn't have been there in the first place. And the reason Peter is probably not inclined to help the parents is because they have shifted the blame off themselves and onto him. They need to take a hard, long look in the mirror!!!
May 11, 2009, 1:01 pm CDT

Sounds like you are blaming Peter???

Dr. Phil, I tuned in late and thinking the man in the studio with you is the young woman's father.  Forgive me if I am incorrect but will respond as though my assumption is correct.  Whoever he was, while I understand you wanted Peter and his attorney to show some sympathy for the plight of these parents, I think you were expecting too much from this young man.  I wanted to say before he did, that he was not responsible for this young lady.  He rightfully reminded them in defense of himself that he did not go to spring break to babysit their daughter.   I felt that their attitude suggested that he could have somehow prevented her disappearance.  That's just not true, and it wasn't his job to prevent her from exercising her free will to walk in this apparently less than safe area by herself.  He responded the way he did, because he was put on the defensive.  Imagine being under scrutiny when he had nothing to do with her disappearance.  Many, many people's lives have been ruined when the police deem someone a "person of interest."  With our world of 24/7 news media coverage, a person has to be extremely careful if they have the misfortune of being associated with someone who disappears. 


I also thought it was a low blow to bring up the fact that she was in the hotel room of this young man with other young men who were a little older.   Perhaps she wasn't old enough to be on this trip. Perhaps she wasn't old enough to exercise good judgement.  I'm sure when she showed up to have a good time (not suggesting that she deserved any of this) that anyone "carded" her.  These kids go to these spring break locations and all hang out.  There are high school and college kids.  They drink and have sex and do things they shouldn't do.  For that father to call him out on that was just not right.  His daughter shouldn't have been down there, because she apparently did not have enough judgment to keep herself safe, and it's not that young man's fault what happened to her.


Also, didn't the parents, who did want her to go down there in the first place, have some responsibility for keeping their daughter home if they didn't want her to go?  If they weren't asked that question by you after knowing their position about this young man was remiss on your part.  I was really offended at their tone.  This girl apparently has a mind of her own and is very wilfull.  How dare they put this young man on the hot seat because their daughter didn't want a ride that he offered.  Is anyone suggesting that he should have forced himself on her and forced her to get in his car?  Should he have forced his presence on her when she refused to even allow him to walk with her?  While I would want my son to be sympathetic, I would have been upset if they had said the things to my son that they said to him.  I'm just not sure what you all expected from him, and it's wrong for you to have allowed him to put him on the defensive that way and go out of your way to defend their need for sympathy from this young man who did all that he could, within reason, to walk with her or offer her a ride. 


We are all sympathetic to the parent's missing daughter.  Everyone can understand that.  However, I thought they were out of line, and I'm glad this young man's family had the good sense to have his attorney go on the show with him.  He's young and immature. I'm also sad to say that your complicity and seeming biased position on the side of the parents wasn't helpful.


Surprised and disappointed.

May 11, 2009, 1:01 pm CDT

I feel so bad for these parents!

I feel so bad for these parents! I can't believe those of you who are sticking up for that little punk! He might not be quilty of any involvement, but he sure is heartless! He acts like he could care less about his friend. I don't know how he could act so defensive when the parents are just trying to get answers. One thing that keeps sticking out in my head was that her mom said she did not htink she ran away because she left all of her things behind including her cell phone.. But the little punk said when she arrived at his hotel she was on her cell phone fighting with her friend about shorts. I thought she never returned back to her hotel? If not and she came up missing during the walk , how was her cell phone at the hotel? If this is true, what cell phone was she using while in Peter's hotel? This is concerning to me?
May 11, 2009, 1:12 pm CDT

Should a parent make a child get out of the car

Under NO circumstance should a parent EVER kick a child out of the car.  Not only for the obvious safety reason, but for the child's emotional well being.  A child's safe haven should be with their parents.  That's why they CAN be obnoxious at times - because they should know that their parents will always love them - even when the parent becomes angry with the child.  The child is exerting their growing independence.  It's up to the parent to help the child learn how to be independant, while still being respectful.   
May 11, 2009, 1:16 pm CDT

Kicking kids out of the car

Man!!!  Do I feel sorry for this woman!!  It is truly difficult for us to judge what really happened due to the lack of extensive information regarding the situation.  It sounds to me like the mother was keeping a close eye on her children by circling the block and watching them.  Maybe the 'good samaritan' should be charged for kidnapping for removing this child from where the mother left her and knew where she was.  Maybe the good samaritan should have stayed put with the child and used a cell phone to make the call to the police rather than taking her for ice cream.  Do people not allow their children to walk to the corner store or to school?  Unfortunate things can happen under those innocent circumstances as well.  I'm thinking that possibly one area where this mother did go wrong was not teaching her child to kick and scream and NOT go with a stranger promising her an ice cream cone.
May 11, 2009, 1:19 pm CDT

Comment on today's show (5/11/09)

This is in response to the woman who dropped off her children on a city street.  It is about time parents takes back their children.  If she was thinking properly, she should have dropped them off in front of the police station.  That would have been much safer for the children.  Since there is no longer any discipline by the parents in the manner which we were accustomed to when we were children and did something wrong, i.e., slap in the face or butt, I believe that the parents need to get more involved and start freightening the children with threats of calling the police.  The children would be fast to call the police with child abuse on the parent, sometimes even if there was no abuse.  Child abuse needs to be more defined.  We are not talking about beating our children senseless here.  There is only so much mental abuse a parent can take from a child.  Doesn't this count?
May 11, 2009, 1:25 pm CDT


I find it quite disturbing that Britannee's parents seemingly place the blame on Peter for not ensuring their daughter's safety.  Didn't Britannee go to Myrtle Beach against her mother's wishes?  Britannee is a minor, as her father said, so WHY did HE not STOP her from going?  What part do the parents play in this? 


If Britannee's own Mother COULD NOT STOP HER from even going to Myrtle Beach, how do they expect young Peter to STOP her from leaving his room on her own accord?  I do NOT believe he played any part in this and apparently Britannee has a strong will and mind of her own.  Why could Peter not have insisted on taking her back?  BECAUSE THEN it would have been called "FORCING AGAINST HER OWN WILL."


The parents need to leave Peter alone and perhaps ask themselves how she got to Myrtle Beach in the first place AGAINST THEIR wishes.  As Peter said, he is not her babysitter, he was clearly only friends with her and in a "spring break" atmosphere, he is not responsible for their daughter leaving his hotel room and then disappearing.


NOTE TO THE PARENTS:  iF YOU ARE GOING TO PLAY THE "SHE'S A MINOR" CARD, THEN WHY DID YOU ALLOW HER TO GO to Myrtle Beach unsupervised?  Where did she get the money?   It's time PARENTS put  a STOP to allowing their "minor" children to go on SPRING BREAK.  I know if I was 17 and my parents told me I couldn't travel to another state,  I WOULDN'T GO!  period, end of story!   


May 11, 2009, 1:32 pm CDT

Throwing him under the bus

It's too bad that the media put this young man in the position he is in.  Rather than showing the concern that everyone believes is warranted, he has been backed into a corner and is feeling attacked by parents who are understandably upset with the situation.  Although we may all think there is a 'right' way to react to stress, NONE of us know EXACTLY how we would behave under situations like this.  The fact remains that many people are jailed in error and this kid has been put into survival mode.  Cut him some slack and I'm sure the authorities will be the ones to determine whether he is involved in the unfortunate diappearance or just a young man that didn't think of the consequence for Brittanee being alone in that area.  Another thought...if he had forced Brittanee to get into his car, unwillingly, he could have faced a whole new batch of allegations.  After watching the show, I really didn't feel that this young man was revealed in an unobjective 'innocent until proven guilty' light.  As a mother of 2 young men, I'd hate to think of them getting caught in the middle of this horrific situation.  As a mother of 2 daughters, I'd hate for them to be in the same situation as Brittanee.  My prayers go out to everyone involved in this situation.
May 11, 2009, 1:32 pm CDT


bad job guys.  i just called.   not very helpful or interested AT ALL.  i was raped in myrtle beach two years ago, and there are PICTURES that the m.b police department has.  i have a gut wrentching feeling that this guy is the same guy, he lives in myrtle beach.  they didnt ask me for my name, or anything.  so, basically  i feel like i could have just given them some useful information, but they arent even going to look into it.  i wonder how Brittanee's mother would feel if she knew just how awful myrtle beach police department was?  they treated me awful too... blamed me for something i had no control over, blamed ME for not knowing anything because I was drugged. 
i hate this police department, and to think that something THIS BIG, something that DR PHIL would put on his own show (their phone number) they'd step up and actually act like they care.... but they dont.
May 11, 2009, 1:34 pm CDT


When I first heard the story reported on the news I was shocked.  Oh no, another missing spring break child went through my mind.  As I started listening to the details of the story I was horrified to learn that this 17 year old girl left on this trip regardless of the fact that her parents told her that they did not want her to go.  Don't parents have any restraints on their children anymore? 


And then when she left one hotel with the girls to go to another hotel to meet up with others, it was my understanding that the girls were telling her not to go.  At that point why weren't the girls calling her constantly to make sure she was alright?  Why aren't the girls being grilled as Peter is being grilled?  They, (the girls), knew what she did and why didn't they speak up?  I wonder if maybe Britanee doesn't want to return home because of the life she has at home.


I feel sad for the parents that their child is missing and hope that they find her soon.  

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