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Created on : Friday, March 20, 2009, 12:05:30 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Three young couples struggle to deal with issues such as trust, domestic violence and infidelity. Dr. Phil moves them all into The Dr. Phil House for a three-day relationship overhaul, but their fighting and finger-pointing make him wonder if they’re serious about wanting to fix their relationships. With Dr. Phil’s help, one wife-to-be learns that a traumatic event in her childhood may influence her to this day, one fiancé faces reality and says he accepts that he’s an alcoholic, and another couple looks inside their relationship and finds a simmering pool of resentments toward each other. What these couples learn about holding themselves to a higher standard is a powerful lesson for any marriage. But can they quash their marital battles for the sake of their children? Then one couple’s argument divides the whole house. See where the battle lines are drawn. Plus, a powerful exercise forces the pairs to communicate in a healthy and productive manner -- could the same exercise work for you? Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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March 24, 2009, 3:19 pm CDT

Monica (in my opinion) has classic OCPD (read what it is)

I have been waiting years to see if Dr Phil would ever do a show on this disorder, but no such luck.  Monica, from what I have seen so far, seems like a classic case of OCPD which is Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder.  This disorder can mimic Obessive Compulsive tendencies, but the obsessiveness is in the way she thinks.  It did not surprise me to see that she is in the military.  She probably loves the regimented life that comes along with being a soldier. 


I am not going to discribe all the problems and symptoms of this disorder here.  Anyone can find out more by searching online.  I have suffered with this disorder since early adulthood and I WISH Dr Phil would spend an episode explaining what it is and how the people suffering with it can be helped.  There's no magic pill with this disorder. I have seen too many people on his show that seemed to have the classic symptoms and he has NEVER talked about this disorder which is just missed opportunities to help alot of people. 


God Bless You Monica and I hope someone can help you if it turns out to be your issue. 

From: OCPD Military Brat



March 24, 2009, 3:19 pm CDT

Grow Up

I don't think any of these couples has a clue what "marriage" means.  They still are acting like high school kids going steady.  They are immature, selfish, and definitely aren't mature enough to be good parents.  And Monica....... who on earth raised this girl?  She is definitely the worst of them.  There's not a man on earth who would put up with her.  Nothing he could do would please her.  She will live a miserable life if she doesn't get help & do some real soul searching.  She needs to get over herself & realize that she's no where near the woman she thinks she is, & never will be, unless she gets serious help. 

March 24, 2009, 3:22 pm CDT

What about WOMEN that need help

This show is bothersome because it was promoted as "Young Couples in Trouble".... of which I am but my husband is verbally and emotionally abusive. I have affirmation about this from a respected Christian Counselor.


I keep watching these shows hoping for help. But it's all about these horrible, immature women. I wouldn't fathom doing the things they do to their husbands.

It doesn't help matters when my husband overhears the show and retorts that "Women are the problem".


I wish it would have showed couples were each gender was the 'abuser' because this is just giving women the bad name and I can't extract any help from this. THe circumstances are too crazy too.


Pray for my situation. I am 4 months pregnant, running my own business at age 28, money is tight due to the economy and clients pulling back, husband is unemployed for the 4th month now, we have to pay all our baby bills ourselves, and are not speaking for day four now.


He is really verbally abusive and emotionally. Drives erratic with me in the car and baby and tells me to shut up. Calls me lazy, white-trash if I use the potty first thing in the morning and the door to the bathroom is not shut and locked - the cats push it open to come tell me they want catfood so it gets pushed open and he screams at me from the bedroom. The bathroom is not attached to our bedroom. it's across the hall. There are a zillion things I am berated about. We cancelled our first JOINT counseling session  today because I don't have the money to pay for it and he has zero from no job and wasting $$ on hobbies.


I wish I had a partner.


March 24, 2009, 3:37 pm CDT

Cadum & Monica

Wow! Compared to Cadum and Monica, the other two couple's marital issues seem to be a walk in the park.  Monica is not only controlling, but she's degrading, demeaning, condescending, and lots of other things. 


When Monica was sitting on the patio of the Dr. Phil house talking to the Jenna and Tara, I heard Monica say, "THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME!!!"  Well honey, I've got news for you!  That statement alone proves EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU!  If you think you've got America fooled, YOU'RE WRONG!  You have a husband who loves you more than anything and is willing to live in the HELL you damned him to, to prove it.  He dug his wedding ring out of the garbage for crying out loud! 


You have issues, that is painfully obvious.  I know, you don't think you have a problem but you need to take a step back and EVALUATE YOURSELF before you can even think of trying to make your marriage work.  Instead of blaming others, Cadum especially, you need to be woman enough to take the your part of the blame.  A marriage consists of two people so, if there are issues, it's not because one person is totally to blame.  Maybe you should remove the plank in your eye before you tell someone else that they have a splinter in theirs. Watching you sit face-to-face with Cadum, you seem to want to be heard, but when it came to listening to the things Cadum wanted from you, you had a "hurry-up and let's get this done" attitude. Bottom line, you need to learn to listen to others and accept blame. 



March 24, 2009, 3:41 pm CDT


I'm just wondering who is reinforcing her attitude. She seems so sure that she is right and the rest of the whole world is wrong.She does need to grow up badly, but she needs to stop listening to whoever is telling her she's right -even if  its just herself! If its this hard to listen to her ONCE I can't even imagine how hard it must be to live with her! Hubby is not perfect, but there's so much attention on her outrageous behaviour, its next to impossible to address the issues with him. Good luck, You're really gonna need it!
March 24, 2009, 4:23 pm CDT

young wives

I am not sure if any of the young wives will read this, but I would just like them to know that I feel for all of them, including Monica. I also feel for the men as well. You all seem like very loving people but have lost that in your hearts. My husband and I married pretty young as well and have had our share of worries and downs and the best way we found to get through them was to be each others rock. I worried about his feelings and how he was doing, and he did the same for me. When we forgot about ourselves and focused on eachother, then our needs were met without having to even say anything. We have a little one now, and it definitely changes your relationship and priorities, but dont forget about eachother and the reasons you married that person in the first place. I believe you all can save your marriages and I believe in all of you!
March 24, 2009, 5:35 pm CDT

OMG! Monica!!!

Ok first of all I cannot believe there are not hundreds of posts!  I was so furious after watching the show I could barely get to my computer fast enough.  Monica needs serious serious help!  I have never set eyes on a female with a more annoying sense of rationality.  She appears to be hopeless.  I must say, it would be nice if  they can work things out for the childrens sake but I do not understand how that man has put up with her this long.  She has totally beat him down.  She is selfish, controlling and has a false sense of reality.  She thinks she is perfect.  If they can not work things out, I would love to see him tell her get lost and never turn back! I can not stand to watch her - she infuriates me!!!!! 
March 24, 2009, 6:20 pm CDT

03/24 Young Wives at a Turning Point, Part 3

Quote From: junebug336

I just saw a preview of the show for tomorrow and I can't believ that Dr. Phil is going to have ANOTHER show on the Ocot Mom. ENOUGH ALREADY. I will not watch this show or any future show on this subject. If Dr. Phil want to help her, fine shell out the bucks, but I'm sick of seeing it on this show.

AMEN to that! I knew she would self destruct but I was shocked at how soon! She is paranoid scitzo! Everyone is a spy now? But Dr. Save a HO will say we need to save this mother for the sake of the children. Take a two year vacation Doc and help her. Otherwise shut up and let her continue to lie to herself and the rest of the world. YOU CAN NOT SAVE EVERYONE MR MCGRAW!!!!!!!

March 24, 2009, 7:23 pm CDT

03/24 Young Wives at a Turning Point, Part 3

Quote From: snappyredhead

The lady, wait you can't call her that, she is a child in red, doesn't deserve Dr. Phil's help. She refuses to admit that she doesn't make the relationship any better, she doesn't want to admit that her being controlling is making her life and his much worse. Any time that your spouse has to tell you a small lie so they don't get yelled at or hit is uncalled for. That is not nor will it ever be a real life for anyone. I know this because it is what I live everyday. At some point i just stopped talking to avoid any fight. I'm just wondering if her CO knows she acts and what happens in home. Because that would be terrible for military career. And girlfriend whielding the table leg, calm down, life is too short to be so damn angry. But I know the feeling you had finding your fiance in the bed with another girl, it happened to be me and I won't lie if I could get my hands on her again i would continue to kick her ass.



You tell her not to be angry but socialize violence with your anger. Classic.


If your spouse or sig other is cheating, why on earth do you attack the one who is innocent. Your sig other is the one that should know better. But in the insanity of the ego that usually controls most of your emotions, you justify it. Why? Because it is easier to villify those you dont have to deal with every day.


If I found my wife in bed with someone else, I would say nothing and leave. I understand why people cheat. The ego has an incredible power over the way people think. It is why people are alcoholics, cheaters, thieves, manipulators, scammers, liars, addicts, etc etc. (put any bad behavior in here). A great book that explains the ego and how it works by Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now.

March 24, 2009, 7:41 pm CDT


Monica is a crazy person!!   I agree they all have issues, but she is in DENIAL!
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