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Topic : 04/16 Scary Trends: Is Your Child at Risk?

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Created on : Thursday, April 09, 2009, 06:17:25 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Parents, this show is appointment television! Sexting, a scary new trend where teens send nude or semi-nude photos via cell phone, is popping up throughout the country. But what kids don't realize is that this seemingly innocent act could change their lives forever. Julia recently learned that her 13-year-old daughter texted a provocative photo of herself to a boy, and he forwarded it to his friends. The situation spiraled out of control and nearly ended in tragedy. Find out why Julia says she overreacted, and learn how to approach this situation if it strikes your family. Then, Dr. Phil talks one on one with the teen. Will his words give her a new outlook on the situation? Next, Ben, 14, was threatened with charges after sending a naked photo on his cell phone. Should teens be arrested for sexting? Attorney Lisa Bloom, In Session anchor and special correspondent for, shares her thoughts. You may be surprised to hear what she says. If you're a parent who wants to monitor your kid's cell phone and computer activity, don’t miss the newest ways to stay one step ahead of the trends. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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April 10, 2009, 4:17 am CDT

04/16 Scary Trends: Is Your Child at Risk?

A brand new not-about-nadya show! Wonderful!
April 15, 2009, 1:08 pm CDT


This message is in regards to the Sexting.  I think it is outrageously STUPID!  I have had several guys texting me trying to lure me into sending them nude pictures.  I, personally, have more self-respect than some of the kids who think its "cool."  In my sociology class, my teacher does current events.  Atleast once a week he will tell about a student who gets arrested for having child pornography on their phone.  Let's be blunt.  Sexting is child pornography!  Child pornography is illegal.  If any student is caught with a nude picture on their cell phone it is perfectly legal to be classified as child pornography, if they go to court and get convicted, they MUST register as a sex offender.  These stupid "excitements" we as teenagers get can seriously affect the rest of our lives.  Another case, a girlfriend sent her boyfriend nude pictures.  They broke up.  He sent those pictures to his friends, they all got busted for child pornography.  I just dont understand kids!  Do they think its cool to have some guy or girl drool over their phone at a stupid picture?  Like Dr. Phil said, once its in cyberspace, it stays there!  It is just as easy to receive a message as it is to forward it to multiple friends.  Sexting is stupid and if you are under 18 it is ILLEGAL!
April 16, 2009, 6:43 am CDT

Positive Doing

Make this a positive experience. Stand up in front of classmates (who atready know about this) and tell them the whole story. What happened, how she felt about this then and now, what happened to family. how she embarrased family, almost took her own life and then maybe expand to other schools  and how it has changed her life.. It happened and once it is out all the electrons just don't come back.. Even the big names hicccup out there on the airwaves. Good luck... jim1900
April 16, 2009, 6:54 am CDT


Maybe there should be a law that no one under the age of 18 can possess a cell phone with a camera.  There is no reason for these young children to have cell phones to begin with,  but they certainly do not need one with a camera.  Ten, eleven year olds up to 15 year olds are not so important that they require a cell phone.  Texting is out of control and can be used to cheat in a classroom.  Their friends do not need to be in touch with them at all times.  Parents use the excuse that it is their way to keep in touch with their calling a cell phone you have no knowledge of where your children are or who they are with...only what they tell you.  It is a poor excuse for providing a dangerous instrument to a child.  Remember....they are children....not adults.  They do not know what is best for them and do not have the mental capacity to protecty themselves and understand consequences.  Parents have lost control and knowledge of their children.  Wonder why so many children are depressed?  Wonder why so many of bullied?  We keep giving them better means for bad things to happen to them, things that are not necessary.
April 16, 2009, 7:15 am CDT

about sexting

This is about the sexting on today's show.  I am older and am surprised that young people do not have more respect for themselves and their friends.  I feel somewhat sad for the young man on your show who got in trouble for forwarding the picture.  First of all, he is a typical 13 year old boy.  What would  you expect for a young boy to do when he receives a provocative photo of a young lady?  Most importantly, I feel these young ladies that are taking the pictures, and sending them should be the real criminal. Women are arrested for prostitution and being "ladies of the evening".  I know these girls aren't actually in prostitution, but what is next, if they don't care enough about themselves to send lude photos to guys?  If they would get reprimanded for this and stop the action where it begins, then the young men won't be the ones to face the charges.  The girls should be .

There are stings to bring down and arrest people who put adult and child pornography on the internet, so why shouldn't these young ladies pay for posting these pictures?  No one is forcing them to do it.  The parents need to put these girls in some serious counseling to have better self-esteem and to love themselves better.

April 16, 2009, 7:44 am CDT

Scary Trends

My 7 yr. old daughter is already talking about getting a cell phone when she's 16.  This show has reinforced my thought of that not happening until she's 18 yrs. old.  I am so sorry this young lady had this negative experience.  She mentioned she was raised in a Christian home--this is the time to remember how God loves each of us equally and forgives our inequities.  This young lady needs to forgive herself and know how much she is loved by her family, friends, and God and all others don't matter.
April 16, 2009, 7:47 am CDT


My heart goes out to this girl that sent the sexual picture of herself.  It's up to parents to "ready" their children for the world out there.  Sometimes parents don't prioritize with accurate timing...just when to give a talk to their kids about sex, boys, relationships, texting with phones (which not all kids of all ages should have).  It's important.  This girl was victimized by the boy....not only that, he also betrayed her in her eyes because she liked him and trusted him.  Boys think differently about love and relationships than girls do...and it's way too important for parents of girls to let them know the TRUTH about how they think differently.  We as a society should not have low expectations of boys.  It is upsetting to hear Doc Phil say "boys will be boys".... that is not the way it has to be.  Parents can raise respectable boys that value women if they choose to.  I'm POSITIVE that Robin did that with her boys.  This girl needs to hold her head high....walk back into school knowing life is to be learned, and she only made a small mistake in the large scheme of life.  Faith is good, but talking about faith is not enough toward making good choices in life.  Parents need to talk their kids through facts about relationships, friendships, love, etc. so their kids choose better choices with PRIORRRR knowledge.  NOT after the incident happens.  PREVENTION is possible with good parenting.  I wish the best for the girl, life is not worth loosing over some dumb error or a boy. :)  Take good care, chin up, and love yourself for what is in your heart...and not part of your body.  Don't allow others the opportunity EVER to use you in any way, ... it steals away your soul little by little....  (((Hugs)))),  Anne from MI

April 16, 2009, 12:24 pm CDT


Dr. Phil,


I couldn't believe you told viewers to talk to their daughters and not their sons too! Yes, teenage boys can infuence teenage girls, but their parents can infuence them. Teach your sons that No means No. Teach your daughters about mixed messages. And especially in this case teach your sons what sexting is really and how it will follow them forever.   Most of these are good kids who just think its a joke like an old panty raid at a sleepover. Teach your sons what it really is. Don't assume they know the consequences of this "joke"


April 16, 2009, 12:35 pm CDT

Teen girls must take responsibility

I disagree with the tone that this show takes towards teen boys and that somehow they should be held to a higher standard than the young girls sending the photos.  If teens are able to understand the use of cell phones, text messaging, and taking & sending photos, then certainly they are old enough and wise enough to understand what is and isn't appropriate in regards to messages and photos they send.


YES boys should be held responsible for their actions AS SHOULD GIRLS.  It is ridiculous to allow girls off the hook because a boy "pressured" them to send a nude photo and, poor thing, felt compelled to oblige.  We've come farther as women than this -- have some respect for yourselves girls and say no and let these young men know that you don't respond to their type.  For girls and their parents to lay blame only at the "askers" feet is RIDICULOUS.  Take responsibility for your actions -- either DON'T send the photo or message, or take responsibility when you do.  If you're old enough to bare all, take a photo of it, and then forward it, you're old enough to take responsibility for your actions.


Boys should not be let off the hook with this -- but neither should girls.  This is no longer a "new" dilemma -- it's been happening for a few years now and these teens are smarter than we are as parents when it comes to what is happening.  Certainly ANY teen with a cell phone knows that it is not appropriate to take a nude photo or yourself or much less, send it to somebody else....same goes for a text that is sexual in nature.  It is not a matter of being found out "if" somebody sends it along, but just a matter of when they do and how many they send it to. 

April 16, 2009, 12:56 pm CDT

this made me so mad!!!!

this whole blaming it on the boys is totally messed up!! i am 18 years old and it's mostly the girls fault if not more. im in high school and i know what its like. i've never done it but i know girls that have and, i know that  girls do it for attention. and if they do it they're getting the attention they want. so i think boys will be boys. and they girls cant set there and say they didnt know this would happen because, they know first hand what boys in high school think and do.  im tired of this stuff getting blamed on the boys its their nature. an boys will be boys!  i think this whole thing is parents blowing things way out of poportion!!! let it go!!! if your daughter is stupied enough to do this its her fault.  just to let everyone know right after i watched the show i logged on  and set up an account!
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