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Topic : 03/26 Octuplets: On the Record, Part 2

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Created on : Tuesday, March 24, 2009, 06:16:19 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
After bringing all the parties together to announce the dissolution of the agreement between the octuplets’ mother, Nadya Suleman, and the organization Angels in Waiting USA, who offered care for all 14 of Nadya’s children, Dr. Phil continues the discussion. Attorney Gloria Allred and Nadya’s attorney, Jeff Czech, present two differing views about what happened inside Nadya’s house and why Angels in Waiting USA were dismissed. Dr. Phil continues to advocate for the welfare of the Suleman children above all. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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March 26, 2009, 6:26 am CDT

03/26 Octuplets: On the Record, Part 2

Quote From: barjranch



on .  She is definitely not a capable or rational person.  Everyone keeps raving on that other

familes have 14 kids and no one is condeming them.  First of all, most families of 14 are not

all born within 7 years.   Most families of 14 are born over 15 + years at the very least.  The older

kids help with the younger ones and have to learn to help around the home.

From what footage I have seen, the older kids act like they are on their own to do whatever they

want whenever they want.


The show that Dr. Phil had Nadya on and the mother was telling Dr. Phil that she had begged the

Dr. not to implant anymore embyros and he promised he wouldn't, Nadyas body language told

me what a mental case she was.  She sat there with a smug look on her face  like haha I got one

over one you.  The only thing I have to say about her mom is that she was and "enabler" clear

back to when Nadya had her first baby. 


Sounds like these new nanny's that Nadya  is hiring are probably all Latinos.  Does she speak

Spanish?  That could really  cause a commuication problem.  Truth be known they are illegals

and she is paying them a heck of alot less than what the cost of AIW.  I hope this doesn't end up

in a tragedy but I think its more likely than not.  The next thing she'll probably kick Kaiser out too.

I predict she will be changing lawyers soon.


The biggest favor for Nadya's new neighbors is to make that culdesac a gated community.  That would

shut quite a bit of the media out.  I can't even imagine how the people in the culdesac's lives have

been turned upside down.  Also, think ahead a few years if all these kids make it, can you imagine

having 14 kids from one house running all over.  Nadya lost one when she only had 6 to keep up

with how's she going to keep track of 14?  I personally do not think anyone person can take care

and nurture 14 kids.  I am sure in her own way Nadya loves her children but her love doesn't take

equate to taking care of them.

I like everyone else am tired of this sham!!

Nadya's body language also tells us when she's lying. Her lips are moving! Why doesn't "Dr" Phil get this? No one has fallen harder for her sham than him. Read your message boards, "Dr" Phil! Everyone else is sick and tired of your Nadya-plus-Fourteen sideshow!

March 26, 2009, 6:28 am CDT

Dr. Phil needs to get real

Dr. Phil needs to quit filling this loonie woman's desire for attention.  We do not support this woman, we will not send money and we are tired of hearing about her.  If you want to help the kids, help find adoptive parents for all 14 so they have a chance to grow up normally.  They certainly won't around their mother.
March 26, 2009, 6:33 am CDT


Gloria Alred needs to get a life and leave these babies and the mom alone.What is her real motive?

March 26, 2009, 6:39 am CDT

03/26 Octuplets: On the Record, Part 2

After watching the last couple of shows, I think that Gloria Allread is angry because she is not getting her way.  She is the biggest part of the controversy and the problem.  She is the one being self serving here!!  I don't agree with Nadia's choices but who says that Gloria is the authority on the subject and is the only one that keeps "transparency" in the process.  All Gloria wants is the publicity.   The organization Angels in Waiting may be a good organization but their reputation is being severely tarnished by being associated with Allred.
March 26, 2009, 6:42 am CDT

03/26 Octuplets: On the Record, Part 2

Quote From: christina321

I wholeheartedly agree with this statement .  If I was Nadya I would have thrown all of them in a hurry.   
I am so tired of these AIW people and Gloria A. This woman should be able to decide who is in her home and who isn't. These are her children and with these people there she should not feel like an outsider or feel that as everyone said that all these people want her to fail. They keep talking about DCF, I wouldn't want them in my home either. I don't think she was smart in having 14 children, but they are here and it's her buisness. These people act like they own these children. Why do they feel they have the right to tell someone how to take care of their children? Is this country taking over peoples parenting rights? Does every mother who has more than one child have to deal with this? I am a mother who has used fertility drugs and I would never let these people in my life!!!!
March 26, 2009, 6:44 am CDT

Go away Gloria A.


I am so sick of Gloria A trying to get another pay day. The Angels in waiting , especially Linda doesn't seem so professional to me. She referred  to Nada as "That Woman" and the babies as "It"

 on yesterday"s show.

I disagree with Dr. Phil that everybody in America are saying put the children in foster care. A lot of people are saying let's help her with the children.

She has fourteen children. Everyone of them need care. She has to stretch herself very thin. That is why she need help  so he could do other things.

Linda  continues to say she went shopping. A lot of mothers go shopping, thank God someone was there to care for the babies why she took care of other needs.

I agree with Nada and I support her decision in taking care of her own life. She don't need the Angel in waiting or Gloria A.


March 26, 2009, 6:56 am CDT

Gloria Allrod & Angels in Waiting

Quote From: christina321

I wholeheartedly agree with this statement .  If I was Nadya I would have thrown all of them in a hurry.   


I do not support the fact that Ms.Suleman had in vitro and had another 8 kids she couldn't afford, but I cannot stand that Gloria Allrod or the Nurse Linda from AIW.  These 2 ladies create so much negative energy that I could barely stand it myself.  Nadya's attorney hit the nail on the head, in that Gloria Allrod is a media hog and it really is disgusting. She can say whatever she wants about it being all for the best interests of the children, but I don't believe her for a minute.  As far as nurse Linda, she seems evil to me.  So what if Nadya only fed the babies 8 times in 5 days.  Between going back and forth to the hospital and having to do some shopping (remember she was on bedrest for months and could not get anything done in preparation for any of this, much less, a few minutes to herself, I find Nurse Linda to be abrasive and rude, and I would definately have threw them out of my house too, they are working against Nadya.  I don't care for Nadya, but to tell you the truth, after hearing the show yesterday, I am really starting to support Nadya and will probably even make a donation to her if it means we can get Gloria Allrod out of the picture.  Dr. Phil should put some distance between his show and this woman, she seems like a media hog.  Nadya is right, it was negative from the start.  Plus how'd you like Nurse Linda's comments about "how do you say premie is hispanic" ?  Doesn't she mean spanish, this woman is a racist.  These people are way too judgmental for me.  They just want to see the kids in foster care.  I don't care what you say, that woman LOVES her children, give her a break.  Judge not, least you be judged!

March 26, 2009, 6:56 am CDT

Gloria Allred

What is wrong with this women? It is sooo negative, constantly accusatory, always angry, always ready to attack, always me me me me me , all about her!!!!

 Very toxic, annoying women! How can she offer help, is she can't understand what that means? Of course I would't want her in my house!

March 26, 2009, 7:21 am CDT

03/26 Octuplets: On the Record, Part 2

 I have to agree with Nadya's decision to remove these nurses and Allred from her home. How dare this nurse Conti, even make reference to "hispanic nannies" not knowing english as an issue for the quality of care that they can give these kids. How about if AIW came in to a home where Octo-Mom was spanish speaking only, would she learn how to say "preeme". To even reference the ethnicity of these nannies had no revelance except maybe if asked where the nannies that tested positive for TB came from, and even that has no bearing on this. I think those nurses were judgemental from the beginning, racist to say the least and self-righteous. If your going to assist this woman in caring for her children, than you need to make sure not to have such strong convictions regarding her decision that interfere with your ability to do your work as a professional.  I certainly think judging her at this point is redundant. Its a given in she has made a poor decision. Its a given in she is getting paid for all the interviews and supporting her children this way. However it is also a fact that we are all interested, which is why, she is still around. Stop being interested in her life and she will be off TV and not pissing off people with her decisions.
March 26, 2009, 7:27 am CDT


Quote From: deborah55

Dr Phil


I am not saying that Nadya Suluman made a wise choice to have eight babies, but the fact is they are here. I completely support her decision to throw Linda Pate out of her home. The woman made no secret of her discust with Suluman on you show today, with her statements calling her That woman and calling the baby she is so concered with IT.  Regardless of what the situations is, that is still Octomoms home and  i certainly would not want anyone with that type of attitude in my home either. I don't care if the woman has 14 children or 24 they are her children and people need to get off their horses and help her raise them and stop trying to take them away from her. Who cares if she went shopping or hang giding, She needs to be first when it comes down to discussing her children. She did the right thing in this instance that kind of aggression would have just bred more over time.  How in the hell does Pate know what Nadya feels about her children. I support Octomoms decision

AS well, i am not saying Nadya made a wise choice with having these children, BUT she not ONCE...NOT ONCE on the show yesterday used any anger or negativitity towards Angels in Waiting USA. She said her side of the story in the most polite way possible, She thanked them for their help, and showed her appreciation, and was very grateful to them, but in the end, it just wasnt her type of help she wanted. Angels in waiting made there comments so rude,full of anger, disrespect and unprofessionalism.  Linda West-Conforti was soooo unprofessional i would NEVER EVER want someone like that taking care of my children, her heart from where i was standing and listening was so cold, i dont see even how she works for this company. She made a comment in the show "all the nurses were scared for the babies lifes the night they came home...well the ones who could speak english" Do you have to speak english in order to care for these babies? Does it matter if their chinese, spanish,or German???? honestly, that was the most stupidest comment i have ever heard before. AND excuse me for not remembering her name, but the President I believe who was sitting beside Linda West-Conforti, was again, A women that i cannot imagine running this company thats based on love,affection and care. She to, was cold looking. She made a comment to Jeff,Nadya's lawyer saying he made the nurses sign a contract stating they cannot disclose whats going on in the house, and she was very anger with that. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Its not to HIDE what Nadya is doing, its to give her privacy, its like any other mother, This entire business of theirs should be based on confidentiality. Obviously if something goes terrbile wrong, im sure a nurse will complain or go to the right people for help. I completely understand how Nayda felt like a stranger in her own home, Those two women absolutely disgusted me, and i cant ever picture them holding children. They had nothing good to say about Nayda, yet Nayda continued to have appreciation for them, there not business like, & DEFINETLY not motherly like
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