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Topic : 04/16 Scary Trends: Is Your Child at Risk?

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Created on : Thursday, April 09, 2009, 06:17:25 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Parents, this show is appointment television! Sexting, a scary new trend where teens send nude or semi-nude photos via cell phone, is popping up throughout the country. But what kids don't realize is that this seemingly innocent act could change their lives forever. Julia recently learned that her 13-year-old daughter texted a provocative photo of herself to a boy, and he forwarded it to his friends. The situation spiraled out of control and nearly ended in tragedy. Find out why Julia says she overreacted, and learn how to approach this situation if it strikes your family. Then, Dr. Phil talks one on one with the teen. Will his words give her a new outlook on the situation? Next, Ben, 14, was threatened with charges after sending a naked photo on his cell phone. Should teens be arrested for sexting? Attorney Lisa Bloom, In Session anchor and special correspondent for, shares her thoughts. You may be surprised to hear what she says. If you're a parent who wants to monitor your kid's cell phone and computer activity, don’t miss the newest ways to stay one step ahead of the trends. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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July 23, 2009, 1:46 pm CDT

04/16 Scary Trends: Is Your Child at Risk?

Quote From: anne124

My heart goes out to this girl that sent the sexual picture of herself.  It's up to parents to "ready" their children for the world out there.  Sometimes parents don't prioritize with accurate timing...just when to give a talk to their kids about sex, boys, relationships, texting with phones (which not all kids of all ages should have).  It's important.  This girl was victimized by the boy....not only that, he also betrayed her in her eyes because she liked him and trusted him.  Boys think differently about love and relationships than girls do...and it's way too important for parents of girls to let them know the TRUTH about how they think differently.  We as a society should not have low expectations of boys.  It is upsetting to hear Doc Phil say "boys will be boys".... that is not the way it has to be.  Parents can raise respectable boys that value women if they choose to.  I'm POSITIVE that Robin did that with her boys.  This girl needs to hold her head high....walk back into school knowing life is to be learned, and she only made a small mistake in the large scheme of life.  Faith is good, but talking about faith is not enough toward making good choices in life.  Parents need to talk their kids through facts about relationships, friendships, love, etc. so their kids choose better choices with PRIORRRR knowledge.  NOT after the incident happens.  PREVENTION is possible with good parenting.  I wish the best for the girl, life is not worth loosing over some dumb error or a boy. :)  Take good care, chin up, and love yourself for what is in your heart...and not part of your body.  Don't allow others the opportunity EVER to use you in any way, ... it steals away your soul little by little....  (((Hugs)))),  Anne from MI

Well said! We feel that we're the only ones that aren't bashing girls & women like Britney out there. I just think that Britney made a very bad decision in her part, but for her so-called "boyfriend" to just send it out to a lot of people was just wrong. If a woman were to send me a naked pic of herself to me, then that's only for me to view & for me only, nobody else (not even another woman!). If I were to do like those boys did, then I wouldn't be a true friend to her, now would I? I would just either keep it to myself, or to delete the photo. I'm all about respecting their wishes & not by violating them. Girls & women like her just have to be careful...know who your real, true friends (or boyfriends) are!


Plus those of you that are condoning of what the boys did should take a good look at yourselves in the mirror. I know that many of you think that boys shouldn't be in trouble with the law or something else over this, but I just like to think of that as karma. You try to ruin lives like that & use girls & women like her, & I think that you deserve to be put in that position. Most of them only think with their you-know-what, instead of their brains. It's a good thing that there are a few men like myself who aren't like them.

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