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Topic : 05/06 How to Be a Better Parent, Part 2

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Created on : Friday, May 01, 2009, 10:09:41 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Four families tired of the fighting, yelling, chaos and conflict in their home move into The Dr. Phil House. Dr. Phil puts them to work right away with exercises and assignments that encourage the children to open up and the parents to confront their own mistakes. After hearing each other’s frustrations, will the parents wake up to what they’re doing wrong? One mom turns the camera on her daughter to show her bad behavior, but Dr. Phil sees something even more troubling. Are you making this common discipline mistake? If you knew you could be scarring your child for life, would you want to know? Tune in and learn how to parent your tween or teen in a way that will make him or her happy, secure and successful! Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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May 1, 2009, 5:43 pm CDT

Doctor Phil Show.

A Be Better Doctor How Part Parent Phil/Robin To Two. Well Well here we go again another round of this---

show. See you on May 06th, Wednesday 2009. Sincerley Your. Russell Vlaanderen.-------------------------------

May 6, 2009, 6:16 am CDT

what is wrong wth Davia's mom

What a selfish woman--I think she's on the show to get attention for herself----Her daughter chose the hopeful emotion and that "mom" let her have it. I feel sorry for Davia.
May 6, 2009, 6:57 am CDT


The show today made me so upset. That little girl Davia's mother made me so mad, how do you give birth to a child and then treat her so horribly. Davia looked around the age of 13? I have not met a teenager that isn't moody in my entire life. Gosh i cannot believe that women!
May 6, 2009, 7:12 am CDT

To be better parent show / the mad mother

The mother on the show today that yelled at her daughter on the home video / Id like to tell you that im the mother of a 8 year old daughter and no mater what she does id never call her a lil bitch. I cant imagine why you would call your daughter names like that id like to let you know that if you need someone to PICK on try someone your own size... ill take it any time !!!
May 6, 2009, 7:21 am CDT

Davia's mom is a monster

I am horror struck by Davia'a mom. Has child welfare been contacted? This is severe emotional abuse. I am so deeply affected by this show. I wish I was blessed to have such a sensitive daughter. But I am turning 47 and I have not been able to become pregnant. I hope one day I could be as lucky as this monster has been to be given such a gift.
May 6, 2009, 7:25 am CDT


My mom verbally and emotionally abused me as a pre-teen/teenager too....guess what?  I'm 31 and I hate her. I remember EVERYTHING she said to me.  Every single word, snub, insult, the ignoring for days...

We had good moments here and there, but I don't really remember those. She destroyed my self-worth, because she had none herself.  I'm struggling and working to rebuild mine though.


I just want to say that you look exactly like a bully...either you were abused yourself when you were younger, or you abused other peers...probably both.  Maybe you should consider getting some more professional help if Dr. Phil didn't set you straight.  Your poor child is proably already damaged by you...but hopefully she will pull through and find peace and just maybe some self-confidence.

May 6, 2009, 7:39 am CDT

Davia's Mother

Davia's mother Tammy (sp?) is an abomination to motherhood as a whole. Someone should take that child away from her. She obviously has some variant of a personality disorder, because I cannot figure out why anyone would behave that way otherwise. Nevermind that Davia seems to be a sweet, intelligent little girl. I'm shocked that someone is so in denial about their own behavior & situation that they'd figure that they could bestow the blame upon their daughter. It's repulsive & that woman needs to get a grip & possibly some psychiatric aid.
May 6, 2009, 7:42 am CDT

Davia's mother

Davia's mother is a nut. She should be in a mental hospital. Bless that childs heart! I really hope you can help! That child needs a safer home.
May 6, 2009, 7:53 am CDT


 I am so upset about how Tammie treated that little girl. She needs to get on some medicine. I was yelling at my child(never to that extent) But I went to the doctor and found out I was bi-polar. I am being treated. This lady needs to be talked to like that. She is abusing that baby and she needs to have it done to her. How people like that can keep thier kids is a mystery!!!!
May 6, 2009, 7:56 am CDT

05/06 How to Be a Better Parent, Part 2

Divia wants attention thats all she wants , and she gets abuse ... how sad ....
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