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Topic : 05/06 How to Be a Better Parent, Part 2

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Created on : Friday, May 01, 2009, 10:09:41 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Four families tired of the fighting, yelling, chaos and conflict in their home move into The Dr. Phil House. Dr. Phil puts them to work right away with exercises and assignments that encourage the children to open up and the parents to confront their own mistakes. After hearing each other’s frustrations, will the parents wake up to what they’re doing wrong? One mom turns the camera on her daughter to show her bad behavior, but Dr. Phil sees something even more troubling. Are you making this common discipline mistake? If you knew you could be scarring your child for life, would you want to know? Tune in and learn how to parent your tween or teen in a way that will make him or her happy, secure and successful! Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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May 6, 2009, 1:30 pm CDT


   I am a 29 year old male from Canada, and I just thought that I needed to comment on the show I watched today. First I wanted to start by saying I am not a parent and this is not something I normally do. I actually had to create an account just now to write these comments. I do however work with special needs children and have been watching Dr. Phil for years.  Even though i cannot relate to parents and their overall stresses in life, I feel I must comment on the parenting techniques of Davia's mother. I swear it is like listening to a few children bickering and mocking one another. I was so happy when Phil came on and  made the additional comment about the mothers actions because i was baffled. I actually got really pissed(hence this post) that i almost had to stop watching, but decided that i cared too much to see what happens with Davia that poor child. She has attitude and yells and screams ....OF Courseeee....Like Dr. Phil says they are learned behaviours. I do not even know whatelse to say , but Dr. Phil you have your work cut out for you on this one and I so hope that you get through to the mother so Davia can stand a fighting chance. I am not a relious person but for those who are Davia needs your prayers and Dr.Phil to knock some sense into that woman she is abusing that child and its not right. Thats all Im out....
May 6, 2009, 1:30 pm CDT


That women, the mother of that poor girl named daimen or something, is SOOO ABUSIVE!!! She shouldnt be allowed to take care of children at all. Someone should have called cps a long time ago. Thanks Dr. Phil for taking her in. If she doesnt change you NEED to call CPS RIGHT AWAY. I am a surviver of simialar abuse, but was a victim for many years even after the abuse ended. That kind of abuse verbal and emotional stays with someone much longer. That poor child will now face becoming a drug addict, suicide.  My Heart goes out to her, her life is going to be so hard, due to her emotional torment inside herself. All i wanted to do watching that show is reach out and hug that poor girl. And that mother is so stuck on herself, and needs to go to hell she isnt a decent human being and deserves everything she gets. I hope she knows that she is a miserable human being.
May 6, 2009, 1:32 pm CDT

Who treats their kid like that??

Davia's mom doesn't freakin get it. Duh she wants you affection but you refuse to give it to her because that's what she wants?? Lady you are the one who needs help not your child!! You are the one starting arguments with her and not letting things go at least untill everyone is calmed down. That is no way to treat a child and no wonder Davia doesn't like you. She has done nothing wrong you have.

These parent shows get me all worked up becuase I am half their age and and doing a better job than they are. And I am not saying it is easy. I am a young single mom who has had cancer for the past 5 years so I know what hell looks like and feels like. I try doing the things I wish my parents did for me when I was a kid and I know that she may not appriciate thoes things untill she is in her 20's but that's ok. I would rather do them and have her not appriciate all the things I do than not do them at all. My world is her and that is how it is supposed to be. I know parents who work all the time think that they are doing it to give their family happiniess, but it actually robs the kids of a parent. A lot of people I know say the poor are the happy ones becuase they value their family over everything else. Well I fit into both groups and agree 100%

May 6, 2009, 1:33 pm CDT

05/06 How to Be a Better Parent, Part 2

I too have never posted a message or thought to do so until today. How sad for Tammy that for someone who has been given such a gift of a beautiful healthy little girl is too angry and bitter to enjoy  a part of her childs life that goes by so quickly. Shame on you Tammy you went to the show thinking I'll go because Davia needs help poor poor me look what I have to deal with. My heart bleeds for this little girl. If this is how her Mother treats her how does the step-father feel towards this little girl. I hope by the Grace of God this works out OK for Davia. Her Mother has done serious damage and needs to be held accountable.
May 6, 2009, 1:35 pm CDT


I'm watching this now and when she mocked her daughter about having hope for them, WTF???? This woman is a horrible disgusting woman!!! The little girl was trying to do her homework and the mother was the one who was arguing, this woman needs to have this little girl taken away from her.  What an awful woman!! I'm so pissed right now honestly!!
May 6, 2009, 1:36 pm CDT

Shameful Tammie

When I saw the first show I was very interested in following the parent boot camp because I could relate to Tammie and her situation towards her daughter, Davia.  I too have unhealthy feelings towards my 8 year old and am way different with my other children.  But I was sooo apalled at this woman when she deliberately video taped her and her daughter to show the world how horrible Davia was, when she clearly did the exact opposite!  This mother was so mean, so cruel, throwing Davia's good intentions in her face, and she just wouldn't STOP!  She kept yelling and would not just leave her alone.  I almost had to shut the TV off watching it because I just couldn't bear it anymore.  Imagine how she was making Davia feel.  I had the option to turn off the tv, but Davia had no where to go.  A sweet innocent 11 year old who just wants her mother to love her, and her mother can't even see it!  Her mother resents her so much, and REFUSES to see that she is solely responsible for it all.  She has molded her little girl into the person she is.  And for some reason the rest of the world can see how innocent and sweet this little girl except for the one person who is supposed to love her, protect her, and give her a sense of safety and security...her own mother!  It is shameful.  I don't want to judge her, because I too have been through similar things, but it is so frustrating that this woman blames her daughter time and time again and has not  taken the blame or responsibility for herself.  She keeps saying this is her last resort, that Davia better take this seriously, like she's the one who needs to change.  She just wants to fix Davia.  She's not in the least bit concerned with her part in it or even acknowledging it.  If Tammie grows up and makes some significant changes in her parenting, she will see a change in Davia.  Davia is simply reacting to her mother!  If her mother changes, so will she.
May 6, 2009, 1:37 pm CDT


Hmm ok, where to begin.....first of all Tammi you are a disgusting waste of skin. I am horrified that you share the same title of  "mother" that I do. Not only do you NOT deserve that beautiful daughter of yours, you should be put in jail for your behavior today. Isn't there a law in the US against mental and emotional abuse? I could rant and rave to you for hours but it wouldn't help, your a lost cause.


To Dr. Phil....have this woman arrested. Call social services on her, at least have Davia taken out of that enviornment so she (Davia) can begin healing herself. I think its wonderful that you will call her on her disgusting behavior, but I would really love 10 min alone with that woman to give her a taste of her own medicine. I know I know 2 wrongs don't make a right, but in this instance I think an exception to that rule should be made.

May 6, 2009, 1:38 pm CDT


DR. Phil- Davia needs your help NOW!!! That mother is ABUSING THAT CHILD SEVERALLY!! The mother thinks its all about her, and that Davia wants attention. That poor girl Needs a hugs she is in a very dark place, so it is no wonder she wants to hug her mom. No ONE wants to feel hated by the person that brought you into this world. Davia is going to need your help for a very long time. She is going to suffer many emotional problems the rest of her life. DAVIA God has his angels watching over you. You are meant for something specail.. CALL CPS!!!! And the mother God will judge you for the torture of your own flesh and blood.  May God have Mercy on your Soul for being so selfish, heartless, abusive, and mean spirited... Davia you will be in my prayers.
May 6, 2009, 1:38 pm CDT

05/06 How to Be a Better Parent, Part 2

Quote From: misusaje

If you feel badly for Davia's so-called mother, instead of feeling bad for Davia, then you need to get yourself on to the Dr. Phil show ASAP. Hopefully you are not a parent yourself.
Unbelievable! Of course it is always the parents fault. Let's say the child actually HAS a problem....ADHD, Bipolar disorder, depression.....YOU are the parent. It is your JOB to raise, treat, care for that child BECAUSE you birthed it. That is why people who agree with these parents should have taken stock in Condoms. I'm so happy when I hear more and more people decide NOT to have children. There should be an application process to do so and 75% of people would fail miserably. Stop having kids if you hate them so much.
May 6, 2009, 1:39 pm CDT

05/06 How to Be a Better Parent, Part 2

 Dear Davia,

 When I first saw your story on Dr. Phil, I was so sad. You are a beautiful, young lady to has a lot of self control. When your mom was screaming at you, you remained calm and did not react. I was quite proud of you. Your mom is the one with all the problems, not you.  I hope Dr. Phil can help HER realize what a special daughter she has.

Dear Davia's mom,

 I cannot believe the poison you are feeding your child. She is a gift from God, who needs to be cherished and loved. I hope someone steps in who has a heart, and can raise this beautiful young lady. You don't deserve a second chance. Your a horrible mother!

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