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Topic : 03/26 Octuplets: On the Record, Part 2

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Created on : Tuesday, March 24, 2009, 06:16:19 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
After bringing all the parties together to announce the dissolution of the agreement between the octuplets’ mother, Nadya Suleman, and the organization Angels in Waiting USA, who offered care for all 14 of Nadya’s children, Dr. Phil continues the discussion. Attorney Gloria Allred and Nadya’s attorney, Jeff Czech, present two differing views about what happened inside Nadya’s house and why Angels in Waiting USA were dismissed. Dr. Phil continues to advocate for the welfare of the Suleman children above all. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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March 26, 2009, 7:36 am CDT

Enough fighting!

Linda from AIW impresses me as a person who could very easily become a bully - not because she is hateful but because she takes her job too seriously.  Most of us "baby boomers" should have died in childhood based on the rules and regulations that must be followed today.  Yes, the nurses have a duty to report "excessive abuse" of children in the home.  But what could have been excessive if the babies were just brought home and some type of routine had not even had a chance to be put into place?  The nurses also have to realize that any person - mother or father - put into the position that Nadya is in (and no, I don't approve of her having so many children) would need some time away to catch their breath and if they knew that people were there to take care of the children - why not?! 
The media is totally to blame on how this has gone downhill.  Like sharks waiting for a bleeding person to slip overboard they waited and stalked Nadya for any little tidbit of info.  They have disrupted Nadya's and her neighbor's lives and have helped to inflame Ms Allred  and her posse.  I know you have respect for her but quite frankly, she is agressive, acerbic, and does not seem to have any ability to compromise in any of the situations you have had her on the show to counter.  I have no doubt she fanned flames in this situation.   If I had to go into court and she was assigned as my attorney, I would ask for another because she and I would be fighting within minutes, just because of her attitude! 
My suggestion, have the court appoint CASA volunteers to help out with the legalities of the children coming home and getting the funding to be taken care of.  Let CASA be the voice of the children, not AIW, not Nadya's attorney.  Perhaps they could be the voice of reason as many CASA volunteers are parents as well. 
March 26, 2009, 7:37 am CDT

supporting Nadya's decision

I think Dr. Phil said something that made so much sence when he made the comment that Gloria and her team could make Nadya feel threatened as a new mother. I have a 3 month old daughter and two little boys. These nurses came into the home with the thought that these babies should have been put up for adoption from the beginning. She is a NEW MOM! Having these other nurses that seem t not want to help her as a mom but more want to report her when she does wrong feels very threatening. There are PLENTY of good nurses in this world and I'm not saying anything about the love and care of good nurses. However, I think the world may side with the nurses versus Nadya becuase they dont like her decision to have these kids in the first place and because they are taking the opinion of medical professionals. Just because these women are nurses doesnt mean they are the ones that are correct in this situation. I think that Nadya made the right decision to kick Angels in waiting out the door. She needs to have people who are SUPPORTINVE of her and her family, not people who hinder the bond a mother has with her child or children. Nadya is put under a microscope by everyone. We as the public dont go beating down every mother's door with multiple children. Why are we not able to leave Nadya alone. Yes, she made an unwise decision having that many children but it is obvious that she loves then dearly and she only gets one chance to enjoy these first precious moments with her babies! Let her ENJOY this time! Gloria Alred is a NOSEY, "Media Whore"! She follows the big stories to get her face out there and I dont know many people who get under my skin the way she does. Nadya, I wish you all the best of luck, take every moment to enjoy your babies and just know that it is unfortunate that you are held under very close watch. Mothers make little mistakes every day, you are just one of the few that gets yours puplisized!
March 26, 2009, 7:44 am CDT






March 26, 2009, 7:44 am CDT

Go Away Gloria and nurses!!

Why is Gloria Allred allowed to be in this woman's life without her permission? She looks desperate and is making a fool of herself. Surely she doesn't need the money that much! A new wig and a makeover seems essential for someone who loves being in the media at all costs. She is a little creepy.


The nurse (?) Linda has clearly proven the mothers feelings of being judged. They need to go away quietly and allow this family to live. They seem so unprofessional. I would not want there women in my home for any kind of nursing care. I can't imagine who would after this. They are not doing themselves any favors.

March 26, 2009, 7:49 am CDT

Professional Conduct

I simply want to say that the behavior of the professionals involved is appalling. The fact that the nursing staff and attorneys behaved in the manners in which they openly admit suggests none of their intentions were purely "for the safety of the children". I feel sorry for this particular mother and her situation...I believe she has been made a scapegoat for all of us who act before we think. Perhaps the professionals, and all those who are so quick to judge this situation, should remove the plank from their own eyes before extracting the sliver from Nadya's.

March 26, 2009, 8:01 am CDT

03/26 Octuplets: On the Record, Part 2

Quote From: jipmarch

Are you nuts?

AIW is required by law to report  any thing that they see is or can be harmful to the children.  That is all they were doing.  This mother is using her children to profit and become a celebrity. On the Dr. Phil show the women from AIW was trying to get her point across about how little time the mother spent with her children and her lawyer kept interrupting her.  His statement that any mother needs time to shop was ludicrous.  She is seen shopping all the time.  She should be with her children and not exploiting them.  Any money that she is making from pictures, interviews etc.  should be going to the kids and then to pay for the medical bills.  But the sad thing is she will likely get a reality show and profit from her insane behavior. 

I feel bad for AWI I had a feeling  that Nadya was going to do that she is poison its everybody is wrong but her PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! AWI were the babies eyes and ears I FEEL SO SORRY FROM THEM NOW!!!! PLEASE TAKE ALL THE KIDS AWAY!!!!! SHE IS SICK AND TWISTED AND SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE ANY CHILDREN AND SHE SHOULD GO TO JAIL FOR TAX Evasion!!!!



March 26, 2009, 8:06 am CDT

FInd someone other than Gloria Allred

Quote From: jlangel

Why is Gloria Allred allowed to be in this woman's life without her permission? She looks desperate and is making a fool of herself. Surely she doesn't need the money that much! A new wig and a makeover seems essential for someone who loves being in the media at all costs. She is a little creepy.


The nurse (?) Linda has clearly proven the mothers feelings of being judged. They need to go away quietly and allow this family to live. They seem so unprofessional. I would not want there women in my home for any kind of nursing care. I can't imagine who would after this. They are not doing themselves any favors.

I agree about Ms Allred.  Every time she has been on your program she has been argumentative, acerbic, unable to see any side but the one right in front of her face and certainly no help for whoever she is allegedly representing.  Her fight with Nadya can only be topped by her attitude about "delinquent dads" or fathers who want to have custody of their children. Considering that she is an attorney, there appears that there is no such word as compromise in this woman's vocabulary - and anyone who has worked with the legal system knows there are times that compromise can go much further than confrontation. 
Dr Phil, I think the public would appreciate it if you found someone else to present the opposition point of view, someone who is not so hell bent on getting their point - and ONLY their point across. 

As far as Angels in Waiting, I think the comments and actions made by Linda have only served to be potentially damaging to that organization.  She did come across as "I know best", a racist, and again, having an inability to be flexible within the changing situation. If I were Nadya, I would have thrown her, her group and her attorney out on their bums as soon as I found out they were reporting me for every thing I was doing and I would have gone in search of other help as soon as their butts hit the pavement.   that is a shame as I am sure that AIW has a very good Mission statement.  But if it were me - I would not want them in MY house. 
March 26, 2009, 8:08 am CDT

Back off!

Nadia has clearly been doing her best to meet all the endless requirements.   She's actually DOING it.   I think she's amazingly strong...maybe she won't be such a bad mother after all huh?

  Give her a break.  She has (shudder) crowds of people in her house 24-7, plus media demands for interviews and film footage (so she can support her family), and suddenly a celebrity lawyer starts hanging out....I don't blame her for hiding in her room or wanting to get out for awhile.  I would too.

  I hope they just back off and give her a chance to settle into her new life and be with those children.

March 26, 2009, 8:12 am CDT

Gloria Allred

Dr. Phil,

I am sickened at Gloria Allred's proformance on your show today and yesterday.  She is not helping your reputation with me at all.  As a matter of fact I liked you before, now I am questioning your abilities to chose which people to back in critical situations. Gloria comes off as a fanatic.  Fantatism unfortunately happens when children are involved and cool heads need to prevail.  Gloria should not be allowed any contact with those babies or their Mom.  If I were you I would take Gloria off of any consultations and credits you and your show use. Her credibility is lost to me, I hope I don't lose yours too.

March 26, 2009, 8:13 am CDT

This makes me sick

Gloria Allred and the "Angels" in waiting staff present on the show are nothing but overage bullies !I agree that Nadia made a horrible decision and she and her children will have to live with her choices , but the choices she made cant be taken back and she should be allowed to make the best of this situation . NO mother wants a camera and the "baby police" watching her every moment of every day . I agree that someone needs to be aware of the stability of the household in general and the saftey of the children , but no family is perfect and Nadia will make mistakes , we all have and do , but the amount of supervision is insane ! I would be out shopping too if some group of "nurses " took over my babies and my home and I can only imagine how unwelcome and outcast she must have felt . If people would stop hateing her long enough to look at Gloria and her staff's faces during this interview they would see that Nadia's ablility to care for these children aside , these people are definatly not helping , there attitude displayed such superior attitudes , such bullying signs , no way can they be a healthy alternitive . These babies are comeing home at 6 lbs , they are healthy , allow her to make the rules , allow her to set the example of care .. Dont send someone in there to tell a Mother how to raise and care for her own chidren with such overbearing attitudes and expect a good result , it goes against nature for a mother to deny her own instincts and follow someone elses ideals . Give her a chance to raise her children , she hasnt even had the oppurtunity to show what she can do !  I am SO angry after seeing Goria's attitude , who does she think she is ?
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