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Topic : 03/24 Young Wives at a Turning Point, Part 3

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Created on : Friday, March 20, 2009, 12:05:30 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Three young couples struggle to deal with issues such as trust, domestic violence and infidelity. Dr. Phil moves them all into The Dr. Phil House for a three-day relationship overhaul, but their fighting and finger-pointing make him wonder if they’re serious about wanting to fix their relationships. With Dr. Phil’s help, one wife-to-be learns that a traumatic event in her childhood may influence her to this day, one fiancé faces reality and says he accepts that he’s an alcoholic, and another couple looks inside their relationship and finds a simmering pool of resentments toward each other. What these couples learn about holding themselves to a higher standard is a powerful lesson for any marriage. But can they quash their marital battles for the sake of their children? Then one couple’s argument divides the whole house. See where the battle lines are drawn. Plus, a powerful exercise forces the pairs to communicate in a healthy and productive manner -- could the same exercise work for you? Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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March 26, 2009, 2:11 pm CDT

love dare

now look me and my husband has been marry over four years this year, and i marry him when i was 21, so i agree with some post that say that it's not age, it more the people that give marriages a bad name. so i want Dr. Phil to truly give them a challenge and make them do the love dare, it is awesome, its a great movie and a great book that helps you to discover your love for your mate as well in the lord. i know that some people are not religious and i understand it, but it is a 40 day dare and it is awesome i think that people should take this dare before even consideration divorce or marriage. it will help them to better understand there mate as well to better understand themselves, you guy should go see the movie fireproof.
March 28, 2009, 6:17 pm CDT

I FEEL you Monica!

I am pretty surprised to see all the folks ganging up against Monica on this situation.  I clearly know EXACTLY  how she feels and know how frustrating I'm sure it is for her to have all the fingers pointed at her.  She is so driven and has so many goals that she is trying to achieve.  She married Caden with the expectations and promises that he was the same way, yet he's shown no actions that back up his words.  As well as done the TOTAL opposite.  Is he just playing with her life?  Does he just want a wife that will allow him to float his way through life?  I mean if you are so upset at yourself that you can't support your family and be the man that you promised your wife you were going to be then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT instead of sitting around arguing with her on why you "leave cabinets open".   Yes that is petty, no question, but it begins to get to the point where every single thing that person does is frustrating.  She's tried everything...she's tried to be supportive, to be by his side, to be a motivator, to be his friend and everything she possibly knows she can be and it has done NO GOOD.  He has to make a decision to be somebody and that is the ONLY way he is ever going to be something in life.  I can so relate with the control issue and the very statement she made about, "someone has to do it".  Absolutely, I mean you can't very well be the leader of your home from behind the XBOX controller all day every day.  Lets take a look at both people and stop pointing the finger at one.  Monica does look pretty overbearing right now, but why aren't you all looking at the reasons behind her frustrations.  Do you really think had he not done all he's done, the lies, the deceit, the manipulation that she would be the same way?  I don't think so...I think if he would man up and be the man he should be as a father and husband she would gladly hand over the control and probably take a deep breath....... I'm not saying she has nothing to change, but everyone needs to lay off and learn how to talk to people because the attack method doesn't quite work so well.  If everyone would worry about how themselves can contribute to helping the problem that would be a good start.
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