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Topic : 03/16 Octuplets' Mom Answers Viewer Questions

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Created on : Thursday, March 12, 2009, 05:52:05 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard2

After Nadya Suleman’s two-part special with Dr. Phil, the cameras keep rolling. Dr. Phil leads a town hall meeting between the mother everyone is talking about and the studio audience. See Nadya openly answer viewers’ questions: How will she take care of herself while caring for 14 kids? Where will the children be while she pursues her education? How will she find transportation for all her kids? Where will the organization that's agreed to help her, Angels in Waiting, get the funds to assist with 14 children? How will the donations coming in be handled? Is the sperm donor aware that he has fathered 14 kids? Then, Nadya leaves the stage but the discussion continues without her. The audience doesn't hold back with their heated comments. Plus, as Nadya prepares to move into her new home and make it suitable for the influx of babies, how will her new neighborhood react to the mom of 14 and the media frenzy that follows? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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March 15, 2009, 9:58 am CDT

Addition to previous post

No news is good news. If I could read a "news"  report such as this (I made it up) maybe even I would donate. Who's giving her advice anyway or does she ignore it and do what she wants?


Nadya Suleman spent the weekend packing and helping her mom get ready to move. She spent the evening reading bedtime stories to her twins and then made popcorn and watched movies with the older kids.We have no pictures of this because she told us to take a hike and then locked the doors and drew the curtains.

March 15, 2009, 11:45 am CDT

Donations at AIW are NOT earmarked for the octuplets

Why is there no specific webpage at the Angels in Waiting website to donate for the care of the octuplets? All donations go into a general fund, not to the octuplets.
March 15, 2009, 12:42 pm CDT

Mom with 14 kids



I was very upset when I watch your show about Nayda  and her 8 kids. I just don't understand why she is getting all the attention and receiving free help.  She should of thought about this along time ago before she got pregant she can't even keep up with her 6 kids how is she going to keep up with 14!!!!!! 

Jon and Kate had help from family and friends why can't she get family and friends to help her  I really think that this is going a little to far!!!   Also we the taxpayers are probably going to pay for some of this too. 


March 15, 2009, 2:44 pm CDT

Her Business?

Quote From: inthenest

In society not all is fair. It is our moral and ethical duty to care for those who for WHATEVER REASON fall between the cracks. So, we care for lung cancer patients who smoked all their lives. We treat cirrhosis of the liver patients who are alcoholics. We care for infants whose mothers are cocaine addicts. We even take care of millions of dogs that are abandoned by their irresponsible owners. Not everything in life is perfect and rosy. I am sure due to our own folly, at some time in our lives we have ALL required assistance paid by taxpayers money. It is like insurance. We buy it and when bad things happen we take advantage of it but usually we do not need it. Do we resent those who do? In this case Nadya Suleman needs our help and should receive it without having to be made into a public spectacle.
But what REALLY disgusts me is this RIGHT that we all think we have to push our noses into her business. This poor woman, recovering from a difficult labour and birth, trying to cope with her situation has the wrath of America on her head. Not only that but she is TRAPPED in this media frenzy IF she wants help. And in order to be able to keep her children she knows that she has to surrender to this barrage of public scrutiny and abuse in order to get Dr. Phil's help. It is SHAMEFUL the way this poor woman is being treated! Give her the respect and privacy and the right to live her life without this unrelenting hateful scrutiny and criticism. This is her sentence for the 'crime' of irresponsibility and of giving birth to so many multiples. Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.
A disgusted Canadian

Her business became our business when she irresponsibly chose to became yet another burden to the already stretched system that we have and then starting parading herself in the media.


What exactly has SHE done to better her life and that of her children? What is her contribution? She cannot afford to have this life and yet CHOSE to do it, multiple times.


We have not all required state or federal assistance. The responsible ones amongst us have educated ourselves, worked hard and made responsible decisions for ourselves and our families. And we will continue to do this so that we do not add to the burden.


She chose this path - she should absolutely live adequately but not profit , which she will.


Interesting that you are choosing to comment on this story; aren't you becoming one of the gawkers invading her privacy as well by watching the shows and reading the articles? We all have our place...


March 15, 2009, 2:45 pm CDT

Enough already!

Since the babies' needs are now arranged for, PLEASE move on to some more relevant topics!  An update on the babies a year  from now would be great.  Just some ideas - how about shows on elem. & middle school kids who are allowed to watch racy or violent t.v.?  Or people who use their obesity to avoid relationships?  Or warning signs for men & women that their partner isn't a good person?  Or single-parent guilt that causes parents to coddle their kids & ignore the wrong behaviors?  Or how to deal with overwhelming father-hunger? 


Thanks for all you do-   

March 15, 2009, 4:02 pm CDT

Give us a Break!!!

Since when did the Dr. Phil show become the Nadya Sulaman show?  Dr. Phil when are you going to stop enabling this woman?  She is clearly "not getting it" and she is playing you like a fiddle.  Enough already!  I will not be watching Monday's show.
March 16, 2009, 12:02 am CDT

what about the others?


I keep waiting for people to talk about other women who have done the same, for instance John and Kate plus 8 their only income is their show and from what little I have seen it looks like the parents don't really care for each other. I recently seen a commercial for a show 18 kids and counting. If these parents did not have these shows how would they support all of these children and do they really have the time to give quality time to all of them without having the older ones turn into step parents?  I agree her choice was wrong , but the children are here and foster care could be a lot worse. I hope she gets the help she needs. I am more upset about my tax dollars going to these bailouts  and AIG giving my tax dollars to employees as bonuses for incompetence. This is just my opinion.

March 16, 2009, 2:31 am CDT

Should Have Been A Deal Without the Mother!

At first I thought oh my gosh Dr. Phil how could you!! Thats exactly what she expected someone to step up and pay for her kids. Then after cooling off I thought Yes I know Dr. Phil only cares about what will help those kids have a chance in life. All Gloria is in it for is what she is always after... a way to get her name in the news. She is pathetic. I agree that the best thing is for all 14 kids to remain together. I agree with everything that is happening and those kids are blessed to have all of those people step up to raise them properly. It infuriates me that all of this could not have been done without having the mother remain up front like she is calling all the shots. Every time he announced someone who was giving something to those children it drove me nuts how they cut away and stuck Nadya on camera smiling saying oh thank you!!!!!! That is exactly what she wanted and expected the second those kids hit the news! She new it was her payday and you know how mad it made her when America stood up to all the baby companies and said don't you dare give that women diapers and food and Oprah you better not be giving any houses away! Nobody stepped up! They were afraid to. Then Dr. Phil saw that stupid move she made when she turned down the first offer of help. She got greedy. I bet the real deal is they said you better step back and let us in and run the show and we will stick you out front like the cherry on a sundae! Yes, we will say all of this is for the children with the mothers input. They new people will see through all of it and that what is being said is for her ego and what is being done is without her help. Everything will be done and paid for and she will get to stand out front for the cameras and try to take credit. Hopefully there is a loophole in the contract so in due time she will be squeezed out and be given the right to visit the children during scheduled visitation periods. I think what Dr. Phil is doing for the kids is wonderful and he is giving them a chance at a good life that they did not have but she does not deserve to get to enjoy this and benefit from it. She is being rewarded for being irresponsible and careless. Also I cant help but notice grandma has not been mentioned. Would Nayda only agree to the free ride if her mother not be included! Wow! Grandma must be upset for getting the shaft after raising the first six. Like I said everything that has been put together to house and raise the children is wonderful but the fact that she is involved takes any enjoyment out of it. She does not deserve it. I also cant help but think you are only encouraging some other self-fulfilling woman to try and set a new record. True people will get mad but someone will step up to finance her selfishness. The doctor needs to lose his license and should be required to suffer some of the financial burden he has caused. He is way to reckless to continue to be in business.
March 16, 2009, 2:37 am CDT

Why worry about money?

Quote From: rngranma

Evidently Nadya took the older kids to DisneyLand Friday and Knotts Berry Farm Saturday. She wanted to spend some time with them before the babies come home. Now quiet time with them sounds very good but she purposely took the camera crew!!  Some thoughts on this-

1. Not the smartest time to spend that kind of money on this. The world is looking and she wants people to donate but this kind of action turns the donating public off. Dodging the cameras and taking them on a picnic, reading and generally being there for them may have been better for the kids anyway. Its going to be rough enough with the new news that the little bit of expensive make-up she bought recently actually cost over $1000.

2. Isn't she moving? How did she find time for those excursions? Who's packing her stuff? It's got to be a circus with 6 kids to pack for. Maybe she is just throwing everything out and starting over? Or is granma and granpa doing it all.

3. When she is on air Monday, will someone please ask her about how she afforded the nanny before the octuplets when she wasn't selling herself? 

4. So many lies and conflicting statements. I am afraid that she will be impossible to work with the nurses that will be helping her. She will not be able to push them around like her parents and anyone else she has hired to help. They are educated and there to teach her and she thinks she knows everything. As a professional nurse myself, I don't think I could take it for long. If they don't quit, Nadya will probably get rid of them anyway.

5. I feel sorry for those kids. Their future does not look bright in the long run of things. I don't think foster care is an an answer and adoption is unrealistic. She would never do that. When the publicity dies down and the donations dry up there will be a lot of problems for this family. There is always the possibility that Nadya will eventually be brought up on fraud charges for all those years too. Too many lies and a selfish mom. Bless those innocents who will not grow up innocent at all.

Disny and Knotts why not??? She isnt having to pay for anything. If she wants to go out she knows who to call and tell to bring the money and cameras "we will be here or there. No pics til I get paid!!!!". Thats how it works and will work for Nayda till the newness and interest wears off. Then they will stop paying for video and pictures and the kids vacations and "fundays" will stop.
March 16, 2009, 2:40 am CDT

I totally agree!

Quote From: clutchburner

why isn't the doctor that made this happen made to support the children. Yes I think the children should stay together but, they won't make her bring the father into what he helped cause. The people that are supplying 24/7 child service someone is paying them. A 4 bedroom house is not by Code fit for 15 people She does not have the mindset for this majior undertaking. You can tell she is not Mentally fit for this. She acts more like she is in some kind of state of mind that babies is the answer to everything, and she is or was on disability. I would say she needs to go back to what ever contry she come from, but it is to late for that. Now in one way or the other other people is going to have to raise her kids for her, and nobody should be able to write a book about this. I think she did it for fame of some sort.
Could not have said it better myself! He is lining up all the services and getting the ratings but its not going to cost him a dime!
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