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Created on : Thursday, March 19, 2009, 02:08:50 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 03/23/09) The bridal party may look beautiful, the guests may arrive on time, and the best man may remember the rings, but sometimes the best-planned ceremonies can go horribly wrong. Dr. Phil’s first guest, Gi’Zelle, is well acquainted with wedding disasters. When she woke up on her special day, she had no idea she’d end the evening eating pizza at home with her bridesmaids. Gi’Zelle says the man of her dreams left her at the altar, and she hasn’t seen or spoken to him since. In the four years since the young woman was jilted on her big day, she says she hasn’t been on a single date. Don’t miss Dr. Phil’s surprise for her! And, Brandi says a series of mishaps marred the day she wed Robert. But nothing could prepare her for the biggest calamity of them all, one that caused her to be rushed to the hospital in her wedding gown! Robert says he thinks his wife feels their relationship is doomed because of that incident. How can Brandi let go of the painful memories and move on? And, Carrie got hitched at a chapel in Las Vegas and says everything that could go wrong did. She says her wedding gifts were stolen, the reception food was undercooked and the rabbi who officiated the service later revealed he was not Jewish and was actually a reverend. Her husband, Mitch, says the ceremony was fine, and he wants his wife to get over it. How can Carrie move past the guilt? Share your thoughts here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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March 20, 2009, 1:14 pm CDT

Doctor Phil Show.

Big Day Doctor My Phil Runied Was. Now I know where you are coming from. Good gbing Doctor Phil.-------

See you on March Monday 23rd, 2009.Sincerley Your. Russell Vlaanderen.-------------------------------------------

March 20, 2009, 2:33 pm CDT

03/23 "My Big Day Was Ruined"

 I wonder how these guests wedding "disasters" will compare to my fellow viewers' real-life mishaps.
Brides and grooms get "stood up" all the times. It's been four years. Get over it. He isn't the last man on earth.
You survived whatever put you in the hospital. Enjoy the rest of your marriage.
You get what you pay for in a "fly-by-night" Vegas "wedding chapel. If you want a real rabbi, supply your own. Or, get married in a synagogue.
March 21, 2009, 5:44 pm CDT

S...T happens

Most of the stories we've seen on Dr. Phil's show about weddings being ruined are pretty trivial in the big scheme of things.  Some of these brides are still carrying on several years after their "dream" wedding was ruined by a thunderstorm, or a drunk groom, or a dress that fell off, or whatever.   Heck, half of the marriages today don't last as long as these brides have been crying over their bad luck.  I'll bet this bunch of unhappy brides are just like most of the rest of them, looking for a free second honeymoon, or a new set of wedding rings.  Like the old saying, "S...T happens" ....move on & get over it.

March 23, 2009, 1:01 pm CDT

03/23 "My Big Day Was Ruined"

When I saw this on TV today. I just  was appauled. GET OVER IT!! There are far more important things in life  tahn to focus so much energy on something that happened years ago.. Be glad you could even afford a wedding . Also theres nothing wrong with being married again . Redo the wedding and your vows , ppl do it all the time . The woman that was lft at the altar.. good thing you knew about this loser ahead of time before you had a marrage full of misery.
March 23, 2009, 1:57 pm CDT

Gi'Zelle's day was ruined

I feel bad for Gi'Zelle, her wedding day is something that every girl probably dreams about most of her life. Parents save financially to make sure this day is the most special day of their daughters' lives.


It was rude & obnoxious of this man not to at least tell his Bride to-be that he had changed his mind & no longer wanted to go ahead with the marriage.


I have been in a situation quite similar, where my own sister called off her wedding just a couple of weeks before the date. Although my parents had paid a heafty deposit for the reception - venue, the proprietor of that venue was able to book the date for another wedding, and was gracious enough to refund the deposit that had been paid.


There were, of course, still things that had been paid for that were not able to be refunded, but the bottom line was, that my sister did not enter into a marriage that would not have been successful.


I was proud of my sister for speaking up & calling the wedding off, and am happy that she then went on to meet the man of her dreams, whom she has been married to for years now, and has two beautiful children with.


My sister was at least gracious enough to call the wedding off & not simply not show at the Church.


Gi'Zelle's Fiance was a wimp for not having the decency to save a lot of heartache & embarrassment.


The family has every right to be annoyed at him!

March 23, 2009, 2:54 pm CDT

Lifes too short

I guess the first thing I think of is "Life is too short".  I have been through A LOT myself but I don't let it own me. I move forward and try to find some humor in it then move on. The first and last lady I could really see where they had a bigger mess but still to let it eat away at you? Yes it was a mess and ruined part or all of your day. Be thankful for what you did have and what you have now. Renew your vows if you really feel like you need to. Make some new memories.

March 23, 2009, 3:01 pm CDT

Bad day, but hopefully a better life after that :)

My first reaction today when I found out what the subject of this show was, "Geez, get OVER it, princess.  You had a bad day while you were wearing a froo-froo dress and a veil!  Big deal."  Then I saw Gi'zelle.  Ouch...owie, ouch!  What a jerk that guy is!  I don't think that's something you just wake up the next day and move on after.  She's a lovely young woman, and I've got my fingers crossed that she'll find the man of her dreams soon.  She's definitely earned it!  At least the other lady got to have a wedding and is still happily married.  I'd never tell someone to just "get over" something like that, because I don't have a common frame of reference. 

My "wedding" was very spur of the moment.  My husband asked me several times if I'd marry him and I kept telling him no.  Not because I didn't love him, but because I was (I thought) allergic to marriage and I am (for sure) allergic to planning and being the center of any big event.  He talked me into getting a marriage license one day when we were out roaming around town, "It's good for a year," he said, "Just in case you change your mind, we'll be ready."  Okay, fine.  We got the license.  The next weekend, he woke up early and woke ME up early.  I am not in control of any of my faculties at 5 a.m. and said, "Want to get married today?"  I think I mumbled, "Yeah, sure, okay," and then went back to sleep. 

My husband's brother is a pastor.  Future hubby (at that time) went to the phone, called his mom and dad, his sister and his brother and told them, "She said 'yes'.  Tell Steve to grab his magic wand and get ready to do it....quick!"  I got up, got dressed (in a sweater and a pair of stretch pants) and we headed to my future in-laws' house.  We got there 45 minutes later, read the vows that Steve was going to use, crossed out the word "obey" and TA-DA!  There in my mother and father-in-law's living room, with me and my witness (my sister-in-law :)) both barefoot and pregnant (ha!) we got hitched.  I was so nervous that I laughed hysterically through the whole thing.  If I had been in a church in a gown with my dad to give me away, he probably would have had to give me a piggy-back ride down the aisle because everything from my knees down was numb.  And then I probably would have thrown up all over his poor little bald head.  We didn't have a honeymoon.  We went home and went back to bed, for about 3, I guess we sort of DID have a honeymoon, it just didn't cost anything, ha!

We will celebrate our 17th year of marriage in 5 days (I am, as I write this, frantically looking for a suitable gift for the man who has put up with ME for 17 years...I don't think it's been invented yet).  I have discovered that a good MARRIAGE beats a fancy wedding any way you look at it, but it doesn't come easy.  We've both had to sweat and cry at times to keep it going, but together we are better than we could ever hope to be apart and the fact that he was in jeans and I didn't even bother to wear shoes to our "wedding" hasn't made even a tiny bit of difference. 

We are raising our 2 shining sons, ages 16 and 12, and saving for a "real" honeymoon that we'll go on as soon as the 12-year-old moves out on his own.  Don't know where we're planning on going.  Right now, I'm thinking that our bedroom looks pretty good.  Heck, it worked the first time!  Or, you could send us to Fiji, that'd be okay too :)

Bright blessings to you and yours from me and mine,
  Angie in Colorado
March 23, 2009, 3:26 pm CDT

Common I can think of more aggravating things then this!!!

Are you serious you can't get over something that happened on your wedding day which happened 9 years ago!! Dr.Phil you should have made the topic to this show "Get over it ."!!!!! I can see more important things to talk about !! LIke girl going to leave her fiance if he doesn't tie the knot soon enough . I did feel very bad for Giselle !! But.... If you ever do have the topic of fiance waiting to tie the knot look me up LOL!!
March 24, 2009, 5:29 am CDT

It's a talk show.

To the posters who say the guests need to "get over it".  Yeah, people get stood up at the alter all the time, but that doesn't mean it sucks any less for those who experience it.  Hopefully the guests will learn and move on from their bud luck.  If someone can't say they don't want to marry you to your face or before the actual wedding day, they aren't even worth it.  Also to those who say that "there are more important things going on right now".  Yes, that's true, but his show is infotainment; nothing more, nothing less.  What did you expect?  Between Octomom (I don't even bother with anything about that self-entitled nut-job anymore.) and the "celebrities" they trot out, this show is no place to expect serious, hard-hitting journalism.  If you want coverage on serious world matters, go watch the news or pick up a newspaper.
March 24, 2009, 10:02 am CDT

Things Happen for a Reason

Let me just start off by saying, I do not take sides—I only present what I see as the truth.  Gi’Zelle is a very bright girl with a FEW degrees and has lot of goals she has set for herself and tends to accomplish.  JC is content with preparing deli meat in a grocery store.  If that is what he wants to do with his life, who is anyone to say that he is a loser?  As Dr. Phil stated, “It doesn’t mean you have to have a great job to be a great guy?”  Did she lower her standards for a man she thought was well worth it?  Most likely, yes, otherwise she wouldn’t have considered marriage.  YES, it has been almost four years since the incident, but what does time have to do with anything?  Does anyone say, “Why are you crying on your childs birthday?  He died almost four years ago!”—NO.  Time only lessens the pain, it doesn’t make you get over the pain or dismiss the fact that it ever happen.   Many people are judging her on what other people may have said happened between the two of them and only know one side.  You may have HEARD both sides, but most likely you only KNOW one.  The truth is—only people who have spoken to both of them directly have a better opinion of what really happened.  Knowing the kind of people they are…Gi’Zelle would never ask ANY man to choose between her and his child, and JC would never even answer a question so absurd, knowing anyone’s child would come first.


No one person or their family can make you do anything, you don’t intend on doing.  You should always speak your mind and hold your ground on what you feel no matter what the other person wants to hear.  I agree with ‘lovingone’ on one aspect- it should have been done in a timely manner.  Communication and listening is key in all relationshiips and ultimately I believe THAT is what hurt this couple.  I applaud the fact that she was willing to go through the criticism that she knew she would get from a small town of small minded people.  Gi’Zelle may have helped other see the warning flags she missed and hopefully encouraged them to say something and talk about it and not have the same thing happen to them. So in conclusion- Gi, God has something better for you and JC, you made the right choice in the worst possible way.

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