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Created on : Friday, April 24, 2009, 02:53:42 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 05/01/09) Cosmetic surgery among teens 18 and younger has more than tripled over a 10-year period. Dr. Phil talks to young women who say they face pressure from the media, their peers and even their own parents to be beautiful. Eighteen-year-old Jennifer says her mom, Martha, wants her to get liposuction, breast implants, a nose job and laser hair removal because she says beauty sells. Jennifer says she’s satisfied with her looks, and she wants her mom to back off. Dr. Phil gives Martha a wake-up call, and it’s not pretty! Then, 18-year-old Ashley says she wants a second breast implant surgery to increase to a Double-D cup size because “pretty people get more opportunities in life.” Ashley’s father and stepmother say the first surgery was necessary to boost Ashley’s self-esteem, but they’re against her getting any more procedures. Will Ashley change her mind about going under the knife again? Plus, meet a 17-year-old who says it’s not only time for breast implants, but also for Botox for her crow’s feet, and lip and cheek injections! Weigh in!

Find out what happened on the show.

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May 1, 2009, 12:49 pm CDT

05/01 Teens: Pressure to Be Pretty

Dear Dr. Phil what these girls don't realize is that double d boobs really kill your back in the long run. I've went to high school and have had double d boobs and thats all that got noticed. I also found out I was pregnant about a month or two after I graduated and my double d boobs really hurt my back. I really hope these girls will think of how life will be a few years or months down the road after they get double ds. It won't be fun I've learned that big boobs are no fun and give you more pain in the long run.


May 1, 2009, 1:27 pm CDT

Self Esteem

I think Ashley is having self esteem identify.  The young lady is gorgeous as she is and needs to change her focus on her education, career and future.  I definitely agree with her Father that she is starting a pattern that could possibly lead her to believe plastic surgery is a quick fix.  Before you know it she will be looking like a plastic doll.
May 1, 2009, 1:28 pm CDT

us guys

Quote From: cadescove99

It disappointed me that dr phil did not address the medias role in this pressure to look a certain way, be a certain cup size, and all that other nonsence. And, advocating boob jobs for teen girls, having that plastic surgeon on his show, really burned me up!
A lot of us guys had plastic surgeory a a very young age and without our concent its called circencisem. (I hope spelling doesnt count)
May 1, 2009, 1:35 pm CDT

Teens: pressure to be pretty

They just dont understand the discomfort in all of this.  I have a 16yr old neice who is currently at a 36 EE with a 27 inch waist and about 34 inch hips... and is for frustrated with the discomfort, the looks, and the problems to find correctly fitted bras!!


I see her having to have a reduction as did her mother who was (38 FF) and in so much pain.


they just dont understand... while it is eye stopping but not for the reasons they are choosing..

May 1, 2009, 1:35 pm CDT

Pressured Teens

Quote From: ramair

has made it through the whole month of April without mentioning Nadya Suleman! And, his viewers are mighty grateful, I'll bet. I am!
To the mom who wanted her daughter to have surgery you need to leave your daughter alone as she is a very pretty young lady the way she is. Guys woho are real men don't want some Barbie type gal as that's fake. To the young gal who wants more surgery & to get double d's you need to get a life. You're on your way to nothing but trouble & moving in the wrong direction. You think that's gonna attract a good guy & advance your career. You're nothing more than wrong. You think bigger breast will help you well you're far from wrong. Bigger is not better. Also you need to cover them up. All you're trying to do is attract attention & you'll get attention from guys thinking you're easy. You need to grow up. Also those getting surgery or body augmentation means their not comfortable with themselves. Fake creast are not attractive & not real. I don't blame your dad for not paying for any more surgery. Your dad should've put his foot down & said you're not getting bigger breast. Ask Dolly Parton what kind of problems she has with her breast. Bigger breast are not attractive & look awkward.  Yiou're sending the wrong message to everyone if you get bigger breast.
May 1, 2009, 1:37 pm CDT


As someone who has 36 DDD without surgery its really offensive to hear Dr. Phil say that women who have these are either at the strip club or having breast reduction surgery. There are lots of women who live like this every day...not by choice but because it is how we were born! I am not a stripper, but a social worker....pretty nice that someone would view me as only that because of my breast size.
May 1, 2009, 1:52 pm CDT

These Grils Dont Understand...

Are these girls crazy? I am a 19 year old college student who naturally (thanks DNA!) has 36G breasts. Why would these teenage girls want to have breast implants?! And DDs?! Please! I have constant back pain from my breasts and don't even get me started on finding clothes! They think it will be easy to find bras and shirts that fit over these boobs?! Think again! Even Victorias Secret rarely carries anything over a D and those bras are not sexy and cute, believe me. They are thick strapped and full cupped. Good luck finding clothes to go over it, I have come to hate going shopping with my girlfriends because it is a nightmare to find cute, fashionable clothes that flatter my figure. Also, big breasts really do affect how others treat you and think about you. I have a hard time finding any guy that wants to have a real conversation with me, and I know that I get judged by others because of my chest. Big breasted girls are not the type guys want to take home to mom, they are the type guys want to take home, period. Believe me, large breast are not all they are cracked up to be, keep it natural and be happy you dont have the curse of these things!!
May 1, 2009, 1:55 pm CDT

Don't do it Dr. Phil is right

I am a 20 year old full time college student. Over this past spring break I made the choice to get a breast reduction. It was the best decision I have made in my life. I used to be 4'10" DD!! So throughout high school and college I was the short blonde girl with big boobs, just like Dr. Phil said, that was my defining characteristic. I was the cheerleader with big boobs, I was the girl running "that needed to get a bra on" (if they only knew I was wearing three!) I was the girl who walked in the party and got stared at, well my boobs were. When I got my surgery I went from a 36 DD to a 36 C and I feel so much better. My back feels ten times better since 1.5 lbs was taken off, I am running more, and losing weight. If you really think you want DD's you really need to think about it. When you go exercise like you say you like, you will be the center of attention for guys looking at your boobs when you running because it doesn't matter how many bras you wear they will be out of control. The girls will look at you in discuss thinking you arn' t wearing a bra and only want attention. Then those cute clothes you were wearing, yeah try again, being that skinny and having DD boobs won't get you any cute clothes that actually fit. Your clothes will hang on you making you look bigger than you are, your boobs won't fit in fitted shirts, and your shirts will be too short because your boobs take up majority of the fabric. I just really urge you to take in all the considerations of what it actually means, you will be the girl with the huge boobs, you won't be the college girl with the bangin body. People will see your boobs no matter where you are as what you are. I woudn't change my decision for anything and I love being a little above average with a C cup. Before having my breast reduction I looked alot bigger because I was so full with my boobs. Now people think I look skinner now, I feel good, I can go running without people looking at me, and I can finally meet guys and not have them trying to meet my boobs. Just really think about it, also think about what DD boobs look like after having kids, yeah probably not pretty, didn't get to experience it but I'm glad.

May 1, 2009, 1:56 pm CDT

message for the last girl

This goes out to the last girl who wants breast augmentation because she wants to feel better about  herself and for fashion etc.. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND HOW YOU FEEL I hated the way I looked in high school used to hide when changing for PE classes.. I got married had my 2 girls and I have had breast augmentation for 2 years now and I LOVE IT!!!! I AM NOT TO BIG NOT TO SMALL A 34 C and it's perfect.. I love trying on clothes and i feel better in my own skin. TO HER PARENTS LET HER HAVE IT.. SHE WILL NOT CHANGE WHO SHE IS SHE WILL JUST FEEL BETTER IN HER OWN SKIN........ I did not do it for anyone but myself and that is what i believe she was going for it.. good luck!!!
May 1, 2009, 1:56 pm CDT


Does anyone else think that plastic surgeon looks literally plastic?  Sort of a good advertisement to not do it!
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